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From: shushu. alex 20 Dec, 2016 at 17:54 For: Andrew_cok Super stories!!! Continuation and new is necessary!!! I can send the)))) if it is interesting Thanks for a laudatory response). New stories surely will be. With interest I wait for your story)) Andrea, hi)) I like a trance a subject. I have even not a story) an imagination about a trance the girl as at you in the story) You in image come back home and you catch the neighbour's boy who got accidentally into the apartment and found female things and already put on yourself panties and stockings. You say to him that you will tell everything to parents, he begs you it not to do, you agree, you demand to lick to you a bottom, a then you turn peredom, you raise a short skirt, you remove panties and you demand to begin to suck your dick that I also do: a you me call all time the unruly boy and you say how you love when suck your candy. Then you cum and you say that I good a nipple. Then you see my standing dick in female panties and you say what the aunt will make to the boy pleasantly now, you remove panties and you begin to suck with pleasure a dick, fucking me a finger in a bottom. At you in this time gets up again, and you say that the aunt will make even more pleasantly now and you overturn me on a stomach and you grease the dick and my buttocks with lubricant, you expand with fingers. I ask you — no, it isn't necessary, but you say to me that you will tell everything to parents, and I give up. You slowly enter me, you speak to relax, you allow me to get used, doing circular movements and to the left-vpravo and when the bottom got used you begin to fuck and call slowly me the sweet girl and you cum to me in a bottom. Then you give A to me sweet and you allow to fuck the aunt on-vzroslomu in a bottom. A you and truth unruly boy))) Only now, that your secret nobody learned o, you should become real obedient sosochkoy and time behind time to come ko to me and to humour. In the following time I will dress up you in a short checkered short skirt and black knee socks. Then I will put you a crustacean both having licked, and having developed your hole, properly to you I will stuff in it. I will immerse completely the dick in your buttocks, a you as the obedient girl, with gratitude you will accept each centimeter and to groan as the lewd bitch. When I terminate in you, I will allow to lick my dick. A here that I will allow you later, will depend on your further behavior and obedience. For the beginning I want that my sweet girl told whether she that she was fucked further in buttocks whether she likes to suck wants and as she is played so by the hole when she alone with herself. I like only girls with dicks... If you such, then of course I tell what is pleasant to me and what I do))) Tell, don't weary))) I already flow in an anticipation) Mine you the girl — ммммм I want with you in 69... that you caressed my dick, an I am yours. That we were with you in panties thongs and with plugs in buttocks, in stockings and short skirts and our dicks stood as stone in a mouth the friend at the friend... Vo time of the next meeting when we are in identical short skirts and stockings, an our buttocks will be filled with plugs, you, covering my breast with kisses, you will lay me on a bed. I will lie on a back, having given the head from edge of a bed. You will approach and, having lifted up a short skirt, you will enclose the to a floor - the got-up dick to me in a mouth. I will suck it until he hardens and then, you will begin to fuck me in a mouth, getting deeply, to the throat. Later, we will lay down on a side the friend on the minding friend and now we will already suck each other. I from overexcitation will very quickly terminate to you in a mouth, a you having exhausted everything and having licked mine chlenik, again you will put me on a back and you will part my legs in the parties. Having pulled out from me a plug, you will enter my hole and properly me otymeesh, having lifted up my legs to yourself on shoulders. When you begin to cum to me in buttocks, I will test an orgasm, my a chlenik, so again and without having got up again, will scatter to me on a tummy. You will pinch a cum from my tummy, and what followed from my hole on my rolls, a then you will share her so me in a kiss. I somehow bought in intim shop panties thongs with the revealing front part and balls, water lubricant. I dressed everything and I fucked buttocks and the dick caressed... Tell in details what you did with balls and as it was played with itself I in panties removed in storonku a thread, greased with lubricant a hole and balls and began to push them in a bottom, my dick stood as stone and I caressed him the second hand. Then