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The next day of boring and ordinary check at last came to an end. Foretold nothing tonight, only the next campaign in a bath didn't leave you indifferent. You looked forward to this moment … Already at the exit in a bath suddenly in the price list of the prices at the very bottom there was a word massage. Of course it interested you, so there was a wish to relax and reduce stress. You asked the administrator and you were answered: - to you massage in a bath or in number? You having not for long thought, I answered – In a bath! You lay on the shelf of the heated bath and enjoyed the aroma and soft steam caressing your magnificent body. Suddenly you heard some fuss behind a door and understood that it the masseur came. You prepared for massage directly in a sweating room, having spread at all length. Suddenly the door opens and you are faced by the man, rather young and with a beautiful athletic figure, wrapped up by a white sheet and with various oils for massage in hands. At first you as couldn't relax, but the aroma and tenderness of male hands did the part and soon your body was so relaxed that obediently submitted to the massage therapist's hands. Your thoughts never before were at such level of consciousness – they just weren't at all, you as if were in prostration … You just lay and enjoyed the moment. All body was available to hands of the massage therapist, a magnificent body and the massage therapist imperceptibly I was flippant with hands what testified slightly raised sheet to. At first you what without noticing just lay and enjoyed massage, but when you felt his impudent, unostentatious and very gentle touches between buttocks you began to understand that business won't be limited to one massage … Why to limit itself – you thought. Life one and it is necessary to live it as it is possible nasyshchenny. You didn't give a sign and decided to play with the massage therapist, didn't begin to open for him the decision, and just decided to look, what will be farther … You eliminated the look towards the bulged sheet and your look met, it understood what can be continued further without limiting itself(himself) in anything as no what objections arrived. And, appear, his hands became even more gentle and massage turned into very gentle and incredibly exciting touches. His hands caressed your pussy slightly getting inside, from your lips the involuntary slightly audible groan which is followed by heavy horney breath broke. From such pleasure you closed eyes and enjoyed already absolutely other feelings. Suddenly touches became even more gentle because caress was already his hot uvula. When his uvula touched a clitoris your body literally trembled and was exhausted from desire, and his strong hands at the same time warmed up your buttocks. There passed minute or hour, you as if were unconscious, you felt all his body on yourself and already without sheet. His elastic dick was at you between buttocks, hands lay on a waist and whispered lips on an ear: — Turn over! And you as if bewitched, did everything as the massage therapist ordered. Having turned over on a back, you caught his delighted look. It obviously liked your body: graceful figure, full elastic breast, beautiful buttocks and lovely face. His lips in impatience were eager for your beautiful lips and he directed them to your lips, you reciprocated and your lips merged in fervent kiss. His uvula in a mad rhythm of passion already danced the tango with your uvula. At the same time his hands caressed your breast. He gently caressed your nipples. His kisses directed to your ear, he caressed a lobe of your ear and at the same time by a faltering horney voice whispered: - I want you! His kisses began to fall below. For a moment having stopped on your gentle neck his kisses moved to area of a breast. He began to absorb greedy your breast at the same time his uvula caressed a nipple and area around him, and the ring finger thus already deeply entered you. You were an obezumena and couldn't constrain more the passion, you took his weapon in a hand and began to caress his at the same time your lips merged in fervent kiss … Your kisses slipped down his body and during a moment his stone dick appeared in your hot mouth. Your uvula promptly caressed a bridle. You absorbed his dick at all length. From lips of the massage therapist the groan of improbable excitement was already distinctly heard, and you decided to bring the caress to the culmination. You passionately absorbed in all length, resting at the same time against a throat, took it for a cheek, caressed a head the dexterous uvula. The massage therapist at the same time stood and having rolled up eyes from improbable pleasure, held you by a hair and helped to stick your gentle mouth on the trunk. You at the same time squated having widely spread legs and a free hand moved apart a butonchik of the rosette and immersed in her two fingers at once. From taken away the dick of the massage therapist became even more elastic, he very much liked to observe as fingers got inside and to feel tenderness and passion of your uvula. He couldn't control more than and, having rested against your neck began to stream plentifully at the same time loudly to growl as if the wounded animal. You swallowed everything to