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She felt like the mistress of the situation and stuck lips into the young man's lips. Olya drew near Masha closer again. Her hand dived for floors of a dressing gown and it was visible that found the treasured purpose. Masha and Ivan looked each other fool in the face while students were engaged in them. At last Maria took away the look and was given to feelings which were rolled by a wave on her. Ivan's hands didn't remain idle too. One caressed naked buttocks, another, having spread legs of Yana, already reached to her peep. The finger began to get in the girl's body. His movements became more rhythmical, penetration all is deeper. - Take off at last the trousers, - I whispered Yang. Ivan slightly rose and pulled together trousers down. His dick surely looked up. His head almost looked out because of a table. With a sigh of satisfaction of Yang saddled him. The dick got into her hole without any hindrances. With noise exhaling air, Yana began the gallop. When excitement was very strong, she pulled together a t-shirt and naked appeared before all. Ivan thought only of one, not to terminate kind of before temporarily. When he was ready to be discharged by volley of the weapon, Yana slid off him and a powerful stream of a cum, having flown through a table, got directly on already naked breast of Maria. Olga having seen, on a breast of the mistress sweet men's juice, greedy I began to lick a maiden breast. When the last straw was removed, she came over to other side and having clasped with lips the member Ivana began to pinch begin to flow cums and from it. It turned out at her so well that Ivan seized her by the head and pressed to itself. His dick practically rested her against a throat. When all was moved away, Olya kissed a dickhead and settled down on a sofa nearby. Nothing remained to Yana how to be engaged in Maria. She sat down before her and on hunkers and began to stroke her legs, rising all are higher and higher. Hands surely lifted up a dressing gown and having overcome easy resistance girls so spread legs that Ivan saw shaved to peep. The juice droplet already flew down on sexual sponges. Yana put out tongue and easily pinched her. Then language began the travel doing not pass any available place. Maria at first watchfully looked behind actions of the young girl, but feelings became more pleasant and she was completely sent to the power of Yana. Having covered eyes, she leaned back on a back of a sofa and parted knees aside. All her feelings were reflected in a face. Eyes were covered, and the uvula began to lick the dried-up lips. Language of Yana worked tirelessly, getting all are deeper and deeper in a fine bosom. Maria couldn't restrain more, she hard began to breathe and from her lips the groan of pleasure began to break. Hands clasped the head of the girl and stronger pressed to the body. Yana couldn't come off from peep of the mistress any more and only convulsively swallowed of plentifully flowing liquid. In the twilight her face shone from love allocations of the girlfriend. Olya and Ivan looked at a love game of neighbors without coming off. Olga involuntarily dipped a hand to herself under a t-shirt and having removed a strip of panties, began to finger a clitoris. - Olya, remove from yourself everything, - Ivan whispered to her on an ear. The girl hadn't to be persuaded long. She right there pulled together a t-shirt and pants. Then I laid down on a regiment and I spread legs. - Kiss me, - she asked. But when Ivan stretched lips to her face, Olya stopped him. - You didn't understand, kiss me there, - she told and pointed a finger at the to peep. - You like be pleasant. Ivan at first recoiled from surprise, but having thought of how there passed his evening, according to nodded and lowered the person between the girl's legs. From her opened rose there was a pleasant smell. Accurately and carefully he put out tongue and carried out by him on external sponges, moistening them with saliva. The girl reacted at once, having shuddered she parted knees more widely. Big sponges dispersed and before Ivan the rose in all the beauty revealed. He didn't deliberate any more, having nestled to peep began to drill her hole with language. The orgasm came to them at the same time. Girls it is noisy began to breathe and having caved in plentifully terminated directly in a mouth the vis-a-vis. Tension in a compartment fell down and tired all seated in the places again. - It is time to think of a lodging for the night, - Ivan said, - It is necessary to lay a bed at least. The thought of a bed was pleasant to all, girls amicably pushed out Ivan for a door, and began to prepare for night. In the car the silence was already established, it was heard as someone already pokhrapyvat. Only the conductor still strove at the end of the car. Ivan decided to descend to her on a visit. The conductor sat at a table when Ivan glanced to her in a compartment. On her there was a white shirt and a short blue skirt. She considered some magazine which quickly I closed and I hid at appearance of the young man. - I thought