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I remember one of many sweet moments when I was a woman... I already quite often changed clothes in a women's clothing (I bought on the scanty grant), but never before went out of the apartment. And here I was solved, at last. I took a shower, I made up as could, I fitted a blond wig. I stuck false nails. Slowly, with taste I pull stockings, I fasten to a very narrow corbel, I put on a short skirt. Brassiere, blouse with long sleeves. all seems! I look in a mirror. Class! As the first exit is disturbing! Heart is torn from a breast! Here is sidewise, on steps I go down from the third floor, I stand at an entrance door of an entrance, I listen. quietly. Carefully, the shivering hands I open a door... I left. On the street it is dark and deserted. I am indecisively trampled down at an entrance, but there is already a wish bigger. I go, I came for a house corner. To go further? There is nobody, but suddenly someone will leave an entrance? I am solved... I turn for the house and I go, short short steps, pressing legs that the dick clamped between legs rubbed about stockings... now I will terminate! I stop, I take rest. I calmed down, I went further. Again I turn for a corner and I already go to the entrance, having bypassed the house on the other hand. Shoot! The extreme entrance has two unfamiliar guys and smoke. I try to keep to the uvereena, I go looking direct before myself. I pass by... I feel - stare. Carried by? - Girl, and girl! Tell, what time is it? What to do? Silently I shrug shoulders, I don't know like, and I go further... - Girl, postoyta! Let's get acquainted. I Yura am called, and his Andrukha. And you? Children are slightly tipsy, by sight normal guys, not jerks... I decided to risk - Tanya - whispered I. It turned out more or less tolerably. - Tanya? And why it is so silent? Again I shrug shoulders... - What beautiful legs at you - a voice of other guy, Andrey. Sweet languor... the dick seeks outside... I turned the head to Andrey and I smiled... - Tanya, can you will come to us? At us it is cheerful, is what to drink and eat - This is already Yura... - No, thanks - I whispered again. At the same time I a hand touched a throat, letting know that I am chilled so I have such low and hoarse voice... - - Beer cold saw? - Andrey hokhotnut - we Will go, we will drink a shot glass of vodka and all as a hand will remove. Now there will be my entrance. I can't come there at them. I stopped at the next entrance, раздумавыя. Bench. I sit down on it... Guys exchanged glances also mudflows near both parties. But at distance... Guys are good, don't become impudent... I threw a leg on a leg... - Give a sigarette - I asked? Yura began to rummage fussy on pockets, got cigarettes. I took, he brought the lighter... I lit... False pink nails, brilliant varnish, ringlets on fingers... I smoke, gracefully I shake ashes. Children dart horney glances at my legs... To Poprokaznichat? As though inadvertently an elbow slightly I lift up a skirt... I dart a sidelong glance at legs... Now they will see that I wear stockings... I smile. Having smoked, I resolutely get up, I shake off a skirt. - Excuse children, but I went - I in a whisper speak... Idiotically, it has to be seems from outside... - And kiss at parting? I thought. - All right. Only promise that after that we will disperse in different directions? Andrey hemmed. - Well - having kept silent, with astonishment произнёл Yura. I approached him, resolutely threw hands to him shoulders, and, having opened the lips which are made up by sweetish lipstick clung to his lips. The kiss was long... His language came on a visit to my mouth, on the contrary. His hands went down from my waist below and strong squeezed my buttocks... But all good comes to an end... The stunned Yura's face... - Great! And here I terminated... the dense warm cum on legs began to flow down... Strong I press legs to each other. There is a devil! If only didn't notice! - Now I! - Andrey exclaimed... There is nothing to do, it is necessary to get off them somewhat quicker. He clasped with palms my bottom at once... I embraced him for a neck and we stuck each other into lips... Tobacco taste... And he is more impudent. His hands of a poddyornula a skirt above, and went down below. and now his palms lay on an edge of my stockings. podlezl under a side elastic band from a belt... I recoiled. - Enough! In total children - it turned out too hoarsely...-As we agree, disperse... I was developed and without looking back, resolutely approached the entrance, entered, and... run, stumbling on heels I rushed to the apartment... relationship quotes on cheating dateline interviewers site mapMain Page