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As happened during week-end, we go with the wife on shops and we buy products for a week. Suddenly at the intersection we notice accident, we approach closer, and there the car of her sister, she no what thinks and sobs, as in unconsciousness. My wife was upset too, asks where her husband Sasha, and she only catches a mouth air, and is confused in words. At the wife phone rang out, she picks up the phone, and on that end of a wire just her husband looks for the Natasha. There is he in a business trip and can't phone to it. We calmed down. I bypassed the car around, I see a simple scratch. — I taught to the own harm, my wife was aloud abused. I calmed both and sent the wife home having told that I will issue the protocol on accident and I will bring her home. Just she had a shock. We amicably parted, I took seat for a wheel and brought her home. Natasha was as wadded, and I had to drag her at first to the bathroom where I removed her make-up and rinsed the head with cold water. She went to a bed as drunk. I called the wife and explained a situation. She told that it happens to her from the childhood, you stay with her an hour another and at her everything will pass. Well it is told made! I undressed her almost to a goal, having left on her only a bodice and swimming trunks, and covered with an easy blanket. And of what to hesitate, we are adults, to us already for forty and similar actions don't cause in us almost what emotions even if I would take off from her a brassiere. Shook her and she suddenly said, - don't leave … I in some awkwardness sat near the pleasant woman shivering with shock and suddenly I just undress and lay down near her, on me only swimming trunks. I cover us with a blanket and I nestle on her back the breast. I embrace her for a breast and I feel how it becomes pleasant to me from full touch with her. Natasha slightly fades, and her jolting begins to calm down. — Means, I did right thing, I reflect, and itself I climb a palm under her brassiere. She somehow childly sobbed and having heaved a deep sigh, helped me to lift up bodice cups above a breast. Investigating both breasts, my hand falls below to her navel. Natasha stood and as if ceased to breathe. — Relax Natasha, I want to console you, we with you some houses … My hand already laid down on her pubis, having got under panties, and her hand it seems tries to take mine back. I decided to begin everything with the beginning and put the palm back on her breast. — Oho, I think, nipples already stand as small pebbles. I give them kisses, left, right, I stop on left and gently I stick … The hand slides again down. — Ah-x-x, she exhaled. What today day, broke through her, I broke the car, you want to oversleep with me, I can't just think as me and to be …? — Natka, well first you just scratched her, and I try to return you to reality. Relax, rely on me. What, from you will decrease perhaps? You are an adult woman … — Well, all this is just interesting … Meanwhile my hand got under her panties and my finger groped a treasured button to which from touch any woman becomes pliable and gentle. Natasha rolled up eyes and having released a situation just told, - do with me that you want. Today I as rag. Having received some high from massage of her clitoris, it lay and commented, yes-yes here, isn't present slightly more gently … Her legs began to be spread and Natasha's body turned into an available flower of love. The pussy became wet, hands were closed for mine by a back, my piston got into her till the end, and Natasha pleasantly smiled, having received contact about her uterus. — Give begin, with impatience she whispered, without opening eyes. It seems, I leave shock. I began the rockings and watched her mysterious smile. The feeling of penetration into a vagina of the relative just involved me in her, our bodies connected so as if we left long ago, and now terribly missed and again met. Natasha all over sought to be stuck to me and was frankly given. — Don't hurry, she suddenly whispered to me on an ear, I seem understood that it is necessary to leave shock through sex. I didn't think that you are such nice on the touch. I just die under you. Your penetration is pleasant to me and I want to feel your cum in myself. — Well, I think, broke through, shock already means passed thanks to sex. Natasha still tenderly embraced me, and literally squeezed into my body as if the second piece of plasticine is afraid to come off the first. As if she seeks to become a single whole. We merged in the general ecstasy, and soon she stood under me as if I stiffened. Vagina muscles convulsively began to squeeze my dick, on my balls pleasure juice began to flow, and her legs were extended by a string. She wildly cried and thrust the nails to me in a back. Right there sharply I released them, having told, - ooh, nearly I wounded... The dick was necessary to stand up and send me to her mouth. Natasha with eagerness of a hungry panther grasped with both hands it as for something precious and began to lick and suck it greedy. The orgasm didn't keep me waiting long. I slightly pressed forward, and my balls gave five streams of my precious cum. When my wife couldn't swallow and drops, and here it!!! It is simply crazy sucked and I didn't manage to give new portions of the cum on the mountain. — It isn't a shame to you that you devastate stocks of the sister? She smiled, exhausting the last droplets from a head of my dick and answered that at all. — You are such cool lover, you could bring me out of shock, and I thought that I won't come round till tomorrow. And stocks will be restored while you go home. You have such big balls, even enviably. My Sashki has them such, as at Vasya's cat, small and sjezhenny, and at you just as at a bull … She gently holds them in a palm and with admiration considers them. Eh, Olga was lucky … Meanwhile, my dick was already in readiness again. The pizda squelched Natashin after the second penetration. The cum followed from her vagina and flew on an anus fillet directly on a bed. — What about a back gate? I ask. — With at great pleasure, let to me it will become compensation for accident, Natasha whispered with a pleased smile and I turned to me buttocks the smeared my cum. Gloss not of a virgin anus appeared before my head. We plunged into prostration again, fixing her treatment for shock of road accident. My dick with pleasure mastered new open spaces of the relative. Natashin an orgasm at anal penetration was much brighter vaginal that in strong degree struck me and it. — It from a bend of a uterus was explained by her, thriftily washing my dick in a shower cabin. Having washed me as child, she hung on my neck, having told frank directly looking to me in eyes, - thanks for caress the dear husband of my sister. — At me it turned out unintentionally, I explained justifying oneself. The second time so won't turn out. — It will turn out, still as it will turn out, she hinted. Also I added, - Sasha in buttocks doesn't indulge me, is sick he correct some … — Well, always so it turns out, I added if one normal, then another correct, and toil all couples on life. — Precisely, precisely, on the course both of us with you correct. As it is good that I had an accident, touching a hand my balls, she whispered. How many at us with you did remain to time? Go give, and that Olga will arrive for you now. — Here and perfectly, I will manage to put on, and you to pretend to be a patient in a bed. I only managed to put on as the sound of the opening lock of an entrance door, made sober both of us. — Olya arrived … Natasha lay in a bed, having closed a forehead a wet towel. I stood at a bed and thought, from where it has a flat key of the sister? Interestingly, and Natasha has a key from our apartment? Meanwhile Natasha ineptly pretended that to her it is bad, and eyes gave her satisfaction received only that in a bed. Olga gazed about, sniffed to air in which fluids of sex and with words, - well-well … still flew! I understood everything, I got up, I went to an exit of the apartment and having turned back I added, - well darling, went home, I will check you for contents in balls. To a campaign I will find big shortage and giggled. — That's OK Ol, well it turned out at us unintentionally. You will think … Don't quarrel, Natasha began to ask for pardon. What do you grudge for me one portion of a cum perhaps? Eternally we women quarrel because of trifles where he from you won't get to. And the dick from others pizda only becomes thicker … Olga looked at me reproachfully and inserted, - if she wasn't my sister, would kill you, went give …! It was informal permission to campaigns to her sister, - so at least I judged. And still it was a shame to me. No, not that fucked her sister I even for treason don't consider it, and that we here so easily got with her. Any reader will doubt that here so just everything was resolved that it doesn't happen. It appears happens when sisters love each other since youth moreover and lesbian love. And I to this case also didn't know about them what. questions to ask her on a dating site date deck site mapMain Page