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The gray Guard in an indefinite leave, and goes on watch Hawk. For a praise (optionally enthusiastic) and to critic (optionally devastating), as well as all other, I wait on mail (robbing-good@yandex) — I can consider not all, but response surely vosposledut. — And all this that you can offer me?! — Sir Hawk!. — Don't you see beauty of the drawing? Difficulties of a pattern? Or your eyes don't learn work of the true master?! — But, sir Hawk... — At me the person was killed for the sake of a thing much less valuable, than even one of them! — Sir Hawk — nearly sobbing the dealer who shrank behind a counter over whom, rolling eyes, the native of Loteringa hung begged — now there is no demand! If... If you could add something more running... Fereldenets became straight, having leaned palms against a counter and not reducing from the owner of a bench of a heavy look. — Varrik! — shortly he threw. From under a heap of carpets ragged by a moth the illegible hmykanye which quickly passed into cough was heard. From a gap between two tkachesky products several vorony feathers took off and, being turned in air, settled on a floor. After them from the same gap the short brawny hand topped with a powerful gnomy fist seemed. Having unclenched, the fist showed to the world several corals and a splinter of some semiprecious stone. The dealer opened a mouth, but, having come across a direct look of the client, swallowed and hasty began to nod. The purse with coins — quite lean, however — removed from hand to hand. — I thank you, the kind person — it is unexpectedly kind and without any hint on former irritation Hawk said, having added to words polite полукпоклон. — Let your roads will be kind to you, and any day brings the new benefits at will of the Creator. Varrik who not without effort chosen from under just sold goods gloomy looked on the satellite, and that, having finished farewells, hurried outside. Hawk didn't know what was not so with his communicative skills. The Creator sees, practically in any conversation — even if that began as attempt simply, substantially and without emotions to communicate — he lost the first words on some humanistic tirades capable the pathetics to outdo a church sermon, or began to be rude to the interlocutor, to shout at him and to threaten with physical violence. Sometimes, however, he felt in himself ability to crack a salty joke, but to compete in this field with Varrik was absolutely unpromising so fereldenets didn't gain reputation of the merry fellow. Secretly Hawk desperately envied Arishok — the horned big fellow, unlike him, always managed to speak quietly and to inform of the thoughts without excess expression. — No, seriously — the gnome said, shaking off sleeves twist a leather jacket. — Did you get treasures, centuries lain underground, bought the luxurious mansion in the Top city, you move money which the majority in life didn't see — what the hell we continue to drag ripped scarfs and bird's feathers for sale? Feathers, fie! — he choked, spitting out a lump of black bird's down on a pavement. — I... don't know — sincerely puzzled Hawk shrugged shoulders. — Just it seems to me wrong so much time to dig in a heap of crushed stone and not to take from there at all anything. Varrik was disapprovingly looked on the satellite from below up, shook the head and, having waved a hand, went towards "Hanged man". Hawk, having looked at him following, I made a helpless gesture and I moved to own house. * * * Hawk took a view of the removed armor on a rack in a corner and twisted a neck, being accustomed to a hardish collar of a svezhevystiranny shirt. Disguise order tired, but experience of life all until the last minute in Kirkuolla convinced the native Loteringa that in this city it is impossible to go outside without armor even for this purpose to paint a door of own house. It, however, didn't cancel inconveniences of protective clothes so to leave it, having come home, it was only pleasant. Fereldenets he is lazy I stretched, I stepped legs in soft house shoes and, having left the room, I went up a ladder, looking to myself under legs. — Hawk! Praise to Creators, you here! He threw up the head. Merril! Here really surprise. It was difficult to call coincidence that right now he thought of her — the last weeks of a thought of the fragile Elf with whom (Hawk gave himself in it the report) he was connected already by something bigger, than friendship, all the time didn't go from the head. But it seemed to him that in the next few days she and to a step will step from the precious magical mirror on which repair so much time and efforts left. — I thought, you went in "Hanged man", and too went there — the Elf began to chatter — but then decided that you could come to the uncle, and I... And I grind nonsense, huh? — Not that I would object — smiled, having