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— I will think — and thought. And actually I waited for an opportunity. Once it was necessary to fly on one of the extracting mines, being quite far, namely in Central Asia. I took with myself Her, it is besides justified. On the mine there was a failure of the extracting automatic equipment. The person who is looking after the mine couldn't fix independently a problem and called me. Considering that Virinei the main specialization had a robotization of productions, her help was not superfluous. The shuttle quickly brought quickly us to the place of accident. So far I understood that to what, Ney got into the program, managed to see and find malfunction. Then, without thinking twice, I replaced the failed block with serviceable and everything earned. Not without reason according to her instruction robots loaded into the shuttle to half-ton of various spare parts. Here one of them was also useful. — Ney, can prosochetay pleasant with useful? —? — We very quickly started the mine, more precisely you started. Also we have full authority to have a rest. Namely to sunbathe. The sun is much hotter here, than in Atlantis. — I already felt. Terrible Zharishcha. — Then we fly to the next reservoir — we rose the shuttle approximately by kilometer over a surface. From school I accurately acquired that the territory of Central Asia is generally the desert with separate oases. But around us the centuries-old woods with trees stretched to 150 — 170 meters of height. Even in more than two hundred years of stay in this time the brain refused to realize that it isn't present in this territory of deserts. There is no all also! Instead of deserts the real jungle of Amazon. Noticed for the small lake surrounded from all directions with the wood. Landed near him. I by means of the Phaeton covered the lake with the next trees a powerful power dome. Ney even I didn't pay attention to it. All her attention focused on the coast. In principle anything unusual. But only managed to set foot on land as It attacked hordes of insects. Strange, but they for some reason didn't touch me or almost didn't touch. — Phaeton! Pick up ultrasound frequency, for protection against insects. — I carry out — in a moment insects disappeared. — A phaeton, there is for us a danger in water and on the land? — The commodore, my scanners show that there is no danger in water to people. Except different types of fishes and mollusks sensors any more found nothing. And on the land, except insects, there is a lot of fauna even under a dome. — Thanks. Just in case put an anti-sound veil. And on the land, except me and Nei, all live lull for a while until we stay here. While I talked to the Phaeton, Ney threw off from myself clothes and carelessly plunged into the water. In reservoirs of Atlantis there were no fishes, dangerous to the person, or other living beings. Having had a good swim much in clean and warm as pair milk, water, we blissfully sprawled on a soft silky grass which rose to the water. But soon I began to notice the interested views of Nei in my party. Just my thoughts were inaccessible for her. And from her thoughts my dick stood as the tin tell-tale. — Ney, with me something not as it should be? — having made the naive person, I asked the girl. And at once I felt as she felt shy. — Alex, everything is all right. Just it is unusual to me to see you naked. — What, do I look it is too repellent? — No, absolutely on the contrary — I was confused Ney. — It as? Also don't hesitate you as the teenager. Already for the twenty passed. Likely, not under one guy I visited — Ney indignantly I began to thresh me the cams. I with laughter "tried" to beat off, then captured her for a back and quickly turned over, having appeared on her. The girl stood, without knowing how to arrive in this case. Her thoughts were swept up as goldfinches in a cage. And when I as the vampire stuck into her soft pliable lips, she "thawed" as an ice cream in the sun. Only the unique desire took control of her: lust. Soon, having understood that except a kiss from me it is possible not to wait for a bigger initiative, Ney took reins of government in hand. And these playful handles reached my staff. Having felt as the handle elastic flesh and not meeting for my part objections, she, without releasing the dick, I turned over, having appeared on me. — Wow! What he hard and elastic! — the drizzle flew at her. Ney of the village to me legs, podrachivy dick. Then I rose, efficiently I moved a head on the shchyolochka and, having sent him to a pleasure gate, I began to fall slowly. But they appeared on the lock. Though it Her