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It happened in the summer when I was 18 years old. I went to the camp to which I went every summer for July and August. The camp was remarkable as besides the wood of the surrounding the camp, fresh air and sports entertainments, it was still full of cool girls there. Being a blonde with blue eyes and the fighter against the body rolled for 18 years, from girls I had no release. Also leaders treated me (especially women), it is much more best, than to others. For example, on silent hour, all in my room raged (including me), the guide whose name I will prefer not to tell came, and gave to us a good scolding, besides everything, except me, further sat down on edge of my bed and waited so until all fall asleep. And still someone surely spoke or did because of what she didn't leave, as a result she laid down on the next empty bed. In general, I was familiar with her several years, appearance she had magnificent, about 165 cm of growth, the breast size third and a half, ideal buttocks, a dark nutbrown hair, and slender legs not to mention that she had very nice face which she skillfully made up. One night, I left in a toilet, and heard from leaders' groans, a matter of course to me it became interesting, I approached to the door and clung to a keyhole, there our leader all called it "Coco" fried in all cracks our guide, I don't know how many I stood there in halfbent situation, but when they finished the colourful fucking, I hardly managed to reach a toilet. It was exactly a year ago for now I continued to lie on silent hour, and admired buttocks and a part of a perineum of the guide which were bared because of the moved-down shorts. Naturally, I was rigidly made horney, I wanted to touch, or to insert into her. And here I paid attention, that I don't sleep only one. "And why not".-I thought, and I stretched fingers to her bottom. Easy strokings I drove a hand on her bottom, accurately touched her vulvar lips, thongs prevented to reach a clitoris. And here driving a finger between her vulvar lips, I was fond not much, and pressed down slightly stronger, than it is necessary, she moved and began to turn in my party. By miracle, having managed to draw aside a hand, I got up, put on shorts and went to a toilet. In this camp, toilets were on the street, at the same time on to masturbate in them it didn't turn out for the reason that it is possible to be what was seen. On it, I came into a leaders' toilet. When I almost terminated, the door was sharply opened, and before me that guide in perplexity stiffened. The next several seconds I looked at her, she at my dick … Then I pulled shorts, and with a dead-pan as though nothing occurred, I left from a toilet slightly having started about her breast of the, and I went to group. Having passed several meters and having curtailed for a corner, I leaned against a wall, and hysterical burst out laughing. To me steps were heard, and I went forward, but having looked out nobody, didn't see, the toilet which only is standing. Suddenly, I had a thought. I ran up to a toilet, and having leaned against a chink began to peer attentively and when realized what was seen, nearly matyugnutsya. Having leaned a back on a wall, just in the same situation, as well as I three minutes ago, stood my guide and crawled fingers at myself in a perineum, and a free left hand, having started it under a t-shirt and a brassiere, pulled myself for a nipple. And so, I shocked by what was seen, even understood not at once that on my shoulder, someone's hand, and only lies when I was sharply developed and I hit a back against a toilet wall, I accurately understood: "I got". I was faced by the senior guide. "Well and that you do here?" - she asked with an easy smile. In the head thousands of excuses rushed, and I answered: "I in ours hesitate, and here decided to look that to distract nobody if someone is here". "Really? I watch already solid hour you, didn't consider someone there?". "So I have a Night blindness, there nothing is clear". - without shadow of emotions I told lies. At this moment, the toilet left my guide who perfectly heard all dialogue. "Everything take away him, and you will understand group" - senior told and having developed went towards the administrative building. The guide was silent, and I decided to take the initiative: "It is possible I in a toilet I descend?". That only nodded in reply. When we returned to group, she brought me to leaders': "Everything that you told her, the truth?". "Of course not, and you perfectly know about it". — I answered, being perplexed from such stupid questions not much. "Did you see as I?". "Yes, I saw, and in it there is nothing awful, you saw me, I saw you … Nobody learns about it. I can go?". "Go" - she answered, and laid down on a bed. I left and densely closed behind myself a door. Despite, the fact that in a day, there was a set of events was even higher than plans – roofs. The matter is that to us on a visit several neighboring camps, and it for me, a fine opportunity to run to shop came to this evening. And now шуруя through the wood, I bore at myself in a briefcase the 3rd banks of a bermiks, and to one bank of a roar. I ran out 15 minutes of the seventh, and now there passed exactly an hour. 5 minutes later, I came to a familiar "Secret" footpath, passed on a log, bent, ran under a branch and just without trusting in the events, stiffened as driven. "Well, it was run?". - my guide asked. "What in a day that such, you what watched me?". "I just saw as you left for танспол, estimated how many to the next stall, and came in several minutes, before your return" - she charmingly smiled. - "Well there, at you?". "Yes so. Special - nothing" - I answered, in panic thinking how to get out. "Show" — she told about me a hand on a shoulder. She had very hot hand, and I without knowing what on me found, removed her hand from the shoulder and having recorded in the palms told: "Can at least not here?". She second having thought I answered: "Well, we will go". I don't know what happened to me, but a hand I didn't release it, and just stood without moving. Strange, but the guide didn't hurry to pull out a hand. - "Well so, we go?". And here so without releasing her hand we went to a dance pavilion. When we left, she asked: "I will temporarily release a hand?". Oh also I liked it "Temporarily". Going to its leaders', I was brought to such an extent that to me finally disconnected a brain, and I slightly pinched her for a leg near a perineum on what she only smiled and put on the speed. Heart I knocked as mad, in eyes - fog. "To you there are 18?" - she when we came into leaders' asked. "Is" - I answered, locking a door. During the next moment we already kissed lying on a bed. "You aren't confused by mine 26?" - it asked a question, having chosen a moment when I released her lip from teeth. "Juice". - I wasn't confused, and I pulled together from her a t-shirt. After I made by her to kuna, and she to me deep blowjob, she asked: "Condoms are?". "No". "For that is at me". - she smiled sitting down to me on a dick, but we will take them later. When terminated her on a stomach, I got alcohol and we on couple drank to one bank of a roar. She got condoms. In these slightly more than 50 minutes, I tried so many poses how many I didn't try for all life. When the pack of condoms ended, we passed to anal. In completion of wonderful occupation we organized 69. And having put on, went to a dance pavilion. Since then, we had with it sex nearly every day. When change ended, we still were few times crossed. And what is characteristic, several years later, I didn't meet any girl who could satisfy me here so. serious dating sites for over 50 date ideas houston fun site mapMain Page