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— Dear Katyusha! We for you have a surprise! The surprise is unusual, but I think, it to be pleasant to you! Only you have to help us! — Truth? Well, I will help with pleasure! I surprises love very much! Only how to help — that? — having smiled, mother took an interest. Instead of the answer the uncle Sasha attracted her to himself and stuck to her lips. Mother embraced him, and, having closed eyes, passionately answered a kiss. Right there behind to her one more of guests, Mikhail was attached and, whispering something, lips and language began to caress her ear. Under his hands floors of a short dressing gown spread up, centimeter behind centimeter baring suntanned hips. Here the edge of snow-white panties, still a moment seemed — and here they already slowly creep down magnificent mother's legs, under the sensitive management of male hands. Her eyes are still closed, breath frequent and uneven. Having slowly come off the uncle Sasha, mother turned the head to Mikhail and hot, the got-off breath, whispered something to him in reply. Her body at the same time was beautifully bent, the right hand she embraced it and attracted to herself and the long insatiable kiss began. The dressing gown got off at her on a waist, having opened for mine (and not only to mine!) to a look shaved absolutely (!!!) the pubis passing into the exuding pussy and the round ruddy buttocks which are coquettishly held up Mischa. How many I dreamed of that to see her in all beauty! How many hours I staid under a bathroom door, endeavoring to consider desired rotundities in a millimetric chink! And how many attempts, successful and not really though out of the corner of the eye to glance under a short dressing gown! And here she before me. The distance is such that it is possible to touch. Appetizing, round, it is tightened — strong, halved by a beautiful depression in the ground. Oh... Just broke off a dick from tension. I was even afraid to touch him. Meanwhile, having used a minute break, the uncle Sasha finally saved mother from panties, having bent and having pulled together them on slender legs to a floor. Mother just crossed through them, without stopping kissing Mikhail. Other guests didn't waste time too and were slowly exempted from the clothes. Soon they already absolutely naked closely surrounded the passionate trio and impatiently podrachivat the horney fighters. Only for a second having opened eyes mother took of them a view — Mmmmm... Boys... — passionately she moaned and licked the lips which slightly swelled up a little from fervent kisses. Mikhail and Alexander continued the business meanwhile, and probably did it very skillfully. Mother burned more and more, on cheeks the bright flush turned pink, she panted, fitfully, alternating sighs with the squeezed groans. Hands of men wandered on all her body, a dressing gown gradually, a small button behind a small button, was undone having dug out the excellent roundish strong breast topped with the appetizing standing nipples. Even more often already all wet juicy pussy disappeared under the wide palms investigating her body. On inside of a mother's hip the bright muddy droplet ran down, but, without having done also a half of a way, disappeared near at hand the uncle Sasha, having reserved a damp trace on suntanned skin. Its aroma began to get into my shelter through a crack. The aroma dementing. My eyes were closed, the delicate sweet perfume which was grinding up from a wet shchelochka stupefied me. I forgot about everything, the smell of a horney female captivated a male... Out of the gushed non-existence I was brought by a sharp cheer: — Happy birthday, Katenka! Congratulations!! — with these words under loud approvals and an applause full, with high temples the man (Alexey seems) handed to mother the bright, beautifully packed blue parcel with a pink big bow. — Oh, thanks, children! Thank you very much! And what there? — examining and playing with a parcel, mother asked. — And you develop! — Alexey told. Mother impatiently untied a bow, and I will develop the rustling paper, took an accurate beautiful box. Having cast away brown paper aside, mother sat down on a bed, having put a gift on knees. I opened a cover, and having delightfully sighed, I got pair of beautiful black sandals from there — shoes on a very tall hairpin. The sole and a heel were made of transparent plastic, and in the basis the sole was quite thick whereas the hairpin on the contrary, was long, thin and very graceful. From above they were made of black brilliant latex, with long thongs for fixing on a shin. To admiration of the birthday girl there was no limit: — Now that's something like it! What they are beautiful! Guys, thank you! Having risen, she approached guests and closely nestling, embraced and kissed all