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There came vacation. Veronika's parents weren't going to leave anywhere therefore also I continued to play a role of the girl. Oksanku with Veronika this situation on mine very much arranged, brought them pleasure to drag me everywhere in women's clothes. Houses, remembering a New Year's adventure we closed a door on an internal bolt now. My girlfriends had a good time with might and main, dressing up me in the most erotic linen, and forced me to walk up and down on the house in some panties and a brassiere, the truth and they didn't burden themselves with clothes. Even in the fall, Oksanka in the Otto catalog, I looked after panties thongs and by New year black marketeers adjusted to us this miracle. The first I had to try on. I and so had almost female constitution, an in thongs so backs now I seemed the girl with very seductive bottom that didn't take cover from a sharp-sighted look of girlfriends. They tumbled down me on a bed and zalaskali almost to an orgasm, I noticed that my nipples gained strange sensitivity, mine chlenik began to get up hardly Oksana began to suck a nipple. Except linen Oksankiny acquaintances adjusted her sex of a toy and several sex of magazines of lesbian orientation. We spread out toys to beds and began to understand the English texts. There was a vibrator on batteries which little girls used here, and an anal stopper. — Listen to Nick, we fucked the friend's friend the vibrator, an as Valyusha, give also ee. — Do you laugh? — No, we are ee in buttocks. Here Nika dragged vaseline, to me greased buttocks, and Oksanka slowly entered the vibrator. To me at first it was a little sore, but all the buttocks got used to constant presence of fingers therefore feelings were not very painful. When little girls turned on the vibrator, happened improbable, my dick began to get up and soon I violently terminated, than was much surprised. — Everything, now you are the real girl — Oksana burst out laughing. Now our entertainments got absolutely new coloring. Oksana was a ringleader in games always, ee voodrazheniye seemed doesn't know borders. Once they undressed me naked, having left on me only a brassiere and stockings. — Chego-to isn't enough — it is thoughtful, Nika spoke. — Did you have bows? Drag here. Soon I stood with two tails with bows. — I thought up — I exclaimed Oksanka. Now on me there were three bows, two on the head and one my dick decorated. — Look as it is healthy, his pisyunchik absolutely imperceptibly. My photo since that evening, to today's day the coolest in our archive. Once in the evening, Veronika cunning smiling, I got a continuous bathing suit from a case. — Well ka dress A? — Why Nika? — Be trained to dress, tomorrow we will go to the pool. — I have swimming trunks. — I threw out them. — As I in a men's locker room will put on a bathing suit. — A someone told that you will change clothes in a men's locker room, you are a girl now. Ne worry, we thought over everything. You will become ko all a back, we with Oksankoy will cover you on sides, you will take a shower in a bathing suit, a back we will cover you too, we will wrap up in a towel. Everything will be good. To put on a bathing suit it appeared not easy. Ne only because of unclear straps, that I though with work but dealt with them, it was more difficult to hide mine though small but men's economy without causing suspicions. Then me taught to tie a towel above a breast. — Look someone will suspect the boy of our Valya. You the main thing don't bend, so that your pisyunchik isn't visible. — Girls, a can it isn't necessary? — Nadeau, Fedya, it is necessary. Get used. To tell that I in the pool was nervous, means not to tell anything. All time seemed to me that all already understood that I am a boy that now will take off a bathing suit from me, etc., in the general adrenaline overflowed. Soon Veronika's parents left to have a rest, but I so also didn't return to men's clothes. I didn't want to be a girl, I all life dreamed to become a man, but I began to understand that I got to a trap and to escape from her at me few chances. The second semester came to an end, Niki's parents and Oksanki left to Siberia. New teachers considered me the girl, that more that my surname was to tell so "uniseksovoy" — Shevchenko. Na other courses nobody knew about me, an our little girls were silent so far. It not very much was pleasant to me but Nika with Oksankoy gradually replaced mine uniseksovuyu clothes with women's. There came day when I came to occupations in a skirt, the audience met me by an applause. So couldn't proceed long, I shared the doubts with girlfriends, early or late which-to of little girls will blab out also scandal not to avoid. I could be presented quite the homosexual and put in prison, I couldn't throw the university me mgnovennno too would take away in army, a that it meant to me it isn't necessary to explain. Veronika calmed me that they that-nibud will be thought up. May came to an end, and the semester came to an end. We with Nika sat in the big room prepared for examinations. Nika shouted to Oksana who that-to did in kitchen. — Oksanka find there in a case