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ENSKY WHIRL, OR SEX IN THE SMALL TOWN (story) Part second. PIZZA, COCA, TWO AND TWO Chapter 4) About the Hunter and the Officer For us with Vika the meeting with the Officer in a format of group sex of MZhM was the second (I will tell about the first with the Hunter below), and took place in about one and a half years or two after her. I am far from a thought to criticize our third participant: he accurately and in a military way precisely satisfied all preliminary conditions. I rented apartment (he served in our military district, but it is rather far from the Emsky region, that is I arrived to us to Ensk for the only purpose of participation in a gruppovushka), I laid a table (besides darlings Vikinykh Coca pizzas and from himself personally bought in addition something, binge, however, wasn't – and he was by car, and I), nothing of that kind that would be beaten out for a framework of preliminary arrangements, I didn't begin to demand and ask. But also, I will tell in all honesty, more nothing, besides all poses and penetrations inherent in a format bringing, of course, a lot of pleasant emotions and impressions to all participants, this sex was remembered. Just sex for the sake of sex, for the sake of momentary adulating of flesh … and let will a little wait for spirit, it is all the same immortal, and flesh is transitory. The only thing, than me the style of sex of the Officer (in comparison with habits of other men in similar circumstances), so it his aspiration to be interchanged the position more often (the partner's holes) was remembered. We fucked sufficient long, conditionally in two calling, but the interval between actions was caused not by my or his orgasm, and Vikiny (the Officer too, as well as I, preferred to terminate once, as the curtain fell). And so, the pose most often was such: Vika costs dog-fashion, I fuck her in a mouth, the Officer in the pussy, or he in the pussy, I in a mouth. And so, only I will be accustomed and I will enter a rhythm a mouth as right there I hear his whisper: — Let's exchange. And besides, I will hardly be sent to the power of bewitching touches of lips and Wicky's uvula, I will hardly plunge into captivating feelings from the Vikiny skillful suction how to the Officer puffing on the South Pole (it I so, for literariness, actually bloody nothing he puffed unlike me, was a strong and strong young man of 35-year approximately age, with the genital body commanding respect from which Vika went bananas and strove even inadvertently to feel, be convinced of an interval whether escaped accidentally, but didn't decide to let in buttocks, it already, by the way, for fans to take an interest "and the anal was?"), suddenly all of a sudden will climb up in the head that on Northern climate more best and to live more cheerfully, and again atmospheric layers of the small Globe are shaken by a mantra: — DD, and let's exchange … — well as you will refuse to the guest such trifle, let himself relishes if so it is pleasant to him, from me won't decrease and Vika if she doesn't like such whirl around herself, would find a way to show discontent. Yes not fans of a statistical reporting in ero-literature will forgive me (once again), but if on my generalized impressions about sex of two men in one calling happens to one woman from two to five changes poses, then with the Officer we were scrolled around Wicky eight times if not ten. And, I don't know whether the Officer that in the presence of the main lover to give the woman compliments or still somehow hesitated of me to express verbally the emotions and wishes, or by nature I was a taciturn person and I couldn't (I didn't want) to do at the same time two things – to be fucked and say, but except for several standard polite phrases at acquaintance and at a table (but Vika was in good mood, it was with the naked eye visible how she liked the new man and as she wants to make an impression on him not only in a bed), he during intim didn't tell a word to her. "Let's exchange" it was always addressed to me, well can be, still "it is yes, of course, good" in response to Vikina questions: "To you it is good?", "So it is pleasant to you?", "And you want, still here so we will try?". And, at all simplicity and naturalness of similar answers, they sounded not at once, and with some hardly noticeable hitch as if he every time anew asked himself this question and only then I answered, or, perhaps, was afraid to violate authorized rules of the sexual hostel billeted in others monastery. The only question was asked by the Officer to Vika on sexual subject, and it sounded at the very end of the meeting: — I cum! It is possible in you? — No, it isn't necessary in me. I will take in a mouth. — What? – the Officer doing the last wide frictions didn't catch. Wicky's answer really was heard