five. The men obviously proud of, smiled enough and with great feeling accepted thanks. — Oh, boys, and suddenly won't approach? — suddenly mother began to worry. — Well try on a new thing, only it not still. In a box look! — the uncle Sasha told. Mother postponed sandals and again undertook a box. From a bottom she took a small rectangular parcel. I didn't sort, what is it. — To your shoes picked up — Alexander explained to quite smiling mother — wanted to take all set, but decided that excess it, will only disturb. You at us and so the beauty the first! The mother just blossomed. I didn't see her such happy hundred years. — Once again thanks, children! And I now, in a minute! — with these words the happy birthday girl, having passed guests, I flew away to the bathroom. Men waiting seated on a bed and chairs, continuing slowly, is lazy to stroke the tools. The mother wasn't minutes ten. I stoskovatsya already to look at our guests. Suddenly sharply (I even jumped up, having rumbled with something, slightly without having given itself) the door of the bathroom opened and she appeared. It was the furor! In the brand new hairpins which are beautifully bound on a shin a cross on a cross by thongs in black, in tone to sandals stockings (stockings were the second gift) tense slightly higher than the middle of a hip coming to an end with a direct dense latex rim, mother was sexuality. The suntanned legs translucent through black kapron got satin, inexplicable and terribly attractive shade. Beautifully set nutbrown hair and a bright "fighting" make-up completed a picture, worthy the most refined artist — the model. An emphasis on one leg, another nearly forward and aside, hands on hips, the predatory look strengthened by an aggressive make-up — such I never saw mother! Men sat, having opened mouths, not having let go dicks. A moment later the hall was announced by standing ovations. — Well as, boys? — mother took an interest in forcedly negligent tone — It am pleasant? The answer was obvious. Men slowly got up and from all directions, looking as if hungry wolves, began to surround her. Mother didn't move, keeping a former pose, haughty smiling, looked at the ring which is narrowed around her. One of guests who approached behind put hands to her on shoulders and pressed, urging her to fall. Mother obediently kneeled, and already from below up with a call looked in eyes of men. Horney dicks appeared at the level of her face and, now in impatience shaking, looked at her. Without hesitation mother clasped with lips of the closest fighter who appeared directly opposite to her mouth. One hand right there laid down on his trunk, the second she embraced it for a buttock. Having gently delayed a lace curtain fingers, mother began by a bright uvula to caress the become bare large head. I walked a tip along a bridle, I licked as if ice cream, and it was spread on it by a charming mouth. Hands of the uncle Sasha laid down it on a nape and a dick gradually began to disappear in a mouth. All entered to the basis — the mother's nose buried in a thick hair on the lover's pubis. Probably he passed deeply in a throat, (in a mouth such in any way not to be located!) because mother, despite the hand holding her was discharged, having released a dick from a mouth, and recovered the breath. The uncle Sasha's fighter all was covered with saliva and shone, from a head the viscous drop lasted down. But didn't allow to recover the breath to mother — the freed town right there was occupied by the following boyfriend. Five dicks, replacing each other, disappeared in sweet captivity. In ten minutes of continuous sucking "fighters" were up in arm — stood at attention "quietly", with is proud of the lifted heads as a company of soldiers. Five pairs of hands lifted up mother. Having unwillingly wiped a hand the saliva dripping from a chin, she made a dissatisfied grimace and with insult said: — Well you, boys? I so love a milk, and nobody even treated the lady! No, you aren't gallant gentlemen! — We only began, Katya! All ahead still! — her guests calmed. — And gentlemen we very gallant — with these words Mikhail gently kissed the stretched handle — Ekaterina Sergeyevna, you about a surprise don't forget! — And what, still surprises will be? — with astonishment mother asked. — Will be and still! — Mikhail assured. — Well boys! You the best at me! I look forward! — the birthday girl smiled broadly, having begun to clap in palms. — The surprise will be then. And now, the Katyusha, take a convenient position! — pointing to a bed, the uncle Sasha told. The mother nodded and suddenly went to my party. I approached a case in which I sat, it is so close that through the crack I could get easily a finger about a nice dimple her pupochka. All! I was gone! Here she bends, before me, at distance in only several centimeters her