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But Maksimushka knows how to force me to work. Gently caresses my tit, my milk jugs, and then begins to play nipples - rumples them, pinches and, at last, (the best-known number!) scratches nails. My nipples especially sensitive area, me takes such excitement at once that I begin to move a bottom, to twirl by her in all imaginable directions. I learn to caress, I open on a body of the husband of a point of excitement, I learn to concern these places, gently sliding on face skin, a breast, legs, a stomach. I study the kisses taking breath, I study sexual intercourse in which there is an infinite number of shades. Everything matters: rhythm and speed of joint movements, amplitude and direction. I learned to express without words the feeling to love, appreciation and tenderness language of movements towards to a penis. As be eloquent the penis as can tell the woman his caressing touches to vulvar lips and walls of a vagina much can! But it can roughly hold apart and break the most intimate space, and in it there is the charm. The husband isn't tired to admire my body when he we together asks me to be starkers at home. But in the house it is cool, I put on only one jacket, and from a waist and everything is lower in a natural look - it is possible and to admire and play delights of the wife. In such dress, almost naked, I strive in kitchen, I am going to cover a dinner. Maxim can't restrain, catches me and our game in the course of which I manage to undress him begins. And then the husband stacks me a stomach on a table and intends to enter me behind: - Move apart legs, expensive. In this game the Touchy person's part is assigned to me. Lying on a table I cover with palms a pussy which seductively looks out between thighs. - No, no, no! It is impossible for me, I am a girl honest! - and itself I get up on tiptoe, I lift above the soft part. Maxim inconsiderately pressed to me on a neck, pressed to a table. The firm dick rested against a depression in the ground of my buttocks. I entered between sponges, I went deep and I begin to move to it towards. Huo-ro-shooo! Maxim changes poses, my obedient body pushes, inclines, overturns, and again drives in me the imperious trunk. It seems, I in situation and me am necessary a visit to the gynecologist. And doctor that man! Of course, he daily in such quantity of female holes looks that sexual interest is simply excluded. But nevertheless - the doctor that young! Telling about the symptoms I hesitate, confused. It is good that with the doctor in an office there is a nurse. - You come for a screen and undress. No, you can not take off a jacket. And earrings too - that for flat humour, but me became somehow quieter. I lie in this shameful chair having lifted up legs. The doctor moves apart a peshcherka of somersaults, our with Maksik, examines, measures basin width. - Yes, you are pregnant. Will you perform abortion? - That you, of course, aren't present! - Then I congratulate. - Supplies me with the whole pack of the directions on analyses and recipes in drugstore. I leave gynecology and mentally I analyze the feelings: "And so, my boy, Vitya Dolgikh who is repeatedly fucked by the husband in different positions, filled with a cum to a neck, and now and pregnant. What impressions"? I answer myself: "And you know, it was pleasant and to be to me the girl and when became the woman. In a bed with the husband it is simply delightful. It is interesting and pleasant to become under him in different poses. It appears, girls from intimate caress and the woman from sex derive enormous pleasure which also didn't dream a male. Now I am even glad what became pregnant, it is interesting how this process will develop whether will begin to feel sick soon? Painfully to give birth - that, I will suffer and I will feed then the baby, for this purpose boobs also are given me... ". Unexpectedly the head began to spin and I sat down on a bench. THE SECOND TRANSFORMATION I regained consciousness already in other world. I sit on the cart in a long wagon train which is lucky to Moscow products to a lordly table. Mechanically I grab a breast and I grope small, about an infantile cam, tit. I am now a country girl of thirteen years whom the parent sent to the capital to earn money on account of the quitrent put to our family. Near me that witch, mummy of Natashki-shkolnitsy sits on the cart. Looks at me furious eyes. - See, I was arranged, in marriage I married for love, you increase a paunch. Sramota - the guy was going to give birth to the baby! And in the new embodiment I began with good luck. The mistress together with native babes brought up, trained in the diploma. But I took advantage of the opportunity here - the mistress in a year of the French invasion died. Also returned you to the father who has already seven hungry mouths on benches. Now live in people, kowtow since morning to it is dark, please everyone. And yobary on the country maid in Moscow will be much. To happily produce bastards. - I spat and disappeared. Carts creak, the girl Natasha from the