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It is only test of a feather. I ask, you judge strictly. Can be then in further I will be able to please you with more high-quality work. The agency was known in narrow circles as office which is capable to satisfy any inquiries and needs of the clients. Certainly, if they had means and sufficient social situation not to receive turn from gate, without reaching reception. A the difference of tastes generates demand for any goods therefore, someone the person of any appearance, a floor, nationality and age could become the employee in the agency, however to the new worker strict and uncommon requirements were shown. Be that readiness for a fisting or the intercourse with animals. No the people having physical defects and deviations have the special status the passion object is more unusual, the big money it is ready to pay eager for him. Maxim was as time such "object". For the account of the postponed rickets in 19 years he was an owner of growth in 155 centimeters, a hollow chest cage and the deformed extremities, in 14 years unsuccessful merrymakings at a railway track deprived of him the left leg above a knee, an uncured orkhit made him actually the eunuch. What, such job quite good help for the disabled person, whether so? New client The room was entered by Stanislava, the manager under whose protection was Maxim: — Max, today your day. The new client for all night. From wishes: the full humility and a maiden image, a crutch by the way isn't required today to you. You will respond on a name Maria. — At us or at him? — Na today at us, the 14th room. Na collecting hour. Nesmotrya on efforts of the visagiste Maxim looked is more frightening. The such brown-eyed prostitute in a tunic and a shoe on low to the course escaped from cabinet of curiosities. From linen he prefers panties Tanga at the same time capable to emphasize rotundity of buttocks and to hide his rudimental sexual organs. It was necessary to reach the hall of meetings, holding a wall and hopping on the only leg, not the best way to show goods, but such is will of the client who by the way was the man of years of 35, very pleasant on a look. In a measure the well-fed blue-eyed brown-haired person with the gray hair which is making the way on temples and the face shaved to creaking smoothness. — Alexander. Will pleasantly get acquainted. — Mutually. Maria, it is possible just Masha. Approach of awkward silence was interfered by Stanislava possessing a rare gift how to merge with a background of walls, so and to appear in the field of sight as the devil from a snuffbox: — Alexander Veniaminovitch, from a name of our organization still time I welcome you in walls of our modest temple and I entrust you in guardianship Marishi, it will answer all your questions and will forward to your room. — That, thanks I think further we indeed will cope, prior to a fast meeting. In the room — Alexander Veniaminovitch I have to acquaint you with three moments regarding your pastime so me: 1. Everything that is in this room including me enters the cost of services which you paid, so that nobody will make out a bill for damage of property to you. 2. Phone on a bedside bedside table is connected only with a reception if to you that-to is required just lift a tube. 3. Before the expiration of term of the contract your desire the law. — Yes and I will add the fourth: keep mum. After these words Alexander put slap in the face in Max and tumbled down him on a bed. Ne having managed to depart from the first shock, he screamed from the new outbreak of pain — Alexander with a force bit his stump in passing pulling out a belt from trousers. — Na stomach creature! 2 years weren't trained for nothing, Max executed the order without deliberating, on the autopilot. In that time as Alexander having got excited I began to whip his stump a belt on a throw-out. — And only try to peep. In what-to 15 minutes the remains of a leg turned into the huge fire which places became krovit and to swell. Without any conversation Alexander turned the guy on a back, broke panties and dropped lips to a ball sack. He tried to squeeze as much as possible the remains of balls, to smash them. From such atrocity Maxim bit through a lip to blood, but didn't even allow itself to low. Sex took place for Max imperceptibly, the partner not only wasn't sexual giant, but and it appeared skorostrelom. So that having exhausted the cum remains from the dick Maxim went to sleep to a bedside rug. Having woken up in the morning of the client he didn't find any more. relationship questions visa date calculator malaysia site mapMain Page