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There was it in the late eighties. I somehow had to help the friend with one business. I don't work as the taxi driver, but the friend called that evening to me and asked to doyezdit change as at most the stomach terribly ached. Ulcer and gemor, constant fellow traveler of professional drivers. The friend helped out me more than once, and I decided to help, especially until the end of change remained only hour three. And here on the radio set from the dispatcher the order, on Kristall restaurant arrived. I approach, several guys who stood hardly on feet held drunk in умат the maiden on hand. They pushed her to me in the car on back seat and called to me her address. They paid off at once, having added from above for delivery to an apartment door on the third floor. The girl gave signs of life, but all of what I thought, it that she didn't begin to speak intimate, - eww - its. Girls often confuse the white friend with a car seat. I cautiously glanced in a rear-view mirror, and suddenly noticed that on this "body" there are no panties. She lay on a back, having widely stretched legs, and her naked pussy was visible as on an erotic photo. The breast was навыкат too, and at me the feeling of a freebie played. I curtailed on a roadside in the small lane and stopped. Having gone out of the car, I opened a back door. From here the look was even more best. Pink vulvar lips of the very young bitch were already ready to accept my dick. I gently carried out by a palm on her leg. The girl didn't react, didn't even zavorochatsya. I smelled the palm, no, didn't smell of a cum and rubber from condoms. There was only a gentle smell of a vagina. The girl nalakatsya just. — This the dream at her thought I and remembered that my son who studies on a last year of the HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION still was a virgin (cares of the father of the son are boundless). I look around, and on the contrary there is just a payphone. Having dialed number of room phone, I reported to the son about improbable sex with the girl. Having told him the address, I went to the car of my friend again. I returned to the car and sat down near it, having lifted up it one leg on a back of front seat. Her perineum revealed even more widely and couldn't but tempt me. It it is simply impossible to look at free beauty. In the light of streetlights I saw how her sponges разлиплись and seemed small vulvar lips. My palm settled on her sponges, they were hot and slightly chubby. One my finger slipped in her hole, there was already влажновато. Probably she felt something, and her internal surface of hips began to become wet. I decided to lift up her a dress hem above a breast, her breast slightly rocked, but stood upright. The face of the girl seemed to me very attractive, to the same the temptation to free sex irrevocably urged on my guilty thought, - take her she yours …. For the end I bared boobs of the young lady and frayed because of a nipple. The elastic, young body showed willingness at once. Her nipples bulked up, and the mouth was slightly opened. Having used the moments, I gently pushed a finger to her in a mouth, and her language automatically began to lick my fingers. My dick stood for a long time as a jack. I pushed the second hand in the trousers, and the dick got from there. — And still the care won't prevent, I thought, having decided to double-check as it will react to penetration. I implanted a finger into her become wet pussy and looked at her reaction. She just wasn't. Having scented that to one finger is spacious there, I added to it the second, and then the third. My "Sleeping Beauty" didn't react but only easily I pushed the hips on a meeting to my hand. At last she reacted to my actions with low moans. Eyes of the girl were slightly opened, but at once returned to a former state. I didn't understand, the girl, or already not sleeps, but it didn't matter any more, my dick boiled. I was more conveniently attached, and smoothly inserted into her the friend. Inside everything pulsed. There it was hot and slippery. The first movements were very accurate, I was afraid not to frighten off her feelings. Free sex, here, that I had then in the head and it only brought me stronger. Every second my movements became surer. The dick came into it on the basis. I strongly breathed, she too quietly moaned, but the passenger didn't open an eye. The car shook. It rocked giving out to passersby that in her are engaged in something good. — Well no kidding, I unexpectedly heard a voice of the son behind me and how I? Suddenly my passenger began to tremble all over and strained so that slightly-legged I didn't break out a plafond on a ceiling of inside of the car. She opened a mouth and literally cried from pleasure. The orgasm covered her with the first, after that I made couple more of powerful pushes too and terminated directly in her. — Wait a minute the sonny, I prokryakhtet, shooting the last streams at her hard vagina, and to you will get … The stolen sex was improbable! I didn't feel such feelings yet, podomny the passenger unknown to me with hot pizdy lay, and behind there was a son, too with a hot dick and impatiently waited for the turn. I at him when had no sex. Unless only except for peeping from his party for the parents. I slowly got up, buttoned on myself trousers, showing to a view of the current pizda. — Bury so far a freebie dozes, and just changed for a wheel. In several seconds the car began to rock again, and I right there heard groan of the son. — There now and perfectly, now he lost innocence, I thought and the car began to rock again. Soon they with the girl cried in unison, and so repeated several times in a row about an hour. The passenger drunk as a cobbler didn't venture to regain consciousness, actively receiving sex, and remaining half-asleep. Soon the son went out of the car, thanked me and told that he to the house will reach under the own steam. And I went to the set address. Having brought her to the specified apartment, I called a door and holding her for a waist, handed apparently to her father. At the sight of her, his face flushed, and he accepted from me expensive freight. I returned to the car, and with pleasure rumpled the devastated balls. — Interestingly, the father will understand that she is all zatrakhanny? On her thighs the cum actively flew down. If he guesses, and she still won't show awakening, he by all means will take an opportunity, I reflected. The cursor began to hum equal turns, and I went to finish change. In the morning I was waited by the son with a smile upon the face. I smiled in reply and asked, - that, you were helped by the father? How the first sex with the woman? — Is no word for it father … I after that meeting came to the girlfriend and spent the night at her. You represent!? I today till the morning fucked with the classmate for whom all course runs! — Well and eblivy she … — For the end punched, I, here thought what means to lose virginity. At once everything begins to turn out … — Eh you are a sonny, all in youth eblivy, even conventuals. Congratulations! Well the father, well you also complied me yesterday …!!! relative dating definition for dummies dateline vanished site mapMain Page