village of Gorelovki goes to Moscow, to be employed in the worker. Two years it is necessary to work without payment - for bread and a table. I will be taught, I will become the cook or the seamstress, and then I will send the earned money to a tyatenka. Terribly to me: Moscow the city great, to the people darkness, I am afraid to get lost-be lost. Sheltered me not at first our, gorelovsky, them much in Moscow on a quitrent gathered. I came to kukhmistersky Ivanova's mayorsh, in kitchen I help, I wash the dishes and from tables I tidy up. Mayorsha the woman kind though sometimes also gives to me slap. I cut me only once, but not from the hands, and with a note I sent to a police part. There strapped serfs who before the misters were guilty. I went with a note there. I see in the large room there is a bench on which guilty soldiers disabled people senut. Those to which flogging is necessary stand nearby. Here both footmen, and room girls and boys from taverns, well and I got in line. As the turn approaches, the serf gives a note to the soldier - how many розг it is necessary to him - and prepares. Men and boys lower trousers and which female, so they highly lift up a hem and on a bench lay down. And me ordered to take off absolutely a sundress as I didn't grow to the adult peasant yet. Only when I zagolitsya one soldier and says: - The disorder turns out, she not the child any more, see tits that appeared and sharpenings kruglitsya absolutely. Before I also didn't pay attention to what at me sharpenings, and here me it became so a shame. I laid down on a bench somewhat quicker and I hid a face in a palm. And I lay under birches. Soldiers not so strapped that it is strong and to birches I am habitual. Happened when lived in the house at the mistress, she and together with the kids strapped me. It also is clear if lordly children are senut, then as to the serf maid of sharpenings not to polish. We in lordly kitchen had very competent cook, so she from the Bible always brought: Yes will be frightened of the slave to the mister and yes will whip with her a bum for her benefit. And so and the mistress of children strapped every Saturday also me with them as they played with me. The first always I under birches was stacked, it is impossible noble to strap if still розг didn't try the slave. In as will cut me, to the barin's son the turn comes. Will terminate him сечь, Pavlusha will put on panties and leaves. Only after that zagolyal and sekl of girls - are impossible a noble female at the boy заголять. So I to birches habitual was and on a mayorsha of offense didn't hold. So the serf girl Natasha argues, and the male half of my soul is revolted excessively. I the boy in the childhood was never strapped. And now cut. You never substituted the back under a flexible willow rod - unforgettable there is an impression! And what that strapped girlish buttocks was painful to me, Vit. What blow to mentality the adult man had, lying stark naked under birches of soldiers moreover and in full view of men. However, for them the type of the naked girl on a bench under birches not a miracle, serfs is strapped constantly. The rural girl absorbed new impressions: "life Moscow where as is more noble rural. Here and a swing for Maslenitsa, and the man with a doll Petrushka will come, amuses the people. And on Sunday after church I fell in love to Devichye Pole to go, look at clowns farcical". And so there was also my life. On the second year I it is already good cook I could, even I replaced the cook. Food in kukhmistersky simple: Russian cabbage soup daily allowance, a mutton side with porridge and coulibiac. And the people to us went idle time, noble misters seldom looked. But there was among them one, about him said that he is the full state general, the valid privy councilor. The girl Natasha long didn't trust these stories. He didn't resemble the general, even state. And a frock coat on it all in spots, and shoes aren't polished, speaks absolutely simply as the messenger some. Itself thick, the person obryuzgly in whiskers, doesn't carry moustaches. And without what moustaches there can be a general. The emperor Alexander Pavlovich specified that military ranks with moustaches were. And still ordinary people laughed that he likes to look at the fires. As soon as where lights up, he takes the carrier and goes to the fire. Costs, having leaned on a cane, and looks at work of firefighters and when fire goes out, it home leaves. Called him Krylyshkin Ivan Porfiryevich. I, Victor Dolgikh gasped when he for the first time heard this surname - fables by this poet had time, I at school learned them. To my second half - the girl Natasha - this surname, of course, told nothing. The living classic of the Russian literature sits at a table and sups Russian cabbage soup. The girl Natasha spins before him, tries to do a favor, and then also servants, footmen asks on the strange barin. Footmen know everything about misters and love very much to tell about them. That own importance increases in their eyes. speed dating over 50 nyc dateline nbc season 30 site mapMain Page