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I have a little non-standard concept about love and sex. For me it is much more important to touch the girl, to rumple her, to do massage. To do pleasant to her. To kiss and other, sex for me is of a little secondary importance. To me 19, my height of 175 cm, weight is about 80 kg. I go to a rocking chair. To my parents for 38 years, however to the wife of the father 30 (I snatched very young:) they lived 3 years together. I will describe her: call her Ania, thin, height of 180 cm. A big breast (4.5) which as not regrettably drooped, but it isn't critical, and it has thin buttocks. A relationship with the father, in respect of sex, at them rather intense: he blyadstvut, and her without sex of norms. So always it seemed to me. On some circumstances I had to move temporarily to the father, approximately for a month. I arrived on Friday, right after study. There were 4 couples, and I was quite tired. On arrival I decided not to move the necessary things from the car, and just to go to bed. I woke up from that as slapped a door, Ania came. I greeted her on what she told that the father won't come home since he has a blockage at work. I decided to begin to move things from the car. When I brought new party of things, I began to notice that Ania gets drunk. When I finished she was decently drunk. Though at that moment to me was it is all the same. But I without ulterior motive thrust with it to the room since in my room from all entertainments there was only a sofa so far. She of course resolved and we settled on a bed and began to watch TV. After a while I noticed that she fell asleep. Besides, me at first was it is all the same, and then I thought on a subject … Since I had no girl about half a year. We lay under different blankets. I slightly pushed her to be convinced that she sleeps. By the way she was in a night dress and under her had only panties. It was noticeable. She didn't give signs of wakefulness and I began to pull together slightly from her a blanket, I removed a blanket to a breast and took them in hand. They were very soft and to me it was fine, but she sharply turned over sideways. I didn't become puzzled because she bared buttocks. I raised her night dress and saw pink thongs. I wanted to remove them, however it seemed to me that having removed them I will wake it. Therefore I shifted them and saw that Ania watches herself since saw that the pussy is shaved and washed up. I massaged it a little and it became hotter. I stopped because Ania laid down on a stomach completely having thrown off from herself a blanket. I wildly wanted to get into her, but I understood that I will wake her thereby, and in fact sex with her is forbidden. Therefore having jerked off and помацав her a little more I left the room having covered her. In the morning she told me that she very well slept at night and since the father shouldn't have arrived suggested to go with her on shops. Products, and I providently took 2 bottles of Martini and she needed some clothes. Having gathered a heap of products we went to clothing stores. We chose with it jackets, trousers. In general full ranges of clothes and it was glad to my estimates because with the father they practically didn't go shopping. Then she asked me to go to the car, and itself returned approximately in minutes 40. With one ordinary-looking package, on a question that in him she told that it isn't important. I didn't begin to insist. On arrival home already darkened and we drank together. I went to connect the computer, and Ania cleaned up in kitchen. When I stopped connecting a volume sound 7.1 (rather powerful system for the apartment) Ania came and asked a little music. I wasn't minds though Ania was already in a tipsy state. During listening of music she began to cry on a subject that the father doesn't love her and I embraced her and began to calm. Though I allowed her to cry much at this time I slightly touched her breast, but isn't noticeable enough since I stroked her hand. I decided to act. I got up and began to do her massage of shoulders. She relaxed and began to smile. I went down a little and massaged her hands and sides. She wanted to tell me something, but I interrupted her and asked to keep silent 10 minutes. While I massaged her a back I stroked dimples in a lower back, I perfectly knew that it wildly makes horney women. I decided and raised the hands on a back to the area of a breast. Also I started anew to touch her breast, then even more often, she wanted to tell something again I killed her under a pretext that 10 minutes didn't pass yet. She became silent and began to derive pleasure, and I suddenly even for myself took her for a breast. She moved a little, but at once ceased to resist my actions. It was pleasant to her. I touched her, derived heavenly pleasure. My dick stood as mad. She got up from a stool and told me to wait for her in the bedroom. I went to the room, but decided not to undress and to do nothing except how to turn on the TV and to make it brighter, I wanted the best to see it. Through a few time it came. She put on smart lace lingerie with stockings without belt which she as told bought today. I was strongly made horney from her look, and suggested to continue massage. She was surprised a little, but didn't begin to refuse. She laid down on a stomach in the middle of a bed. The look behind me just excited her. My dick stood as a stake. I all this time was in shorts and a t-shirt. I sat down on her so my friend exactly rested her against buttocks and began massage. During massage I rubbed about her buttocks. I saw as to it it becomes good from what to me it was also very good, I didn't force an event, and it included the little fool of t. to, she asked that she rests against her there. Though the answer was known to all, I kept silent. I told her to lay down on a back because massage is in front also necessary. While she turned over I managed to notice a small wet spot on a bed in buttocks. It very much was pleasant to me also for a trick I and itself the pier decided to include the little fool what there? She laughed. She also saw a strut because the unit rather big. But I was unperturbable and continued massage, during massage I touched a breast through linen and therefore I undid it (the fastener in front was) it reacted unexpectedly and demanded from me that I undressed. I undressed to pants. She didn't look away from me and from pants more precisely from that as they puffed up. But I continued massage. Well as massage, now I was only played with boobs. And here I didn't keep the beginnings greedy to pull together from her panties and not less greedy I stuck lips into her pussy. She all burned and here Ania began to tremble all and got nervous. I understood that it was the orgasm. For a while I switched to her breast and here it nearly shouting told that I would insert into her the dick. I languidly threw her legs to myself for shoulders and entered her. She was very hard. It very much was pleasant to me and I began to move quickly. She terminated once again, and I continued to fuck her. A little bit later I began to cum and she terminated together with me