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I saw how one of them approached her behind and slightly slapped in buttocks. Irka became straight and turned back to him. They about something began to talk, and the smile didn't descend from the face of the worker. My wife at first listened and answered somehow watchfully and with an obvious reluctance, but gradually too began to smile. Other workers still sat aside and observed. To my surprise there was no limit when, continuing to talk to my wife, the worker put the lapishcha to her on a breast. Irina on it only smiled. I was stunned. My irinka allows to touch itself moreover and grins at the same time. I understood that I will become the witness of treason of my dearest supruzhnitsa now. The rage and offense bubbled in me, but interest overcame them and I continued to sit and to observe quietly. Meanwhile the worker already both hands rumpled boobs to my wife, that derived from it pleasure, having slightly thrown back the head she stood, having covered eyes. The worker, having got up behind her, I dipped hands through cuts of shoulders under her sundress and I continued to squeeze boobies of my wife. At the dacha Irina didn't like to wear a brassiere therefore I understood that now the man oblapit her naked boobs. Along with offense in me unclear excitement began to accrue, my dick began to bulk up, very clearly showing that the events bring him. Continuing to touch Irina, the worker began to kiss her neck and a coat hanger. Irina was thrilled and having thrown back one hand for a back, bothered to him hair. Here one more of workers approached them and sat down before my wife on hunkers. His hands laid down on her calves and gradually stroking movements began to rise above. Irina only for a second opened eyes and looked at the second man. Her face expressed full consent with his actions. Having secured with such support, the man continued to caress her legs, having reached her deep thighs, he continued the movement, up in passing lifting up a sundress hem. Already his hands laid down on her buttocks, opening for everyone a view of naked hips and black panties of my wife. Meanwhile the first worker, having much played enough with her boobs, I lowered sundress straps from shoulders of my wife, Irina, having pushed hands, I helped him to exempt the breast from material. The admiration sigh published at the same time by four men came to my hearing. Big, not touched by suntan and from that seeming even more, Irina's boobies with an appeal looked at men. Big dark stains around the bulked-up nipples looked down. The worker put palms under boobies of the wife and slightly raised them, showing all their splendor. Sitting below, having pulled for edge, I pulled down a sundress down, Irina, raising in turn legs, I allowed him to pull out the clothes which became unnecessary from under the legs. My wife remained to stand in some black panties, smiling and examining men. I already undid a fly and very quietly the dick podrachivat. What was seen forced me to lower entirely trousers and pants and having exempted from clothes I continued to watch the events fixedly. Meanwhile two workers, having picked up my wife under hands and legs, transferred her on the standing small sofa nearby. Having put her, one of them began to pull together with her panties. The second began to undress hasty, throwing off jeans and a t-shirt. Having undressed, he got up with edge of a sofa and began to squeeze Irina's boobies. Ira, having turned to him the head, slightly I moved closer and I clasped with sponges his hanging-down dick. The man for a second blinked from pleasure and then, having slightly turned and supporting Irina's head by one hand, the second continued to finger her breasts. The second worker, having left Irina without panties, I parted hips of my wife in the parties and, having been located between them, I began to caress her chink language. Irina was curved and more feasibly parted the thighs. While Irina sucked to one, the second helping herself fingers in all humoured a bosom of my wife. Two other workers, so far just stood nearby, exchanging words among themselves, releasing some remarks towards the others. Having sated with the exuding pizdenka of my wife, the worker, having thrown off from itself clothes, the dick to her bosom began to attach. Having easily coped with it he, having grasped her by the divorced thighs, I began to pump in her the елдак. Irina, continuing to procrastinate a dick of the first worker in a mouth, with might and main I made upward movement a basin to the second, between the champing suction sounds she published groans of pleasure. So some time proceeded. I already jerked off the dick, became enraged, driving on it a hand up down. Here ирин ебарь I asked something her, she, for a second having released a dick from a mouth, I answered him. Then the man began to move furiously a basin, I saw how the wife's boobs shiver as the fold on her tummy from these pushes shakes. I understood that he asked where to him to cum, and obviously the wife allowed to terminate her inside. Having made still a couple of pushes he dropped to my wife, having pulled hard on her all over. The first, having taken out a dick from a mouth of my wife I departed a little, allowing the companion to enjoy the orgasm moment entirely. Having splashed out in her the cum, he rose on elbows. Irina tenderly caressed him on a back, telling something. I saw the happy out of breath muzzle of the man lying on my wife. Having kissed her lips on a hickey, that got up from her and having