elastic breast waves. Here, apparently, I noticed a hole and it seems for a second I stood. I held the breath and that there are forces narrowed eyes. Heart banged so that, probably, neighbors heard. Suddenly under me the sound of the put-forward box was distributed. Slightly I slightly open one eye and I don't see mother in a chink any more. Again I drop to her a look. Here she! Directly over a hole a dark bush of hair. Something long looks for in a box and, at last, having got some red sheet, pushed it into place and went to a bed. I pulled out a simplification sigh. Mother developed a sheet and began to spread it on a bed. But what the sheet was! On a bright red background whitish spots and smudges were seen everywhere. Yes... On her it is visible serious fights boiled! The origin of spots was obvious. Having made a bed, mother got up in a knee — elbow, and, povilivy ruddy buttocks, having turned to guests, with a smile said: — Went! Twice nobody had to repeat. The uncle Sasha (probably most important in the company) was right there attached to appetizing buttocks and quickly, skillfully bosses of the athlete in the wet pussy. It all was announced by lingering groan of mother. There was she, it is necessary to tell, not really it is convenient for me. In a turn floor to me so I saw only her face and the breast which gradually is shaken in a step to pushes and a wide bum of the uncle Sasha which scurried about wide movements backwards — forward, to the right, to the left. As speed increased, mother's groans amplified, sometimes turning into shrieks: — Give, darling, give! Aaaaa!!! Still slightly... Uuuuooo!!! Hands convulsively crumpled, collecting in cams, a sheet, the head vzmetatsya up, fell down. Behind Alexander the turn was built. The last, all called him Victor Alekseyevich, solved the turn not to wait, and bypassed a bed around and got up before mother's face. Having seen him, she right there dexterously caught the shaken head lips. The man sharply set hips and the dick almost completely disappeared at her in a mouth. Having clasped mother for the head with hands he just began to fuck her in a mouth. It was impossible to call it blowjob. The dick at reckless speed slid in a dense ring of chubby lips, plunging almost to the basis. Now and the mouth was occupied therefore mother only lowed and is noisy breathed a nose. From this picture just broke off my dick, having shot a powerful stream on a case wall. From such orgasm I slightly didn't faint consciousness. And my friend — that also didn't think to fall down! It with me was for the first time. Though for the first time I had to see as my mother, a subject of my desires, tear up from two parties as the last whore, and behind also the turn costs! Events developed promptly. Here mother suddenly released Victor's dick from a mouth, and, having had a snack on teeth a sheet, heart-rendingly began to roar. The body convulsively began to tremble, the roar turned into lingering groan. She terminated. The men standing behind approvingly clapped the uncle Sasha on a sweaty back, and laughing applauded. But also he was already close. Speed reached jackhammer speed, he breathed as the engine, muffling ringing slaps of the body about mother's buttocks. Suddenly he pulled out a dick and headlong rushed from the room. Mother sharply moved, trying to be developed, probably in calculation to accept a portion of "milk" in a mouth. But didn't allow to come round with her. Victor dexterously caught her head and tired out the fighter on the lawful place. Behind following was right there attached. Again low, groans, slaps. In about five minutes the room was entered by the uncle Sasha. He looked is fresher. — Katyushas, and where vaseline at you? — he took an interest. The mother for a second released a dick from a mouth, and through groans uttered: — V... Oouuu!... In that... to an uuu!... In a bedside table on... posmotriiiiiya! The uncle Sasha approached the bedside table standing near a bed and minutes five rummaged in her. — And well, men, stand aside! — he ordered, having got, at last, the crumpled vaseline tube — now we you, Katenka, to the full extent we will banish! And that you lie here you idle! Her guy fucking behind unwillingly got down from a bed. Having turned to the uncle Sasha, and having smiled through a shoulder, mother protested: — I that idle? Yes you a pizdyonka zatrakhat my all! — smiling, it showed fingers on the red, wet, not closed vagina, and until recently the beauty — the pussy resembled not revealed rose bud... The man amicably began to neigh and clapped the hands. Mother smiled to them in reply and seductively wagged buttocks. The uncle Sasha efficiently greased meanwhile the thick fingers with vaseline. Having squeezed out a solid portion on a forefinger, he went to the mother standing dog-fashion. Having seen