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This story will postpone you, readers, to 2 years ago. Call me Lyon. I am a student of the 2nd course of faculty of foreign languages. It is known that usually at such faculties the number of representatives of the fair sex obviously prevails. On all faculty there were 43 girls and 7 guys: five in different groups of English, one – my friend Igor about whom further it will be told — in German and I in French. I wasn't especially prominent guy. Yes, I was sociable, but is rare. Generally we communicated with Igor and with two-three little girls from the English groups. Despite a little raspizdyaysky past with boozes parties and continuous chaotic sexual communications, I decided to hit in study. All someone knew me earlier – even if – now don't even learn about three years ago on the street. And in our circle of contacts there was a girl. This girl was called Natasha. She had red hair, dark green eyes, a ridiculous children's smile, a good figure, a breast of the second and a half the size … But what me very strongly attracted in her, so it is taste to footwear. Natasha came nearly an every day in different shoes. I remember, I liked her white, red and blue shoes. Black footwear and in principle wasn't pleasant to me, but I never also saw on it black footwear. But most I liked her white shoes on the black platform. I remember how we sat our close company at lectures, children about something actively communicated, and I for hours could look at her legs; on how it extends them, and then showers a leg on a leg; on how she releases legs in tights and squeezes and unclenches fingers … Few times I got busted, watching it, but pretended that I just thought and stared in one point. There came the winter. We only just handed over a session, and Natasha invited our close company and two more little girls from the group to herself home, to a vpiska. She was never a fan of alcohol, especially strong, but that day specifically stocked up on various alcoholic drinks and even dared to drink a few whisky. I sat alone though to the left of me Igor sat, but he actively conducted a conversation with the new acquaintance, periodically adding her wines for achievement of alcoholic intoxication by her. Opposite to me Natasha sat and talked to the girlfriends. Two more little girls with whom we never especially communicated sat to the right of me and quietly gossiped and got drunk together. I stayed about one and a half hours are silent and I decided to leave in an entrance, to smoke though not strongly I loved this occupation – unless across Pyana. I pushed Igor: — We will go to an entrance. We will smoke — Not, give in about 10 minutes — We will go already now, I know your 10 minutes — Well Laziness! – Igor muttered and I made eyes gesture supposedly she is almost already ready for the new acquaintance. I looked at him, on his already almost ready girlfriend and only solved, as truly in vain I distract them as I heard: — Go, smoke, I will powder a nose so far — she smiled. Igor got up, threw with a jacket and left to the platform to put shoes on. I left behind him. Near my boots there were Natasha's shoes which she didn't put on in institute for a long time – in them cold in the winter. While I laced up boots, I long examined them and remembered what love I flared to these most white shoes of the 38th size until Igor muttered discontentedly: — Did you see Che there? We will go! We came to a staircase of the fifth floor. Igor stretched me the Chesterfield cigarette. I lit, exhaled smoke and asked: — Long still you will be here? — Well, likely till the morning. And че it? — I don't know. I will go soon, likely. — You are a patient? On the street minus twenty, time 2 o'clock in the morning, you live on other end of the city, the party in the heat – is enough arguments that you remained? — Yes, a party awesome – long ago I so raunchy didn't come off. — Yes that not so? — Yes you all with this sit, you are pressed out, to me even to pobukhat there is nobody, I drink in proud loneliness, only from Natashki I hear sometimes: "Everything is normal? You are some sad. You some loaded. You some sober" The apartment left Natasha, in those white shoes. — What do you swear? Faugh, as at you it is smoked — Yes we don't swear — Igor with a smile of the fifth-grader who just put the neighbour's boy in theft of apples from others garden told — it Lyonya home gathered. — I didn't gather anywhere — too having smiled, I told — just I assumed. — The laziness, and knew, all evening sad some sit! – with insult Natasha said. I smiled again and looked down, then having lifted up eyes on Natasha. — I am not sad, I am sober. — Well, we will go, we will drink! — Yes, it would be time — Igor told, having extinguished a cigarette about an entrance wall — give finish smoking, Jack long on a table won't wait for you. — Hey-hey-hey! It was the blow below the belt now! — I laughed. — Ha-ha-ha! You receive nothing - and-see! – Igor by voice of villains from the American animated cartoons cried and promptly I ran to the apartment. Natasha, laughing too, it was undressed and I came. I quickly finished smoking and entered the