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The dyne went along the corridor hospitals and carried in hands the used syringe and an ampoule with the beaten-off top. Usually they prepare the syringe in advance, but such patients who don't trust nurses come across and demand that the syringe was filled before them, and "suddenly will decide to test some virus". The dyne came into an office. The small room with a locker with medicines, a screen which fenced off the sink which is sticking out of a wall, a table with chairs and a number of the policeman, in which the nurse threw out the used syringe and an ampoule. She shuddered and developed a palm to the person. The glove on a thumb was cut and from it the blood droplet exuded. Ругнувшись, Dina threw off gloves in a wastebasket and went to a sink, the bulked-up drop broke in her, slid on edge, leaving a red mark, and was gone in a pipe. Dina looked in a mirror, the young girl in a scrub was reflected there, from under a white garrison cap a fair red hair leaned out, only the person expressed fatigue. The dyne included water and held up the cut finger under a stream. The stream turned out too fast and the pipe didn't cope, the nurse made more silent, but the sink was only filled. The girl switched off at all and looked at the still water which is slightly tinted in red color. From a pipe the crimson lump rose, I bulknut and this shade filled all water, without allowing to look through. Dina was going to go to call the plumber when she noticed in pottering about among themselves clots something strange. She looked narrowly. And for an instant it seemed to her that sees the person. Very terrible face with evil eyes and an open mouth with long, sharp teeth. From depth one more bubble rose and I dispersed vision. The girl shuddered. One by one some more bubbles blew up, and water with a characteristic sound began to flow down. Having left completely, it reserved a clean sink though Dina after it expected a deposit. The girl cautiously again included water and, having convinced that water flows down, held up under her a palm which managed to be filled in with blood lately. After this procedure the girl disinfected a wound iodine and just in case stuck a plaster. She sat down on a chair, having rested elbows against a table cover, looked at small the watch which stood on her, with a sigh said: — Fukh... and even all night ahead... Dina gave a hand to a teapot, clicked the inclusion button, began to fill in a cup of coffee and sugar waiting for boiling. When the teapot began to seethe, light in the room was muffled to dim, having flashed few times, was leveled to initial. The nurse switched off a teapot and looked at a bulb. — The devilry is some — it solved. — Here what means — unplanned watch. She filled in boiled water in a mug, in passing stirring black weight. Behind her back a shadow was reflected in a screen as the hand with long claws gets out of a sink, she stretched to the gate and towards the girl, being unnaturally extended... * * * Maxim went along the corridor hospitals with a big, but reserved speed. He pushed away a door with a badge of a men's room, approached the urinal, lifted up a white t-shirt and delayed white trousers, having got from them a dick. The powerful stream with a force struck in the urinal, and Maxim's face blurred in pleasure. These escapes in a toilet were his usual entertainment on watches also. Of course, sometimes it happened that it was necessary to carry out or finish someone, as a rule, from the receiver in traumatology somewhere, and bigger from the hospital attendant and it wasn't required. Sidi to yourself also get drunk coffee, you can look at a TV set, or drag the laptop and be played... And when finished, to tear to the urinal quicker. Working as more than a year here, Maxim didn't beat off annoying questions why he works as the hospital attendant and doesn't go anywhere to study further if he is such young. He was given twenty three-twenty four years though actually there was only twenty one. Likely, knowing about it, councils to leave work would become frequent. He shook last straws, the dick in trousers hid and went to a sink, having included water, held up hands under a warm stream, and then lowered the person. In a mirror behind his back the terrible being was reflected. Naked, lean, on gray skin of a wrinkle crossed each other, the bald head with the pointed ears and big red eyes, thin, almost imperceptible nose and opened, without an opportunity to be closed, a mouth with teeth long in a human finger. Teeth of the lower and upper jaw squeezed among themselves to the middle, thickness didn't allow further. Having washed, the guy raised a face, switched off water and turned back, having at once started back back, hit a bum against a sink. He the eyes opened in a fright looked at a being, having carried out by a look from his head down, having inspected lean, long and sharp-clawed hands, unnaturally bent dick reminding a hook with small black thorns on all trunk, and dry legs with three huge fingers, each of which crowned the doubled nail. The monster seized Maxim by the person, pressed fingers, having thrust claws in skin and having started up blood streamlets, he pressed tumors that forced jaws of the guy to disperse. To an open mouth the being brought the second hand and began to thrust inside, the guy's throat extended from within, and eyes wildly revealed. He hit the monster in a breast, but that didn't react in any way. The hospital attendant leaned back back, having sat down in a sink and having hit a backbone against the crane, legs he rested against a breast of the monster and pushed away that on several steps, the monster wasn't going to unclench a hand and from it on the face of the guy the deep scratches covering a face with blood were drilled. Maxim