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My name is Zhenya. I am 18 years old, live in the small town. For all I was an ordinary tenth-grader who had friends with whom I spent free time. But, when I remained one, in me the girl opened. It began when, when viewing a porn, I noticed for myself that I want to be on the place of the girl. This thought very much made horney me. I began to think of it even more often. Soon I began to try on on myself a women's clothing. I lived with the grandmother, parents weren't therefore clothes I is reserved took from the aunt. I was a slender guy with long legs, and the sizes coincided. When I for the first time tried on on myself panties and looked in a mirror, to me the appetizing buttocks in the thin fitting panties opened. After this fitting stockings, skirts, shorts, jeans, T-shirts, dresses went. When I dressed all this, I felt like the real girl. And it was pleasant to me. Then I found in the Internet (further I speak about myself as about the girl) about people who changed sex. They were called by "transsexuals". I found the most famous trans-girls, such as BaileyJay, KimberJames, SarinaValentina and others. I wanted to become same as they. I created the page in a social net of VKontakte, having decided that I want to get acquainted with the guy for sex. There were many persons interested, all liked my photos, but I couldn't decide on a meeting. I wanted that my first time with the guy was with someone from acquaintances. But I could open to nobody because was afraid that from me to turn away all relatives. I had few friends, but all of them wouldn't approve desire of the girl who was in me. One of friends was called Pasha. Once we with him walked. Just went, joked, laughed, and suddenly he says to me: "You have very sexual legs". I didn't know how to react to it. Then he told that he is kidding. But me was very pleasant that someone from familiar guys estimated me. I decided to check whether he joked or I am pleasant to him, but couldn't think up as to make it that he suspected nothing. Over time all this was forgotten. There passed time, I bought a sex toy and was often played in soul. To meet the guy I couldn't be solved and just I dreamed of it. But desire everything grew and grew. Once we with friends gathered on the apartment. Except me and Pasha there were two more friends. Listened to music, drank. We with Pasha came to a balcony. I bent to get the fallen phone, and suddenly Pasha slapped me in buttocks. It was very pleasant feeling. I wanted that he became my first boyfriend, but he turned everything into a joke again. All next day I considered the event on a balcony and decided to act. In several weeks the grandmother left for the weekend, and I called Pasha and one more friend Yura to myself. I would like that there was only Pasha, but it would look suspiciously. Before their arrival I shaved to myself everything and made an enema. I had no female things as the aunt moved to live to other city therefore I took the panties which though were men's, but bared a part of my buttocks and emphasized it. Also I took a long t-shirt to the middle of a hip. I put all this in the bedroom. We with friends went to shop, bought to drink to itself and came to me. Sat, drank (though I didn't drink), talked. There was already late night when we decided to go to bed. Yura went to sleep to the bedroom, and we with Pasha remained. Turned on the TV, found some movie, began to talk about any nonsense. After a while Pasha told: "I went to a shower. And that there is no wish to sleep something". "Well, I after you will go" — I answered. I sat, watched film and thought, what should I do. In about 10 minutes Pasha switched off water and I decided to change clothes. I put on the panties and a T-shirt and went to kitchen as Pasha didn't leave yet. There I included a teapot and began to wait. The pasha left a shower. "Give tea we will drink? And then I will go to a shower" — I offered. "Well give" about he agreed. We drank tea and went to the hall. He began to undress to go to bed, and I went to get a bast. When I behind it bent down, he approached behind and gently slapped me in buttocks. Last time I was in jeans, and now only in panties as the t-shirt was lifted up. But nevertheless I didn't expect it. I became straight, developed and asked: "Pasch, you what?". "Yes it... I... accidentally I touched" — he answered and looked away. I decided to think of it in shower. But leaving the room, out of the corner of the eye I noticed what at it costs. I smiled and went to a shower. I already knew, what should I do. When I left a shower, Pasha already slept. I removed from myself panties, but left a t-shirt. My dick stood. The pasha lay on a back. I approached a bed and removed a blanket from Pasha. Then I touched his pants and I began to pull together them. I took off from him pants, and to me his dick opened. He wasn't horney. Then I accurately took him a hand, bent down and licked him. The dick began to rise and harden. When he completely got up, I took away skin from a head and took him all in a mouth. Sucking, I licked a head. I tried to take him more deeply. I so was fond of it that I didn't sweep up that Pasha woke up. "Ren, what are you doing?" — he asked, with astonishment looking at me. I didn't know what to answer. "Pasch, I it is simple... understand... I want you. I noticed that I made horney you when you slapped me in a bottom. Also I decided that you want me too. "— I began to explain. — "Why you speak as the girl?" — "Just inside I am a girl. I want to be a girl. I want it" He with astonishment looked at me. — "But you are a guy." — "Yes, but... I don't want to be him. It was pleasant to you when I did blowjob to you" — "But it is wrong" — "To spit. I want you. I want that you became my first boyfriend. Do you want it too? Do you want me?" — "But..." — "Give without "but". Forget that I am a guy, present that I am a girl. We can have sex with you. I will make everything that you will want. Present that I am your girl" He thoughtfully looked at me, and then slowly attracted me for a waist to himself and kissed. I stuck to him into lips, then licked him a uvula and again went down to his dick. Now I was afraid of nothing any more. I took his dick in a mouth and began to suck, he stroked me on buttocks at this time. Then I came off the dick and asked: "Do you want me?". "Madly" — he answered. I was developed, kneelt and bent down. He got up behind. His dick was near my hole. I greased the hole and moved back. He substituted the dick and pressed. "Aaaaakhkhkhkhkh..." — escaped at me. It was incomparable feeling. Feeling of the real girl when the dick entered you. I closed eyes. The pasha began вытаскивайть a dick and again entered. It was so pleasant. After a while he pulled out a dick and departed. I was developed and pushed him on a bed. He laid down on a back, and I got from above and sat down on his dick. He entered me. I began to jump on him. The pasha groaned. I all accelerated, didn't feel yet as my hole is filled by hot liquid. I, without getting down from the dick, I bent down and I kissed Pasha. (Especially for .org — seksiteylz.org) He smiled. I got down from his dick and began to lick it. When I finished, asked it: "It was pleasant to you?". "Very much" — he answered. He embraced me and pressed to himself. "It is necessary to put on, and that Yura will wake up soon". — I told. I got up and went for panties. When I found them, Pasha approached behind, embraced me and told: "Ren, you are the best girl in the world" tinder opening lines examples date today news site mapMain Page