platform. Much, I think, that feeling when you drank 4 glasses of whisky on 50 grams is known, I smoked in the cold enclosed space, and then sharply came into warm. Not the best. Even now, describing it, I felt it. I closed behind myself a platform door, fell down a floor and began to be unlaced. My obscured look dropped by that pair of shoes in which Natasha left in an entrance. Also be damned at that moment Jack Daniel with the ingenious invention! I was quickly undressed and decided to realize that what I dreamed from the first course of. I bent, took Natasha's shoe and inhaled her smell … Oh yes it was her smell, a smell of her legs of which I dream one and a half years! At this moment I realized that I dream, but not just I like to behold sometimes on couples. Excitement rolled very quickly, and I almost didn't notice how behind a door Natasha told: "What there with Lyonya? It seems, not strongly drunk I was!". At this moment the door opened, and I from a fright dropped a shoe. What shame! She saw everything! She will misunderstand! Nobody will understand correctly! Now I will be mocked and let here – here and Igor still and in general will reach all University! What shame! Natasha looked at my red whether with shame, whether from intoxication a face. She raised one eyebrow and slightly smiled, her look as though said: "Well and what we are engaged here?". And my drunk brain realized that she really so told. Natasha came into the platform, having closed behind herself a door to the apartment, approached me and told with a cunning smile on a face: "Do you think, I saw nothing? Do you think, never noticed how you on couples look at my legs? I just am silent, foolish. I noticed long ago". I leaned the elbows about a wall, Natasha got up nearby and began to correct my shirt: "Let's conclude an arrangement? I will tell nothing to nobody, but you will remain up to the end and you will help me to be tidied up, well?". The lump in a throat to me didn't allow to inhale plainly and I only nodded. — Here and nicely! – she slapped me it can do and opened a door — we will go, the session was handed over, after all, and it is noted somehow sickly! And at this moment everything turned over. All became even more cheerful, began to dance, have fun, and I sat down on the place, is even gloomier, than was before. I thought of everything that happened. I thought. I thought … I thought … I woke up from raskachivaniye and inarticulate cries of Igor. — Lyonya! Lyonya! Wake up, give! — Well, why you awake him? Let sleeps! – I didn't learn a female voice, but it seemed obviously familiar. — Lyonya! Ha-ha-ha! You че? Do you sleep? Ha-ha! — We will go home, Igor! – it was that girl whom he tried to accustom to drinking. Well, and as usual I accustomed to drinking myself — All right, Lyonya, call tomorrow! We go to bar! Give, on the sozvena, Lyon! Ha-ha! – Igor's voice gradually moved away. — Give, children — smiling, Natasha told — Natashka — I heard as loudly Igor kissed Natasha on a cheek — Natashka, thanks for a holiday! In general WOW! The door was closed. Natasha went to kitchen. I looked at the watch. Time – the 10th mornings. Well, great. My classmates had a good time and drank, and I took and was cut down. I sat down and saw that the party was obviously not in vain. On a table, as well as in the room, there was a full mess. From kitchen steps to the room reach. I quickly laid down having back pretended that still I sleep. Natasha sighed, collected all dirty ware and carried away on kitchen. In about 5 minutes I got up, collected all garbage and carried in a garbage can. — Oh, already woke up? — Well, noise of water from kitchen woke. — Strange — she smiled, washing ware — and Lyonya with the shouts didn't wake? — In the sleep I heard something. Natasha quickly switched off water, wiped hands about a towel and ordered to pass to me to the distant room. In the distant room there was a bedroom of her parents. Everything that I managed to notice from an interior, is a large bed and a small table with hours. I was developed. Natasha stood and looked at me, smiling. — We it seems were going to clean up … There is nothing, it seems to remove — I told. — Kiss me — Natasha took a step to my party. I stood, having frozen. Natasha still came nearer — a kiss me. I embraced her for a waist and confusedly kissed on a mouth. For these two years of training I absolutely forgot to kiss. Natasha slightly pushed me, and I landed on a bed. Natasha promptly jumped from above, smiled and told: — Secretly to take my shoes from you to courage will be enough, and to kiss – no? I was taken determination, attracted it to myself and began to kiss passionately her lips, a neck … Excitement didn't keep itself waiting. While I appeared from above, Natasha broke from me a shirt and told: — Make that so long ago I wanted. I in confusion stood, having not absolutely understood what she meant. — Well? Make that so I wanted from the first course, from the first day of training together! I sat down on knees before her, raised her legs dressed in blue tights and inhaled their smell … Broke my roof instantly. I began to kiss her fingers, the Piglet, a foot through tights. I