quietly, and could be to some extent interpreted as constraining. — I speak, cum to me in a mouth, a cat! – I giggled from an accidental rhyme. — In me it isn't necessary, I am more best I will take in a mouth — already more loudly and more accurately Vika answered, and slightly it seems I strained, ready to come off the partner's dick if suddenly that isn't in time. But the need in that wasn't, desire of the woman – not only the law for civilians but also which isn't subject to discussion the order for the approximate military personnel of valorous Armed Forces. The member Ofitsera who is pulled out from a vagina and the Bay Viki directed to each other and halfway in due time met where our third participant safely terminated, having received the deserved high. A couple of minutes earlier also I shot back there, and now complacently I observed how the person Ofitsera and as my friend writhes in pleasure grimaces tries to make this process for him longer and stronger. *** The hunter, most likely, too was the officer or the ensign. Or to the military personnel-contract employee. But I served already in our garrison, I rented apartment for full-time residence though, certainly, and it was not from our edges. Young people polite (won't get drunk yet) people of Slavic appearance – not a rarity on streets of our city, but on them, as a rule, a military uniform of different styles and coloring. Other scopes of application it is difficult for talents to present to visitors: the run up, and Tajik janitors and Vietnamese workers already slowly begin to run together. Well it is fine, not about it the speech. There was in my and Vikiny memory "Hunter" this young puny guy of 28 years (if didn't add in the questionnaire two-three of years for solidity), low and unsightly, to what offered instead of pizza and Coca – favourite viands of my friend before intimate rasslabukhy to treat us with a game. Yes, with own hand hit in neighboring forests and dales, wretched and prepared in due form unless not on a fire on a halt, and already on the standard gas stove in house conditions. It was curious, I before everything times in life tried a game (but, however, not a bird, and whether meat of a wild boar, whether a mountain ram was brought in the far childhood by our distant relative not to tell what was fantastically tasty, but the event was remembered), Vick it seems and never (what is given at restaurants, agreed not to consider). Generally, agreed. To the appointed day went on a visit. The game sizzled and hissed on a frying pan, windows of kitchen and a door on a balcony were wide open, the aroma forcing to swallow slobbers extended far after the district. Woodcocks that were or snipes, and can pheasants or quails, I won't lie, didn't remember. Though the Hunter as the real hunter, long and with pleasure told how he traced, wandered in swamps and clambered on mountain steep slopes, ambushed day and night, without departing designate to a step, and one well-aimed shot I struck all pack, having become the deadly enemy of the local edition of the Red List. As for taste … in my opinion the sybarite gourmet spoiled by home cuisine, meat was hardish. Whether the Hunter not sufficiently was a Cook, whether the game absolutely was run wild. Here to drink on stopisit and then still to repeat, went like clockwork … but the guy affected the full nondrinker (as such take in hunters and officers, it is inconceivable), than caused the deepest respect of Vika who didn't take in a mouth too (well you understand in what sense). And alone I didn't become thirsty. And probably, correctly! Well. Tried a game, plus, of course, there were on a table cheeses-greens-cucumbers-tomatoes. Washed down with Coca (we with Vika), the guy observing ZOZh – mineral water. Talked about that, about this. The hunter appeared the handyman to hunt not only birds, but also women. On the way to him, Vika doubted and whether I am not too young for us (I will remind, at that time her was 40, me 42), and there was a nonzero probability that he in Vick won't manage to awaken sympathy for himself, and we should say goodbye then, to an entertainment or without, but without sex unambiguously. But similar fears didn't come true, he behaved with Vika quite gallantly and courtly, admitting where it is necessary to scabrousness and platitude. Vika laughed loudly over chastushkas, reddened from frank questions, thought at intricate compliments. But eyes at her shone only this way, it was clear that she won't miss this game from the claws. And here, the last minutes before sex. Vika tidies up in kitchen, in the room the sofa is moved apart and laid, we with the Hunter come to smoke to a balcony. And here, after clearly sounded "tovs" and "tsels" teams, instead of "pla" such deafening misfire … nearly happened. — DD, here that I wanted - to tell you a t more. Well, I