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What happened to me happened in army. Now I am 25 years old, and exactly 7 years ago of me made at first the girl the fellationist, and then the woman. Here is how it was. I grew up without father and mother, they are drunks. the grandmother brought up, from the moment of puberty I began (began) to notice that I resemble the girl than the guy, narrow shoulders, long slender gentle fingers, and a figure in a waist 62 in hips 84 — 86, the size of a leg of the 40th and very small пися only 5 cm with one tiny ball more. I studied in Bursa, I practised a vocal and music I played on phono, and then I was called up for military service. I pulled service on the ground, there we were 12 soldiers, officers didn't appear for weeks there, we did any targets, children began it to notice my appearance at once, at first joked cool You are Yura, from a back the little girl. And here, after the next campaign of children on the station in 20 km, from the ground, they dragged a big plastic thick suitcase on castors. And I was called in the car, there were demobees Slavik and Seryozha, about also Stas, he studied in theatrical school and he was expelled for a fight, before them the open suitcase in which there was a heap of accurately put female things, from stockings, panty hoses of panties, 2 couples a shoe on hairpins red and black, boots jack boots, 3 evening dresses, any blouses brassieres, a big cosmetics bag with everything that is necessary for the woman, 4 wigs, black for a caret, white with a braid to a belt lay. red with a wave and long direct fair-haired. Stas told at once that we decided to make the girl of you, you will change clothes and we awake to jerk off on you. I refused and then they began to beat me, but isn't really strong, and I having begun to cry agreed. Stas began to change clothes of me, he told me to be washed I made it, then he told to dress black female panties in lace, and before it to clamp писю between legs, panties attracted her, and I began to turn slowly into the girl, then I put on a brassiere, the former owner had boobies of the 3rd size maybe more, Stas in condoms stuffed cotton wool, and enclosed in a brassiere. now I had a breast, all this time I did it crying, then glory helped me to put on a corbel, and showed how to put on black stockings, the first at me didn't manage to be dressed at once, I already dressed the second itself having sat down on a bed, at the same time Stas said that not a pidor I hour, and don't break I for a blezira. Then he pulled out accurately put evening a black dress, it was very beautiful decollete on a back to the daddy and a cut on the left leg, I stood now and looked in a mirror and saw the beautiful dressed girl for a VIP-party or a graduation party. After that Stas began to do a make-up on me, he decided that I will be with a fair-haired braid, after targeting of a make-up, shadows of a sticker of eyelashes, processed a neck and my tummy spirits, I already was for 100% a little girl, it was necessary to put on shoes, at the Former hostess the size was sensitive more than mine, I stood on heels in the first, but having passed a boundary of beds in mind remembering as go, models at once simulated gait, at me turned out, I was reported about it by Stas. Well went Stas told, and I entered the next car, children sat all naked and looked at a porno on the video player and jerked off, having seen me all of them became silent, And I having seen their dicks stood and looked, the biggest Sergey had 24 — 26 cm, at Slavik 24, and at the others up to 20 cm. Children began to jerk off intensively, and here I approached Sergey bent also a gentle voice, and I was able to do it as was engaged in singing, asked and want I "HIM", I will kiss, and itself kissed this phallus, then in turn all others, well as after that to call you Stas asked — Wriggling I answered. This night all children terminated to me in a mouth, I sucked with ecstasy. After that I didn't begin to go to the ground for work, cared in shape but on there was no women's clothing, to me allocated behind a shirmochka a bed, children even left when I said that I should change clothes. I cooked food from rations, washed their footcloths pants, socks, and in the evenings they when in yours when on the single came to me for a shirmochka and I at them sucked, I learned to do a make-up to change clothes, I sang to children romances they applauded me. And once Slavik showed, Yulya is time to become you a woman he left on a demobilization, I understood everything this May night I in the first gave to the man пв buttocks, his 24 cm, not at once I was pierced the beginning he to me made, like "cunnilingus" softened my buttocks the uvula. For this purpose I changed clothes in a white dress and looked as the bride. This evening all children loved me in buttocks. here I VS HISTORY. relationship quotes tagalog date calculator video site mapMain Page