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I felt it when his dick became stone, I quickly covered him with the mouth and it was rarefied in me. When I finished, he couldn't tell a word, and I told Well now the boy is happy? in reply he nestled the lips on mine. We called up to him all week, I arrived to the appointed day. At the grandmother I changed clothes and I went to him, we agreed with him will meet in the park, just jean skirt overknee put on, sneakers, and a jacket + I passed by him, he called to me and I turned back, he was with friends. I felt ill at ease, not that he was with friends, and from the fact that he called me on a regional disco, I didn't expect this in any way. And I had to resort to cunning as on a disco of desire to go just wasn't. His friends paid attention to me at once and began to stick with inquiries about me and whether I have same beautiful girlfriends as I. Realizing that we inevitably move towards a disco, and my boyfriend held me by a waist, one! I at first accidentally and specially began to touch then with a hand his that place. And then on an ear told Can friends let go and we will retire somewhere? eyes at it lit up he slightly at once smiled and told the friends you so far go and we with Olay will catch up with you! and we turned back into the park. Came into the solitude, there was a parapet on which it threw the jacket what I would sit down, so it turned out that his belt was at the level of my person + already darkened and already nobody could notice us. Looking to him directly in eyes I undid jeans and together with pants lowered to knees, at him already stood and having made several movements a hand up and down his dick I took him in a mouth. This time I didn't allow him to terminate as soon as I felt that he will terminate I stopped + and smiling looked at him. He stroke-oared me on the head, after a while I was accepted to his dick by a mouth and so several times again. After the second or third stop he just begged me to allow him to terminate, and I only smiled looking at him. I held with one hand his dick, and the second held his balls and tickled them false nails. Having remembered one episode from a movie porn I decided to try, I told him what he would look at it. I took a dick in a mouth and sucked until he wasn't going to cum when I understood that he just about will terminate I took out it from a mouth and having slightly opened a mouth began to jerk off strongly him to myself on the person, sending to a mouth. The first stream struck to me in an upper lip, then on a cheek, a nose, then I rested his dick to myself against a uvula and the cum poured down to me in a mouth. I swallowed everything that he gave me. He sat down, nearby having treated me with a cigarette, even without having put on denim, his dick didn't stand + any more I have no words! he told. My darling was tired I answered and kissed him, having covered with the hand a dick. In a few minutes I repeated everything once again. We left, I was an initiator. Just I ceased to contact him. All because he wanted more than oral sex. I was doesn't mind, but kind of he concerned me having learned someone I am actually? I didn't begin to risk. Time went, I matured, in me the guy what I not really that also wanted began to be shown more and more. I with envy watched on TV on transsexuals, men who changed sex and became women. Still it is my dream. When became me 18, in army I wasn't taken for health reasons. Everything remained still I came to the grandmother, changed clothes and went for a walk, the benefit the appearance at that time allowed. I got acquainted thus with the woman, she saw at once that I am a guy (difficultly to deceive women in this sense). Have a heart-to-heart talk, she invited me to herself, we walked and at home he told that she has familiar men who would pay money for that to fuck such as I, I at first was confused, and then estimated that it cool to receive money for the fact that you are given pleasure. The next evening I was already waited at her home by the man of years 35. The woman gallantly left, told that she will go will breathe fresh air and will come in about three hours. The man asked as my name is, (as he foreknew that I am a guy in women's I told the real name, but then I called women's) I was presented to Olay. He offered me wines we drank talked a little, then he went to a shower when he left on him there was one towel. On me then there was a dress which the woman gave me, it was the black short fitting dress with the closed breast, under it I had a brassiere with linings, panties thongs and tights. The man was perfectly difficult, a sports body and a nice kind face. We passed to the room, he laid down on a bed and threw off a towel. The fact that I saw me pleasantly surprised it there was a cool, big penis. In the head of me thoughts that I am a prostitute were born and this is my first client, it terribly made horney me. He didn't hurry what I would undress, opposite. He asked me that I sat down to him on a stomach, I had to lift up a dress thereby having bared legs