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I stood dog-fashion at a large bed in the bedroom, and my trustee Victor entered the dick on all depth into my buttocks. He began to move rhythmically back and forth gradually increasing the pace, almost completely leaving, rushing as far as possible is deep in my hole. His hips and balls loudly slapped about my buttocks, and I began to moan quietly. At last he stopped and though his dick still sat in me on the balls, Victor tried to push it even more deeply, without taking away a dick back he leaned on me all weight, doing circular motions by hips. I thought that he cums, but isn't present, he sharply pulled out the phallus, having forced me to scream, tastefully slapped me few times in a bum and, having grabbed by a waist, tumbled down on a back. He spread my legs up and widely in the parties what my buttocks would be most available to him, and again entered me. He moved very quickly and tried to enter more deeply, and I began to groan again. I threw hands for the head, legs dangled in air in a rhythm of his movements, and he one hand squeezed my hips, and the second roughly rumpled boobies. His breath and a rhythm began to get off for fatigue, that was still a race — the fourth pose it is changed, lubricant dried long ago and the buttocks began to ache from tension. At last he stopped though didn't terminate, having a little thought the dick pulled out and kneelt on levels of my shoulders. He moved the dick to me on the person, concerned a head of lips. — Lick to me balls — he quietly said, and itself I began to nadrachivat a dickhead two fingers. I began to lick rigid language his ball sack which hanged down directly over my mouth, rose slightly above, having licked the basis of a penis and a perineum, and then again below. Zaglotnula his ball sack completely, played language with his balls in a mouth, feeling taste and a smell of gvozdikovy oil which we used as lubricant. I felt as his dick and balls began to pulse, he took away the hips back and the dick inclined, on my breast the stream of a hot cum poured down. Victor panted, but continued to jerk off didn't squeeze out last straws yet. Then two fingers I picked up a little seed from my nipple and I smeared to me on lips, I licked lips and lovely smiled. He happy bryaknutsya on a bed and snored, and I approached a table with the burning candle took a wet towel from a basin and carefully wiped a breast and a bum, poured to myself a glass of wine and drank off. I felt as drops of a cum acted on my dick which stuck out as a stake, though was not such big, as at Victor. I collected them by a finger and swallowed, itself I don't know why. Yes I had a dick, but at the same time there was also a big, beautiful breast and a female, slender waist and called me Tatyana. I put on and behaved as the woman, such as I in our society call transledyam. I drank still a glass of wine and laid down on a bed near Victor, again plunging into memories of the house. I was born in poor country family, I was named at the birth Thomas, and from the early childhood I helped with three brothers with a floor and on hunting to the father, and our mother with two sisters were engaged in subsidiary farm, looking after cattle, cooking food and repairing us clothes. We lived not richly, as well as all village therefore it was necessary to work hard somehow to make ends meet. Only in revival according to church customs had a rest, our society in general is very religious and strictly follows rules, men and women, there lived in separate rooms, even the husband with the wife so mother with sisters slept in one room and we with the father in another. The father was a head of the family and all of us obeyed him, especially mother and sisters, men are more main. In the childhood I what I didn't differ from the brothers in, unless only the cute person with thin correct lines for who mother called me the angel and unwillingness a body to gain weight what the father called rickets for, did me to more womanly. But having begun to mature, I began to notice that at me body hair still don't grow, but instead, the breast and quickly enough so it was impossible to hide it already began to grow, it distinctly stuck out from under a shirt. Once I heard quiet conversation in kitchen between mother and the father, I couldn't sort them distinctly, but understood that a conversation on me. Next day the father didn't take me in the field, and left at home that was strange. Instead mother called me to the separate room which was filled with any stuff earlier, and now there was removed there was one bed and a chest. Mother seated me a bed and having opened a chest, began to get women's dresses. — You know Thomas my angel — you special — she began a conversation — you aren't a boy. — That as it mothers — I was surprised — Listen to me — mother continued — don't beat, you from the childhood are very beautiful, your person, a waist, and now and your breast - women's, such as you call at us transledyam. And you are more girl, now you will put on as your sisters and to help me about the house, and you will sleep here, you have the destiny, another than at your brothers. — I don't understand mothers — I answered. — You will understand everything, and now let's you change clothes — and mother began to help me to undress, it was awfully a shame to me, to show the body to an opposite sex there was a taboo. Having undressed me mother helped to dress women's — the elevator what as she told to hold my breast, a podyyubochnik, female small panties and at last a dress. In such look she brought me out of the room to my sisters, they began to smile looking