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(Names are changed since history is real) My mother-in-law — Anna Vasilyevna perfectly remained by 45 years. The fine tightened figure, not youthful of course, but not at everyone by 30 years such remains, and here also two children. Generally very appetizing woman as I will see in something fitting or transparent hardly I hide treacherous movements of the friend. We with the wife live near her parents — apartments side by side, in such conditions to be crossed with Anna Vasilyevna it is necessary very often. She is a woman of strict education and Puritan views — that completely excluded any communication with her — as it seemed to me at that time — to put it briefly "and couldn't dream". My father-in-law — the person good but probably with the mother-in-law they lived on different beds for a long time, sometimes I was surprised as they managed to bring two children, can someone else took advantage of the opportunity (too my wife and her sister aren't similar). Generally life took its course without foretelling anything interesting, but in one day everything changed. There was some holiday — what precisely already and won't remember, except friends the father-in-law with the mother-in-law on a visit came. Everything was normal, celebrated cheerfully. All tipsy, the father-in-law put pressure properly so here on a sofa at a table and lay down, in the late afternoon. Anna Vasilyevna began to worry about the husband, already was home gathered — well the wife me sideways an elbow "distract a pier mother from sad thoughts — invite to dance" well someone will refuse to amuse the beloved mother-in-law. Played something romantic. Anna Vasilyevna was as always on the ball — from her incredible fragrance of some perfume proceeded and if to add to it the white translucent blouse giving under itself the astounding forms covered with lace lingerie, it is possible to present at once what happened to me. Trying to hide this "funny thing" (as it seemed to me not really pleasant for my mother-in-law) I tried to increase distance between us, but probably only drew with it Anna Vasilyevna's attention. The woman she was very wise and tried not to give a sign, that she noticed my excitement. I guessed it on slightly changed look and the phrase interrupted halfway as if faltered. It was heavy to tell about what she thought at this moment — on a face there was at the same time both a confusion and surprise and that I was struck most of all by some satisfaction with and a ghost of a smile — as if the compliment in her address sounded. I of course expected other reaction — probably alcohol did the part, and the mother-in-law having noticed my confusion tried to calm me "you shouldn't worry because of such things — same naturally". Here I also began to see clearly with surprise — there is the fact that the son-in-law has on the mother-in-law it naturally, it didn't match my ideas of Puritan education of my partner on dance at all. Evening smoothly passed at night, guests slowly began to disperse. I began to help Anna Vasilyevna to transfer what we gathered at them "neighborly" to the apartment. The wife washed the dishes, the father-in-law on the post had already the tenth dream probably. Bringing a baking sheet out of the corner of the eye I noticed in the mirror hanging in the hall reflection of the naked mother-in-law under a shower. The door in a bathtub was slightly opened, and in a mirror it was possible to contemplate the boobies soaped by smooth movements. Such show alerted my friend full. It was extremely difficult to bear a tray. The mother-in-law having heard steps shouted "Pricking it you? rub a back!" (Pricking this is my father-in-law) "He at us. Still — sleeps" I answered finishing with a baking sheet. "The sun rub to me a back — and that I don't cope". The sun she called me for the first time, as well as for the first time asked about such service — probably Martini worked unchaining. I having finished the begun business I went to the bathroom in passing enjoying a magnificent breast of my mother-in-law in reflection of a mirror. "Wait a moment I will be covered a little" she told and I noticed as she hands closed the big nipples — having fallen in Vanya by knees. "Enter — it is already possible". Though all most intimate places weren't available to a look but even what was visible became enough that my dick turned into a steel rod and bulged close jeans. But me it already worried a little — first Anna Vasilyevna was to me almost a back and secondly the only thing that occupied my attention her roundish hips and buttocks. "Well you. It isn't really convenient to me in such position". I understood that I stand and I stare at her as the fool. This phrase returned me to life. I having taken a bast having soaped it plentifully I began to do that why I entered, thinking that I would