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I didn't pay attention to their subsplittings any more, I had enough humiliations, I wanted, it is simple to escape from them, and be farther that will be. Until they gathered near a plank bed, and discussed something, I bent, took off sandals, took them in hand and headlong jumped out on the street. There I sharply turned for a corner and familiar ruins and bushes began to run away. Here I knew each recess, and the pursuit quickly lagged behind. I ran a little more and dropped into the building of the former boiler house. Only here, I felt as legs hurt. I ran, without sorting the road both on stones, and on glass, and on boards. Only by miracle I didn't tear to myself a leg a nail. I put on sandals. After all it is more best, than barefoot. And, still frightened of a pursuit, I got into the most distant room which probably served once as the change house. Plaster from walls not everywhere was showered, and over the place where once there was a wash basin on a wall still the splinter from a mirror, fifteen centimeters in size hung. I approached a wall and looked in him. And suddenly with interest I began to consider myself. What I saw wasn't pleasant to me. If all make-up which to me was imposed was in safety, then lipstick was smeared on all person. I found a handkerchief which was in a pocket of my dress and got him. At the same time from a pocket, something dropped out still. I mechanically lifted and began to be wiped. In about ten-fifteen minutes I managed to wipe the cheeks, a chin and lips from lipstick. However having approached a mirror. I saw that eyelashes and eyebrows and cheeks sharply contrast with my chubby pale lips. In such look it was obviously impossible to go. I thought that - to make. At the same time I twisted in hands a subject which dropped out at me of a pocket and which mechanically picked up. Suddenly I stopped on him a look and thought. In a hand I had lipstick which to me was put in a pocket and told that now she still is useful to me Telling these words, they, probably, didn't imagine how they were narrow-minded from the truth. I looked at lipstick and began to understand that I should make up to myself lips not to be evident on the street. All my men's being I opposed to it, and treacherous legs already conducted to a mirror, and I resisting men's I, began to make up to himself lips. I thought, only of it, and all this suddenly began to make horney me. I ineptly applied myself lipstick on lips, looked in a mirror, wiped, again put until something very similar turned out on the girl. I looked in a mirror, and suddenly in me pride woke up that I was able, I made up lips. I stood and was proud of myself as the little girl, and it was pleasant to myself. And suddenly the hand itself stretched under a dress hem. I lifted him, climbed under panties, the dick released from an imprisonment and I began to jerk off. I jerked off on the beautiful girl in a mirror. I absolutely got confused someone I am is a girl in a mirror, or the guy who on this girl jerks off. However the orgasm turned out bright, but cums poured out, it is already much less. By this time and spots on my dress (I began to get used already to the idea that the MY dress) already dried up. On it there was only an aura from the dried cum. I stood a little more, waited when began to get dark and constantly looking back what nobody would see, quietly left (or I went outside). I looked round, and I decided to go a way round, through the private sector. There and acquaintances lives less and so far I will reach the house, already in general will darken. Having chosen a route I without hurrying I went (I went). The gait was sure yet not, but with each step I accumulated experience. Gradually private sector ended, and I left to multi-storey buildings we also lived in one of which. To the people on the street there was a little and I began to calm down already as I suddenly heard a familiar voice. I just was stupefied, it was the voice of my mother. I turned back and saw her with the girlfriend meters in thirty from me. They looked in my party. I understood that it didn't recognize me, and hurried to come into a shadow. Home I couldn't go, near an entrance there were mother with the aunt Klavoy. I frankly speaking in soul hoped that won't be at home mother, and I will manage to change clothes before her arrival. However my dreams weren't fated to be carried out. I needed only to wait. At last, in fifteen minutes, they, having wished each other good night went home. I just in case waited a half an hour more and then quietly went to the entrance. Having come into an entrance, I was glad a little that at an entrance is dark, and if something happens, I have an opportunity to remain not recognized. I came into the elevator and rose by the floor. Now the main thing - an explanation with mother was necessary. I stood and hesitated until at an entrance the door knocked, and someone came into the elevator. I feverishly pressed the button of a call and began to wait. In several seconds the door opened and on a threshold mother seemed. Mother had a tear-stained person, she held some leaf in hand: - Girl, you someone? - Mother I - uttered indistinctly it I. She with astonishment looked at me, and then is shocked asked: - Vitya??? - weepingly she asked, at the same time the final syllable at her turned out crumpled, and it turned out - Vit? - Yes - I told, without knowing where to fail. At this time the elevator stopped on our floor, and the door began to open. I headlong rushed to the apartment. Mother closed a door and came afterwards. I without allowing mother to come