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And again hello! I want to thank all for pleasant responses! So I had just delightful night with Maxim. Next day he left, for me there came gray everyday life. I didn't know where itself to put desire to be with the man simply ate me, having tried everything I understood, nothing could replace the real penis. The mood spoiled several times a day, quarrels with mother became frequent. Generally I fell into a condition of a deep depression moreover and mother with Andrey decided to go on the South for few weeks. Having left me on care of the aunt Larisa, the mother's girlfriend. The aunt Larisa the normal woman, but she bored on me the love to long and insignificant talks. — You the adult man will cope and Larisk will come, she very tasty prepares-spoke mother Day of their departure came. Mother prepared food of which taking into account lack of appetite at me had to be enough for about five days. — Larisa will come around after work tomorrow, mother doesn't miss-told getting into the taxi. I looked after leaving at cars, looked back on the parties in our yard everything flowed the turn. — The long-windedness-thought I also went home Having hung on a balcony handrail in the evening I examined passersby. My eyes were chained by the girl going along our house in a short dress. On a bench at an entrance to our entrance as always local guys hung out in the evenings, drinking beer and violently discussing something. What they told that a little me about interested until the girl didn't overtake them. Loud svist and complements to her appearance were heard. When the girl passed all loudly began to discuss someone and as would fuck her. They put her on all fours and having put on a back having spread her legs tore up her, the dicks in a mouth put ёй and cumed in her and on her generally standard men's chatter. But it surprised me, and the fact that I listening to them surprised me I represented myself on her place and strongly from it was made horney. I was visited by a thought which forced me to flinch. And that if to me to change clothes yes to go to walk. I sat in the room in the wild tension and excitement seeing the female things which I threw out on a floor. And the voice, and gait, and suddenly will understand, I thought. After 2 — 3-yokh hours of reflection I after all decided, on the street finally darkened that calmed me a little. Having completely undressed I looked at rotundities of the figure: — Yes no, I shouldn't-thought Having made toilet, I began to put on. From this process I was always made horney, my dick continually got up allocating drops of lubricant it was necessary will stop and to calm itself having inserted itself into buttocks the small vibrator I began to jerk off representing that I am fucked in buttocks by the man. — MAN!!! — unexpectedly came to my mind, I represented, not Maxim at all. As I was very overexcited this occupation didn't take a lot of time and I plentifully terminated. Having made toilet and having taken breath I continued. At first panties. Panties with lacy fields gently fitted my buttocks, a bra with cups of the second size in which I enclosed two models specially cut out by me in the form of a breast from dense foam rubber, so to speak. Thanks to the fact that the breast at me was slightly excreted I too I received two breasts slightly more 2nd size. Now stockings, oh it was divine. Selection of a dress took some time, but I found that it is necessary for me. Having put all this on itself I was turned at a mirror, having been satisfied with myself I was accepted to a make-up. Well with a make-up problems weren't in general long trainings have an effect. Eyes, sponges there was a lovely attractive face with a dissolute sparkle in eyes. Over a hairstyle I didn't take a steam bath just I combed and I straightened hair. So once again I got up having taken a view of all myself I thought "Well will definitely not understand". It turned out something like that. Having put on shoes on a low hairpin I walked about the room, heart just escaped from my breast, I was haunted sensation of fear and excitement. I staid some time at a door and nevertheless having got it together left in an entrance. My hands and legs were cold, and on a body ran a shiver. I went down on steps clinking on them hairpins was a little complicated, but I tried. Paying attention to the gait I went outside and with horror saw that look at least seven pairs of male eyes at me. — Wow from where such beauty in our corner of the world! — with surprise one of guys In my address said complements fell down. For a second I nearly fainted, but the next time having got it together I having looked down down began to squeeze way through a crowd men. For a short time offered me beginning of unforgettable night to a hand and heart. Having escaped from crowd I gave to men an opportunity to estimate me behind. Guys estimated my slightly wagging buttocks at once and exclamations amplified. I decided to walk on our area, continually I heard the complements concerning my figure by passing cars signaled and even stopped, drivers offered restaurants, clubs or just to bring. Having taken a walk about one and a half hour I came back home, I was filled by feelings of a peculiar ecstasy. I saw as men whose views were filled with lust and desire