a last straw and as if missing five grams I tried to exhaust from him. You rose to his lips and they merged in a hot kiss again. His courageous hands continued to wander on your fine slender body, he caressed your buttocks, rumpled a breast, wound nipples, caressed a clitoris and got into already iznemogayushche-damp pussy … He the sharp and persistent movement turned you to himself a back and operas to a wall, at the same time you slightly bent. He squated, moved apart halves of your fine buttocks and his uvula began to wander passionately from a clitoris to an elastic ringlet of your anus. From such caress your legs slightly gave away. You watched that as it is elastic there was his dick, you already dreamed when he pierces you when begins to mass all sensitive places from a nutria when his head rests G against your intimate point. But the massage therapist also didn't think to enter, he kindled fire of your passion, the stronger the woman, the brighter her an orgasm flares. He entered two fingers inside and began to caress your most erogenous zone from within, and the uvula at the same time caressed not less sensitive zone – an anus ringlet. You were already exhausted from desire, loudly groaned and begged: - Otttrakhkhkhkhkhay me! Enter me a stallion! It wasn't necessary to wait for him long … He with scope got up and entered on all depth. I took you for a waist and I began to hollow furiously your pussy expiring love nectars. He slapped in your magnificent buttocks and at the same time entered so deeply that his head seemed rested to you against a uterus. Your groan already turned into shout, and he slapped you in buttocks and furiously fucked at the same time greedy being enough hot air. From such fucking in your hands there were no forces any more and you began to slip from a wall and here your body already practically on a floor, and magnificent buttocks all in the power of the massage therapist. The pulsing ringlet indulged in his look and it began to get in his ring finger at the same time also furiously sticking your pussy on the dick. Double penetration forced to terminate you violently. The orgasm came to them at the same time. Your groans and a shouting forced also him to terminate violently on your buttocks. Your emaciated body in convulsions failed on a floor and from lips the ceasing groan escaped. He lifted you on hands and took out from a sweating room. In the restroom there was a couch for massage, it put you on her, and itself went for fragrant oils. From touches of his hands to your gentle body still ran peals of a recent orgasm. You were in euphoria. You lay and enjoyed. You as couldn't believe that it is not a dream, all this in reality … You little by little began to recover and your organism being made horney began to demand a new orgasm. But you couldn't move, to you it was so good that you for the first time in life gave all initiative in a charge of this massage therapist. His hands warmed up shoulders, a gentle neck, magnificent buttocks and you noticed that his hands began to stop in "treasured" places again, his oiled fingers without effort got into your very narrow buttocks …. Again rolled keen desire on you …. You sat down on a couch and passionately attracted by the massage therapist's hand to yourself. Your sponges with violent passion and huge desire stuck into his heated lips. You pushed him on a sofa, approached and greedy his already rather elastic dick to the basis the bottomless mouth absorbed. Then having released a dick from a mouth immediately I saddled him and mad jumps began … You so jumped on the dick as if in you the devil was installed … The massage therapist warmed up your buttocks, stuck them on a dick and loudly slapped on them, it was obviously pleasant to you as you began to be stuck more furiously and when he entered a finger into your buttocks you lost self-control at all … He understood that your buttocks are a huge erogenous zone and he decided to present you one more unforgettable orgasm … He got up, again put you a crustacean, passionately spanked your yagodichka and again began to caress a uvula a clitoris that ringlet. Having plentifully oiled the dick massage he put a head of the dick to a ringlet and began to get slowly inside. When the dickhead passed narrow fetters you screamed, but not from pain and from the rolling wave of the next orgasm. He felt that you already on the verge therefore entered to the basis and began to fuck tirelessly your buttocks … You shouted, squealed, groaned, and he continued to stick your buttocks on the dick. Your horney views continually met in a mirror opposite in which was reflected and incredibly made horney your copulation. You saw his mad horney look, and it observed as your tits waved here and there and as you caressed the clitoris in a step to his pushes. The orgasm covered you with the head again. It was such strong that you already vaguely distinguished images in a mirror, and even the loud groan to you seemed muffled … …. There passed minute or hour …. You regained consciousness in the empty restroom, absolutely one and absolutely naked … It seemed to you that all this there was a beautiful dream and only a little cum, following from your buttocks I suggested otherwise … questions to ask man your dating youtube launch date in india site mapMain Page