round, I embraced her and I asked: - Mother, why you cry? What happened? She suddenly nestled on me, embraced and having burst into tears stretched a leaf. I took it one hand, and pressing the sobbing mother to myself began to read. It was the letter from the father, in him he reported that he found to himself in Moscow other woman, and will live with her. I asked to file for a divorce, and I promised to help money. I understood why mother was drowned in tears. I accurately brought her to a sofa and we sat down. She continued to cry, at the same time caressed me on hair and kept saying - "What we will do now on what to live?". And suddenly I burst into tears too. We sat with her on a sofa and roared as two foolish women the whole hour. Then gradually began to calm down. Mother looked at me and told: - Well, everything will be enough to cry, and look at that, at you all ink began to flow. All this turned out so routinely as though I walked every day in dresses and was painted. I approached a mirror and saw that all face in smudges is valid. First of all I went to the bathroom and washed. Then I wanted to go to the room and at last to change clothes. However, having come to the room, I found out that without assistance I won't manage to make it. I turned uzhy, but neither to buttons, nor on a back couldn't reach fasteners. And I was forced to ask for the help mother. I left to the room and all red with shame asked: - Mother help me to take off a dress, please. And only here mother as regained consciousness. Attentively I looked at me. I faced her in a dress, on heels, under a dress the brassiere was obviously looked through, hair are braided, on the head a hoop. She told to turn, walk, then to approach her. I silently followed all her instructions. She attentively considered a dress, stopped a look on my breast which was excreted under a dress, and under a brassiere nothing is obvious it was enclosed. Then I asked: - Vitya, it that? Why you in a dress? You are unless a girl? Where did you learn to wear heels? Why you have a braid and a hoop? Why you made up? Questions poured in abundance. I could insert nothing. And when questions ended and mother looked at me waiting for the answer, and I breaking into tears everything to her told. I didn't tell, only, as vaginas of my tormentors forced to lick me. Mother listened carefully at the same time, continuing to consider me. And when I finished, asked: - Did you tell everything to me? You were only beaten and changed clothes, and all? - Yes. - Then answer me, please, and why you have all dress in front in a cum? Over you what mocked also in the sexual plan? - No, mother that you. - So answer why a dress in a cum? - she insisted. I stood and didn't know what to answer. The truth it is a shame, and to think up nothing in the head climbed. - Or it is your cum? Did you like to be disguised as the girl, and you were engaged in onanism? - Yes - I from myself squeezed out, meaning that was engaged in onanism. But it was the answer only to the second half of a mother's question, and it apprehended him as the full answer. - Well that at your age it happens. Pulls many boys to female things. And I suggest you not to hide anything from mother. And mother can help you with permission of your problems. Especially as now the father refused us and we with you are provided to ourselves. I stood red as cancer. - Well, all went to be engaged in economic affairs - mother told. - And you unless won't help me to take off a dress? - And what for? Unless it isn't convenient to you in a dress? Well and if so it happened, stay not the son, but the daughter today. At the same time and about the house you will help. - Well, mother, it is a shame to me. - Anything, we houses only together. And nobody learns about our secret. And today I will call you Vita, this name it to be pleasant to you? I didn't begin to say to mother that I was named also by girls in that abandoned house. - Well, only promise that you won't laugh. - That you foolish, of course I won't laugh. So we exchanging words on various subjects spent the rest of day. Besides she asked to help her in kitchen. I tied to me an apron and I put on a kerchief as I carried it also. I for some reason liked to cut also vegetables and the dishes to wash. Some magic is simple. I did what I hated doing now with pleasure. Probably the women's clothing not only appearance changes, but also suppresses men's habits, and does men bezvolny more gently. Mother talked without a stop on various subjects, and then we went to the room and, instead of the TV she began me to show fashion magazines and to admire dresses, at the same time periodically asking: - And you would like to yourself it? I only reddened and was confused. Eventually day came to an end and we began to prepare for sleeping. I had a problem with undressing again, and mother helped me this time, and to remove and a brassiere to undo a dress. At the same time she slightly stroked me up to a breast and smiled: - Go wash. In the bathroom I removed panties, threw them into a basket and took a shower. Then it was wound with a towel and I went to myself to the room. At this time herself had mother in the bedroom. I came into the room and wanted to put the pants, but saw that on a bed the nightgown lies. I became puzzled, but suddenly heard mother's step and not to stand naked quickly put on a night dress. It is an obvolokla me pleasantness of the material and at this time to the room mother glanced: - Well that you already put on? Well done! And now to sleep - she told having laid and having kissed me at parting. relationship coach jobs remote dateline podcast site mapMain Page