come round from initial surprise Hawk. — Nervousness to you goes. It was the truth. The elfin charodeyka, already very pretty, became even more beautiful when worried or confused — and as at least from this she tested one almost constantly, nobody could accuse her of unattractiveness. Here and now her thin correct lips were slightly slightly opened, supplementing a confused look of green eyes, on cheeks zaplyasat a flush, and ears as if became even more sharply. To overcome confusion to her, however it was possible. — After you left — she began — I couldn't stop thinking about Paul in any way... And about a mirror... And about everything that happened! And I thought, can... I made a mistake? — You are homesick — Hawk softly responded. — It isn't necessary to refuse because of it the choice. — If I didn't leave the people — Merril raised eyes — I would never meet you. Be you a doliyets, we would already have own kingdom. Corners of her mouth were touched by a weak smile. — And we would be at war and a half Tedas so, probably, everything developed to the best. — You overestimate me — fereldenets responded. — Hardly I could unite elves or return your Golden Age. — Be you an elf, birds would rush from trees to you under legs only to sing for you! — loudly Merril burst out laughing. But right there, as if with draft whiff, the cheerful smile flew from her face, having left on him more habitual expression of confusion and alarm. — Keeper... All my clan... They will be minds if... — The sad snicker broke from her lips. — Hardly they will manage to begin to hate me even stronger. — Their disapproval doesn't cost anything, so far as concerns you — quietly, but Hawk distinctly said. Their eyes met. To him one of their first walks when he, late evening, saw off Merril was remembered, hardly moved in Kirkuoll home — the hank of a rope presented by Varrik seemed him a nonideal exit. Yes, this story is written especially for .org, and it is optional to insert grammatical barbaric tags into him a la "", the tearing offers in the middle. They easy stirred when from the second floor (during that instant fereldenets was ready to swear that the villain appeared from nowhere, but later I copied it on optical illusion) on a pavement before them some type with two long daggers in hands jumped off. Before Hawk managed to react somehow, Merril desperately screamed and, having swung two hands, whacked the forward a staff. The result surpassed all expectations. The blood which at once is splashed out from all veins and which filled in a couple from legs to the head scattered the fountain. The hands which are torn off up to an elbow scattered in the parties, shins separated from knees began to twitch as if trying to escape from the misfortune which overtook their recently living owner вразноброс the shapeless pieces of flesh which were once a trunk, and, a moment later with deaf knock fell down to the ground the head with expression of flour on a face hit against a pavement. Merril very quietly exhaled, without reducing expanded pupils with the dismembered body, and one second I pressed palms to a bloodstained face later and I burst in sobbings. — I... didn't want! — I managed to catch her satellite through incessant sobbing. — I just wanted... to drive away him!... I didn't think what so will turn out!!! Hawk took a step to her towards and took away hands of the Elf from a tear-stained face. — Merril — it is silent, but he distinctly said. — It not you. The sorcerer it is lost it was looked at him from below up. The creator, he also didn't know how huge can be these green eyes! Hawk didn't remember what rubbish he bore, telling about tevintersky magicians, the spells of the forcing people to blow up a minute of death, and convincing the companion that the attacker undoubtedly, very precisely, without fools thus was damned. To him it wasn't remembered as attentively and quietly the Elf listened, sniffing more and more seldom. Only one was engraved in his memory — exactly that time Merril for the first time looked at him these enormous, widely open eyes in which, together with tears, the fright, hope and desperate desire to trust lapped alternately. Eyes in which, as if in that broken elfin mirror, he was reflected. Eyes which (behind a deduction, praise to the Creator, tears) looked at him now. — Merril — extremely calming voice he said — everything is good. Some absolutely tiny moment they just stood, looking each other in eyes. Then the Elf, it is squeezed having peeped, I rushed forward, I twisted Hawk's neck with hands, and at the very same time he felt soft, hot lips on the lips. Fereldenets mechanically embraced a thin maiden camp in reply though the reason stunned with suddenness of an impact didn't understand yet how to him to react. Having appeared in embraces, Merril clung to him even stronger, and then Hawk at last sorted as her heart madly