make now with the great pleasure absolutely another. Inside everything burned. "More feasibly" she told. Because of my movements to stand on all fours moreover and it is halfbent holding all body on weight it was impossible. Anna Vasilyevna leaned hands on a bottom of a bathtub having released the boobies. Which at once entered a step to my movements. I was stunned. The breast though was not young but kept the form. I don't understand the sizes especially but at my blessed the second and here is obvious more. Big nipples in the movement worked fascinating and hypnotically as a boa on a rabbit. "The sun at you now trousers will burst" — I heard through a dope of mother-in-law's boobies. I became puzzled and to all appearances densely reddened. "Don't worry you so — eventually you are a young man — I understand everything". "Looking at your breast Anna Vasilyevna not probably to remain quiet" — I told though intended to tell something another is perfect. The mother-in-law coquettishly laughed. "If she so is pleasant to you wash also her" — she told I didn't begin to hesitate and force to repeat a request and was engaged in her breast — soaping her — and in fact just frankly armed. The mother-in-law covered eyes. Nipples began to harden. The dick sought from trousers. I trying to weaken pressure upon him I made an attempt by the movement of hips "to lay him" properly. The mother-in-law having noticed it I gave out. "the dilobe yes undo you these jeans don't suffer" Well as she asked so I and made — undid and removed. The mother-in-law probably didn't expect that I don't wear underwear. To her look my friend up in arm appeared. She even sighed. "My God, I didn't see it yet" The dick at me not the longest — average 17 cm but very thick. "At my husband is twice thinner and in one and a half is shorter! My daughter was lucky" — she exclaimed. I continuing to rumple boobies I said to her that its daughter is quite happy and happy, and probably having absolutely become impudent from excitement I continued by the fact that it would already be time to check this animal on someone another. The mother-in-law probably having absolutely relaxed it was developed more conveniently to make out my dick, having placed legs in different directions for convenience. To my look her crack opened. Her girl was brightly red shade (probably it was already rather made horney because of the massed boobies). The bottom of a stomach was very well-groomed — the love triangle was obviously not the abandoned place on a body. Anna Vasilyevna took my dick in one hand another stretched to balls. I jerked off him and I rumpled them as if it was in her life last time. I shipped the forefinger of the right hand in her bosom meanwhile continuing left massage of nipples. The mother-in-law with is easy moaned. From this groan I felt that long I won't stretch. "Anna Vasilyevna if you continue in the same spirit that I will terminate directly here without descending from this place" — I told. "Neet the sun I have to feel it in myself! surely!" — she whispered it through groan. Finger I felt that all her pussy wet inside and it not from water. "We will go to the room" — she told rising. On the way the mother-in-law locked a door that nobody could prevent us. In the room there was a muffled lighting, Anna Vasilyevna laid down on a bed on a back widely having parted legs — having opened my look her pussy. "Well!. It is rather! I can't any more" — she moaned having run both hands over inside of hips from her girl to knees. "I didn't have it year" — she added. I didn't begin to keep her waiting also having taken the dick in a hand slowly entered into her. Her vagina was damp and very hot. Besides very close in comparison with a crack of my spouse. "Still! Of course to you in him it will be close with your sausage — I said that at my husband in comparison with yours — a pod" — she answered my phrase stroke-oaring one breast other clitoris. The words "sausage" and "pod" were a bombshell. I moved the dick from all force into the depth of her crack. The mother-in-law screamed. "My God!!! Still! Give still!!" I continued rhythmic movements by "sausage" in her bosom. She began to groan at the top of the voice. "Cat!! Close to me a mouth a hand us will hear I can't be silent" she screamed. As a result of her shouts, the shaking boobies with the nipples which are sticking out from excitement, and the vagina making characteristic sounds I felt that I won't be able long to stretch. "I will terminate now I can't more!!!" — I moaned her in an ear. "In me it is impossible!!!" — she screamed — "and that I will please the husband with the third daughter!!!". In my head rushed — god you mine! My dick in the mother-in-law — she cries out as the virgin cuming for the first time, also is afraid of pregnancy, and 4 hours ago it couldn't be presented. My mother-in-law! with her Puritan views