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- To me it is very cold, - I whispered Voronitsa, hardly moving lips from weakness. Элайя covered her with a blanket. He lay with her about 30 minutes nearby. So far she completely didn't recover - Tell me honestly, to you it was good? - I asked Elaya, looking her in eyes. - Why, well why? I didn't want it, - to Voronitsa's eyes tears arrived again. - No, I wanted, - he objected. - If you didn't want, you would only be made horney, there would be no such pleasure. You it is simple still itself didn't realize what you want. He unfastened it. Then I got up and I put on. - The dinner will be served up in half an hour. Please eat him. I will come tomorrow at 18 o'clock. Элайя bent to kiss her, but Voronits wanted to push away him. He took her by hands, removed them and, having stolen the next kiss, left the room. Next day Voronits with horror was waited by Elayyu. Before his arrival Voronitsu was tied to a bed again. This time it didn't even show resistance. All the same the sense wasn't. Элайя came exactly at 18 o'clock. - Hi, the beauty, - he smiled. - Was tired of waiting? Voronitsa I didn't even work to answer him. - Time for the second lesson came. - slowly he whispered, bending to her. - Don't dare. I will shout. - I spoke Voronitsa. - I know, - I whispered to her on an ear of Elaya. - Because of me it often happens. Voronitsa didn't manage to answer him nothing. He stuck into her lips. When he at last came off her, saw Voronits that his clothes were transformed to the Elaya dressing gown him threw off and kneeled between her legs. - Today we will promote further away, - he told falling by Voronitsa. Having come to be in steel embraces of Elayi, the danger of the situation instantly understood Voronits. - Don't dare to kiss more me, otherwise I will cry! - And someone will save you here? - derisively I asked Elaya. - Besides, while I kiss you, you won't be able to shout. Voronitsa deeply I sighed, having slightly slightly opened a mouth. When she realized the mistake, was already late. Элайя I used a situation at once. The vague thought of need to resist began to dawn in her consciousness and right there disappeared under the pressure of sensual pleasure, artfully taken control her body. Bays Elayi stuck into her lips with impudent persistence, the language getting into a mouth wasted slow, distinguished caress from which the fire of passion ran high. The temptation was too big. Became Voronitsa hot. Each time it became more difficult for it to reject his kisses. - No, - barely audible I whispered Voronitsa. It was the only word which she managed to say disobedient, soft as wax lips. Heart beat deafened her. Элайя stopped, his eyes flashed from under semi-lowered a century. - Why not? - he with a smile hitched up eyebrows, attentively studying Voronitsa's face. - To be pleasant to you my kisses, Voronitsa. The shiver, but unsuccessfully tried to hide Voronits. It amplified as soon as the finger of Elayi touched her lower lip. - To be pleasant to you my kisses. I like to kiss you. Why to lose pleasures? It is lost blinking, she looked at a piracy grin of Elayi. In moments he stuck into her lips again. Kisses of Elayi affected some undercover, deep part of her being, she dictated the terms now. Therefore were necessary to Voronitsa him tomite5lnye caress therefore her lips opened by itself, shamelessly allowing Elayi to get inside and to taste her to the top of the bent. Элайя began to kiss eyes, a nose, a mouth, then his lips slipped on her breast, a stomach, then touched by lips of her nipple. His hands wandered on her body and at last reached her treasured hiding place. Voronitsa has a snack a lip not to cry. - Relax, my wild rose. - It isn't necessary! Please, it isn't necessary! - she asked him loud whisper. - Calm down, the Jaguar, mine. - his finger carefully entered her. - No, it isn't necessary! - Voronitsa shuddered, but the finger already moved backwards - forward, and Voronitsa instinctively moved on a meeting. Элайя kissed her on a mouth, having felt smack of blood because she bit through to herself a lip. His long fingers pulled together from her panties, then it jerked them with such force that tore, having left Voronitsu is made naked, threw off scraps on a floor. Having moved he kissed on a bottom raising of her foot, his lips slowly moved above, covering with kisses a sweet way. Элайя buried a face in a snow-white stomach of Voronitsa. Then I fell below. The large sweet shiver shook her body. The hot Elayi language tirelessly caressed her treasure, and it already ceased to realize itself, her breath was torn, turning into hoarse faltering groans. Hey yeah! Never before she tested anything similar! Never! - Элайя! - she shouted, without hearing the voice. When it raised the head, Voronitsa read expression of a celebration in his black eyes. Slowly, very slowly he rose on hands, covered her with the hot strong body and whispered: - Give me control over the body, obey to me. He touched by lips of the gentle flesh again. Элайя greedy I caressed lips and language her chubby sponges of pleasure, and Voronitsa panted and suddenly stridently I screamed from delight. He came off her, raised the head and whispered: - Long ago so. He kissing her I began to rise above. Having reached a breast, Elaya began to play with her nipple. Voronits was felt by his body, his excitement. To her it was a little terrible. But pleasure was so big that she couldn't oppose to it. What does he sny do?! He will dement her now! Felt Voronits that can't suffer any more. Fetters which held her prevented her to breathe. She knew that if now doesn't move hands, she won't embrace him, then there will be something awful. Understood Voronits that wants him, all the being wants that he seized her completely. Элайя caressing her breast I raised the head. For a moment of their eye met and therefore as her look grew dim, he understood: from passion she