didn't want to write on the website, it is necessary to see lyu-people and so on — often dragging on and stammering for nervousness a little, the Hunter begins to say. – I always had such dream: to act as the girl for the adult man. Give we with Vika we will be your girls today, and you do with us that you want. And? Well … it is good that there was no binge. And that the Hunter instantly would fall a victim, would receive without delay bluntly. Or, horse-radish knows him, suddenly there is such dose of alcohol after which reception as speak in the people, "the hole in an ass is lost". Would catch spirit, would credit and itself wouldn't notice as. There would be a fun … I shake ashes and I notice that from this absurd thought I cheer up and smile to myself under a nose. And the guy probably sees, and, the poor fellow, thinks that he achieved the objectives. And still out of the corner of the eye I see that Vika already in the room, and does any signs, for fun and seriously, will move shoulders, the breast will correct for itself, imitates that now will begin to take off a skirt, to put it briefly, in every possible way shows the impatience and desire to pass somewhat quicker to bed triathlon. And what now to do? I won't beat him, first, already cheered up, secondly, from different questionnaires to me what was only not offered, and I never with them entered in срач and a skirmish, didn't send angry protests to the moderator, just quietly-silently pressed the ignore button. I can, of course, chilly-protokolno or indignant venomously comment on own refusal of injection in a close formation of sexual minorities, and it is proud to be removed, figuratively or not figuratively, having shut the door with a bang. I can can … and how Vika? She was adjusted, she already wants sex, she moved towards my request and agreed shortly before that to a meeting in the ZhMZh format, and I promised her that shortly there will be a symmetric answer in the form of MZhM. Again to correspond, cut perverts, to be engaged in tiresome coordination of organizational issues? That as showed today's case, not a guarantee that trouble which you avoided in the virtual won't be knocked at your door in real. And Vika behind the covered door already not just calls, and directly scoffs, the intriguer such! It is teased as we smoke, imitates as if holds a cigarette with two fingers, brings to a mouth and takes away, brings-takes away, once again, and even quicker, and the mouth is slightly opened more widely, and the head in other already the mode winds, and already as if holds a thin pakhitoska not with two fingers, and all palm solid such unit and quite unambiguously a dick sucks. Yes, Vika is able to suck, is able, it precisely! Here and my one-eyed lasts upward: yes, the chief, is able, I confirm! Well! It is necessary to cum with this canoe. He made the proposal, I will make the now. Yes, no, farther it will be visible. — Listen, "Hunter"! – I told, removing a smile from a face and extinguishing a cigarette in an ashtray. – We with Vika looked for the second man to make pleasantly first of all her. That she relaxed and received a full high from a double fucking. We didn't look for the second girl, especially the boy as the girl. And in general, it not mine, I have a standard orientation, and in the questionnaire it is written too. At Wicky and, bi, and at me hetero. Everything is written as is. Well … now someone is guilty? – it already in response to his attempt to justify oneself that mixed. – And now so. Give we we will agree with you that you told nothing to me, I heard nothing, and we will go, here watch how Vika was already tired of waiting, normally as it is necessary to men, so we will fuck this woman that I remembered all life. Agreed? — Agreed! – at once the Hunter answered. When I paid his attention to Vika (and there was he a back to the room, I the person before), at it even eyes were rounded from her imitation of blowjob, and the dick behaved the same as mine, he even involuntarily stretched to him a hand, began to rub and correct him under clothes. We entered the room and immediately snatched on Vika, is impatient that waiting and at last waited. And such the commotion, squeal, laughter, an alarm began here … We with the Hunter turned into the gray wolves conducting hunting for the Little Red Riding Hood, and the last beat off, urged on, kissed взасос, was scratched almost seriously. Generally, everything is farther it was good. We fucked Vika wonderfully well, and made horney soon enough so that the Hunter's dick (let and not the most impressive dimensions) like clockwork slipped to Vika in a bottom which at this moment was stuck on mine in the amazon's pose. What soon crowned her signature orgasm with shrill shriek, concussion of all body and stay in nirvana so long that the Hunter who isn't facing earlier such