I pulled out balls and I pushed again — ммммммм I didn't terminate yet. Andrea, I like to put on women's linen and to caress the buttocks. It is dangerous to store balls or a dildoe someone-nibud can find them — for example my girl therefore I had to throw out (((( No I found replacement) I buy carrot, I cut out from it a dick, I put on condom and I fuck myself. Then carrot can be eaten) sometimes I fuck myself banana, it is only necessary to buy green still)))) I expose myself in buttocks banana and I read stories about trances or I watch a porn... It is pleasant to me girls with dicks — it so gets — ммммммм. I somehow went to a trance to the prostitute — slender high very beautiful — she fucked me, sucked to me, I to her sucked and fucked, it was pleasant when sat in a chair having moved apart legs, and I stood between her legs and the dick standing sucked ee... There is my such experience... Your stories where you met such girl me strongly make horney, write still)))) Ooo, you are such darling)) And I was so made horney by your stories about your buttocks and transtitutku that here to you one more my imagination of o us) I want that you read it so the lowered panties and surely told me what you did while read it;-) I happened to be bought new smart belyishkom and beautiful shoes on a high heel. To update purchases I in the next time invite you. Having met you in a short silk dressing gown, on heels and in white mesh stockings with podvyazochkami, I give you a set from white stockings and lacy panties and I send to change clothes in a bathtub. When you in image come into the bedroom, I wait for you at a bed, costing to a back ko to an entrance. There is no dressing gown on me any more, and the elegant lacy belt is visible to stockings now. You approach behind, you embrace me for a waist and you kiss my neck and shoulders. Then your hand falls to me between legs from what I place them more widely. You direct me and you put my leg on a bed, so that my rolls are moved apart, opening a view of my hole. Having got up behind me on knees, you begin to cover my leg with kisses from the bottom, rising upward. Having reached buttocks, you put out language and you begin to lick my hole. At you takes breath from new feelings, the hole which is densely covering your dick. That time to you on a stomach lubricant and the remains of a cum from my again getting up dick begins to drip. You on a side and already through couple of my movements begin to cum plentifully in me, filling in my buttocks from within. Having a little recovered the breath, I fall down, I pull together from you panties and having crumpled I push them to you in a mouth as a gag. Then having moved apart your legs, I lick your balls and buttocks, expanding it with language. Having removed fingers so the buttocks, begun to follow, a cum, I grease your hole and properly I develop her. Then I get from a bedside bedside table long bilateral a dildoe and I put it to your buttocks. When he begins to plunge into you, you begin to low from delight. You would shout from a fullness high, but the gag doesn't allow you it to make. When the dildoe plunges into you enough, I force you to turn over and get up dog-fashion directly with a toy inside. You submit. Then I get up on knees a back to you too and I put the second end of a dildoe to the developed hole. It easily slips inside, and already through couple of seconds our buttocks adjoin, and you feel by rolls how came across podvyazochki my stockings. Having settled poudobnee, we begin to be stuck and stick the friend's friend on this magnificent a dildoe. Our buttocks plop down the friend of o of the friend, and sometimes even our balls hit... I begin to cum before you and in a crazy orgasm I fall on a bed, sliding off the dick and I turn over on a back. You, all with a toy in buttocks, come nearer ko to me and you sit down from above to me on a breast, putting the balls to me in a mouth and leaving space for my hands which I undertake a dildoe and I begin to fuck him you. Your dick hangs down directly over my person therefore when you begin to cum, I pull out from you a rubber dick, a my person and your cum begins to splash hair. Only when you till the end will terminate, I produce your eggs from a mouth. Then you pinch all from my face and exhausted you fall nearby. I went to read to a toilet... It was locked in cabins, I took off trousers and the dick began to caress so far read. I re-read 2 times and I terminated... Mmmmmmm I want to lick your buttocks and to suck your dick... To caress legs in stockings and to shift panties in the party... to take your dick in a mouth... To put on women's linen and to get up before you that you sat down on knees and I took in a mouth... Na the business I was at trances