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After a shower, clean, warm and fragrant, in a terry dressing gown, I leave to him. In the room it is almost dark. Only weak, almost inaudible light of a night lamp. He approaches me and, having attracted to himself, kisses on the lips. I embrace him for a neck, I tousle hair, I inhale his smell. … I hear how his heart knocks. Both of us are beaten by a shiver. His hands caress my back. Then, without interrupting a kiss, he unties a belt and plows up a fluffy dressing gown that hides from him my body. He showers with kisses my person, a neck. Very slowly, gently, slowly. Hardly notable movements of fingers he bares my shoulders, and the dressing gown falls on a floor. Slightly touching by hands, he kisses my breast, caresses language, bites nipples. I pull out groan. I embrace it the head and involuntary movements convulsively I touch, I tousle hair. He kneels before me and continues the caress which already plunged me into a condition of blissful languor. I feel how becomes heavy and with pleasure the breast aches. He falls below and kisses a tummy, slightly lower, still … I am confused and involuntarily I try to be released from his embraces. He catches this my hardly noticeable movement and, having risen from knees, again with pleasure kisses me on the lips … Now my turn came. I take off from it a sweater, and he flies on a floor. I take sharp claws up to his breast. I feel that he begins to shiver even stronger. But isn't present, not so quickly … Kiss you, having slightly bitten, his nipples, I connect a uvula, I fall below. Very slowly. At last the turn reaches trousers. I kneel and I undo a belt, then slowly, without hurrying, I pull together them from it together with swimming trunks. I guessed, of course, that God didn't deprive it, but what appears to my look, surpassed all my most courageous expectations. For a moment to me even it becomes terrible. Very much impressive sizes his proud handsome. But this exciting smell, animal, the smell of the man dements me finally and forces to forget about everything on light. I carefully touch him. He such hot and firm, and skin – gentle-gentle. There is a wish to kiss him, but just while I am going to make it, Semyon lifts me, the beret on hands and bears on a bed. I understand that in several seconds I will become a woman. It is already inevitable. As long I waited for it. How often I imagined how IT will be. But for some reason during these latest moments I am covered by terrible fear. Semyon showers with hundreds of kisses my body. Very gentle, his kind caress forces me to relax slightly. But nevertheless I am mortally afraid. Just shakes me. He catches that something with me not so, and fixedly looks to me in the face. And in eyes at me the mute horror stiffened. And I can do nothing with myself. - Hey, kid … are you ok? I look at him huge eyes, not in forces to squeeze out from itself words. I try to represent a smile, but, it seems, at me and it badly turns out. - Well that you? What happened?. – he tenderly caresses me on the head, very gently kisses on the lips … I embrace him and is shy, hardly breathing, I nestle on him. He carefully a knee moves apart my legs. A second more, and he already over me. It seems to me, I will die of fear now. Probably, intuitively Semyon feels that I shiver already not from desire. And he doesn't hurry. He showers gentle with kisses my person, a neck again, bites an ear. Then kisses on the lips. … At first this kiss shy, timid, but gradually, second after a second, it becomes more and more hot, passionate, deep. Oh, My God, SO he never before kissed me! It something fantastic. I already forgot about everything. There is only no his lip, anything any more … Having felt my slackness, Semyon strong presses me to herself, without interrupting a kiss, slightly moves forward and … - Aaay!!! – The bright outbreak of pain pierces consciousness. Instinctively I try to escape from his embraces, but strong male hands hold me. I feel how from eyes tears are shed. Even a moment, and all passes. There is only slightly burning feeling there. Semyon whispers me tender words, caresses on the head as he of the child, kisses dries my tears … - sweetie pie … the girl my small … More quietly … is more silent … Now will pass. Forgive me, the fool. Native washing, forgive … - Everything well … I love you … - having attracted him to myself, I kiss on the lips. He with improbable tenderness, with love looks to me in the face. And in his look I read gratitude … He kisses me bluntly … - Well what you didn't tell at once, foolish?. - But you and understood all … ** - I understood when I saw that you are afraid … The kid, I so love you. You can't even present how strongly I love you. My girl … We merge in a debt debt a kiss again. On a body the heat slowly spreads. And there is a mad wish to feel him again there … Semyon begins to caress me again. I each section of the body move towards to his lips and hands. He kisses, slightly squeezing, the breast, bites, involves in itself nipples. … Each his movement is given by such sweet, the dementing feeling there. He drives me into frenzy the caress, gradually falling lips all are lower and lower. … Here he already kisses a hillock with dark silky volosika, a uvula touches a clitoris. I pull out groan. He makes a helpless gesture my legs slightly more widely and begins to caress my pussy, kisses, tickles a uvula, slightly pushes him inside. I groan and I coil, already having completely ceased to control myself. Feelings are just space. "Well, take me!." As if having read my thoughts, in a moment he appears over me again. I feel how his hot, firm friend rests to me against the pussy. Semyon strong presses me to herself and slowly, very carefully enters me. At me from lips the groan breaks. To me it is painful, but what sweet is pain … I feel that I belong to darling, and already only from it I am overflowed by feeling of crazy happiness. Semyon interrogatively looks at me: - How you, kitten? All is good?... I smile in reply and I kiss him. He begins to move, at first slowly, then all quicker and quicker. I bend legs in knees and I embrace them him for a waist. At this moment he manages to enter me almost completely. He touches something inside, and as if the lightning pierces me. I involuntarily scream. He for a second fades and looks at me scaredly: - Painfully? - No, only don't stop, I ask you … He kisses me on the lips and again enters me. I can't constrain groan. How it is good … what happens with me? I already absolutely forgot about pain. Each section of my body shouts of my love to this man. Only to be given him, to be given without the rest, to peak, to a drop, to be dissolved in I am mute, to feel him in myself, very deeply, to give him happiness to be favourite … I feel that to him very well now. He slightly moans, kisses me, by the interrupted voice whispers some tendernesses. Still the instant and this sweet feeling of happiness becomes intolerable. I involuntarily move to darling towards. Still movement, also. … As if I am picked up by something and carries away into the sky. The body is twisted by a sweet spasm, from a breast sobbings escape. Semyon, pretty mine that it?. I shout and I coil under him. He is beaten by a shiver. He does the last movement and fades. I hear his groan. In several seconds all passes. He lays down nearby and embraces me. Some time we are silent, taking breath … - I love you … - he whispers to me on an ear. – How you, kid? I laugh: - You were on the ball! I get on him and I kiss, I kiss, I kiss. - I love you, I love, I love, I love, I love … We laugh. He strong embraces me, fixedly looks in the face and says: - I very strongly love you, the sun. I will die for you if it is required. And never doubt my love to you, you never hear, … I with tenderness look at him and slightly I take finger-tips on his face. He catches my palm and kisses it. We touch by lips of lips again and we merge in a long, trembling kiss... texas laws on dating a minor date ideas kansas city site mapMain Page