him, she only asked: — In buttocks? — In buttocks, in buttocks... And well, move apart — it wider! — Boys, please, grease only more better! — mother begged, making both helpless gesture in the parties magnificent rolls. In the middle, slightly above a vagina the small pink asterisk flaunted. It seemed absolutely tiny against the background of the smashed crack below. The uncle Sasha approached her, and, having put one hand on a mother's back, with circular motions rubbed lubricant in a hole. Having squeezed out on a finger still, he slowly began to enter him inside. The dense ringlet was hardly moved apart, passing in itself a thick finger. Mother poorly moaned. The finger slowly moved ahead inside, sometimes stopping, but lubricant did the part and it slipped more deeply. — Well, Katya, be not clamped! Relax the daddy! Just like as if for the first time! — Alexander ordered, using the second finger. His buttocks refused flatly to accept. Mother moaned and has a snack on teeth a sheet. — Sash, well it is sick! — zanyla she. — Nothing nothing, suffer, now we will develop, and you will jump like clockwork! — he calmed, gently stroking her. Suddenly from everything to scope he gave a ringing slap on round buttocks. Mother loudly screamed, and wanted to jump, but the uncle Sasha held her on the place. The second finger, thanks to this cunning trick came to be inside. Mother understood it too, and, having calmed down, again made a helpless gesture buttocks. Now fingers quickly scurried about to and fro and in the parties, developing a hole. In about five minutes mother was ready. Mikhail, having densely greased the fighter's head with vaseline, I laid down on a bed, on a back. Mother got up over him, having turned a back and, having sat down on hunkers, slowly fell buttocks by a dick. He slipped very easily, and having with pleasure sighed, she was let at a gallop. Victor, one of young guys began to be attached in front, between widely divorced legs. The couple for an instant stood, giving it the chance to enter a vagina. The weighty claret head was rubbed about the softened wet sponges and it is easy, with a loud hlyup, slipped inside. Having sharply rocked hips, it tired out a dick to the basis. Mother moved, having screamed from surprise. It served as a signal to Mikhail lying under her. Holding with hands mother under buttocks, he directed all process, setting a rhythm. His dick easily and quickly slid through a dense ringlet of a sphincter, forcing his hostess to be curved by an arch and is diligent to him to make upward movement while Victor tirelessly worked on her pussy. The bed lingeringly groaned under them, the room was filled by the squelching sounds made by a wet chink and the sweet groans alternating requests: — Yes! Yes! Fuck me, malchikiiiiya! Tear off as the whore to a poslednyuyuuuuuu!!! — than I caused laughter and smiles of happy guests. I didn't expect it from the mother! Alexey got on a bed, and, having caught the mother's head which is wound here and there, was attached to her mouth. Mother quickly oriented, and grasped shaken directly before her nose, the dick. 3+1: do you think it a limit? No! Alexey standing in a headboard picked up her under a back, thereby having released her hands on which she leaned. The uncle Sasha and Igor — the last still "deprived" participant of these cheerful name-day didn't fail to use it. Gentle palms smartly slid on the reared trunks. I couldn't even imagine such composition. Five healthy insatiable men, five powerful dicks which occupied mother completely... And in the center — she. She which obediently provided them the body, she shuddering in orgasmic spasms and passionately groaning under their pressure... All this mass of bodies moved as one big being, forcing to cave in and to creak natuzheno under them a bed. Every minute speed increased, the bed already shook. One by one participants of this cheerful ensemble left, reddened, sweaty, and tired, took seats in chairs. Their dicks still firmly stood, probably they didn't cum — protected forces. Soon on a bed there was only a tireless uncle Mischa. He continued to drill mother's buttocks violently. Mother lay on one side, having slightly raised one leg, Mikhail was attached behind. He supported by one hand under a hip a mother's leg, another rumpled her breast. The dick easily slid in the stretched hole, without encountering resistance. The uncle Mischa reduced, increased the pace and depth of blows. In reply mother lingeringly groaned, diligently making upward movement an appetizing bottom. Silky hair were beautifully scattered on a bed, palms in cams crumpled a sheet... Also Mikhail didn't last long. In about ten minutes he sharply pulled out a dick from mother and, panting, was tumbled down on a back. Probably too I didn't terminate — the claret dick stood as a stick. Mother