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Again Saturday, and again escape. Already on an extent of month I in every possible way avoided Victor. Lena guessed that isn't necessary for me to parents or friends at all and knowingly treated my fear to look to this person in eyes. She also didn't know that she will be at their meeting, after our "tea drinking". That more, "tea" we drank much. No, everything passed as and always. Having returned, Victor took a shower and told o of the working week eating greedily the lunch prepared by Lena much. He and an eye didn't lead though Lena swears — ee of a hand shivered, an after the question "A as your affairs?" ee threw into sweat. As that was, Victor remained in ignorance that was to us with Lena on a hand. I turned a key in the lock and pressed the elevator button. Tremendous images emerged in we wash consciousness. Usually, years of abstention develop into frigidity. Ne that case. Lena was eager for new feelings of which it was deprived in youth. As only behind my back the door slammed, Lena pressed me to itself and stuck on my mouth passionate we will kiss. I squeeze ee hands a bottom, the jump and legs clasp my waist. I feel ee heat and desire, she feels my erection and the speeded-up heartbeat. The way to the bedroom can be found with the closed eyes. Na clothes there is no time, on caress is later too. A dressing gown up, black panties departed in the unknown direction. The clean-shaven pubis and chubby sponges force to shiver all nature. Fast disposal of damned trousers and ee the hand clasps my dick. She carries out several time down-vverkh and sends me to herself. All world grows dim! Two excited bodies merged together. I try to constrain speed, to prolong this pleasure, but the body doesn't listen to reason. With each blow I accelerate, each blow — reciprocal. Lena started a marigold in my back and squeezed teeth. I feel ee breath on the neck. The room was filled by a resistant smell of sex. Give the darling, long I won't bear. Nails painfully spread down. Lena was curved and began to shake. My dick was clamped in the vice which is eager for my cum. Ee the vagina exhausted from me all to the last drop. I lie with her nearby, having turned the head in ee the party. She lies on a back. Ee an eye is turned in a ceiling. The breast rises and falls at each breath and an exhalation. Ee of a leg are bent in knees and divorced. The dressing gown is lifted up slightly above a belt. She covers with a palm the perineum. Couple of minutes, and she will go to a shower. Can be, go together with her? The winter was wonderful. In total — 15 on Celsius. The easy snowball fell on roads and sidewalks. Filled up the cars standing on the parking at the house in a night. Having left an entrance, I all still arrived in a condition of euphoria. All steam of days. Never in life I was eager for the fastest approach of Mondays. — Sasha, is healthy. Your mother! — Long ago I didn't see you. Each days off you vanish somewhere. Didn't you take offense at me hour? If. Victor smiled broadly and stretched me a hand. Why he arrived earlier? Why I didn't leave earlier? — No that you. There were small affairs. — I reaped his hand. Small affairs? What do you bear? — It is clear, you at us the busy person! — Victor's smile became even wider. I from all forces tried to constrain tension. Handshake dragged on, or isn't present? Yes make you already that-nibud! — Today that you will be at home? I wanted to discuss with you something? — Victor released my hand and attentively looked at me. As if pierced me with a lightning. To discuss? What so me can be discussed? Really he knows everything? So, quietly, will be enough to go into hysterics! If he that-to knew, then wouldn't smile. — What is with you? At you everything is good? — Victor expressed extreme interest. — Yes, everything normal, simply I didn't get enough sleep. Ne got enough sleep? What at once I didn't tell "I fucked all night your wife"! — It is clear. So you leave somewhere? — No, I decided to go to shop. What? Correct situation, correct! — Perfectly. Come in the evening. A watch in 7. I will ask Lena what-nibud to prepare. — Well. It is the end! ... I sat in the bathroom, having clasped with hands knees. My nape and a back were filled in by water streams from a shower. Amusing there will be an evening. The head hooted. O than it wanted to talk? If he guesses, or someone-to that-to told him (but we were careful, nobody saw us, and each groan Lena suppresses a pillow or utykayetsya in my shoulder, sometimes squeezes teeth and snuffles so that in corners of a mouth saliva appears), then morning dialogue would happen in other manner. a door quietly knocked. Shooters on hours showed after midnight. The call is. Yes and to someone I am necessary in such time, unless that... Having looked in a peephole I saw Lena and quickly opened a door. During one moment she crossed a threshold and quietly covered a door for herself. The lock on two turns. — You what? — I said in a whisper. — Vitya fell asleep. He seldom in the nights wakes up. A if wakes up, then to the bedroom won't look. — probably, after my leaving wine was drunk up. Eyes at Lena burned, and the uvula was a little braided. — Did you absolutely go mad? — A if and so? I, by the way, without panties. — Lena raised a dressing gown, and I saw a smooth pubis. What do you so do by me, the woman? The right