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History is based on real events. To me now to the 33rd wife 32, and there was it a year ago. I as well as many men wanted to look as fuck my narrowed, but not as sex couldn't persuade to diversify her and to call the second man. But this desire not as me didn't leave.... once we with Natasha were going to have a rest for the weekend on is sports resort recreation facility (there were entertainments of a ski springboards, the pool and тд much) and good restaurant on the first floor of hotel with good music and tantspoly. I knew that exactly there I will be able to carry out conceived many men on recreation facility has a rest always you love sport and just to have a rest will take a steam bath in a bath. I with Natasha the whole day was spent on skis and on hills had a rest well. And after a lunch before noon we solved go to the room to have a rest, and in the evening in restaurant of t. to room some entertainment program was outlined. When we were going to restaurant I asked the wife to put on stockings t panties. to she I promised me in the evening excellent sex after restaurant and as we will be tired and drunk I asked to make an enema shopping mall then at once I she was told by her will be tired. The wife sometimes allowed to potrakhivat her to the back after gifts or as now after the good presented days off and that on a cone floor not when didn't allow to thrust all, both I and to it was glad to shopping mall a point at her was very narrow and from couple of movements I cumed at once. After the wife left a shower put on stockings and panties krushivny with a cut are vertical behind, department a beautiful brassiere a dress to vespers the dress was very short shopping mall initially of payments was long and Natasha decided to truncate it carried in repair and there not much пересторалиьсь both cut off superfluous and it turned out that to a blatya hardly covered lace Chulkov, but it was a favourite dress of the wife and therefore she didn't want to leave him even despite the fact that him not much spoiled, and in general the wife not when in a povsednevka carried what short and especially Chulkov. At the wife the excellent good structure of a basin of a zhopk very sexy buttocks, but with a breast a fir-tree problem on 2 pulled, the wife at me isn't a lot of curvy shape but not thick played volleyball even in due time prize-winning places were. I was prepared too put the activator in a krikrovatny bedside table brutal ordered on the Internet (the dick costs day without falling) and put lubricant anal nearby, gradually attached behind a blind to a curtain in a corner the small cam and directed her to a bed, very much I wanted for to impress as it will occur (I then would know that so everything will occur). We left from number and went on a ladder to a bottom in restaurant, there were things are easy naydt of this man with someone it is possible to fuck the wife and as I knew that Natasha won't agree with someone to fuck and on by activator bought on the Internet also sleeping pill. Evening passed well played music at restaurant the people plisat, even steam of people was suited tried to invite the wife to dance but she not in what, time approached in midnight and I understood it is time to work after the next leaving of my wife in ladies' I got small bottles and not considerably dropped her in wine of sleeping pill and in the same glass bakhnut the female activator a large dose, on a case if suddenly wakes up though I didn't know than it will help. On a rack sat couple of guys and our table stood not far from a rack and when Natasha passed by a rack wagging hips (ooh what at it a hip I only for hips likely fell in love with it))) that guys looked askance even without hiding it. Once again when my wife went to the bathroom reeling roofing felts from wine roofing felts from action a snatvor roofing felts from fatigue that I approached these guys. in general I planned that the guy will be one for sex, but all walked the company of lonely men wasn't. I was strongly drunk and straight off the beginnings is long: - what guys the whore is pleasant? (I so told a word in words) generally we agreed with them I suggested to fuck my companion I didn't begin to say to them that I this my wife, and told that I got acquainted on base today. Having taken the phone number I told that I will let know when come into number. After Natasha's return from a toilet she if stood on the feet, here I went too far or wine and lips an elk broke. She asked go to the room shopping mall very much I wanted to lie down. When I stacked her on a bed she apologized that so I got drunk and that sex won't be today. after these a word she just failed in (abyss) I didn't begin to razdaivat her just accurately