turned over to it and lips stretched to even to the smoking tool. But the uncle Mischa discharged her, having contrived and having loudly slapped — will get on well at the daddy still! Mother cheerfully screamed, having caused burst of laughter of the guests who gathered at a table. — I so understand, boys, to be continued? — mother took an interest examining the strong sticking-out dicks. — Well of course, Katenka, we drive you still I am sensitive, if you don't mind, of course! — having grinned, the uncle Sasha answered. — I that don't mind! Only where to drive — that you will be? Still slightly, and through you will wipe me — instead of two one holes it to turn out! Men amicably laughed loudly to a successful joke, I too involuntarily smiled, having presented the mother in such idiotic situation. Guests continued to drink, continually giving a toast to responsible for today's celebration. Mother got out of a bed and, having tightened the got-off stockings, joined them. Several times she tried "to descend to be washed away", but she wasn't released. Didn't zalyapat nothing so far! The feast took place quite boringly for me if, of course, not to consider contemplation of a fine naked body of mother. Somewhere in half an hour at mother "was obviously combed" again, and she, having seized the uncle Sasha by a hand, I dragged him in a bed. She didn't reach a bed (probably wine went to the head), and having stumbled on very tall hairpins, with laughter, fell heavily a breast on her. Legs remained on a floor — the pose was more than convenient — and mother just obligingly parted them. The uncle Sasha was right there attached behind, and is efficient, having slowly moved a head of a horney dick on the exuding pizdyonka, drove him into several pushes there. The birthday girl answered with grateful groan and quickly pushed the daddy, diligently helping to stick herself. One by one the others began to be connected to action. Victor Alekseyevich, got on a bed and occupied a mouth, palms too soon didn't turn out idle. And again all this mass of bodies moved in a uniform rhythm, disclosing the room sweet sounds of sex... Vaseline was put to use again, the mother's buttocks were thoroughly greased. Igor as the owner of the longest dick, laid down on a back, mother was seated on him. She filled his fighter in a vagina. The buttocks were occupied by Victor Alekseyevich. Mischa settled in a headboard of the company and with pleasure was sent to captivity of sweet lips. Alexey and the uncle Sasha enclosed the fighters mother's hands. Mother hadn't to lean on hands — from below for a waist she was supported by Igor. Mikhail strong clasped with hands the mother's head. All! The empty seat wasn't any more, the mother is reliably recorded on dicks. The ball of the bound bodies again actively moved, forcing to groan lingeringly caving-in bed. Men took the good speed and their dicks at once, squelching, quickly scurried about in mother's holes. The uncle Mischa, having clasped mother's head with hands, itself I stuck her mouth on a dick, getting, probably, it is deep in a throat. So proceeded minutes fifteen. Several times guests changed a disposition, on — gentleman's conceding each other mother's holes. On the reddened sweaty bodies it was visible — the final not far off. Speed became just mad. Mother's groans merged in one lingering howl, alternated by low while the mouth was busy with the next dick. In the next minute, as if on command, sharply, men snatched out the smoking fighters from the mother and, having just left her on a bed on a back, were closed by a dense ring over her body. What here began! Almost at the same time, from all five tools, whitish fountains scattered on an open body of the happy birthday girl. Here it is valid, inharmoniously!!! The cum was everywhere — beginning from the stockings fitting graceful hips, to so diligently stacked hairstyle on the head until recently. Mother's face had such appearance as if on him poured out a kind can of condensed milk. Men, cheerfully exchanging words and playing a trick squeezed out last straws from the tired-out trunks and went to a table. Mother remained to lie on the bed which is filled in with a cum, slowly pounding milky-white drops on a body. On her face the happy weakened smile of the satisfied woman wandered. Here so look! Such I definitely definitely never saw the mother! My distressful dick with the last bit of strength shot from itself the next portion, and, at last, relaxed a little. Guests at a table, cheerfully joking, continued to drink for health of the birthday girl. And I thought only of that, kind of to imprint for memory a show the naked, poured from legs to the head cum of the mother. But probably not only I thought of it. Having overturned the next glass, the uncle Sasha left because of a table and, cheerfully