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Characters Veronika — the mistress Leonida Leonid is Veronika's lover ================================================= Veronika's family lived in the small border town. In family of all there were three daughters. The head of family it weighed upon times that in family there is no man — he couldn't impart all the knowledge — there was simply nobody simply nobody them to transfer... In the course of growing and transformation into the girl, Veronika for the unclear reasons, gained serious defect of a backbone by then. By 20 years, absolutely young Veronika already tried alcohol, and often left the house in the evenings. Sometimes, that she wasn't at home several days in a row. She explained it with the fact that was on a visit at the girlfriend. Actually Veronika already tried a lot of things from this that till a marriage couldn't be tried in the USSR. She secretly visited a brothel on the area because she considered that with such defect as at her, she will be necessary to nobody. Frequent feasts behind moonshine in the smoked room at almost naked table — where from snack there was only water and is rare — food rock salt — came to an end in other room with blackout of reason with all consequences. Somehow time has come the thin young man of an ordinary-looking type by the name of Leonid into a brothel. Veronika was dead-drunk and this time therefore she couldn't oppose to intimate proximity with somebody. The young man undressed the queen as he called her, and laid down from above, having thrust her without effort... Long he hadn't to work. In 15 minutes Lenya moved last time, throwing up a cum in a razjebanny vagina... Without thinking of consequences, he right there he fell off sideways, and completely satisfied — snored... Veronika woke up in 2 hours, she was in a half-drunk state and couldn't understand why she naked and why with her someone lies. It with her yet never was. She began to fray the young man with frenzy. Veronika absolutely became puzzled and despaired in the eyes... Tench woke up and still badly thinking, I stared at naked Veronika. He for some reason decided that she woke him again to drink and to fuck well. I couldn't assume the Tench in any way that Veronika will be angry or will begin to demand something from him. — What is the matter? Where my clothes? You someone such? — Veronika tried to find out. — Let's drink, we poyebtsya — I promise you, it won't be sick — sparkled Len's eyes. — I can't, I don't want to drink more... I want home. — Don't you unless like to drink and be fucked? — I don't know, I know nothing... — Veronika after drunk badly thought therefore she told the first that came to her mind. — But I know — Lenya бледовито examined naked Veronika. — I am such drunk, such drunk — Veronika didn't know any more what to do, she wanted to put on and leave. — Don't you unless want to continue? — in any way Lenya wasn't appeased. — I can't accept 20 people a day, at me forces will end soon... Tench only I burst out laughing in reply. He already managed to understand that that at Veronika of a pizd of a razjeban well, despite such young age. And Veronika too well huyarit — only managed to pour glasses. Having found the clothes which were scattered on all room, Veronika put on and decided to go home. She understood nothing at all... Going along the street and holding a fence, Veronika reached a gate and having opened her, abruptly turned and fell on a knee. Right there she got it in the neck a wet rag and heard strong language in the address... Forces abandoned Veronika, and she fell in a grass, wet from a rain, having hooked by a sleeve for a nail. The shirt swung open, having bared a small breast, but Veronika of it didn't notice — she jerked a sleeve on herself and was again filled up... Then I crept, I fell, I muttered something, I rolled and again I crept... Извалявшись in a dirty grass, Veronika reached a porch and overslept on a summer verandah till next morning... Having gone outside in a curtain, with a wild hair Veronika started wandering in a summer shower, to make toilet. She intended to avoid cavils of parents and to go to a brothel. She wanted to learn to smoke cigarettes with the filter, or to smoke a belomor. In the evening, having hastily put on, the lascivious maiden already ran to a gate, and after to her damnations poured and the knot with things which landed on the road flew. Veronika hurried, she almost ran, but... Having quickly made the decision, she turned, and having quickly grabbed knot with simple belongings, was let in a brothel. What to do — she didn't know yet, but after all to live in a brothel constantly and she didn't want to be the public whore... tinder in japan reddit date ideas for long distance site mapMain Page