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Wirth acquaintance. I long ransacked on the website trying to distract myself from boredom. Very unexpectedly the submission subject attracted. Looking at all these photos and reading about rules of the slave I noticed that began a thicket to breathe. In the bottom of a stomach for tickled and panties were slightly blotted. Also I would like to feel on their place. To open in myself sides which I was always afraid to show. To recognize in itself perversity the whore ready to execute all whims of the Owner. To look in the face to the owner as the devoted bitch. I wanted to belong. I liked photos and the statuses. Here and there I made comments. So he also found me... — Come into my group, look that yes as. Talk to girls, it can be pleasant. Me interest, and a certain perversity sorted. And business was whether in boredom, whether in disappointment of expectations, I decided to try. — Darling, - He dissuaded, - you are precisely sure? The passion prevailed, and a game began. — The bitch bring me slippers... I found a slipper of all colors and types in the photo Internet. I exposed them in community. Local girls only laughed at it. And Olya with whom then we developed, prompted as they needed to be brought. I closed a door in kitchen, undressed and having become cancer took slippers in a mouth. Shot... Being on all fours having bent a back I put a chin on the slippers facing themselves, I looked in a cam lens with visible humility. Silk... With a call. Silk... With the put-out tongue. Silk... He slowly and successfully tamed menyakazhdy day at noon I had to report that I go without linen and with a stopper. I spoke with me very frostily and strictly. I told about the imagination. I drew our meetings as if a reality. Communication with other inhabitants of community was sluggish. And not so necessary. So far he didn't suggest me to play with Olya for him... I was sure not of it. Then it seemed to me that Mister only mine, and nobody to interpose in our matter. Olya was jealous. Frostily, without hysterics, I controlled myself, on the contrary. I was as a match, for as I received the first punishment. The 50th blow of a belt. To shoot video and to report to it. Then to describe feelings in with. I exposed the cam under the necessary corner, I took off trousers. I didn't wear linen, by order of Mister. Having gone down on all fours I for the first time threatened on myself and felt easy burning on a bottom.... one...... two... Twenty five, I considered aloud slightly whining... Twenty six... Knees baked and I slightly placed legs therefore the breast-band of a belt got by nickname and I howled is sent to pain... I hissed, I bit a lip and sobbing I slapped once again, trying not to get any more. I felt that it began to be humidified. also I didn't believe. Unless it will probably be made horney from pain. Having reached fifty, I choked as if ran hundred meters. Having struck an attitude I bowed and looking in the cam I told: - Forgive me my master. I sent video I began to wait for the answer. — Five blows to a pizda... Strongly. I being burned with shame and offense from the word of a pizd, I placed legs widely, and having blinked a shchleplula on the pussy. I screamed, and I rubbed the burning clitoris. Still slap, and more and more... I choked. Molchalivyne tears flowed on cheeks, and the pussy burned with fire. There was the last, and I couldn't myself in any way move. It was terribly sick, lips are bitten, from whimpers dried up in a mouth. Having gathered in air lungs, I struck the wet pussy for the fifth time, rejected a belt and was twisted by a kalachik from pain. I sobbed about howled, closing a mouth palms, and chose the current saliva and snivels. Having somehow gathered, I kneeled, hands behind the back, I bent and by a hoarse voice I told: - Sorry, me my master. The answer arrived very quickly.-Proshchayu, the bitch. Whether P.S. it is worth continuing? tinder san diego reddit dateline weekend mystery site mapMain Page