to own me looked at me. I felt as they undress me a look and do with me that want turning all the most hidden perverted dreams and desires into reality. But everything was still ahead, I understood it when saw at the entrance two guys from the same company and when one of them barred me the way. — The girl you hurries-asked on-Sostavte to us the company I was about to blurt out that I hurry but the sound stood at me on lips and I in the affirmative rocked the head. — You agree-are joyfully he said. I all was stupefied I meant that I - yes hurry. The guy having quickly clasped me for a waist I pulled to a bench on which they sat. Guys were presented one which stopped me called Roofing felts and his friend Kostya, having told the names they interrogatively stared at me. During this moment my thoughts rushed with a lightning speed in my head I didn't know how to be, I will tell all of them will understand, I won't tell will think that I am not normal. Thousand times I damned myself for the fact that I in general decided on all this, my yard, my entrance, us here many know that will be told by mother having learned about it. I all contracted inside and having made enormous effort said: — Lola - Roofing felt which sat next sharply jumped: — You that pancake, the guy to go nuts!!! — almost he cried out Kostya too having expressed the emotions in a substandard form got up and stepped aside having lit he told — I told Roofing felt to you it isn't necessary to wait for her, or him, now. I at first strongly took offense, the relation was as to leprous, and then I don't know why felt simplification. Having collected the thoughts and spirit I got up: — Well than children I wasn't imposed you approached — having told I went to an entrance door. You know men inherently a primitive animal with insuperable desire to sex and in most cases it isn't important with someone and if these desires are warmed up by alcohol that in general becomes indifferent someone and where to fuck. On it well and thanks to my relief buttocks which the razmakha as though asked to fuck it I heard: — Billeting-called me Shreds. — Well still - I asked discontentedly having turned back. Roofing felt once again from legs to the head estimated me a look and a second more doubting said — Well let's try to communicate - — You are sure? — I asked At this moment Kostya who was still standing apart discontentedly told — Tolyan yes let goes why you need it? — Roofing felt I asked Kostya to keep silent and I approached me, having asked forgiveness for myself and the friend I suggested to walk. I told that I was very tired and at most that I can sit it here. Roofing felt I agreed and we took seat on a bench again. Kostya told that he should walk and left. We long talked my new acquaintance exclaimed surprise concerning the fact that it can be, he saw gays but he to see such similarity to the woman for the first time. He was the quite good guy and I relaxed a little, Roofing felt continued to drink beer probably under the influence of alcohol he grew bolder and asked whether I had a man. I told about Maxim then I Roofing felt grew bolder finally. Having again embraced me for a waist, only now his palm fell by my buttocks, and another was put to me on a leg by him I asked could oversleep with him. — Forgive if I offended you, just at me it in first-time-nevertheless with a shiver in a voice was told by him — I understand that I you not absolutely the girl, but all the same want you. — After these words, I lost control over myself. Having answered it that of course I could tried to embrace him, he slightly moved but then too nestled on me and we began to kiss. Having missed male caress I changed to him on knees and continued to shower its fervent with kisses. After a while I felt the increasing knob at him in trousers which soon already strongly rested against my buttocks. Having decided to stop his tortures I sat down before him on hunkers began to undo his trousers, the dick jumped out instantly to me it was worth pulling together an elastic band of his pants. I not the lover to estimate men's advantages, the member Toli can was slightly more long than Maxim but is precisely thinner. I understood it when having opened a mouth clasped the sticking-out head. The condition of pleasure shrouded me and I began to suck the member Toli carrying out by language along his trunk I entered him into the mouth now playing a uvula with his head. Hands I jerked off him and I played with balls. My knees began to become numb I got up, having placed legs and having rested hands against his knees continued to suck. Roofing felt having grabbed hands a bench I panted, then it began to pripodymat the hips towards to my mouth from what his dick entered me almost completely. Feelings played in me again, I so missed a penis that I didn't want to limit myself any more there is nothing. Having taken out from a mouth the member Toli I began to lick and suck his balls doing it as girls of a porn of movies. Being at top of pleasure and already beginning to think of that to suggest to fuck me in buttocks I suddenly heard Kostya's voice: — Roofing felt, it that? — he asked I came off the Member Toli and looked at Kostya who at this moment examined my legs and buttocks which appeared to his look as the dress from my squats and nagib crept to me on a waist. Having