put and began to dial number of guys. In me everything burned in an anticipation that now will come true my old dream alcohol destroyed, the head in an anticipation that now the dick stood upright.... in number were knocked and as I didn't close a door I shouted you enter.... guys straight off rushed at once on the wife and began to rumple her perineums and a breast, one of them began to be indignant a pier that it the whore fell asleep (corpse) to fuck perhaps, the second without wasting time lifted up a dress and having thrown legs on shoulders in all became fucks the wife, the vagina began to squelch loudly likely a potelka, the activator worked I thought. only I was afraid of one the main thing that didn't wake up. The guy quickly terminated and made room to another, I wanted that sex was on longer that though an hour potrakhat Natasha as wanted to shoot not the big film! I got couple of wheels of the activator from a bedside table and treated guys and itself accepted too. The second fucked slightly longer and too without taking out terminated in a vagina. The activator began to operate and guys взялиь in seriousness for the wife, having turned her on a stomach and having tightened on edge of a bed so that knees were on a floor thereby bended over in a pose, well time she fell asleep means her пох. give her in a point vyeby. Guys having greased buttocks of the wife plentifully with lubricant which I to them got from a bedside table having taken care that on dry to her didn't tear buttocks. the names of guys there is no sense to tell. One of guys having greased with itself a dick which stuck out as a column approximately in length of 17 cm by the way guys had not big dicks what I counted on that find a dick for the wife more so to speak for a good rastrakh. On at surprise the dick entered with little effort, the second stick подзатянулсь he fucked about about 15 minutes, the friend managed to smoke it leave time 3. I sat near a bed and jerked off the dick which nearly blew up from tension. then when it terminated in an anus, and pulling out a dick from buttocks the hole chvaknut not much as if inviting the second, strangely enough the wife made a sound a dream was very strong, and can сквось a dream she thought that it I fuck her, I quite often poyebyvat her when she drunk fell asleep. The second guy terminated in about 10 minutes too and too filled in my spouse it with An. pass. Guys still sat not much in number I fucked Natasha in a point too and all of us together left number. Guys were very noisy and cheerful. All of us to a vsesta went down in restaurant. Previously I laid Natasha ровненьго and wiped a towel of allocation and a cum about her perineum. When I wiped it I thrust pair of fingers it into an anal. and I potrakhat it fingers not much the cum followed also asses and pizda, I happy stood and looked at my whore. Then I closed number and we went down in restaurant. More in a night to me these guys didn't vtrechatsya. I sat down at a rack of bar and ordered to myself a cocktail, so on мея strongly worked возд I sredsvat I began to examine in search of the victim wanted to let off steam from any not znakomky. But as ill luck would have it there were no lonely girls, all in the basic sat with guys, and ещ to steam of shushny campaigns from some men sat. Thinking that if not someone I don't remove I will go once more I protrakhat the narrowed. Time was about two hours I drank, and remembered today's night, an impression and excitement I was overflowed. Closer to morning I finished drinking the last glass sitting at a rack and being going to rise to itself in number as suddenly some guy sat down by me for a rack and we got to talking with him. He told me that you the brother sit one скучаш, there speaks the whore какуе fuck drunk, in number 25, I speak already three times there was, in the head everything began to spin as 25 it was my number, don't remember as but in 3 minutes I stood near a door of the number, cashing in of a door was torn off, I want to tell doors in numbers were how to tell like interroom, that is not a door, but one name. Having slightly opened дерь I was included into number and was nearly SHOCKED, full number was men almost all someone sat at restaurant, some stood jerked off someone sat on chairs and a bed, in general such heap of a pier was around my wife, I hardly made the way to a bed. The picture which appeared before me was to tell just softly as in some porn, the wife lay in a pose in which was when she was fucked by those two, on the edge of a bed and knees are placed in different directions as not strange but the wife slept heavily all also she woke up or not I didn't know it, I very much was afraid that she can wake up. recent dating reality shows date ideas reno site mapMain Page