that you already sleep. - Girls prepare for sleeping, and expelled me. You excuse me for that case, I am not specially. - I understood then. So, excuse that hit you. - You that you won't sleep all night long. - I had to be on duty. Especially as I one on two cars. - It is possible I too I will look at the magazine. The girl suddenly reddened and began to say that it is not interesting. The conversation was interrupted, but Ivan suddenly didn't want to leave. He sat down near the conductor and embraced her for shoulders. - Only don't beat, - he started talking. - I won't be, only take away a hand. - And where to me to put it, can here. With these words Ivan transferred the hand to her to a leg and began to stroke her. The girl strained, but told nothing. The hand of the young man got above and soon reached fabric of panties. She still was silent. Only then when lips of the young man touched her neck, it whispered: "Close a door." There was no wish to come off smooth skin, Ivan with regret rose and slammed a compartment door. Again sowing near the girl it began to caress her breast. Squeezing and releasing, squeezing and releasing a maiden breast it and itself was great made horney. His dick became noticeable under fabric of sports trousers at once. - You will rumple to me a blouse. - So remove her. - Help me. Hasty movements, Ivan undid blouse buttons. The white brassiere brightly contrasted with dark skin of the girl. - You have a good suntan. Soon the brassiere already lay on a sofa, and the young man in all sucked a female breast. Playing with a nipple, he got with other hand on a skirt. - Wait a moment. I will remove her. The girl became straight. I pulled together a skirt, then for a second I thought and I pulled together panties. - That you hesitate. There will be a station soon. While Ivan pulled together from himself clothes, the conductor became knees on a sofa and caved in. The young man perfectly saw the expecting flesh. The dick him stretched in the peshcherka prepared for him. - More deeply, - he heard a request of the girl and entered the good fellow to the full. Already in a few minutes he understood that the girl terminated. Breath became speeded up, the body in hands shivered from pleasure. Having pushed hands, he clasped her breasts and began to squeeze them in beat the movements. - Still, still, still - the girl whispered. - Don't stop. When she terminated the second time, the young man relaxed and the wave of pleasure captured also him. The cum began to fill a bosom of the girl who shivered from pleasure. Without deciding to pull out the dick, Ivan stood. Hands continued to squeeze him a maiden breast. Then hands began to stroke her back, buttocks, calming. - Now there will be a station so pull out the friend. With a reluctance the member Ivana dropped out from peep of the girl. The droplet of a cum rolled down her legs. - Give me my panties. And that we will get dirty. She took pants was wiped by them, then the young man's dick gently wiped. - Sorry, now there will be a station, I should be in shape. If you want, come later. Ivan quickly put on and having nodded, left a compartment. Having smoked in the platform, he went to the compartment, having decided that to the conductor it will be possible to come later. On the top shelf of the student greedy kissed with each other, even without having noticed arrival of the young man. Their naked bodies intertwined and weren't covered even простынею. Masha lay blindly on the lower shelf, having covered with a cover. Ivan couldn't understand she sleeps or not. Having sighed, he pulled together a t-shirt and trousers. Only then I remembered that he without pants. Masha's eyes shuddered, but completely didn't open. To do something was late and silly, and Ivan climbed on the shelf and was covered простынею. There was no wish to sleep especially as students it is very noisy made love. Suddenly Masha turned sideways to a wall, and from under a cover her naked buttocks seemed. The dick reminded of himself to the utmost. The tent grew directly in the eyes. Not in forces to constrain itself, the young man got down on a floor, kneeled and began to kiss maiden buttocks. Masha didn't react to his kisses in any way. Ivan moved apart buttocks hands and his language began to drill a chocolate hole. Greasing with saliva an anus, he entered all farther. At last Masha began to move, she caved in and laid down closer to edge of a sofa that it was convenient to the young man. Ivan worked at full speed. However, movements by language couldn't satisfy his risen flesh, and it having risen the dick grabbed with hands and sent him to an anus. The movement of the dick was complicated, the girl was strained and lost. She thought whether it is worth losing virginity and in this opening. But the got feelings were new and interesting. Ivan felt as the girl relaxed and the buttocks revealed, accepting in itself his dick. Movements of his steel are surer also frequent. Masha pushed a hand between legs and tormented with fingers the to peep. string date to xmlgregoriancalendar conversion date ideas phoenix site mapMain Page