hand she ran over a pubis and closed a vagina a palm. Having released a dressing gown, I put a free hand over my trousers. — It is already ready? I grabbed with ee and dragged for myself. Lena giggled and went following. The right hand everything still closed ee a perineum. I stopped at a bed and looked at it. — Oops. — holding a dressing gown, she shifted a hand up having opened a view of the delights. My mind grew dull. I wanted everything and at once. And there is a lot of! Having grabbed by shoulders, I literally threw ee on a bed. The dressing gown was lifted up, having bared a bottom. Lena laughed and lifted up a dressing gown even above. I moved up ee slightly to myself. Polustoya on knees, reclining on a bed. During one moment I jumped out of trousers and it was attached behind. To be played what whether? I began to drive the dick along ee of the attracting lips. Slightly I pressed, but I didn't enter. Down, to a clitoris and back. Here I again at an entrance to ee the attracting bosom and... down. For me it was flour, but for it... She panted, wagged a bottom from the party in the party, an at the moment when I was opposite to ee peshcherki, gave a bottom back what, at last to receive the desirable. — Do you scoff? — told her it was impregnated with impatience and lust. Hardly I entered as from lips of Lena the groan escaped. Here it as! Having covered ee of companies with a hand, I began slowly as far as could, move in her. Ee a vagina densely clasped my dick. Takoe hot and wet. Lena, in impatience, stretched a hand back, seized me by a bum and tried how to accelerate my speed. Well, time the woman asks. I grabbed with ee by a waist and began to move quicker, thus helping myself hands as sticking ee on a dick. Slaps which created our bodies filled my room with the forgotten sound. The last girl was here half a year ago. Lena still to time. Having seized hands a sheet, she suppressed groans, having buried the person down. I want to see ee. I left it and turned on a back. I climbed on a bed and I didn't manage to make anything as Lena attracted me to itself and I kissed. From where this taste of cherry? I untied dressing gown ties, having found them on oshchup. ee a nipple wanted to fall and kiss, but Lena started hands in my hair and strong pressed to the lips. Having slightly squeezed ee a breast, I lowered a hand down and, having found a clitoris, I made couple of rotary movements and I got into her two fingers. Lena exhaled, threw back the head back and went into eyes, thus having relaxed hands. Breast Ee slightly hanged down on sides, but it didn't prevent them to be so fine. Doing forward movements by fingers, I drained in ee of nipples, played language and slightly bit. — Enter me. — she told it illegibly as if pining with a heat and thirst. I moved to ee to legs and parted them in the parties. Lena was completely weakened and watched each my movement. I took a pillow and enclosed to it under the head. I took off a t-shirt, but ee didn't begin to touch a dressing gown. It was undone, and opened a fine look, on the beautiful woman. I bent to ee to lips for a kiss and slightly helped myself a hand to get into her. There was no rage, only the slow movements of two bodies which merged in a passionate kiss any more. I squeezed ee a breast, in that time as she slightly scraped nails on my back. Ne it is strong, only for that with what-to to occupy hands. One ee a hand moved to my person, and ee fingers began to stroke my cheek gently. Time stopped. At this moment all my problems, fears, in general all thoughts evaporated. There was only she! Aroma of ee of spirits and taste of cherry. — I now. Still it is a little. Absolutely slightly. — Lena exhaled each word. I asked ee to speak to me when it cums. It brought me even stronger and accelerated that allowed us to terminate at the same time. It was curved in a waist and rose to me towards. Ee of a hand crumpled a sheet and pulled on themselves. Ee of companies was open, an of an eye were gone so deeply that the iris almost disappeared. I found ee lips a neck and at the moment of a kiss failed in nirvana. Each slopping of a seed was followed by deafening blow to reason. The simultaneous orgasm strengthens feelings of partners, in my case — it strengthening turned in predobmorochnoye a state. ... I liked to watch Lena after sex. An empty look in a ceiling. Smooth, almost soft raising of ee of a breast. The divorced legs and the vagina clamped by a palm. In this time it was without palm. The cum followed from it, overcoming a way through an anus ringlet, and dripped on a dressing gown. — A at you uyutnenko, not so as I imagined. I thought, there is a TV, a written table and a couch. Bed, by the way, very convenient. — she turned the head in my party and smiled. I looked at her and smiled in the answer. Ee the tousled black hair were scattered on a pillow. A it will leave now. — Do you in the bathroom have towels? — Yes. In a locker, opposite to a sink, take any. Lena rose, gave legs on a floor, and, having covered with a palm a perineum, went to the bathroom. ... Standing on a balcony, I reflected o of the life. Though I also lost control in the first day and acted only with desires, I understood everything what I go on. This woman is inaccessible to me though she is so close. She will always leave. I need to reconcile to it. relative dating earth's history date line site mapMain Page