beats. He could understand everything that was in this knock. Instant determination with which rush with the head to a deep whirlpool. The selfless devotion offering itself everything, immediately and without the rest. Intense, painful and at the same time some children's admiration of the moment of the strongest feeling in life. And behind all this is pushed aside deep into, but ready to hold down just about overwhelming horror — fear to be rejected. The thin ring of hands around his neck began to weaken, the kiss — to fade on his lips. The trembling thin body was ready to be discharged when the strong hands which clasped it gently, but strong pressed the girl to a broad chest, and male lips surely and hotly answered maiden. Merril who blinked still while she threw the arms round Hawk a neck, opened eyes. The look which met her a look was soft, quiet and infinitely native. Having come off, at last, lips of darling, the Elf smiled, having hardly inhibited desire to burst out laughing, strong squeezed his calloused fingers the narrow palm and, having discharged of fereldenets, caused him. Probably, the estate Houkov was far more friendly for guided, than tangled small streets of Kirkuoll; or perhaps Merril, unlike the first days in the city, already learned to find the necessary way easily. Anyway, it was without wanderings — the first open her really conducted a door to the bedroom. Hawk didn't understand how she managed to move so surely a back forward (to turn would mean to cease to cover his face with hasty illegible kisses!) and especially — not to overturn, having come across the bed standing behind, and it is easy to fall and lean back on her back. Probably, the elfin grace helped. The female hands squeezing him palms and attracting to themselves didn't get to anywhere, but also without their intervention Hawk wouldn't be slow to fall by a bed after the beloved and, having cast away a wild black hair, to lean the forehead against a forehead Merril in a second before their lips met again. However, two weren't limited to kisses alone. Hands, intertwining, dispersing, ardently investigated the bodies which were at their disposal. In the wanderings all of them encountered some annoying pieces of fabric stronger and stronger preventing to come very close to each other more often. Finally this idea was shaped at Hawk and Merril at the same time. He turned over on a back, pulling tie fingers on a shirt and coiling as if at the same time trying to dismiss a lacing on a breast and to slip out clothes so. She carried out by a palm on his hip, rose from a bed, undid a zone belt, pulled together stockings, and then stretched hands to fasteners of the attire. Rustle of the fabric which fell to a floor forced Hawk to distract from almost won fight with own clothes — yes and to stiffen with hands still in sleeves of the shirt which is pulled together through the head. Of course, he knew that a figure Merril will give odds to many recognized beauties of Kirkuoll — in an environment of local standards of appeal, absolutely equally otklyanchivayushchy a bum and sticking out a breast, she looked as a swan among hens — but still he couldn't estimate her addition fully. And, the Creator sees, expectation was worth it! Large for her fine-molded figure, but in general the small breast, a flat stomach, a wasp waist and slender hips passing into graceful shins, the stupnyam topped small, gentle — the Elf could be taken for the statue executed on all canons. Yes, fereldenets indeed could see in her a sculpture if not all whirlpool of feelings in green eyes which couldn't represent a cutter even of the most skillful sculptor. Merril stepped forward, having destroyed delusion, and Hawk immediately began to move. While she took several steps dividing her and a rich bed, he, having called to the aid all possible speed, got rid of the last objects of clothes, and, it was worth maiden ступням overtaking oak columns of a bed, flung away, at last, trousers aside, jumped, picked up the girl on hands and, having begun to whirl her about the room, overturned on a back on the same bed. Merril caved in in a back, invitingly parted knees, and her darling, without having kept itself waiting, fell by a bed after the Elf, leaned on elbows and one movement quickly entered her. The girl quietly screamed and moved, having narrowed eyes. Hawk stood as driven. The damned idiot, he didn't even think that it is her first time! I stretched a hand to her cheek — to caress, calm; I opened a mouth — to apologize, explain; but also that, and another broke on the middle. Proper words didn't go on language (it could screw, of course, something from habitual, but if something and was capable to worsen a situation, so it is the next humanistic tirade). As a result the unlucky lover and stiffened over the girl — with a body in the held-down pose and reason in full confusion. Merril