at me, and it was awfully a shame to me I didn't sustain and ran away into the new room and the whole day stayed there. In the evening mother came to me and told that returned the father with brothers and the father wants to see me. I didn't want to leave, but was afraid to disobey the father and slowly trudged to the general room, brothers burst out laughing having seen me, sisters also smiled, I looked down and quietly began to cry. — Quietly — the father knocked a fist on a table — remember at you not than the brother any more, you have a sister, her name is Tatyana and you will be, to her to address as to the sister without any snickers, and now to have supper. All silently seated in the places at a table. Since then all and went — I mastered a female role, was engaged in the afternoon with sisters on economy, learned to prepare, to sew clothes at what work I was given the easiest, and always nearby there was mother. First she often me straightened out for the wrong gait or a pose in which I sat down, taught me to put on, do correctly a female hair, to use simple rural cosmetics and jewelry, in general to do everything in a feminine way, even I began to write sitting. For several years and I completely got used to the female life, and didn't pay attention to rare snickers behind the back when went to church or walked on the village, only fell down separately and one went to a bath. Once our house was approached by the rich carriage, the father right there ordered me to go to the room, and banished other brothers and sisters on the street. I guessed someone it could be and felt bad. In half an hour to me the room was entered by this old man, the father and mother. The old man was nasty by sight, he with interest looked at me, then told: — I have to examine her completely — Undress — the father loudly told — That — I whispered — Undress more alive the silly woman — the father bellowed even more loudly I began to pull together with myself clothes, being burned with shame, didn't remain in one elevator and panties yet. — Remove everything — the father began to be angry. I obeyed and now stood nude in the middle of the room. The old man efficiently examined me as he cattle on a market, bypassed around touched a breast and buttocks. — She wasn't with the man yet? — at this question he inclined me to a chest and fingers began to caress my hole, and then tried to enter one of them more deeply. — No, is never present — mother answered the old man — That she think to be pleasant to my master, I will take away her tomorrow on the way back — and with these words left, and behind him and parents. I put on, sat down on a bed and burst into tears, to me mother entered. — Mothers, that occurs, where he wants to take away me — I weepingly asked her — Remember I said that you special — mother carefully embraced me — t time has come fuck to go the way, it is time for you to become the real woman. — But I not such as you or sisters I can't be a wife, give birth to children - I quietly whispered — Yes not such, you understand, our customs are strict to a relationship of the man and woman, on them the man can seldom seize the wife and only in one situation, and it it to be pleasant to men, they want more often, it is more and differently therefore rich men, call them trustees, besides wives, get such as you for bed joys. As these bans don't extend to you. — You me sold, I am afraid, I don't know what to do. — Be not afraid your trustee of you will teach everything, he is a grandee, he is rich, you won't need and work it isn't necessary in anything, and to us you will help to get out of poverty. The main thing in everything obey the trustee, try угодиь to him and everything will be good — with these words mother left, having left me with the fears alone. Next day the old man arrived and took away me with my small belongings. Our way took nearly two days, for want of habit I was strongly tired to travel also disorders. At last, late at night, we drove up to the huge mansion where the old man right there transferred me to lady Claudia — mister Victor's wife. Claudia brought me into my bedroom and ordered to servants to bring to me food and to fill a bathtub. After I ate, she showed the door servants and itself helped to take to me a bath, in the village I washed only in a ban. Then I got clothes and jewelry and I helped to put on though to put on it it is loudly told - as a result on me was — two silver bracelets on wrists, a silver necklace on a neck with the long chains which are falling down on my breast and partially closing it, short, silk, whether the skirt, whether a belt which was hardly covering my buttocks and genitals and a short, silk nightgown. Claudia seated me to a mirror and was engaged in my hairstyle and a make-up when the man of years of forty came into the room, slightly plump, but nevertheless stately, dressed in expensive dressing gown embroidered by gold. Claudia right there left the room, and I stood at a mirror, having looked down in a floor, I also so strongly worried all road and after arrival, and now heart beat at reckless speed. Victor approached me, fingers for a chin raised my face, I looked in his eyes, they looked at me with interest and desire. He took me by hand and several times twisted me on the place, and then entrained on a bed. He understood. That I strongly worry and poured some wine, then more and more, he took couple of sips, and I drank already 3 glasses. While I drank, he slowly caressed my legs, hips, buttocks, rose above and began to rumple a breast. Wine spyanit me, but I all the same didn't know what to do and just lay as a log. Victor threw off the dressing gown