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I dry wiped a floor and walls, was once again rinsed under a shower, dressed a suit of the maid and brushed the hair. I didn't begin to put on panties, my "vagina" has to be readily available for the member Gospozhi. In the bathroom there were two dressing tables: one - from a tree, with a big figured pier glass, and the second - plastic, with a simple square mirror. The surface wooden was with the inlaid inscription: "Madam Lena", and on a mirror of the second by lipstick it was removed: "For whores". I took seat for a plastic table and made up sponges. Then I brushed the hair. I got up, it was twisted in front of the mirror. The short skirt didn't hide my chlenik chained in "a chastity belt", my seductive daddies. I gathered a little oil-lotion on a finger and properly greased the anus. From penetration of a finger into "vagina", my dick I began to rise. I removed lotion and lipstick in a table and hurried to the bedroom. Having come into the bedroom, I saw that without me nobody lingered. On a big bed, on a back, naked Nadia with the fastened strap-on on which Natashenka in a white lacy bodistoking jumped lay. Madam Lena, in black openwork stockings, sat on the face of Nadia who licked her an anus. The member Gospozhi stuck out forward, and Natasha, having bent, sucked him, without forgetting to be stuck on mother's strap-on. - Come, the slave, lay down here, - Lena invited me. - Well, you are two whores, be interchanged the position! Now Natasha lay on a back and licked Gospozhi's hole, and Nadia jumped on Natasha's phallus. The member Gospozhi attracted me, and I, having been selected sideways, took away flesh of Lena in a mouth. - Yes, suck, the prostitute! - Madam exhaled. - You begin to understand the place! Give, suck, damn! Swallow more deeply! I didn't need her urgings on: I so liked to suck Lenochkin a dick that I was ready to do it the whole eternity! Natasha continued to hollow language a bunghole of Madam, stimulating her excitement. At this time Nadia, without remembering itself, I jumped on the dick of the daughter, both hands massing the full boobies, and the left hand of Natasha jerked off the sticking-out Nadia's clitoris. When I came off for several seconds a chlenik of Madam to inhale air, I saw this huge clitoris, more similar to a tiny dick. It was almost in two centimeters in length and almost about a little finger thickness. Natasha's fingers skillfully pounded him, driving the woman mad. - There is enough! - Lena told me. - Leave to a few other whores! I reluctantly released her head from a mouth. Right there Nadia bent forward and began to suck diligently. - And you, the whore, lick her a back hole! - Madam ordered to me. I moved for a back of the woman and saw her big swarty rolls. Over them there passed the narrow strip of untanned skin - it is visible, Nadia carried very thin panties on the beach. I carefully moved apart her buttocks and saw a big hole of an anus. It was very well developed. Natasha's mother, has to be, I never refused anal sex. I got language into her hole. Having felt my language in the anus, Nadia got nervous as she in an attack, and began to yell though her mouth was busy with a chlenik of Madam. I saw how she fell down on one side and calmed down. Natashenka got out from under magnificent hips of mother, kneelt over her fine body and began to masturbate. Soon the cum of my darling rushed on breasts and Nadia's stomach. Lena, without wasting time, it was attached to the Natashiny bum and I stuck into her the phallus. Natasha gasped with pain. Lena slapped her in a bum: - Suffer, the slave! Your prostitute mother didn't manage to force me to terminate, fell down in a faint so you will work instead of her! And well to get up on all fours! Here so! Well, you feel how I pull you? It is pleasant to you? - Yes, Lena, darling! - Natashenka groaned. - You so well do! I am your girl, your nipple! - Zhenya, lick her dick that she didn't splash a cum, - Madam ordered me. I crept up under Natashin a stomach and clasped with sponges her dangling dick. In I am mute there was still some quantity of a cum, and I with pleasure exhausted it. Then I licked Natashina balls and, at last, having pushed the head in her perineum, began to lick the big balls of Madam which were dangling backwards-forward when Lena was included into Natasha and left back. - No, so it is no good, - the voice of Lena was heard. - Lick my anus, the prostitute! I understood that today Lena specially suited for me day of humiliations that the new slave remembered the situation in this house. I had no choice. I kneelt behind Madam and clung language to her anal hole. As well as at Nadia, the anus of Lena was so well stretched that my uvula without effort entered inside. Lena continued to stick Natasha as if without feeling as I caress her back. Soon her movements became more convulsive, and suddenly she got the right hand for a back and as if pressed my head to itself between rolls! I understood that she cums. In the same second, she pushed away Natashenka, sharply turned, and her dick appeared before my open mouth. From a thick head the elastic stream struck. - Don't close companies! Swallow, damn! - the imperative hail of Gospozhi was distributed. I obediently swallowed, even without thinking to protest. All my face was filled in with a dense Lenochkiny cum. Then the member Gospozhi was replaced by Natasha's chlenik who Nadia's hand gently caressed. As I waited for it! My girl spread my mouth on the gentle head, and her sweet cum began to flow to me in a throat. - And now, - Madam told, - which of you, slaves, will pinch mine cums from Zhenechka's face? Instead of the answer, Nadia and Natasha began to lick my person as if an ice cream briquette. Especially Nadia tried, and Natasha with tenderness kissed me on the lips, enjoying taste of own cum at me in a mouth. - Very well, - Madam told. - By the way, Nadia, you didn't use a hole of your new