jumped out of a sink, but the being in one step was near. He seized the guy by a shirt on a breast and practically without scope threw at a cabin door, that blow was opened, Maxim hit against a wall and fell to a toilet bowl, sliding off on him. The guy up to the end didn't manage to recover as the monster developed him a breast to a ceiling and with a force stepped on her. From the shortage of air the guy couldn't even make a sound, only opened a mouth and goggled. In an open mouth the being put the second leg, that began to plunge as if fell on the slow elevator. Somehow he found room into a mouth at the guy and the second extremity, gradually plunging into him. In process of immersion the body of the monster dried even more. The basin, then hands and a breast entered a mouth of the guy, and the head only entered for teeth as those with knock were closed. There came the silence. Uniform movement. In a hospital toilet in an open cabin the young hospital attendant with a face, red from blood, and deep long grazes on him lay. And his body began to tremble in convulsive dancing. Legs and hands, the head from breakthroughs side twitched I fought about a toilet bowl leg. And also sharply it calmed down. Eyes opened. Red eyes, but after several blinkings they became usual. * * * Dina sat in the sisterly room and languidly drank dark liquid from a mug, sometimes biting off a small piece from cookie, and then put her back in a glass bowl with sweets, expecting that until the end of change she nevertheless will master it. The girl brought a mug to lips and so stiffened, having seen the opened door and what opened her. In it she made out their hospital attendant Maxim not at once. His face was in blood, especially big red spot was around a collar, and so small drops were observed everywhere. Dina sharply delivered to a circle on a table, so, that by coffee from her it was splashed out on a cloth, and the nurse got up. Maxim slowly went to her. — What happened? — the girl asked. The hospital attendant went to her lifeless gait, very much looking like the zombie from cheap horror films. Dinu scolded fear that the guy now on her will snatch and will begin to bite. But, having nearly hit in the girl, Maxim bypassed her, was behind a screen and stood. Dina glanced to him and saw that the guy looks at a sink, then closely approached her and, having opened the crane, watched a thick water jet. — Here. . yes... — he told. — "Here yes"? — the girl repeated. — "Water"? Maxims what happened? The guy slowly bent, held up hands under a stream and began to wash, choked with water, has a fit of coughing, reeled aside, having hit in a screen. The dyne approached him and held. — Yes that it... — she spoke. The nurse helped him to wash. When the guy became straight, she saw on his clean young face deep cuts, so deep that on tumors the violet cover of meat was visible, but these openings were filled in a trice by blood, having beaten out on skin. The dyne during several moments jumped up to a locker, got from it vatu and right there it appeared before Maxim, having put vatu to his face. — Hold — she told and for confidence I put his hands on two sheets of cotton wool pressed to his cheeks. She seated the ward on a chair on which she sat several seconds ago, and began to conjure around him, plesky peroxide of hydrogen from what blood began to bubble, erasing all this and disinfecting alcohol. What was strange for Dina, is that Maxim from it not that didn't twitch, even staid without turning a hair though pain has to be awful. Having finished procedures, the girl sat down on other chair standing opposite through a table and looked at the face of the guy covered with plasters. — To the surgeon it would be necessary to you, to sew up — she told. Maxim slowly turned to her the head and with arrangement spoke: — It isn't necessary. So will heal... — Look, your business, but I would advise... what in general occurred? And what you strange what came? I was silent all... — In reception the man the loony... it is painful to speak... — The man scratched the face? — the girl asked again and, having received in reply a nod, continued: — To you in psychiatry to glance, to put an ukolchik, God forbid what rage... And why you weren't patched there? — Here so — Maxim told and I smiled. One plaster began to be poured crimson. — Don't smile — Dina told. — A smile at you, of course, good, but you shouldn't bring such victims. — Victims... to bring... costs... Having stood, the nurse looked at the hospital attendant, not absolutely understanding what to do and what not to do. — Maxims, are you ok? — she asked. — You frighten me... He gave a hand through a table and covered with a palm her palm with words: — Don't cost you me are afraid. So far. At the last words it seemed to Dyne that his eyes flashed. Red devil fire. And she recognized them — the same came in dream in a sink. The girl pomotat the head and took the hand from under his palm. — Maxims, at me today day too some strange... — she told. — If you have nothing any more, then, please, go. — You are beautiful — he told. The girl attentively looked at the hospital attendant. He smiled again and this time already other plaster on a face began to be poured crimson. — Maxims, it isn't necessary — the girl told. — If you want, let's sit another time somewhere, well? Only not today and not here. Let's work the changes quietly... — You are sure — the guy interrupted — what I have to leave? — Yes. Has to. Maxim looked at the girl and expression of his face began to twitch, at these moments it became angry, but quickly returned to normal. With a great effort the guy got up and went to an exit. The door was closed behind him. Dyne it is noisy I sighed, I stretched to a mug and I drank coffee, then I looked in her. From black liquid I looked an eye at