groans now, no, doesn't groan — already shouts podomny as some prostitute. There passed some more moments — I felt approach of an orgasm — warmed up by her shouts. "I want to lower in you "— I whispered to her on an ear accelerating movements in her vagina. The mother-in-law probably without controlling itself any more I repeated in shout only: "Yes! Yes! Fuck! Yes! Stronger!! And yes and ". Be not able to constrain itself and to wait when the mother-in-law terminates I began to lower in its depths everything that accumulated in me for the last week. The cum joined her vagina and was absorbed by it as water is absorbed by the traveler emaciated in the desert. I didn't stop the movements pushing the cast-out cum all filling her vagina more deeply and adding still a portion after portion. Such impression that these outpourings lasted eternally!. When everything ceased she alarmed told: "Darling I asked you not to cum in me" "Forgive I couldn't resist — you are so good". She having smiled I kissed me on a mouth. Apparently Anna Vasilyevna got used that very few people cared for her orgasm. And I hurried with explanations that I had no sex long ago therefore lowered practically at once. And what now I will continue with the purpose to please also it. It surprised the mother-in-law and pleased at the same time. "I got used to it, and generally I receive an orgasm in soul alone" — she said. "No, I will torture you orgasms" I answered, having resumed movements of the dick in her. In passing one hand massing her magnificent breast and kissing on the lips. The young girl had lips as — even surprisingly. "We unless passed on first-name terms? in our relationship" with a smile through easy groan she asked. "Unless my dick in your vagina and a cum in your depths not a sufficient reason for transition is on familiar terms?" — I asked. She didn't answer — only lasky smiled and having twisted my back with hands, kissed as I still didn't kiss one woman. Movements of the dick in depths Annushka threw her into ecstasies. She began to make upward movement the hips — sticking the crack on my dick. My friend made the loud sounds amplifying the cum which is in vagina depth which was already not only in my mistress but also with outside — all vulvar lips were in dense white liquid — slowly dripping on a sheet. "Don't forget to wash a sheet" — I told — "and that the husband will notice spots will guess that his wife satisfied someone here". "Me another worries more" — through groans she spoke — "as I will explain him in few months the stomach if he didn't touch me year ". "It is necessary to give for the sake of appearances and" — smiling to him I told — "I am very much made horney by a thought of your pregnancy from me. I love you Annushka". I fixed the words by a strong kiss. The mother-in-law didn't control the movements any more — having again begun to break off silence the wild groans, making upward movement the back. I began to increase the pace and depth of penetration — in passing tormenting boobies with a favourite one hand and another stroking elastic buttocks and inside of a hip at her pussy. In the field of a crack everything was wet — hair on a pubis stuck together from allocations and a cum. The dick with the squelching sounds rhythmically drilled interiors of my mother-in-law. All sheet under her back was wet. Anna Vasilyevna nestled on me with a force, movements by hips considerably increased, lips she stuck into my breast making wild sounds. The dick flew to a vagina because of lubricant getting till the end — to the sacred place of any woman — to her uterus. Touches to her gave rise to powerful shrieks of my partner and shudder, I felt that the last began to accrue and increase amplitude — along with it the mother-in-law cried: "BOZhEE! What is it??? MAMOChKAAAA!!! MORE STRONGLY! Thrust in me AAAA. Concha in me! I WANT the CUM!" These wild shouts ended with mad vibration in a crack of my victim and mad rates of a podmakhivaniye hips. I didn't stop holding speed — the mother-in-law calmed down and became soft. But in several moments I heard already familiar groan and the mother-in-law began to move. We any more both didn't understand anything stupidly moving on a meeting each other the genitals. I sustained two more orgasms of my darling and on the third under the shouts flavored with a mat: "Fuck me stronger!! Finish my hole — fill it to the brim — I want a cum" plentifully I began to cum in its depths — having set so that my dick rested against a uterus of my beauty. After such mad fucking it was necessary to tidy up for itself and very quickly — the Father-in-law woke up. Whether now we wait for term to check the mother-in-law after such plentiful injection in her became pregnant. I can't still believe that found the road to depths of my favourite mother-in-law. relationship red flags girlfriend date vinegar site mapMain Page