rubbing hands, offered: "Well, Katyushas, the photo for memory can? "Birthday girl and guests!" — as to you?" — It is rather "guests and cake with whipped cream"! — cheerfully mother — In me answered though insert candles! In vain she told it! Grasped at this careless proposal of the man with enthusiasm. — And where candles — that at you? — kind of for fun the uncle Mischa took an interest. — In kitchen, in a table... — somehow watchfully and scaredly mother — you what was conceived, maniacs answered? Mother didn't wait for the answer as one of guests already came back from kitchen with two long economic candles. Having seen it, the mother cheerfully screamed and tried to escape from a bed. But far from it! Was beyond the power to escape from strong hands of three men to her. Hands were held by one, two others widely in the parties parted with her legs. Mother was dragged up to edge of a bed, Alexey who brought candles settled between widely open legs. The uncle Mischa, at this time, efficiently installed our home camera on a table. In order that candles though somehow kept in the smashed holes, they had to be inserted quite deeply. Mother diligently helped guests, straining muscles of a vagina and buttocks, holding, thus, the dropping-out candles. At last, everything was ready. Under general laughter of a candle carefully set fire, the uncle Mischa who installed the timer of the camera hurried to take the place in a disposition. Igor and Victor Alekseyevich continued to hold mother's legs, behind on a bed the uncle Sasha, on a floor was attached, at the bottom of a bed Alexey and the uncle Mischa settled down. And in the center — festive "cake" — having widely moved apart legs exposing the candles which are fervently sticking out of red polished holes on display. Palms habitually held two next dicks, on a face the happy smile shone, and the body shone from a cum. Chizzz!!! To reality I was returned by bright flash of the camera. Mother, under burst of laughter, having bent, I blew out the candles and aloud that all heard, I made a wish: "I want that I was so fucked at least once year! — and, having thought, I added — But it is possible more often!" — Well for it, the Katyusha, don't worry! We to your holes won't allow to stand! Always to your services! — the uncle Sasha assured her. Mother he is grateful I smiled and, having with pleasure stretched, again it was tumbled down on a bed. — Boys, I will have a sleep a little bit, you sit still, if you like, the Earring from the grandmother will arrive only tomorrow afternoon! — she uttered indistinctly by already sleepy voice and having hung the head on a bed right there was disconnected. I was very tired for this evening too, though didn't take in it active part. Quietly привалившись to a wardrobe wall, I examined mother who is with pleasure sleeping on the bed which is filled in with a cum. A lot of new was added to old whitish spots on a red sheet, here and there absorbed and where only beginning to dry up. The muffled bass of men and rare clinking of glasses was aside heard. So proceeded minutes twenty. Alcohol is visible reached a limit and guests, at last, decided to gather. But not such is there was an uncle Sasha to leave just like that! Accidentally, the black marker lying on a computer table caught sight to him. I signed disks with it. But it quickly found for it other application. Having slowly crept to with pleasure sleeping mother, he gesture called up one of guests and, with his help, carefully turned her on a stomach. For a second all stood... (including I!). But alcohol did the part, mother only settled on a bed more cozy. Under the muffled snickers of the others, the uncle Sasha began to remove carefully something on the mother's buttocks exposed up. Then, I gave a marker to Alexey standing nearby — that widely drew something on the right half. The marker went around, each of guests approached and accurately removed something on already fairly covered with drawings rolls. The marker was returned into place, and then quietly, on tiptoe, guests left in прихожею. In about five minutes the entrance door slapped and in the house the complete silence and tranquility set in. I wearily fell by the bottom of my shelter showered with rags and long lay, thinking about what volume a high probably to fuck these round elastic buttocks! I fell asleep only at daybreak... Somewhere in the distance an opposite ring the alarm clock began to squeal and I hardly razlepit heavy eyes. Having quickly come round, I right there dropped a greedy look to a hole. Mother lay on a back, and having caved in as the kitty, with pleasure stretched. The sheet stuck to a body here and there, with a reluctance releasing fine bends from the embraces. Mother sat down on edge of a bed and crucially inspected herself. The breast, a stomach, legs, even