temperamental women began to worry, and quietly asked me: — To her it is bad? Or fell asleep? On a wave of not falling down Wicky's excitement it was lucky also me. In the sense that at last and my dick visited her bottom when we with the Hunter were scrolled around an axis of the symmetry formed by Wicky's body and now on him she jumped the horsewoman, and I set with her behind even if scurried about there not for long and didn't manage to stream. What to tell about blowjob in which Vika was the real skilled worker, and classics which my friend loved at all not less. Plus to everything to it is the capacity of love of the Hunter, his sincere thirst for a female body: he rained kisses on her from legs to the head, without forgetting to pay suitable compliments, both iznezhenno-sublime, and rough and good-natured character, and quite often dropped her between legs in long or fleeting to kuna. Seeing all this, the thought rushed from time to time in my head: "The guy, you adore women, you love a female body to insanity, you prove as 100% hetero and it is visible how from all this you relish. On a fig to you experiments "to stay the girl", "to humour the man"? For what reason you awaken and you cultivate nonexistent initially a bishnost?". And still there was an episode for which stones with an engraving "attention" can depart to the author. I fucked Vika dog-fashion (in the pussy), and this spoiled boy of lickspittles under her, settled with her type in "69", Vick was taken in a mouth by his dick and began to suck, respectively, the Hunter to her began to lick a clitoris. And in пизде, in several millimeters, my dick scurries about to and fro. Well I several times also felt some shchekotaniye-moistening on a trunk … and balls plopped down few times not with such sound, as usual. The person can't wish himself bad, but that second I wished that my genitals zavonyal disgustingly and forever would beat off unnatural desires of it was silent on an orientation crossroads. Not to do without statistics, even you shouldn't dream! Summing up the results of that orgy, I will tell that we with the Hunter terminated two times. I both times to Vika in a mouth, he once to her in a bottom, and the second in a mouth. For standard MZhM – a standard situation. And not standard that was applicable to Vika, as she terminated twice: the only time on my memory in more than eight years of our proximity. Her second orgasm which, however, came not so easily as the first at double penetration, but and it isn't so difficult as it was cut by persistence and patience at meetings in private, powerful and recklessly sweeping away all obstacles on the way, awakened a scared and delighted look of the Hunter ("Pancake! In gives! In life of it I didn't see" — he whispered), my self-satisfied smile (meaning "take a look at our sort") and pride that helped the girlfriend to get such cool feelings, and Vika's surprise slightly later which already forgot when last time the organism indulged her for one meeting two orgasms. I think that compliments which Vika with the Hunter on a threshold of his apartment before our leaving exchanged were quite sincere. However, also I received the portion of heartfelt gratitude both from one, and from another. But as surprised Vika on the way back (played) me! Still as I remember, the laughter sorts. We go, so by the car on the way to it home, I tell, slightly decking, it peripetias of delicate balcony negotiations and as at me hair bristled on a bald head at the mouth dog-fashion combined with a pose 69. And here Vika - and - ак otmochit! Absolutely ordinary tone, even with a reproach note as the wife will answer if to tell her that inexpensive and good potato occurred in the path, and money was too, and the place in a luggage carrier, but here, for some reason missed, "Well and would buy! Someone disturbed you?", here with such approximately Vick's intonation reproaches me: — Well would also fuck the guy, DD! From you won't decrease? He is such pretty, so it was pleasant to me, here directly so pretty bunny, would kiss, mm … And having only seen my protruding eyes and the car which began to stagger in dangerous proximity at the railway crossing, I burst out laughing and I added: — I joke, I joke, be not nervous! We indeed counted on MZhM, you correctly told everything. We already had ZhMZh, Kira was pleasant to me and, honestly, very quiet, well-mannered too, sustained as write in books or show in movies, the real representative of the St. Petersburg intellectuals. But I am a woman, I like men more. Yes, I understand that you are a man and it is pleasant to you with women. What do you tell? It is advisable to threaten on "couple on couple" now? Well, create the questionnaire, I don't object. And me, I didn't forget yet, land at that shop. questions to ask tinder date best date ideas houston site mapMain Page