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Tamara Vasilyevna, there was one of the most interesting women. A got acquainted I with her? Ne guessed — not in theater. She was... our cleaner at my work! No you don't hurry to do conclusions. Her — 48. Externally — very much even anything. The silent, modest woman — in the evenings was engaged in cleaning of our rooms: methodically and qualitatively doing the business. First, I didn't pay attention to her since she came then when I already always gathered home. No sometimes I was late at work: it cleaned up, I — worked, then we together left office and silently dispersed. To that it was nice — it I noticed from the first days of ee of emergence. No for the first time, my dick swelled up on it, only in half a year of ee of work at our enterprise. Usually she always came in trousers, then changed clothes in the special room and, already in working clothes made the duties. No in one of evenings, she came to a dress! We everything already gathered home. A at her appears day of the birth. Our director with several more employees congratulated ee and she left, so — that evening and without doing cleaning. I remained to sit on the working place with the sticking-out dick. She took my imagination!!! Tamara Vasilyevna is a brown-haired woman so a hairstyle kare, in a thin beige dress I was slightly lower than knees and in tights - a network!!! I began to look after her! Beautiful flowers, theater, cinema. In 2 months I invited ee to myself to a coffee cup... ... I admit honestly, I to her added vodka to wine, literally on slightly — but to each new glass, and she really got drunk!! After what I suggested her to lie down since she very much turned the head. She laid down. My God!!! Kakoe the indescribable feeling when you alone with the girl whom strongly you want she are drunk an and lies on an outstretched arm from you!!! I took off from her shoes, stroked ee on a leg, such gentle, then on another: on all length, dropping in under a skirt and concerning perineum ee. Legs were warm, a between legs so hot! I wanted to fuck!! Having cast away ee a knee in the party, the skirt got off up and me, through tights, ee panties became visible. In the head was created what-to magic!! Having undone a button on a blouse, I bared breast ee. I twisted nipples. Having lowered a little pants with tights, I lifted up her legs and the pulsing dick leaned against a vagina. I hesitated for a time a little since till this time: here so, yet I didn't fuck the defenseless woman. No "demons" pushed me forward, a dick is elastic being bent, hardly entered ee to a pizd, and I began to fuck this "mother"! Boobies are more shameless zakolykhalis, I couldn't stop myself any more!! Tamara Vasilyevna wakened, but could only murmur that to her it is bad. I, completely tore off from her tights with pants, put leg ee to myself on shoulders and tore out her a pizda. Then, having pulled hard from above — I forced ee as proshmandovku. To me was it is all the same on it! I very much wanted this 48-letny "mother"! Tamara Vasilyevna a little posoprotivlyalas, then, having roughly thrown: "Na! Fuck!", I ceased to clamp legs. And I — ee is insatiable I fucked. Na the next day she type took offense, told that TAKOE — smells slightly of militia and left. I worried enough a little, but having seen ee after days off, in the evening at work — calmed down. The second attempt happened in a month. All this month I grieved for Tamara Vasilyevna. Very much I liked to ee to force with impunity!! Having been late on Friday at work, I waited when Tamara finishes with cleaning. — Went ko to me? — I asked Tamara. — Again you will give to drink and you will rape? — with a reproach she responded. — Tamara Vasilyevna, I very much like women of your type, even to dizziness! — I "shared" with her. — Such sexual, skilled, knowing to themselves the price! And she went. So, we began to sleep with her... ... Women love when the man participates in their affairs. I for example, go with them to shop with clothes!! Believe, it has huge pluses when she that-to measures, constantly asks: "Well as? Goes?". I answer what goes, a that isn't present and I advise what is pleasant — me!!! In a result, at the exit I receive to a calf — to the taste. Once, with one theater-goer went to choose by her a sweater and a brooch!! A ended with the fact that in the sex shop chose by it the lower linen, an in the evening, having removed him — I tore up this "goat"! And when she, in orgasm time, on all apartment, shouted that to her it is good, I couldn't understand everything in any way: "Na horse-radish she needed this brooch?" So and with Tamara Vasilyevna, we went on shops. She drove me her knows where, tried on what-to loose overalls, scarfs!!! And God message that else. I told it: — Means so! All is HE TO!!! Well look at yourself! Beautiful woman! A gets on on itself any hogwash!! Went! And we arrived to "my" shop, there was a continuous youth. Tamara hesitated, had a little complex. I gathered what considered interesting and we went to a fitting room. When the curtain was removed!!! I was faced by the woman in a short skirt, with equal legs, in a blouse which brown nipples since I forbade her to put on a brassiere were appeared through. True "mother" who are fucked in the known German porn rollers!! I directly there — in a fitting room, wanted to tear it a pizda!!! No having remembered that TAKOE — "smells" of militia, I postponed this business for evening... In the evening when I lay on her and the dick implanted a vagina into ee, I didn't sustain and blurted out: — Now "mother" will be fucked! KAK OHA was MADE HORNEY!!! Eyes vulgarly lit up, pizda began pulsiruyushche to contract, strong "being enough" me for a dick! Ee of a hand slid on my back. — So here in what business! — she hotly whispered to me in an ear. — Do you love adult "mummies"? I understood! — And having taken itself for knees, Tamara Vasilyevna strongly moved apart legs. Holding hands knees moved apart, she obediently lay while I greedy strapped ee. In general, I noticed that when you speak to the adult woman "mother", they are wildly made horney!!! I so often do. It became the sort a sexual game under the name "ADOPTIVE SON". ATTENTION: works only with women which have the real son!!! Since in an opposite case they don't understand such sex and reject. A with that someone have a son — rolls on hurrah. I have a friend — the psychologist, he explained me it so: — You understand, women who grew up the son, in 90% of cases are interested in his sexual life, in 80% still and are jealous of their girls. Many mothers take four-pyatiletnikh sons in a female bath, explaining it with what to leave there is nobody, a can't entrust the father the kid, an if to rummage even more deeply that... Therefore your opportunity to embody imagination "mother and the son", intrigues very many. Therefore that "mothers", want to test forbidden imaginations sometimes. Everything began with the fact that one time I got under rough imagination of one rich lady, having become for her sex - a toy. Her was 50 and she me asked to be ee... "sonny" — for money!!! I of course didn't take money. A a game was that she will call me — "sonny", I have to call ee by a — "mummy". Before sex, she always put on the night dress that looked very home-style, any stockings, any sexy lower underwear, only the make-up and lips which are made up in very scarlet lipstick. She laid down on a bed slightly having moved apart legs, lifted up a hem, baring the unshaven pizda and spoke to me: — Go, punish the mother! And it is ee so got that it was fucked as a hurricane! Me the truth, it too very much got! A still she loved me... to wash!!! Very rare woman was. I apologize for details, but it even for me was strange, obvious at her "not all houses", yes and at me probably too... No what you won't make for the sake of sex! When I went to a shower, she came there and soaped me. Especially long massing a hand my dick and balls, having sat down on edge of a bathtub. When it at me indecently got up, she said: — Here so, well! Now my sonny — will punish the mummy! First to me there was a little not on itself, but when holding my dick before the person, it is whispered by the adult woman and asks ee "punish", desire of sex — kills all doubts and fears. It is a pity, but she brought then to herself other "sonny", to him there was then 20, a to me 29, and I was not in a top any more. No I am grateful to her since she presented to me the whole year ebli hungry "mummy"!! After all not each woman in time of sex shouts: "Punish the mother, the sonny!" Since that time, I often impose a game of "the adoptive son". A still are pleasant now to me women with the lips which are vulgarly made up in scarlet color! Tak and Tamara Vasilyevna, having made up lips in red color, on an extent of half a year I was my "mother". shows like dating and related date of today site mapMain Page