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... — "Excuse, I am already... 15 I wait for minutes" — she significantly looked at me — "you" — "Did you register?" — a silly question, t. to talonchik on reception on my table. Zero. The t means. e. additional. I began to fall into panic slowly... from a table, edge of an eye the couch is visible, and means all was visible... — "Yes, I in registry was given zero, told that time ended, but you still here" — it with effort added — "told that if, there is time that accept" — "Also I see at you him Enough" — an iron voice pripechatala she. — "Yes... of course... you pass, you sit down" — on me sweat drops, from not popularity obviously acted... probably this day didn't end in five... — "Prima of course... "— frantically shifting from the place to places documents I feverishly thought what to do. — "I didn't doubt" — arrogance a look, and each word was told so what I would know... main here she. — "So... Trofimenko Olga Nikolevna" — I opened the card without raising eyes on her — "47 years what we complain of?" — "Routine inspection, there are no complaints, here decided to undergo medical examination" — "Well... just, the last day today, you were in time" — "I know that was in time" — she hemmed — "VIDELA... that was in time" What she saw, I didn't doubt. — "Well... yes" — I got up and went to viewing, doing everything not to look her in the face — "I will prepare for survey everything now, just before you the patient was, I she thought the last" — "Yes I noticed, careful survey was" — in spite of the fact that I didn't invite, she followed me-" I watch the end of day, all hurry" The damnation, panties lay on a floor — that pink forgotten still last time. Probably Anna so hurried that she threw them in turmoil. — "Excuse" — I took panties and threw them in a wastebasket — "some patients are nervous, hurry and happens... forget" — "And me it seemed, she on the contrary even, anywhere didn't hurry" — a cold voice from which scolded goosebumps. — "Undress" — I laid a new diaper on a gynecologic couch, and heard a sound to the undone fly on the aunt's jeans. — "Second, I will abandon you now what could be prepared" — "Yes don't trouble, I doubt that you didn't see something" — words as a bowl with poison. Jeans... Olga it is direct having turned to me a back I bent down having taken off jeans and having cast away on the chair standing nearby, and also as if doing exercise — a floor finger touch — I removed panties from what between hemispheres of buttocks her vagina clearly became visible. — "I thought inspection on a couch is performed" — a little venomously but with a joke she noticed my look sent her between buttocks. — "Some more detailed survey probably was?" — Olga bent, and having run a finger over edge of a couch, defiantly showed me a finger in something damp. Of course... the cum from Anna's stomach of glass sideways, and on my nevinimatelnost all this remained. — "Second, it is lubricant for survey" — having wiped with a disposable sheet all couch, and here — I laid new — "I ask" — "I hope you me well examine" — she for the first time presented me with a grin, and laid down having stretched legs from what her vagina attracted my look. Volosiki began to be grown slightly, but to look was on what — her figure breathed femininity and attracted. — "Well... as want" — I was confused at first by her behavior, and now ambiguity a little. — "It is strange to ask similar the woman touching her perineum" — "I don't touch... I perform inspection" — and the truth. The standard procedure of survey during which Olga didn't look away but also didn't give any trite ambiguity. — "At you everything is excellent" — survey by a mirror came to the end. — "It isn't convenient to me... the waist becomes numb" — Olga threw off legs from what I got one to me it can do and I had to creep out literally from under her. — "I can put a pillow under a waist" — "Return" — "Forgive?" — it seemed to me that I misheard. — "I told — returned where sat" — having raised the voice to mandative tone, she stuck on a chair. Sowing before her, I felt as to me on a shoulder I laid down her legs again. — "And it is frequent you... you are engaged in similar?" — "Excuse me? Than?" — "Don't pretend to be the idiot" — a little frowned eyebrows gave in her irritation — "I think blind" — "Well... you about it" — probably time a little truth since the choice all the same not former "literally for the first time" came — "Not pizd" — "Yes it is honest... I work not especially long" — "Well-well, and than she you... I persuaded on it" — "Э... yes anything" — "Yes well?" — Olga with astonishment opened eyes — "Just asked and you left alone?" — "Well... no... almost, simply, somehow it turned out" — I is crumpled I tried to explain, feeling as her second leg laid down to me on a shoulder. — "And me, otlimonit?" — her look was sent me strictly to eyes and she practically held with knees my head. — "To you?" — having taken a view of a pubis I again otknutsya by her in eyes - "Well... if it is necessary" She as if checking, I pushed me having bent a leg in a knee and the kiss was imprinted by her in a perineum — "Well... I look I am weak on a front?" — on her face something was distorted like neglect and she roughly added — "though, on you it is visible" — "What is visible?" — "What it is worth beckoning" — at these moments Olga bent legs and getting up rested to me against a breast, easily pushed away — "and you will dive into a garrison cap from what it is visible" — «...» — "Give number" — she got up and having begun to put on without paying to me attention. All her behavior, mandative tone didn't allow me to gather with a thought and having waited so far she will put on and will take in hand phone dictated her. Afterwards tweedle of mine sounded. — "I made dialing as I will gather — you will come to me, I will give the address" — a sigh and a grin mockery — "you can not come, but hardly the chief of clinic will like this story" — "Wuhu..." — "What? What yes?" — "Yes... it won't be pleasant, I will come" — didn't remain to me how to agree and nod understanding that the adventure will probably drag on. Afterwards door cotton was heard... Olga took French leave. relationship deal breakers reddit date calendar site mapMain Page