opened eyes. In them there was no pain or a fright — only pure, deep joy. She smiled, seeing Hawk's confusion (that with the head was overflowed by a simplification wave), carried out by palms on his face, and then directed hands below until, at last, I stopped them on his buttocks. Other explanations weren't required. Hawk began to move — first slowly, but then, following the speed which was set by maiden palms, quicker and quicker. Inside was hot, it is damp (Merril was obviously made horney outright — can therefore all and passed almost without pain) and very much, very closely. The young bosom densely covered his intense nature, and fereldenets couldn't remember so sharp and fresh feelings for all the not innocent life. The Elf clasped him with legs, having put shins on inside of knee joints. Hawk randomly kissed her face, a neck, a breast (the last, however, got less attention — roundish hemispheres continually nestled on his breast and to reach them lips happened not easy). His right hand, having left left a role basic, I stroked an elastic hip and periodically I squeezed the next buttock, and the thin postanyvaniye Merril sounding in unison with his become frequent heavy breath let know that caress doesn't pass without results. Perhaps, to facilitate a wide and strong palm access to the appetizing buttocks, the Elf bent the left leg, having tightened a knee to a breast. Hawk, however, used it otherwise — the sharp movement he turned the girl on one side, having appeared at her behind the back, and right there rushed into her more deeply, than for all past tense. At Merril intercepted breath. Sharp maiden shovels were pressed into the sweated male breast. Hawk, meanwhile — whether seeking to press stronger to itself the beloved, whether wishing to extend caress to those areas which they still plainly didn't touch, I embraced her both hands, and palms weren't slow to find small, strong boobies. The held breath by a lingering faltering sigh escaped from lungs Merril when persistent fingers, pulled, having slightly squeezed, her intense nipples while palms didn't stop massing pliable flesh. The Elf turned the head, looking for the lips Bays Houka, and two merged in the next kiss. None of them also thought to measure time, but both knew for certain: it lasted much. Over and over again fereldenets thrust intense flesh between strong compressed female hips, the girl nestled on him a back, throwing back the head and, clasping with a thin hand a neck of darling, attracted him closer to herself, calloused palms squeezed and for a while released a gentle breast right there to return to her, having fleetingly run on a stomach and a waist. Groans and exhalations Merril began with some moment became more often and higher tone. Hawk felt too that he remained to him not for long, but he wasn't going to miss one more way to aggravate feelings both for itself(himself), and for moving by buttocks to him towards Elfs. The sharp movement he turned the girl again — this time on a stomach. Having pressed down her hips the, slightly, but persistently one hand I pulled for short black hair, having forced to be curved by an arch while the second palm not only didn't leave caress, but also I doubled the diligence. After the short hitch caused by change of a pose, the same strengthening followed and in other movements — Hawk, with the maximum speed, hardly furiously rushed on all depth between maiden hips as if pinning a thin figure to a bed. Blood a forge hammer knocked in temples, and behind own breath of his ears, hoarse before roar, didn't reach any sounds reaching from the Elf. However, even at an opportunity to sort them he would hear only frequent-frequent sighs and the groans alternating them which are broken on peep. It couldn't last long, but nobody wanted similar — two sought to finish business now and together. Merril strained as a string — her shins were turned in to Hawk's buttocks, the palms which are strong compressed in cams seized sheets, eyes were so strong narrowed. A moment later a sharp marigold of a zaskrebla the bed, legs began to be bent and unbent convulsively, and green eyes widely swung open, little seeing expanded pupils. Hawk roared last time, powerfully set hips, and the hot seed was splashed out in a bosom of the Elf then he, almost exhausted, fell near her. — What was it?... — I asked, several silent minutes for which they recovered later Merril. In her voice the quiet happiness sounded. — To explain with some difficulty — Hawk uttered, having tenderly rubbed by a nose about her cheek — but, perhaps, I could show it once again... The Elf smiled. He also kissed her on these smiling lips a moment later. "And fools say that the broken mirrors bring misfortune" — he before the slender body clung to him again managed to think, and night was closed over them. telugu dating apps usa date ideas for rainy days site mapMain Page