with pleasure stretched, stepped aside. To his floor the calmed-down dick shone from juice of my wife. Having approached two others he became shares impressions with them. Now the worker to whom Ira sucked away before sat down on a sofa, inviting Irina to take seat from above. That holding hands a back of a sofa I sat down on hunkers over his standing dick. I noted rotundity of buttocks of own wife once again, now her chubby elastic buttocks were in palms of the worker helping her to take seat on him елдак, and full thighs are divorced aside. Here her buttocks were flattened about the man's hips, his dick completely plunged into a bosom of my wife. And now Irina began to fight the back about the worker's hips. Her fat buttocks shook from pushes if I was closer, then probably would hear slaps of buttocks of the spouse, a squelch of her exuding vagina. The man one hand held buttocks of my wife and occasionally in the fulness of the heart strongly squeezed her buttocks or gave weak ringing slaps, the second rumpled her dangling breasts, squeezing them he sucked round nipples or just drove language on the dark circles poured by blood. Irina, continuing to hold both hands a back of a sofa and having thrown back the head, furiously I moved hips and a basin. I saw that I my blessed am close to an orgasm, same also her partner noticed, his caress became more plentiful, his mouth constantly fingered one nipples another, both hands having appeared on a bottom, haunted buttocks, squeezing them together, parting bottom halves as it is possible more widely. Irina moaned more loudly, got nervous, and together with an orgasm of own wife, my dick began to pour out portions of a cum. Continuing to jerk off the hand which is filled in with a cum I continuously watched the blissfully happy wife. Having released a sofa back, she brought hands to herself to hair, slightly rocking here and there, she hard and deeply breathed, her breasts shook up down. Having allowed her some time to enjoy own feelings, the worker, having attracted her to itself, I continued to fuck her. The reddened happy Irina, smiling broadly, again I began to jump on his dick, being shaken by the case, she specially stirred boobs that they slapped the man in cheeks. Occasionally turning the head she exchanged remarks with the standing men. I saw — my wife was happy. Having ceased to jerk off already falling down trunk, I didn't cease to observe. Soon the man under Irina terminated, I saw as, having seized her by sides, he pushes poured out in her a cum. Then Irina got up from him. From her opened pizda the cum mixed with own allocations began to drip on a floor. It added the general fun. Irina having stood some time with widely divorced hips I left under myself on a floor small мутновато a white puddle. I observed how my wife, absolutely naked, with some whorish passion observes as two remained workers undress. She lewdly swung hips, about something joked. Having undressed, a couple of workers, having bended over Irina on a sofa, I settled down since two ends. The smiling Irina accepted dicks at the same time in a pizda and a mouth. After a while men traded places. Through a few I was strongly surprised, having noticed that my Irishka gets one more orgasm. Having recovered the breath and having recovered, she told something fucking her. Those in the affirmative began to nod. The meaning of what was said became clear when both of them having left my wife, waited so far she will be developed and will kneel before them. Having been located thus before men, my wife began to suck round their dicks in turn. Сося one, she a hand nadrachivat a dick to the second. If she too long sucked someone's dick, then taking the second her for the head substituted the. Sometimes men clasped her head and simply fucked it a mouth. Then, allowing her to recover the breath a little, again substituted the eldak. Soon one began to cum, Irina clasped his dick with lips and didn't release so far that didn't cease. I saw as she diligently swallows his seed. At last, having released his dick, she was wiped by a palm, brushing away the whitish liquid which appeared in mouth corners. At this time I began to cum the second. Streams of a cum struck to Irina in a face, she involuntarily blinked and the cum continued to fill in her cheek. The open mouth of my wife looked for the beating streams, but the man specially, holding a dick with a hand, lowered by her mouth. When streams of a seed stopped, Irina, having raised hands to the person, wiped eyes and looked at men. Those smiling looked at the obspuskanny face of my spouse, at her smiling whorish mouth which their dicks which are flowing down on cum drops from a chin and a cheek and getting on her breast just visited. Someone from men threw to Irina a towel. Having carefully wiped a face, splodgy tits, she wiped herself between legs. I continued to sit and look at the fucked and happy wife in an environment of four naked men. They continued to laugh and joke about something. Men slapped Irina in buttocks, touched boobs, that in reply was enough them for dicks or loudly slapped in bums. Irina was given a sundress and panties. Having bypassed all, Irina kissed with them in a hickey and, having pulled a sundress and having taken panties in a hand, went to a shower. Men, continuing to exchange words and discuss done, began to put on. I understood that now I can already appear and, вылезя from the shelter as it is possible more loudly approached to the door. Workers met me very joyfully and friendly. 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