once again. Already the third. I was delighted since it is the first girl who with me terminated several times. We laid down nearby and were covered with a blanket. I asked her as to her? She answered that she is happy on light. And a little later she began to be cried to me and to apologize for everything since she had no sex slightly more than a year and that we couldn't do all this. I stopped her speech a passionate kiss. She reciprocated. I began to be made horney again and told her about it on what she silently got up dog-fashion to me. And having got as though long ago the prepared vaseline jar also I asked to grease her buttocks. I made it and understood what she wants. I smeared the dick and began to get slowly to her into buttocks. It was sore with her, but I kissed her and slowly moved. Several minutes later I understood that it is possible to increase speed, pain left her face and began to be replaced by a smile. I long fucked her since didn't want to seem skorostrely, the method was simple. I began to solve examples in mind without distracting from movements by a basin. Helps by the way. She wanted to replace a pose and we laid down sideways. I raised her leg and got into buttocks. She loudly moaned and almost at once terminated. Sharply I moved, I left her, she led me in a bathtub. She carefully washed our bodies. We returned to the bedroom. I laid down on a back and it began to suck my dick very vigorously. I lay and derived pleasure. I terminated, she went to the bathroom and returned washed and in a silk and brilliant night dress on a naked body. We lay and derived pleasure. She told that she woke up yesterday when I touched her buttocks and slightly moving her thongs. She then very much got excited with massage of the pussy, but didn't begin to give a look that woke up not to frighten off and accidentally laid down on a stomach having thrown off a blanket on a floor. As I then suspected nothing, still I am surprised. She told that she very much wanted that I got into her still then. And when I began to jerk off she decided not to give a sign and in her head the plan was born. Which happened to us, and as a last resort she bought this smart linen and decided that she will just come to me in it, and will sit down to me on knees and will kiss me taking me by hands driving them on the body. But A. I plan worked we began to fall asleep since on hours there was a sex of the fourth. We quickly fell asleep in an embrace, I didn't release her breast. It was pleasant to me all that time that I know Ania and I didn't want never to release her. In the morning of Sunday I woke up one and heard as Ania rustles in kitchen and something fries. I put pants with shorts and left to her. Having approached her I embraced her and kissed what it stretched in a smile for. She was still in this smart night dress and I wanted continuation directly here and now. Since the father had to return only in the evening (I by the way doubt that he was at work) we merged in a kiss. I put her on a table and having lowered shorts began to fuck her. She loudly groaned and we quickly enough at the same time terminated. She laid down on a table and seemed to me powerless, but very happy. I carried her on hands in a bed on the way целовав her. I got prepared what she began to prepare and brought her in bed. We ate and began to watch TV. Ania very quickly fell asleep. I having embraced her I breathed her and thoughtlessly I looked in the TV and at her. I having given in to the love to her breast I took her and slightly I massed trying not to wake. It was wildly pleasant. Knowing that the father had to come soon I left from so desired body and went to play on the computer. As knew, in about 30 minutes the father came. Meanwhile time was practically the 5th evenings. We drank a little and dispersed on rooms. Ania woke up and greeted him, asked as at work, they by the way long communicated on this subject. I returned to a game and as soon as the father fell asleep, Ania came to me and told that it is our secret what I naturally agreed to. She left and a little bit later returned in a sexy underwear, also bought yesterday. In it she was charming! We began to kiss and undress each other greedy. She asked massage as yesterday. I wasn't minds and it is more important to rumple the girlfriend to me sex with her. I did her massage at the same time my dick rested against her and it was very strong. I decided to massage her buttocks and legs. I massed one hand, and the second I got into her pussy two fingers and moved a hand. She rolled in a high (all girls to whom I did massage derived blissful pleasure) and I didn't stop. And she repeated the yesterday's speech, only already in a whisper that I didn't weary with sex. I laid down on a back and I told that she would make everything. It moved very slowly, and I rumpled her breast at this time. For these days off I just became attached to these two creations. I didn't want to release them. Never. In about 20 minutes she terminated, she got down from me and began me to suck. As I terminated, she went to the bathroom and returned. She told that I to someone she gave the first in buttocks and sucked. I answered with a revelation a revelation having told that she is the first girl who got with me several orgasms at once. She began to smile and сходив having changed clothes in a usual night dress, left to sleep to the father. Next day I after study came for it for work. We went home, but driving up to the house she told that she very much wants in the car. I not at her had no sex in the car. We went to the outskirts and the benefit the car of a zatonirovan not in accordance with GOST. And a zatonirovana completely except a windshield. We began to kiss and almost dressed began to fuck. It was super! Having finished the act, we went home. The car of the father wasn't. It is good, it isn't necessary to lie why so late. As soon as came into the apartment the father called and told that he won't arrive home. The blockage at work isn't sorted, and still it will need to go to a business trip for two weeks, since Thursday. I was madly glad to it. We have supper and went to bed. Without everything. Without sex and massage. We just slept. It was very pleasant simple to sleep in an embrace stark naked. Till Thursday we restrained and when we knew that the father won't arrive we fucked all evening. So there passed two weeks. We were madly happy. On arrival the father invited Ania in cafe, only together. At once it became clear to us with her why. He suggested her to divorce having explained it with lack of sex with her and that all his business trips and delays at work were held at the mistress. Now we with Ania live together slightly more than a year. The father appeared not against all this though at first we hid it. We will get married soon and we wait for the tot. Every evening with her the best. Though mother began to hate me for the fact that I live with Ania. Her will. Ania knows about the story and told that she doesn't mind. I changed her name, and you don't recognize mine. P.S. I apologize for mistakes. relationship quotes communication gurpurab 2022 date in india calendar site mapMain Page