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I will probably state a little chaotically — but, brief real experience where it shouldn't have been. Already before going to bed in cheredny night of "Hunger" climbed on sex — chats... already become a usual thing. Acquaintances, sex chats etc. — rather for self-satisfaction already were, but not that the truth to get acquainted and chance that from my city and will agree to intim at once is categorically small. And this time — having distorted quick, in small Wirth, I already just in inaction thumbed through people in the application, and came across on... the woman from my city. In a profile to Her already solid 42 at mine 26, but she (as well as I) didn't pay attention to it. To steam of phrases hi-how are you, correspondence about anything minutes 10 — 15, and I on a habit began communication in an intimate subject, even more often throwing a smilie with language and. тд... She as though waited for it, in reply went most too, and in principle we were on one wave. And night helped. Literally in 20 minutes I in open suggested her to make to kuna. She pretended that she was surprised, but didn't begin to refuse — only specified kind of laughing a pier where and when. "Here and now "— my answer, too in some kind of for fun followed. "It is direct in a chat?))" — arrived to me in reply. "Yes anywhere, though in a chat though in an entrance" — I was already made horney on the second time and in principle for me it was only a game. "And you are seriously ready?))" — the next line emerged. "And why isn't present... nobody learns and darkly there" — I couldn't even present that she in seriousness can it. "It is direct darkly darkly?" — she specified once again and having received the affirmative answer, at once added - "Well give the address" I without ulterior motive called the real address, only the floor is higher, not than the 7 and 8. Habit, only habit. She sent couple of smilies with potseleluy and disappeared. Well... I thought that all I left... Nothing surprising, it already few times happened, to be played, disperse blood imaginations and... to leave. Itself so did. I managed to wash, give some tea and being already going to be disconnected soon, to me the message in a chat emerged. "I on the place" "Where on the place?... "— a little I stepped. "At an entrance already))" — the next message and the photo... Really — she was at an entrance — photographed a door on the 9th floor. "I wait". One more short sms in a chat and it left in offline. Distorted me from surprise a little, but at the same time появилиь and lewd feelings inside from what dries up in a mouth. Quickly having gathered, I accurately went beyond a door, having covered it and promptly ran nearly two flights... with 8 on the 9th floor and I stood a little, in impenetrable darkness on which near a pipe usually there passes the garbage, really there was a woman, quite full, and above me on a head floor, because of sharp transition from light to darkness, I distinguished nothing except a silhouette, and hardly noticeable features, a dark jacket and very wide sulfur — a light skirt is slightly lower than knees. "Oh you... quickly" — I heard. "Well... itself invited... You... You... "— I stood expecting a further outcome. "I invited... "— not clear indistinct shadow drew near me from what I began to notice that the woman is really more senior than 40... and as it seemed to me even 50. "And not just like that invited it seems" — she stood almost closely and I being guided by a silhouette of a skirt saw more as she spread up — "or changed the mind?" "Not simply... I didn't change the mind" — I swallowed saliva. "Rada to hear..." It was some kind of as a signal — I kneelt, having slightly knocked, and looked at a skirt as if in the slowed-down cinema — it was already lifted up much more over the knee, and just about... the pubis shaved, but rolling in darkness seemed. "Tell at once, you wouldn't agree... and so both derived pleasure" "Why wouldn't agree, I agreed" "Yes well?" — she cunning smiled - at this time the elevator opened... she kept silent, having slightly inclined the head until shutters are closed again having shipped the floor in darkness. "It is direct would agree, to leave alone to the aunt knowing that to her 54?" — along with it, she already familiar movement pulled a skirt up — "You even in a pussy wouldn't give smacking kiss to her" With these words she raised one hand a skirt having bared a pubis above, and leaning on other hand slightly lifted up a leg. I silently understood everything, and having inclined a knee just imprinted a kiss to her between legs. At this time doors of the elevator opened — she pressed a hand, and before me thanks to light it became visible sexual sponges, small accurate and the pubis — shaved, but which is becoming covered by volosika already soon. — "Then still we will meet" — she winked at me, and having put in order a skirt stepped in the elevator. And I having stood not long I went floors down home. relationship books barnes and noble date duration calculator site mapMain Page