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Sasha had last day, before arrival of mother. And he decided to carry out it together with friends. He called Vit, having invited him to himself. And while Vitya gathered and went to him, decided to appear before him in all beauty. I made a beautiful hairstyle and I dressed up in the smartest of what mother had in clothes. Stockings with a belt so pleasantly fitted his slender legs, a panties covered a sweet hole. He with such impatience waited when the friend comes. Vitya came through couple of minutes. Having invited the friend to enter, Sasha conducted himself as the real girl. Having entered the apartment, Vitya appreciated dress Sashenki. I embraced him, I slapped in the bulged buttocks in thongs and I kissed. — Well that, today I want to show you one club. — Vitya told. — What? — Sasha was surprised. — Do you want that I here so went to club? —. You are so similar to the girl that nobody will even notice if you dress up in a good dress. Sasha was rumpled couple more of minutes, but then agreed. — Well here. You won't regret. I guarantee. — Vitya approved and, having smiled, continued. — So far let's-ka be trained by A. He undid trousers and put Sashenku on knees. — Suck, the whore. — he told, looking directly in eyes to Sasha. Aleksandra took the bulked-up dick in a hand and began to lick a head. The uvula went on a surface of the dick, caressed him and teased. Vitya sighed from pleasure. Sasha took a dick in a mouth and began to suck away Vit, swallowing a dick honor on a half of length. Through couple of minutes of such suction Vitya plentifully terminated directly in Sashin a sweet mouth. Having again felt hot taste of a cum at itself in a mouth, Sasha already agreed to everything. They spent couple more of hours at Sasha, an is closer to evening moved to club. Already rather darkened and there were enough people much. They crowded and tried to squeeze into club. Sasha and Vitya were lucky and they passed quickly, having passed crowd. Having undergone protection, Vitya showed to Sasha club and added: — So far we can dance and have a good time. Slightly popozzhe I will show something to you. Sasha experienced easy nervous trembling, was to so many people here. No as only he saw between flashes of a son of lumiere the reflection in a mirror, at once everything passed. He was absolutely unrecognizable. Beautiful and sexy little girl. Nobody will even think that it is the guy. Two hours flew by almost imperceptibly. Sashenka danced and I had fun. Several guys in the general dance and a pulsation even tried to tempt him. It flattered Sasha. He felt himself desired. Here Vitya took Sasha for a hand and led in the party of a toilet. — After certain time in this club becomes enough zharkovato. — he told on the road. — When you come into a toilet, safely enter average of three cabins and be closed. It wash to you a surprise. Vitya brought Sasha to a female toilet and hinted that it is necessary to enter and follow instructions. Sasha entered the empty female toilet. Music here only in the background mode was heard from the main hall. Having remembered Vitya's words, Alexander entered an average cabin and it was closed. Later couple of minutes of expectation, in a toilet the door opened and steps were heard. Kto-to entered both next cabins. Only here Sasha noticed that in both walls which are fencing off his cabin from strangers there are openings. And in these openings as only Sasha noticed them, pushed two impressive dicks. — Uou! — only also Sasha could be surprised, without leaving an image. He already mentally thanked Vitya, for such gift. The anticipation smile on his person said o the fact that it is happy with this gift. Having taken on the dick in each hand, he began to jerk off to strangers. Behind walls approving puffing was heard. Dicks were really impressive. On centimeters 19 both. The picture and the truth impressed. Music rhythmically reached from a dance floor the muffled bass. In a cabin beautiful, long-haired "little girl" sat. The short dress opened a view of the lacy line of stockings. Black varnish shoes on a hairpin erotically raised a leg. The girl held two dicks poured by blood in hands and, almost in a step to music, nadrachivala them. Aleksandra didn't bear and with pleasure clasped with lips one of dicks. Sucking away one, about the second she didn't forget too and massed it the gentle handle. Moving lips on the dick up-down, Sashenka o thought how it is magnificent to be a girl. To hear from other party of a partition grateful postanyvaniya was an excellent compliment. Having been tired of blowjob, Sasha raised a dress and slowly lowered thongs on smooth legs. Then I turned to one of dicks buttocks and a hand I helped to put him to the hole, having greased it with saliva. Having felt an anus ringlet a hot head of the dick, Sasha relaxed and allowed him completely, to the basis, to get into itself. As only the dick appeared in buttocks, it clasped other dick with sponges and began to move forward and back, serially sticking itself on dicks a mouth, buttocks. Was not to constrain groans any more and in several minutes both guys terminated, the gulf Sashenke a hole and a mouth a cum. Having again felt it "hot pleasure" in itself, Aleksandra moaned for joy. Having cleaned with members from the cum remains, it was already I was going to leave a cabin, but not here-to was. As only dicks of guys disappeared in openings of walls, two more new came to their place. Sasha understood that she won't be released until all persons interested are satisfied. The toilet whore worked about a half an hour more and when four more dicks were served, she brought herself into an order. Sasha decided to leave only then when all sounds, except music, out of a cabin were removed. Na an exit she was waited by Vitya. When they returned home, slightly drunk, Vitya bent drunk Sasha on a kitchen table and cruelly fucked, having lowered all cum on buttocks... They stood at a window and smoked. Vitya told o how heard from the guys leaving a toilet that there "the notable whore works". Sasha, having considered it a good compliment, I listened and I smiled. The code they finished smoking, Vitya told: — You already so promoted in it everything. Can... — he hesitated, but continued. — Maybe you will listen to my paltry idea? — Well yes, give. — Sasha was intrigued. — Tomorrow Max and Artyom will come. We could have fun again not bad. — Vitya offered. — You know. I not against it. Only for. — Sasha smiled. — Only tomorrow my mother comes back. I have no place. — The place will be. You not absolutely understood... I want to call still someone-nibud. — Someone? — Sasha was surprised. — Max said to me that he to which of the acquaintances told that he found the excellent girl. He didn't say o the fact that you are a guy in women's. I don't know how many he will bring with himself and someone, but I think it will be cheerful. Sasha considered the offer. Distorted him from pleasure at the thought that now I will tear up him even more dicks. He wanted more and more. Couple more of minutes Sasha stood and thought, a then, having fallen by knees, said: —... I will only be glad... Continuation follows... For communication with the author: questions to ask him before relationship date calculator cornell site mapMain Page