slightly bit each finger and listened as she moans. But, strangely enough, I then didn't count on sex. Natasha slowly pulled together an undershirt and began to caress hands the breast, biting lips. — Pull together from me shorts. They disturb — she ordered. I obediently bent, undid shorts and pulled together them. — And now pull together tights — she told again. How about that, sovereign, pancake! And where to disappear? A promise is a promise. I seized her tights and unintentionally hooked together with them on panties what she reacted with blow in my palm to. Having pulled together tights, I continued to do what did. Now I sucked each finger, delivering her it, apparently, an incomparable high. I felt her at this so imperious moment, and had from it double feeling: on the one hand, madly it was pleasant to me, with another – me it simply irritated. I with her became more gentle, the second leg she began to caress my hair, to drive on cheeks, a neck, a breast, continuing to bite lips and to caress a breast … To kiss her the Piglet, a foot, it was pleasant to me most of all though the posasyvaniye of her fingers brought her bigger pleasure. I took both of her feet and again inhaled their smell a full breast. — And really all this that you so wanted? – discontentedly she asked. — Actually not — I told. I directed her a foot down, undid a fly and touched with these cold legs with a standing dick for a long time … And so it was pleasant to me that from excitement the head already began to spin! I, without thinking twice, caught it stupnyam the dick and began to jerk off them. Natasha switched from a breast to the pussy and began to finger the clitoris, biting lips is stronger and stronger. From overexcitation I terminated very quickly, and the thin, viscous stream breakthroughs poured out on a stomach and Natasha's breast … Having a little recovered the breath, Natasha asked again: "And all this what you dreamed of?" In me the passion blazed, I remembered the whole those slipshod years of the life, laughed and exclaimed: "Well isn't present!" I remembered how I fucked all those maids who also weren't necessary to me. I remembered how I exactly fucked them. With some share of hatred, perhaps. I broke pants from Natasha and threw her legs to myself on shoulders. She slightly was frightened – it was visible on the person. I nestled on her pussy the we heat and still a standing dick. She sharply inhaled also a zaumolyal: "Enter, enter!". She groped my dick and sent to herself, but I opposed. She beggarly moaned: "Give, give! Where you there?! I want you, now!". — You – that? — I want you! — Yes? — Yes! — I so don't think! — I want you! – already almost she shouted. — Please … — No — it gave pleasure to me to watch it. Never before any girl so asked my dick. — Vyeb me already! After these words I sharply entered her. At Natasha the head began to spin, she bit lips nearly till it bleeds, she even itself did movements by a basin towards to me, periodically whispering: "Fuck me … Fuck me …". Natasha pounded a cum on the breast, and other hand began to finger a clitoris. Now she groans, shouts … She attracted my hand to the person and began to suck my fingers, but was all the same heard as loudly she groans. When Natasha rather strongly licked my fingers, I began to tease her and to drive a finger on her buttocks what she reacted unfriendly to. — It isn't necessary! Please, only not there! I added the second finger and continued to do circular motions on her buttocks. Entreaties were replaced: — Only don't enter … I began to fuck her more roughly, her hand fingered a clitoris quicker and quicker, and soon she whispered: — Only … not … it is sharp … My middle finger began to rush into her buttocks … It moaned heavier, movements by a basin slowed down, but became deeper. I caught it a leg and to switch her attention, started over again sucking fingers and to kiss her the Piglet, and when she again, without thinking of anything, continued to receive a high, I stopped an impact on her buttocks and started circular motions by a finger over again. I knew what she will make so. She sharply moved in my party and I managed to notice only with what ease my finger rushed into her buttocks. She only also groaned: "Quicker, quicker, more deeply". What it were pleasant groans! Soon I felt approach of the next orgasm. She felt him too and begged not to stop but only to accelerate. It was the real problem. I couldn't leave such bright sex without orgasm from her party. I accelerated, but was intense – I didn't want that Natasha became pregnant on the second year. And here she whispered: — Concha in me … I want to feel it … — You went crazy! And if you fly? — I took a pill … I accelerated, and we soon terminated at the same time … I fell on her breast, continuing to do absolutely slow movements in it why she quietly moaned. In such situation we also fell asleep. Natasha woke up slightly earlier. She descended in a shower, and, having returned, told me: — A promise is a promise! Get on pants and help me to be tidied up! I smiled, put on and gently kissed Natasha on a mouth. relationship quotes with images dateline quitman texas site mapMain Page