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It was long ago in my student's years when I studied at teacher training college on a third year. In group there was a vast majority of girls, and us three guys. I was very much attracted by female beauty, and I very much liked to peep at naked girls and of course under their skirts. Somehow time after the last couple of exercises, the girl is sent to change clothes in a locker room and I of course decided to seize the moment. While I observed through a keyhole on the changing clothes girls, didn't even notice as quietly 4 more girls from our group behind approached. — Well, and that you do here!? — Natasha barked at me. I from surprise jumped aside from a door, and scaredly looking back at all girls, hung the head down. From confusion I didn't even know as to answer Natasha. Natasha was very high (higher than 180), athletic constitutions the girl, she was a Master of Sports in rowing. In comparison with Natasha I was one head lower, thin, and seemed for her a little chicken. — So what do you do here, the voyeur damned!? Again Natasha blurted out and seized me by a collar. Long without thinking, Natasha opened a door in a locker room and threw me inside where girls changed clothes. From unexpectedness of the girl began to squeal and shouted at me. — Quietly without panic! We have in group a masturbator and the voyeur appeared! — Looking at me Natasha told. — Yes, he to little girls under skirts looks for a long time! Someone stated from crowd of girls. Many girls having already changed clothes left, and I sat down on a bench and having become dejected looked in a floor without raising eyes. It was very a shame to me. Natasha closed a door from within a locker room and too changed clothes together with other 3 girls. — Well now you have to wash away guilt! If you never saw female pussies, then will humour me language now! Smiling, Natasha tenderly said. On her eyes it was clear that she loves very much this type of sex. I reddened and began to tremble when heard that I should otlizyvat to Natasha, and to an orgasm. Here I sharply jerked to a door trying to escape, but Natasha quickly understood my intentions and set to me an elbow bluntly. From blow I fell in a knockout to a floor, and Natasha turned me a leg so that I lay on a back. Natasha got up over my breast and the head, pressing legs to a floor my hands. — Ah you are what bright, wanted to escape?! — Here at first you will make to me pleasantly, and then you will go home! Girls stood and looked at me, something among themselves whispered and giggled. And I mechanically looked to Natasha under a skirt, admiring her powerful thighs and lacy panties. Natasha sat down on hunkers took my head in the strong hand and attracted to the perineum. I felt a smell of her allocations and it even made horney me. Then Natasha held my head with the right hand, and the left hand shifted panties aside. I needed to do nothing, and I obediently began to drive gently a uvula up-down all vulva of Natasha. Then Natasha kneeled and looking at me told: — Yes you are a good fellow, not bad you try! — Good fellow, good girl. Then I turned to girls who admired over the events and joyfully I told: — Little girls and me it seems that it was pleasant to him, to humour language there! And really it made horney me. Natasha enclosed a package of things under my head, got on feet and removed panties. More she didn't press my hands to a floor and again kneeled, squatting the beauty on my uvula. And I free hands embraced for a wide bottom of Natasha and held that she not strongly pressed on my person. Farther I began to lick gently her small vulvar lips and of course a clitoris. And Natasha gasping and squealing of course it very much I estimated. — Oh-oh-oh as cool you to me lick! Ah as it is healthy! Good fellow, very pleasant! And other girls stood and looked at all these events. I understood that I got and that not only Natasha, but also all other girls should otlizyvat. Several minutes having licked a clitoris, I dipped language into Natasha's vagina and properly there poshustrit. — Oh as it is healthy and pleasant, you so well do it! I will never forget such pleasure! And after a vagina I began to lick her clitoris gently again. — Now don't stop so far I won't terminate, give more and more! Lick quicker! Аааай! Aay-aaaay! Having closed eyes Natasha squealed. In several seconds I felt as her vagina began to be reduced and Natasha's body began to shiver convulsively from pleasure. It too very much made horney me, and my trousers began to rise foully shalashiky in a groin. And Natasha having still sat a couple of minutes on my face, I got up and I took seat on a bench, and I began to put on panties. relationship quotes that hit hard bgmi launch date in india site mapMain Page