our record books. — Well. We continued to be engaged, Oksana, with guilty expression of the person suddenly comes, holding in hands what-to wet documents. — Valyusha, you excuse me, I accidentally dropped in water your passport and the certificate of o the birth in boiled water until got, they deteriorated. You don't worry, the girlfriend works for Nastya in a passport table, she will correct everything. Tears appeared at me on a face, Nika was already connected here. — Well that you, Valyusha, be not upset so, she not specially. Tomorrow after the examination, we descend and we will change, truth Oksanka? — Well of course. You also shouldn't go anywhere, I will make everything, only in the morning before examination sfotografirumsya and all. In the morning I put on trousers and a jacket with white golf, it was my most men's wear, I took away hair in back as much as possible having opened ears. Without make-up, it would be possible to recognize me as the boy if not a trouser suit. No nothing, in the photo there will be only a head, think will descend. We came into studio made a photo on the passport, girls still persuaded me to dismiss hair, to make up lips and to make a photo on pam'yat. Oksanka told that will take away fotorgafii and will carry in a passport table, a we left on examination. In the evening Oksanka told that I did everything itself, it will be necessary to approach only in two weeks in a passport table and will end taking away documents as time sesiya. — Listen little girls, I had an idea. I here so far you fooled about, poshustrila it is a little. Well Nastina the girlfriend promised us to make still and international passports, and we will be winded to Poland. We will buy what нибудь, here we will sell, we will earn. We will gather panties, brassieres, tights here everything on hurrah will scatter. — As will we sell A? — Through komisionku, an if normally goes, the cooperative can we will organize, and свій we will open shop, right now all cooperatives begin to open. — I thought up everything. Valya will conduct account, a we with you purchase and sale. — Well let's try, now all begin to be engaged in cooperatives why and to us not to try. Passed weeks two, we with Nika successfully finished a semester, an Oksana all this time ran organized our trip. We were released, educational year behind, the summer, is possible also on the beach. I again in a trap. First there are no men's swimming trunks, but not it is the main problem, the main problem my not so boyish breast. — Ne worry Valyusha, right now we will pick up a bathing suit, continuous it on the beach is necessary for the pool of a for bikini. And here I already in a bathing suit of blue color, little girls hid my economy more carefully than usually. At last they remained happy. — Valyusha, give that in a toilet, an it is impossible to remove panties. Watch Nick as the top cool sat down on Valya, it is even necessary to supplement nothing. I dressed fitting shotrtiki and a T-shirt and we went to the beach. If I already got used to the pool, then on the beach it seemed to me again that all show fingers on me. Most I was afraid that we will meet acquaintances. No... It was. Oksanka abandoned us earlier and I left behind passports, a we with Nika provalyalis till the evening. Houses Nika undressed for a bathtub and I suddenly realized that I look as she that on me precisely such traces from a bathing suit as and on Veronika. It was the next nail in a coffin cover. I was on a hysterics side. We already bathed when returned joyful Oksanka. — Everything turned out, receive the passports. I think through couple of weeks we will go. I took the documents, there was a duplicate of the certificate of o the birth, and two passports. I opened the civil passport and tears rushed from my eyes. In the passport it was written to Shevchenko Valentina Vladimirovna. — Valyusha sorry, we with Nastya told o to you in a female sort here Olga likely and mixed. Ne be afraid we we will correct everything. — Oksana, give tomorrow and we will go. — Valyush, it won't turn out tomorrow. If it concerns only the civil passport, an at you and foreign on a female name, I think that we will return from a trip, and everything is remediable. Suffer month. At me tears poured down again. Till the night Veronika with Oksankoy tried to calm me, I so also fell asleep at them on hands. I woke up in a bed, in embraces of two naked girlfriends. I was afraid to get up not to wake them. I lay and analyzed arguments "for" and "mind". In principle Oksanka I was right in the trip relation, all documents were processed to three girls, and I had no right to bring them. Nesmotrya on anything, they were my girlfriends and partners, and they belonged ko to me very very well. I loved them. I suddenly understood what I told myself, "I love them" someone I love? Nika or Oksana or their both, it is wrong, it is impossible to love two, or it is possible. And still I understood that they turn me into the girl and though it isn't pleasant to me, I like to please the girlfriends, and I am ready to become for the sake of them a girl. resume date order date calculator add business days site mapMain Page