fainted. Элайя, amazed, it was removed from her. He saw it for the first time in life. The girl yet not become the woman fainted from sharpness of desire. Though more than an hour ago she trembled with fear. It exempted her from fetters. Nestling on her to warm, it looked at her and thought that she will dement him. Эльс, the famous lady's man and the female tempter fell in love as the boy in the obstinate, mean little girl, and fell in love at first sight and probably very much for a long time. He precisely knew that he wished nobody as passionately as her. At last Voronitsa moved. - That... what happened? - she asked, opening eyes. - You fainted. - Элайя caressed her on the head. - From the fact that passionately I wanted me... - No! - she exclaimed - Yes, - he objected. - You can deny it. Tell everything that you want, but you not to change essence. - I want to drink. - barely audible I whispered Voronitsa. Элайя got out of a bed, I approached a jug with water and I filled a glass. It seemed to her that he threw something there, but I didn't betray to it value. Voronitsa I was so weak that Elaya supported her that she could drink waters quietly. Without knowing why, but in his hands she for the first time felt protected, completely quiet. - Why at water such strange taste? - she asked. - I mixed sleeping pill there. - Элайя took her by hand. - You need to calm down and fall asleep. It will be your last night... as virgins. Yes, - he continued in response to her fearful glance. - tomorrow, before hours will punch midnight, I will seize you completely. You will be mine, only mine... Элайя whispered her these words, observing as her eyes are closed and she sinks into a sleep. Having woken up in the morning, Voronitsa vaguely I remembered everything that occurred yesterday. But she remembered the last words of Elayi clearly. Really today he is going to make it. Looked at Voronits on the body, it was completely naked. Yesterday he broke off her linen - the last clothes that somehow covered it. Voronitsa with fear I watched a hand. Yesterday she clearly felt as his male nature rests against her body. From one thought that today it will be in it, I directed horror at Voronitsa. She paced about the room, rushed about here and there, broke hands, tension wasn't taken out. Eventually, she began to cry. At 21 o'clock the door was opened. Elaya entered. It surprised Voronitsu because today nobody chained her to a bed. On Elaye there was a scarlet velvet dressing gown, and in hands a bottle of wine and two glasses. He turned off the light. In the room there was an outer darkness. Voronitsa in horror I contracted on a bed. Something slapped. The sound of the splashing wine was distributed. I saw Voronits of nothing, and this her scarecrow. She knew that Elsa see in the dark, from it it became even worse. Therefore she inexpressibly was delighted when the small spark trembled. It is Elaya I lit candles. He approached her with glasses full of red wine. Also I stretched to her. She didn't take. Him. - Drink with me, Voronitsa. - gently he told. - I want that this night became for you not unforgettable. But Voronitsa it was removed from him further away. - My dear, I don't want to cause to you excess pain, I don't want to tie you. Be given me as yesterday you trusted in me, you wanted me. Really you think that it won't be able to repeat? Today you learn the highest pleasure, kind of it re6dko happened from the first, but today I will bring you to an orgasm. Why do you struggle with yourself? Both of us know that you want it not less than I. - he stretched her a cup again, and she took him. Understood Voronits that he's right. She won't be able eternally to struggle with desire. Because she loves it. But as it is terrible! Really today to her there will be the fact that she avoided many years. The shivering Voronits's hand I brought a cup to a mouth and I took a sip. Wine was very sweet, but its the weakened hand sweated and the cup slipped out it. Элайя caught him at the floor and I put on a table. - Be not afraid, my small rose. - he whispered kissing her. Then he facing her I threw off a dressing gown, having completely bared the well-muscled body. Voronits couldn't take away from him the captivated look. At weak blinking of candles, he was especially beautiful. A fair hair framed his dark face. Big shoulders, a well-muscled body, a flat stomach with press cubes, narrow hips... farther I didn't decide to look at Voronits. He noticed it and approached closer. She didn't move, and looked to him directly in eyes. - Look at him, - Elaya quietly ordered. Rolled up Voronits the head. - Look, - he repeated slightly more loudly. - you have to understand that it is natural. Voronitsa slowly I lowered a look and I screamed for fear. His dick was not just big, he was huge. Now he stood as if the stake which was going to pierce the victim. It wanted to run off, but Elaya managed to catch it, and pressed to himself. - Calm down, relax, - he whispered to her on an ear. His lips nestled on her lips. In a moment they became gentle and tender as if persuaded to obey. She with groan opened lips, and then language his welcome guest got into the burning sweet of a mouth. The delightful feeling pierced all her being. Having felt her nervousness. Элайя fell to a bed, having pulled it for itself, not coming off her lips. Shaken it lay from above, feeling under itself his strong, male body. Her soft stomach nestled on its flat and firm. His hands slid on her slender back, round, appetizing buttocks. She came off his lips and tried to dump from herself, his hand. He, without releasing from embraces, I overturned it on a back, again having stuck into her lips. He didn't hold her by force, but his passion was stronger than iron fetters. As all the body of Voronits felt the energy proceeding from him. It, gentle and weak, there was a wish to touch firm, juicy muscles. thursday dating app review reddit date ideas massachusetts site mapMain Page