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— Well that — now, change of roles. It clicks fingers. Natasha brings a-shaped blue strap-on. His smaller part is similar on intertwined a lemon, the beginning long, in the form of the dick, parts is covered with pimples. Stretches it to me. In her blue eyes desire and fear mixed up. I am confused. I never got a role of the guy. — Insert it and begin. — Natashka, in a bed! — I long didn't get used to wait! Natashka lays down on a back, having moved apart knees. Fingers a clitoris, looks at me. I having slightly sat down, I import the short, overwound end into a vagina. Muscles densely cover him. The clitoris is pressed to the long part covered with pimples. It sticks out of me. Funny! I am not much horney. I approach Natasha, she spreads legs more widely. Not dexterously I lay down on her. Her hand directs, we together insert it. I begin to move. I feel her hot breath. Quicker, and more deeply! At each movement the short round twisted end massages the vagina walls which densely captured him, causing an incomparable feeling. The clitoris rubs about pimples! My God, what high! I, working hips, I accelerate, I fuck Natashka. She twists with legs my waist. Lips merge in a kiss, in not an imaginable high I twirl and I thresh hips. Both we shout in ecstasy... We lie the friend on the friend. I caress curls of her blond hair. A strap-on in her. Madam, sitting in a chair, looks at us... Our meetings became regular. Madam practiced me only in an active role. At one of meetings Madam ordered to Sergey to undress and go down on all fours, to become me behind him. The first time I entered the man. He groaned from pleasure, twisting a bottom and being stuck on a strap-on. It was pleasant also to me. I was captured by feeling of the power and domination over this male groaning from pleasure. From this day my lover or to tell more true, the mistress, there was Sergey. Later few months my character changed. I became sharper, more rude. In communication with people the habit to domination began to be shown. I began to put on in a different way. More simply. As a real man. Skirts and dresses remained in a case. With the husband I became more rude, the authoritativeness appeared. Once, Madam, having called up me, I specified to sit down at legs: — Oksana, you dominate over the husband? — No, Madam. She looked to me in the face, reading in them my undercover desires. — Why? — I don't know how with him to begin that everything not to spoil, Madam. — So listen —... In couple of days, having woken we will kiss Igor, having rejected, designate a blanket, I carried away him from a bed. I kneeled, I nestled lips to the dick, having felt his hardness. When he was ready to terminate, my fingers slipped in buttocks. Igor moved: — You that? I sat down on edge of a bed. — Darling, at your age it is useful to do massage. I saw the program on TV about a prostate cancer today. It is awful. Don't you want to ache and undergo this awful operation? The doctor told that after forty, for prevention not to ache, massage of a prostate is necessary for men. Eventually, it is only a finger in a bottom what you so were frightened? I am your wife and you have to trust me. — I wasn't frightened. — Then we will continue, I so want you! From this night I did, to Igor will pass, accustoming him to a finger in a bottom, expanding a very narrow, hard hole. Other types of sex to him it was categorically refused, on the basis of the fact that blowjob with a finger in buttocks is most useful to him. I found in his bottom a tochechka, massaging which, brought him incomparable pleasure. Pressing her always when he was close to cum. He cumed brightly. Creech and being splashed out by me in a mouth, throwing up more cum, than always. Sex became regular we didn't have that long ago. Obviously it was pleasant to Igor. Several weeks of later, having put it to bed, and having put on a medical glove a hand, having brushed cream an anus, I began to fuck intensively his one, and then two fingers. I looked at him, and it was strange to me to realize. The man that this groaning, wagging a bottom and rolling up eyes — my Igor. After that I didn't touch his dick, despite requests and arrangements any more. Everything on what I agreed — a monstrubation with anal stimulation by the vibrator. No more. It was categorically forbidden to touch my body. I always was in linen. His pants were thrown out. Are in exchange bought, cut which, despite complaints, he was forced to carry. In his character there were changes. It became quieter, obedient, executive. "Center of gravity" finally moved from the dick to an anus. Madam asked on my relationship with Igor, advising, and directing, gave for him a gift. I opened a box, and saw in it a strap-on. Now, having come from work, having made a cleaning enema, having taken a shower, my hubby inserted a plug into buttocks to come to me to a bed warmed. Also night when, having woken him and having kissed on a cheek came, I enclosed under him a pillow, moved apart to him knees. Precisely, as he to me once. Slightly I entered him a head. I moaned. Shaking hips, I entered not many. At each movement the strap-on moved also in me, bringing not transferred pleasure. When I almost completely entered him, stopped. I left almost up to the end. I kissed on an ear. — Relax, darling. And one confident movement I entered it at all length. — And! — And! — And! — Igor screamed. For a moment I stood. Not how many times, having immediately repeated. Uchashchyonno earned by hips. Groans and shouts only made horney me. I left him. — Become a crustacean! Softly I pushed, entering at all length. I came almost up to the end, and again forward. Continuing again and again. Increasing speed. Hands squeezed to it hips. Intensively I earned by a basin. — Yes! So! Yes! Waves of an orgasm captivated me, I several times shook, and almost unconscious fell to it on a back... ... I am glad that everything is so good. Now I want that you acquainted him with Madam Anna. She will continue the course begun by you... I naked am kneeling to Madam sitting in chairs, and the high, beautiful brunette with a haughty, steel look. My eyes are full of tears, they flow on cheeks. — I never, punished you. Now I see what is vain. — Slave. Give a lash... In several months in local news I saw an interview with my husband in which he spoke about changes in distribution of financial means. Revision of results of privatization of one of the largest enterprises of the city. And about many other what I had no idea of tinder male to female ratio 2020 due date in spanish pregnancy site mapMain Page