it. The girl shuddered and the mug departed down. Having met a floor, it scattered small pieces of porcelain, coffee spread on a tile. No eye existed there. * * * Maria Petrovna opened eyes and looked in darkness. Nothing was visible, but puffing of neighbors in chamber was distinctly heard. It couldn't understand what woke her, but knew one precisely — she urgently should go to a toilet. Though the need wasn't. Also there was no time to throw even with a dressing gown or to put on slippers. Directly barefoot, in a night dress Maria Petrovna left chamber in the lit corridor and a zashlyopal on a cold tile. It was the aged woman. A few years ago I came to deserved pension and quietly I watched from an apartment window careless youth and I restored health in hospitals, at the same time having a good time a talk. It is unlikely someone could expect from such woman that she will go in the middle of the night in hospital barefoot in one night dress to a toilet, even she. And the night dress was such that didn't hide the drooped fatty folds and big thick boobs that big flat cakes lay on a stomach. Maria Petrovna came into a toilet, got up in the middle of it and in misunderstanding looked back. I noticed a number of urinals on a wall and with a fright and surprise I raised hands to the person. — Oh, why I came here... Her look accidentally fell to a mirror and was chained to her. There was a young woman with sexual forms in the same night dress, as well as Maria Petrovna only suitable her on a body. She went to a mirror, and the woman in a mirror went to her. She repeated all her actions. Maria Petrovna came very close and leaned hands against a sink, reflection made the same. The woman in reflection looked at her and here her face as if the powerful pump involved on a mirror, it from blow blurred on him, having become many times thickness and similar to pancake. Maria Petrovna from it with shriek jumped aside back, but in something hit and something seized her, having linked hands the lock on a breast. The woman was killed, trying to escape from a grasp. I saw that on a mirror there is nothing and it reflects her and the young guy who seized her with golden hair, with a set of plasters in a face. And still, when Maria Petrovna twitched, a part of his body opened and on her it was clear that on the guy there were no clothes. She calmed down and convulsively breathed. I tried to cry, but for some reason I couldn't. And the guy brought closer the person to her ear and whispered by a broken voice: — I don't like to be played with zombie... As corpses... After these words the guy opened a mouth and carried out by language on the woman's cheek. With horror Maria Petrovna saw in reflection that his language thin and doubled, as at a snake. On her eyes tears acted and squeal sounded silent, like mosquito. And the woman was killed in his hands more, but it wasn't possible to escape. When her forces began to cease, the guy pushed Maria Petrovna forward, having pressed on a back, forced will bend. The woman rested hands against regions of a sink, feeling at the same time as from her pants slip and the night dress is lifted up. On her there were no hands of the guy and it is good chance to escape, but Maria Petrovna for some reason wasn't able to do it. She could only look in a mirror and in a sink in which her tears dripped and for some reason accumulated. The woman felt as something warm and firm rests against her buttocks, then got between them and began to squeeze into her buttocks. The guy didn't help hands and didn't even look down, his look was sent to a mirror, and hands hung as lifeless. From penetration the flood of tears amplified, not so much because of pain which was present too, but because of reflected in a mirror. The guy moved a basin, pushing into it a dick, but on a face there was no pleasure at all. There was only an expression of cruelty and contempt, sometimes on a face wrinkles and huge red eyes appeared. The guy fought in progress as the fish cast ashore. Measurement, feeling as their dick the cum stream is splashed out, I moved several times, throwing out residues of hot liquid and I began to leave the woman slowly. Here the end took off from her. The guy looked down and frowned, then looked at Maria Petrovna. She already knew that she expects her. She didn't want it to do, but began to act this way. His dick kneelt and took in a mouth, at once having swallowed entirely and cleaning it from what accumulated during stay in her back. The guy looked in the sink to a half filled with tears and smiled. The plaster on a face departed and from under him blood began to flow, I reached a chin and droplets broke on Maria Petrovna's face, then he looked at her. The woman saw how under skin of the dick appeared dark strips. They broke through skin and it turned out that it is small thorns. Maria Petrovna continued to drive the head on a penis and at once felt taste of blood in a mouth, red drops fell on her night dress, and all trunk became covered by a red film. The guy receded on a step, pulling out a dick from the woman's mouth, thorns of steel on him will bend down and left under skin, and the woman, having exposed hands forward, fell to a floor, opened lips and on a tile the red stream poured out. The guy approached a sink, bent and began to drink tears. Having finished with this once, he became straight. I raised in front of the mirror a hand and I moved fingers. They moved with pulling. The guy observed it and said already smoother, but with noticeable hindrances, voice: — Already more better. He looked back to the woman who with the pants lowered to knees, but the shirt hiding all intimate, stood in a knee and elbow pose and extorted from herself red clots. — You very much helped me, Maria Petrovna. 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