lowered a dress I approached Kostya — Well there will be enough Kostya, I see as you look at me - I told and having taken his hand put it to myself on buttocks His face showed discontent and he didn't remove contempt, but a hand, on the contrary he even slightly squeezed мн a buttocks half. I smiled and asked what I should make that he relaxed. Kostya was silent, only his eyes gave him, I understood that the series of the perverted thoughts ran in his head. — Boys we go to me? — I asked Guys agreed and we went to an entrance, all the time so far we rose by the second floor Kostya From roofing felts rumpled my buttocks. As I was brought by everything that occurred, I wasn't even frightened that I conduct home two unfamiliar guys, thoughts were only that now these two guys will fuck me. We came home children somehow shy behaved, they sat down on a sofa and it seemed didn't know what to do. I smiled to Kostya again and having raised a village dress to him on knees, his hands fell by my buttocks, he began to squeeze it parting in the parties. My silent postanyvaniye brought him and even stronger having seized my buttocks Kostya began to shower me with kisses, moving hips forward and back I kindled in him passion even more. (Especially for) having Much enjoyed kisses Kostik got rid of me on a floor, sitting on a floor I lewdly looked in his face, here to his patience the end came having undone a fly he took out already standing dick. I omit all polemic I will tell just at the sight of the sticking-out pink head of a penis finally having lost the head I in several seconds I violently sucked Kostya's end. I want to notice that the dick this all was penetrated by veins and the member Toli considerably surpassed in the thickness, language I felt the same pulsation so the acquaintance to me. In a passion rush Kostya having seized me with one hand by a nape, and another for a chin just began to hollow me in a mouth, I almost choked feeling its rough as a velvet a head deeply in a throat. Nevertheless having caught a rhythm of breath and having coped with an emetic reflex I continued to suck though it would be correct to tell to give to fuck himself in a mouth. Plentifully emitted saliva flew down at the edges of lips. Being on all fours and having closed eyes I enjoyed Kostya's taste absolutely having forgotten about Roofing felt, and I remembered about him when felt a slap on buttocks. — The bum is good - I told Roofing felt I turned to him so as far as I was allowed by Kostya's grasp. Roofing felt already I took off trousers and I saw the dick standing a stake. Then Roofing felt dropped out of sight and I felt as from me pulled together with force panties and here I suddenly understood that it is going to fuck my buttocks without any lubricant. Kostya didn't release me when I tried will be exempted from his dick to stop to Roofing felt. I all contracted, but fortunately Roofing felt guessed to moisten fingers with saliva and them previously to develop my hole. The forefinger easily entered me doing circular motions, the buttocks began to get used quickly even at that moment when in me two fingers were active already. Going to the abyss of pleasure I I also didn't feel as fingers were replaced by the dick. Only then when the dick entered me completely I understood that I am fucked in two bows. Guys very quickly caught a rhythm, Kostya released me and I sucked his dick, at the same time having bent a back and having exposed buttocks to top didn't forget to make upward movement hips the Shred. Balls of the Bone contracted, having understood that he will cum now I exempted a mouth from his dick a little, continuing to play a uvula sucking a head and to caress his balls. At first the large drop of a cum acted having felt her saltish tart taste I pinched her without releasing the dick and here Kostya powerful streams began to pour out in me the seed, there was many cum I with pleasure swallowed of it continuing to exhaust everything to a last straw. I looked in the face to Kostya, on his face expression of the satisfied male stiffened caressing me on the head he leaned back on a sofa continuing to pant. I released the become soft dick, this handsome hanged down between the placed Kostya's legs I caressed and kissed him. Roofing felt having felt that his movement limited this time nothing the beginnings to achieve of speed, I made upward movement and wagged buttocks towards to his animal movements. Balls splashed Roofing felts about my perineum, he seized me by hair and still neistovy the dick began to drive in me. I felt that I begin to fail, again this familiar feeling which I so missed, again waves of an orgasm covered me, I began to cum drops of a cum began to flow on my legs. From reductions of the dick the anus began to contract it it is visible very much it was pleasant to Tola and he began to shiver slightly in an orgasm threshold. In a moment I felt the warm streams of a cum spreading in me. We were pushed to the floor my male who was violently fucking me a minute ago panting lay on me, his dick still some time was reduced in me. Then roofing felt having lifted me on hands I put on a sofa. Now I with a species of the satisfied female lay on a sofa examining the naked males. But it was not the end yet!!! questions to ask your hinge date date calculator for age site mapMain Page