didn't stop at all. Got used in training fights to pain, she continued to fall. But suddenly in my head zaplyasat strong painful sparks. Instinctively she quickly rose on some centimeter. Only they began to fade, the girl sharply fell, having let in herself the welcome guest. — Ney, stand! Let pain will leave — it stood, and in the head painful sparks still stormed. — At last my dream was executed — I whispered Ney as though didn't feel pain. — What for a dream? — More than five years I dreamed that your handsome man pierced in my girl. And here he all in me. I am happy — continued to whisper Ney, sitting astride a dick, and not paying attention to slowly fading pain from a gap. Though with delay, but reached me that 23% aren't enough that the wound healed, as on the vampire. Therefore mentally I concentrated attention on the place of a gap, trying to heal quicker. Soon pain completely went to Nei, the gap completely began to live, and it began to fall and rise methodically. — The sun, wait. Look down — she lowered a look, and having seen the stomachs smeared with blood, laughed. — Krovishch how many! Even I didn't expect. — Ney, let's be rinsed in water. Then we will continue. — But you won't deceive? — she with alarm looked me fool in the face. — Give to me at least one example when I deceived you. — Alex, I won't remember such case, but just in case I ask. — Neechka, foolish, I will also not think to deceive. It is pleasant to me too. Though it is also not pleasant to me how you do it. Sex it, as some religious rite. At first prelude, kindling of desire. And when be not able to constrain any more this magnificent feeling then sex begins directly. And at you, as on a sparring. Bang-bang and in kings. — So teach — with insult I inflated Ney's sponges. — Well but only to obey implicitly. — And when I didn't obey you? — I repaid to me Ney in kind. — All right. World. We go to bathe and wash away guilty traces. Several hours we with Ney prokuvyrkatsya. She was insatiable. During this time terminated both uncountable number of times. I tried Ney and kuna, and will pass. And to all new that learned, rejoiced as the child (ridiculously sounds — the child in 26 years). — The commodore, the general Leah calls you. — A phaeton, minute, don't connect yet. Ney, in a trice in water! — the girl was thrown by a lightning to the lake. And I as on alarm I put on. — A bream where you were gone — Leah with anxiety asked. — Unplanned rest. Decided to bathe in other climate. — And Ney where? — Leah from the hologram tried to see to Viriney. — A phaeton, show where Ney — near Leah's hologram there was one more on which Ney as the speedboat, cutting water, quickly I floated to the coast. — A bream, well why you to her allow to sail so far without you from the coast? And if what danger? — The general, my sensors didn't find danger. — There now you see. Even the Phaeton intercedes for me. Through a half-hour we will be at home, prior to a meeting — Leah switched off a communication channel. From now on there was no uniform day that Ney didn't saddle my stallion. As it appeared, she as well as at Leah had no periods therefore she was ready to a coition always and everywhere. Practically always before training fight she received several portions of a cum in the pussy. And only after it started a training. In a year I raised it the level of use of opportunities of a brain to 98%. The poor girl shouted in all power of lungs, and then more than three hours recovered. After that, at first Leah shared with her the knowledge and skills, then I added what Leah didn't have. Now our trainings became also for me very heavy. Viriney I had the same speed and force, as well as. At least once a week these trainings took place under water. Thanks to skills and knowledge gained once from the admiral Byul we could be under water unlimited time even without extras. I learned it after the first training from Viriney in water. This cunning could hold the breath almost for 10 minutes. I already began to worry. I stopped a sparring. But she came up as though there were under water several seconds, even without having been out of breath. Then the late admiral was remembered. It turns out that not only the brain receives a new infa and skills. But some inexplicably and the body gets many opportunities of that civilization from which skills are inherited. Very often sparrings passed in mountains. First, there it is possible to practice with stones, moving and crumbling them by means of telekinesis. And secondly, than the mountain is higher, especially air is rarefied, and the oxygen consumption an organism at intense trainings is huge. Today we have