under which he had nothing and pulled down from me a night dress. Both of us were kneeling and kissed, he rigidly thrust to me the language in a mouth, began to kiss then a breast and to suck nipples. Unexpectedly he strongly bit one of them, I even screamed from pain, and he put me on a stomach and began to rumple my buttocks. Then fingers to mass my hole, to him it wasn't suffered, but my virgin hole didn't give in. Then he suited me on all fours, took oil in a small jug and plentifully watered to me an anus then already easily I entered a middle finger and began to fuck quickly him me, doing circular motions and trying to climb as it is possible more deeply. To me it was opposite and sore, but I suffered. At last he pulled out a finger, but I didn't manage to sigh quietly as I felt as his hips touch my buttocks, and hot rested against a hole, the dick is much more fat than his finger. He tried to enter me, but my hole was unapproachable. — Weaken already a bough crack — it strongly slapped me on the back, I really tried what everything would pass more softly, but could just knew as — That we will wait — with these words he got three iron balls connected among themselves by a long, leather cord from a bedside box dipped them into oil and began to enter to me into a hole. One by one he pushed all three, only the short leather rope hanged down at me from buttocks as a tail. Balls quite easily came, I felt as my hole as if creeps away accepting them and unpleasant cold of metal in itself. Victor laid down on a bed and attracted me to himself, having taken for hair, we several times kissed, and then also for hair he stuck me with the person into a groin. — SUCK I didn't know as well as just began to kiss his trunk. — Isn't present not so — he began to explain to me — you see a head lick it properly, so, and now take it in a mouth and suck round, don't bite, clasp more densely with lips and smoothly Vod them, so are deeper, deeper now. I though with hostility, but tried to do everything as he speaks, he had a hot dick and firm, gave oil and a rotten body. These efforts distracted me from pain noyashchiya a little in buttocks where still there were balls. — So — Victor continued, and now lick balls, make language zhesky, well, now suck a dick again. I tried as could, but nevertheless couldn't swallow so deeply his trunk as it wanted and such inept blowjob quickly bothered it. He put me on all fours again and, having pulled for a lace, began to pull out balls, the first slowly, the second quicker, and the third is absolutely sharp, I screamed, but nevertheless lightened. And Victor, without having allowed me to recover, the dick right there began to enter, but my hole still resisted, and I involuntarily all over moved forward, without allowing him to come. Then Victor crossed my hands at me behind the back and, having taken them in the hand, attracted me to himself, without allowing me to be removed more. I buried a face in a pillow, and he inserted the dick to me a hole and victoriously, inconsiderately opened of himself the way so far while his hips didn't rest to me against buttocks, took away back, having left inside only a head and again forward against the stop, so several times gradually increasing the pace. I, having buried in a pillow, I began to whimper about pain t that angered Victor, he stopped, and without leaving me, took my short skirt and thrust to me into a mouth instead of a gag. Itself continued, without knowing pity, to bash out my buttocks. Speed him increased more and more, and more and more sharp movements he got more and more deeply. At last I felt as as hot, dense liquid struck to me deeply in a hole, Victor stopped his dick pulsed in me, spitting out more and more cums. At last he left me, tired laid down on a bed. — Pour to us some wine — having been out of breath he told, I brought wines and, wearily laid down nearby. Having drunk up wine, he began to kiss and caress me again, began to mass fingers an anus and when got them, both of us saw on them drops of the drying-up blood and a cum. — That the virgin to you was torn — with a smile he told — it is necessary to fix a lesson. With these words he got up in all growth on a bed, and I before him on knees. He inserted to me a dick into a mouth and, holding my head, began to fuck me. His dick at first soft, began to harden and increase quickly in sizes, at me in a mouth, and his movements became sharper and deeper, the head of his dick went to me deeply to a throat, it became difficult to me to breathe. Unexpectedly I received strong slap in the face. — Don't bite I spoke to you — I nodded and wanted to continue, but Victor laid down on a bed here, and seated me on himself a back to the person. — Take my dick and insert to yourself into a hole — I obediently took a dick and sent myself to a hole, but as soon as it began to be stuck more deeply, felt pain and moved back. Victor didn't begin to wait, he clasped me for hips and pulled on the dick against the stop, without paying attention to my groans, began to rotate my buttocks around on the strut. And then for hips I began to drive me all over up-down, setting speed. The second time he fucked me much longer, but I having gritted teeth suffered until I at last felt again a stream of a hot cum. I got down from him and lay down nearby, tried to smile. He saw on me and smiled in reply. — You were pleasant to me Tatyana, you will obey and everything at us will be good — he put on a dressing gown and left, and went to a bathtub to be washed away. If it was pleasant put likes and you thank continuation will be material remove dating on facebook date today apex site mapMain Page