the person were covered with a crust of the dried-up cum. A red cover, having stuck to a back in several places at once, rose after it. Having enough smiled, mother carefully tore off the stuck fabric and slowly got out of a bed. Widely placing legs, mother cowboy's gait of a prokovylyal to a mirror and, having moved apart vagina sponge fingers, I only shook the head. All perineum had brightly red shade, opened as if a plow, the hole was almost not closed. Having turned a back, mother moved apart round rolls, and having darted a glance in a mirror through a shoulder with astonishment stared at the reflection. Having taken away hands, she moving lips, it is concentrated I tried to sort the bright black inscriptions entirely covering appetizing rotundities. In reflection it was hard to be made, I began attentively too, overturning words and letters, to get a grasp of written. At last, it was succeeded to decipher. The inscription said: "There were Sanek, Lech, Igor, Vitek and Mischa". On other half very flatter "compliments" flaunted: "first-class whore", "whore", "cool nipple"... Focus on mother's face, in process of reading, was replaced by a faint smile. — Little fools! — having smiled to the reflection broadly, she cheerfully told, and the same amusing clumsy gait I went to the bathroom. She lapped there probably the whole hour. And in my shelter already rather bothered me. To sit, having been double up, it was terribly inconvenient, legs, a back and a neck strongly became numb. At last, from the bathroom the freshened-up, completely naked mother fluttered out, and right there I went to a bedside table. Passing by a mirror, mother once again turned round buttocks to a mirror, and smiled enough, considering the ornamented halves. All inscriptions were whole. Probably, she wanted to wear a little more them on herself, before arrival of the father therefore buttocks of soap it is careful. Having got some tube from a bedside table, mother plentifully greased with ointment the holes, and, having hastily cleaned up, put on and left. Probably in shop. Having waited for minutes fifteen, for safety, I got out of the shelter. On a table still remained a yesterday's entertainment and I with pleasure "had a bite" a huge piece of festive cake. Right there memoirs of last night emerged, about what "festive pie" was made of the mother by guests. I involuntarily grinned, with appetite chewing gentle pulp of cream cake. Having decided to be refreshed and wash I passed to the bathroom. In a basket with dirty linen the bright place of honor of a distressful cover right there was evident. This was already interesting! Whether having right there got him from a basket I developed it slightly "not a battle flag" on which recently serious passions boiled and with interest I considered him. Then, there fabric stuck together from whitish drips of a cum which filled in all cover. Where that is closer to the middle where mother just lay, still the damp spot — women's allocations alternately with a cum spread big muddy. I nestled a face, a nose and lips on this "godsend", with pleasure inhaling the aroma of sweet juice of mother seasoned with a soft smell of her favourite spirits. The dick, as if on command began to accept a fighting rack. The smell of a horney female worked opyanyayushche. Having come off, at last, from a wet sheet — again I began to dig the dirt in search of the next trophies. And for it I was rewarded! Right there mother's panties in which she was yesterday lay, also decorated with a dark speck in the interesting place and stockings — which she received as a gift yesterday. I with pleasure caressed hands the gentle soft nylon impregnated not until the end of dried with a cum of mother's lovers. It is a pity what time I had not much! Just about "birthday girl" had to return. Having hastily pushed all these delights back in a basket, I washed cold water, having put on a vigorous and fresh look, scattered the things on the house, having pretended that I just arrived. Just in time also mother returned. She had the most look that наесть blossoming and cheerful. Here that well fucked woman means! — Hi Earring! How does have a rest? Long ago arrived? Do you want to eat? — cheerfully she began to chirp, kissing me on a cheek lips which diligently sucked several hours ago penises. At the thought of it the dick in trousers began to move again. "Yes, you won't envy the father with such spouse! He — that with her is kissed on the lips!" — I mentally laughed, and it is right there practical I thought that you shouldn't eat more with her from one ware. And in an hour I already with appetite ate greedily wonderfully made breakfast, admiring the mother cheerful and happy more than ever flitting on kitchen. Here that well fucked woman means!!!))) 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