several time))))) was in St. Petersburg somehow, I stood on knees, and she fucked me in buttocks thus caressed my dick so far I didn't terminate... Did you like all my stories on eromo? How many times did you terminate while read them? I want to make the story of our correspondence. I hope you won't begin to object, the disgusting boy) I periodically read them))) I wait for the story from our correspondence Give still we will enter the third girl into the story and we will suck the friend at the friend on a circle and be spent three together. To dress and tempt with ee... I cumed often and plentifully and I want to you in a mouth)))) We decided to devote this evening to a role game. We as and always, met on a threshold of my apartment. Na to me there was a strict white blouse, a long tight black skirt to knees, black shoes and beige stockings. You in the bathroom were waited by a set from white knee socks, silk white panties and a black school dress with a white apron. Having changed clothes you came into the bedroom where you were waited by one more surprise. A exactly my young girlfriend Alexa invited for today's game. We as time only stopped tying at her on the head two naughty tails. Na such knee socks and a dress were it. Through a hem and an apron it is already obviously visible an excitement knob. Having beckoned you a finger to us, I attract you for a waist and I send to embraces of the girlfriend so that you merge in a kiss. I depart in a corner of the room and I sit down in a deep chair, having taken the real school pointer in hand. To watch you one pleasure, you kiss, sucking uvulas the friend pear. Your hands wander on bodies, lifting up hems of dresses and getting into panties. You languidly moan when your horney dicks rub through dresses the friend of o of the friend. I am very quickly brought, and in a tight skirt becomes close. Therefore I move on edge of a chair, I rise and I roll up it on hips. You notice the movement and you distract from a kiss to look at me. I sit with widely placed legs in beige stockings with elastics, a my dick costs in full fighting readiness and from him the stretched lubricant drop hangs down. I attract you a finger, and you, still time having kissed our girlfriend, you get up on all fours and wagging buttocks you come nearer ko to me. Alexa repeats after you. Having appeared between my legs, you begin to kiss my dick. Kissing from the different parties, you adjoin lips, a when your kisses reach a head, you begin to collect by languages lubricant and to be played with a bridle why my breath becomes frequent and becomes louder. Then you fall to the basis and a beret to a mouth on a ball again and you begin them to suck gently. Having satisfied with good blowjob from two charming a nipple, I discharge you and I force to get up on all fours on edge of a bed, having stuck out buttocks. I lift up hems and enjoying a type of your innocent rolls, I stroke them. Then I caress your depressions in the ground and balls and in a result I reach standing chlenikov. Of course you are already overexcited also panties in places of the greatest tension already wet. I get a hand to you between legs and I begin to caress fingers a head of your dick through a wet spot on panties. Fingers well slide, and you begin to groan and influence buttocks. Having ceased to humour Alexa, I the second hand lower behind your panties and I begin to mass your hole. By the moment when the big finger gets to you into buttocks, and you begin to whine from pleasure, our girlfriend gets under you in a pose 69. Having removed my hand from your chlenika and having released it outside, it swallow it at once. In this time her become wet panties appear opposite to your person. At first you lick her dick outside, a then, having removed panties in the party, you take him in a mouth and you begin to suck. I that time, exempt your buttocks from fingers, I fill it with lubricant and insert into her the dick. Alexa begins to suck more actively to you, I quickly gain speed, fucking you to the back, a you groan and you choke with saliva with the dick in a mouth why already through couple of minutes plentifully you lower in a mouth of the girlfriend. We aren't satisfied yet therefore I pull down you on a floor and I put on knees. We begin to fuck alternately you in a mouth. Then we try to insert both dicks, but they aren't located therefore you take them in hands and alternately licking, you begin to jerk off them. When we cum to you on the person and in a mouth, the cum scatters to you on hair, a forehead, flows down on cheeks and a neck. We sit down with you nearby and we begin to pinch it from you and to kiss in turn. relationship questions to ask your boyfriend about you date calculator lv site mapMain Page