and panties in which my little chlenik was allocated. He began to caress me on legs, you what shiver, small, be not afraid I of you I won't offend really shivered, itself I don't know from what. Give, take in a mouth quietly he told me. I fell below and still the sluggish dick took him, he moaned when I bared a head, I was afraid to hurt him, itself I don't know why. Having taken him in a mouth entirely I helped him a hand, gradually he began to bulk up and turned into such stake what I didn't see yet and understood that he can tear me. While I sucked, a free hand I took off from myself tights and panties as the woman taught me, now on me there was one dress and a bodice with linings. He gave me condom, I dressed to it on a dick, he got up and told that I would lay down on a back, I spread legs he raised them hands, then the dick greased with something and I began to enter him into me. I won't hide, it was sick, even very much but I suffered, he calmed me but didn't stop, he entered easily, I presented for a second what would be if he didn't grease him. Very slowly he began to move in me. I looked at him and he at me, pain became will be replaced by pleasure, I relaxed + me already it was pleasant, nervousness somewhere left, on a body waves began to spread warmly, the man increased the pace, his pubis already slaps fought about my buttocks, I seized a bed back. He sharply took out the dick from what at me the anus ached at once, nothing is silent he without speaking I turned me, I got up dog-fashion, inconsiderately he entered me again and as the jackhammer began to fuck, honestly I never tested it, in eyes at me really darkened. From his slaps my buttocks just burned, I moved to him towards trying to accept more deeply him the man was happy. When he cumed I understood at once, he so seized me and so strongly the dick pushed that again became painful to me. When he terminated in me, he asked that I dressed to him other condom. Having replaced him condom and having greased it with lubricant he laid down on a back and asked me to sit down to him on a dick. Having sat down at first on a stomach I rose standing and with a force fell by his stake and so he screamed, he told nothing + only took me for a bottom and began to lift and lower, and I helped him legs. Well I jumped on him as on a horse, the pose of the equestrian is convenient only to the man, at me very strongly and quickly legs began to be tired from what I sweated. When I got up from the dick, saw that he terminated again, I interrogatively looked at him, he smiled and got one more, but told that he will warn when will cum what I would remove him, he wants to terminate to me in a mouth. I dressed condom, greased, he took me by hand and brought to a table, I laid down on a stomach and placed legs. When he took out a dick I understood what I need to do when I removed condom I noticed red stains, but didn't betray value to it yet. Having removed condom I took in a mouth, to me so much yet nobody ever cumed, I hardly managed to swallow his dense spicy cum. He went to a shower, I pulled a dress on legs and sat down in a chair, began to feel that I have wet buttocks + having got up from a chair I saw a small red speck, he after all tore me. When I left his shower wasn't any more, for that the woman who gave me 50 dollars and told that I am a good fellow and for the first time the good girl came. We talked to her a little and she told For such cases there are a cream and laying or tampons, cream I will give you and here tampons, the girl, buy. I told that I will come to her after tomorrow, but didn't come because couldn't go + I called and explained a situation, she told that I would come when I will recover. Everything passed through a week. Also work went, paid well, I was satisfied. Was as two I served also three + I Avoided it in two years when to me it was executed 20 after two departures to the client while everything happened at her on the apartment everything was normal, but when I was brought to the dacha to some abrupt, and his babes, five guys of years on 25 had fun there, just were kidding, everything was in a sauna + the car remained to wait for me, I undressed and came to them rolled up in a sheet. They told that would throw off a sheet when I made it they laughed + One approached and told well че you be kidding over the girl I don't mind to serve them, but just relation + They fucked me on two, one in a mouth of the second in a bottom, then changed until everyone terminated 2 times, without condoms. They nakonchat to me in a bottom so much that from me just flew. In general I don't want to remember the second time + Now I am 25 years old, everything that is written above the truth, I strongly changed externally from the fragile little girl nothing almost remained except almost inaudible features, I began to play sports, got stronger and that inevitably at occupation bodybuilding I put on weight. Parents not friends know nothing it about me. But inside I still, weak and vulnerable girl + relationship red flags charlotte nc dateline gucci site mapMain Page