girlfriend? This annoying omission: and I, and Natasha already visited her. Now your turn. The main thing, use a toy more thickly. - I thank you, Madam! - Nadia answered and gave smacking kiss Lena in a head. Natasha got several strap-ons from a locker. Nadia chose a pink dildoe in thickness three fingers and about twenty centimeters in length. Natasha helped mother to fasten this miracle to a belt. I tried to protest, but Lena hit me on a face: - Shut up, the prostitute! I want that Nadia fucked you in your vagina this handsome. Will you dare to break my will? Lay down on a stomach, I order you! Natasha enclosed me under a stomach a big pillow that it was more convenient to use my defenseless anus. Nadia's hands lifted up to me a skirt and began to mass buttocks. Soon her fingers got into me. - There it is already greased, - Nadia laughed. - Now, the girl, your hole will receive that she so wants! - No, I ask you! - I begged. - And that you hadn't to idle, we with Natasha will allow you to jerk off us! - ruthlessly Madam told me. They with Natashenka settled before me on a lap, and I took their dicks in hand. Nadia began to press a head of the strap-on into my "vagina". It was the real torture though my back was already stretched by Natasha and Lena's dicks. I seized teeth a pillow not to shout from pain. - Jerk off, the whore! - Lena ordered. I began to work hands. Dicks of girls were right there poured by force. - The head entered! - Nadia reported. - Relax, Zhenechka, will be easier now! And the strap-on began to move ahead in me. Pain weakened a little, but I didn't feel all the same any pleasure. I continued to jerk off dicks of girls, and they behaved at this time so as if I wasn't near. - Let's fuck each other fingers in anuses, - Lena offered Natasha. - Yes, Madam, - my darling agreed. I couldn't see what they did, but, apparently, everyone implanted into another a forefinger. They began to kiss. Me the whole scale of feelings - humiliation, pain, sweet love languor and jealousy seized. Nadia continued to pull me on the strap-on, it seemed to me as if she pierced me to the stomach. Soon her pubis nestled on my bottom. I couldn't believe - all twenty centimeters were in me! Nadia waited several minutes, then, according to the sign of Madam, began sharp movements to snoshat my back. Lena slapped me in a back: - Why stopped?! Jerk off our dicks, the whore! I obediently jerked off Gospozhu and Natasha. My own chlenik was broken off from excitement. I tried to rub him about a pillow, but nothing from this turned out: I stirred "a chastity belt". Meanwhile, Nadia pulled hard a stomach and a breast on my back and seized me by artificial boobies, continuing to move hips. Predo me Madam kissed Natashenka, and I jerked off their chleniki, trying to send them to myself to a face. The first Natashenka terminated. The stream of a cum struck to me in the left cheek. I held up a mouth, and the second stream fell victim to the tongue of me. Lena couldn't terminate everything, and Natashenka began to help me to jerk off Madam. In two hands we brought her to an orgasm: Lena obkonchat to me all person. After that they turned me on a back, Nadia put my legs to herself on shoulders and with a new force began to develop my tormented "vagina", and Lena and Natasha from two parties put the dicks to me in a mouth. I terminated when sucked Natasha's chlenik. My dress of the maid was filled plentifully in with my cum. Nadia unfastened the strap-on, having left an artificial dick in me, and itself moved forward and took seat to me on the person. Her fine clitoris appeared at me in a mouth. I began to suck round and lick him. My language got between full vulvar lips. Nadia twitched in ecstasy. She terminated two times, sitting on me. Then she told that she wants to write. They lifted me from a bed and, still, with an artificial dick in an anus, drove to the bathroom. In a shower cabin I laid down on a floor, Nadia took seat on hunkers over my person, and to me in a mouth hot urine poured down. After Nadia was facilitated, she was replaced by Lena. She inserted a dick to me into a mouth and ordered to swallow of her urine. I obediently swallowed. Natashenka was limited to what peed to me on a dick and on a stomach. I lay on a floor, all in urine and a cum. Madam ordered me to make toilet and to wash a dress. All three went back to the bedroom, and soon I heard Natashenka's shouts from there. After I washed a dress of the maid and hung up it to dry, Madam sent me home. Mother met me by gentle kiss on the lips and exclamation "My little whore returned!". Mother was absolutely naked, has to be specially undressed to emphasize the inaccessibility to my dick - Strip to the skin and tell how spent time. I took off from myself all clothes and told how I was used. While I spoke, mother lay before me on a bed and frankly masturbated. - So you say: you all three: in both holes? - she specified by the interrupted voice when I finished the story. - Yes, mummy. - And, of course, it was pleasant to you? - Very much! It was fine: - Oh, I represent! Did you, probably, haven't to have a rest at all, my girl? - Yes: - Well, lay down here. On a stomach. Now I will make to you massage: I settled on a bed. Mother got body cream, took seat to me on hips and began to mass my back. It was very pleasant. Her gentle hands gradually went down below and below. Here they already warm up buttocks. Soon one finger got into my anus, he moved in me, to him one more increased: I involuntarily twisted the daddy. - Yes, the girl, you stretched very diligently. As though especially for me. Won't you, of course, be minds if your mother uses your gentle hole too? - Yes, darling, take me! I am your daughter, your whore! - Now, native: here I will only fasten a strap-on more thickly: Mother plentifully greased my anus, and in a minute her strap-on entered me! Mother lay on me and quickly moved hips to and fro. relationship quotes love dateline black swan site mapMain Page