according to the plan a training in mountains. — — — — — — — — — — — — Cyclops! — the simultaneous exclamation of twins escaped. — From where this civilization is known to you? — It is a civilization? At us in bylinas, a Cyclops occurs in fairy tales. But in all fairy tales, despite the huge growth of a Cyclops, they are sluggish and silly. — Fairy tales — a lie — Drago rumbled — this civilization is very developed and it is necessary to sweat that to cope with them. — And we have a choice? — There is no choice — Kyrsir dejectedly answered — the main thing that you didn't dishonor me — he turned and looked with hope for twins. The Drago ship quickly came tearing along in the star system of the Cyclops. All very much were surprised to such speed, even Invir and Kyrsir. While twins tried to conduct negotiations, Drago activated a chameleon and was shaken on the planet of a Cyclops. He found this chronograph, inquired as to what, and at once I understood, what's the use in search of the gone People of Earth from this device any. I returned on the ship and I ordered to twins to be brief. When they already were by the ship, he explained why it was necessary to interrupt fruitless negotiations. — The new ideas are necessary. I visited the past at the time of prosperity of People of Earth, thanks to the commander of Alliance of the highest civilizations of the general the Torah. To him wasn't about the Phaeton of data any. But even the remained period too big that to investigate all. It is necessary to reduce a search interval somehow. — A drag — there began Kyrsir — and if to connect our intuition? — Kyrsir, at what here an intuition? — When I asked People of Earth for the help the minding Nazoferov, the king Arikhonov at once felt danger of death to the ambassador Alex. He instantly took off to Shensheram. It is asked how he learned that Shensher will have Alex? And he was late by the beginning of fight only because his fleet slower, than Phaeton speed. I suggest everyone someone imparted knowledge to the ambassador Alex or the general Liye (or they transferred to someone) intuitively to solve in what time in the past they failed. And already there to look for. — How you think where now your parents live in the past? — Drogo attentively looked at twins. Feeling huge responsibility from their answer, they even began to stammer. — It seems to us that they failed in the past on 6, 5 — 7 thousand Terrestrial years. But our time machines don't get there. — I think that it is a lot of — Kyrsir objected — in my opinion they failed no more than for 5000 years. Mauren in general designated only one thousand years. Invir agreed with Kyrsir, but told that 5000 years are possible though his intuition prompts four. — Kyrsir contact the king Arikhonov. Aziris, having seen both elders, respectfully I inclined the head. — I am glad to see dear heads of inquisitors. But my civilization made nothing reprehensible. We with anybody aren't at war and we observe laws of communication with other civilizations. Allow to ask, than it is obliged? — Aziris, and you as think? — Drago asked, gesture having ordered the rest to be silent. — It seems to me that it is somehow connected with the ambassador Alex. But logically I can't bring together. Because at me doesn't go in that because of one Zemlyanin not only the team of our inquisitors, but also inquisitors of the highest civilizations was put on ears. If such company gathered in one place, it is possible to assume only it. — What there about Alex? — impatiently the dragon interrupted. — I don't feel the ambassador Alex. As though he died. But it is not death. He just disappeared. It seems that he moved in time. — This intuition! — Drago wasn't appeased. He in brief explained that he happened to Alex and Leah and took an interest that now to Aziris is prompted by his magnificent intuition. — Dear elder, in my opinion they in got to the past approximately for six and a half thousand years ago (to Terrestrial measures). — Aziris, I thank for your assumption. Someone else shared knowledge with them? — I know only about Varkanakh and the late admiral Byule. Besides, my commander of the fleet gained knowledge from Alex and also if I am not mistaken, the commander of the space fleet Chelovekov. — Commander Chelovekov? — with astonishment the dragon exclaimed. — Now Chelovekov orders the fleet the general Zemlyan Vasilisa — twins explained. — Well, I don't cease to be surprised — uttered Drago. The general Varkanov told that under his assumption People of Earth failed on three and a half thousand years, then began to be confused in translation for terrestrial years. Vyalis and Vasilisa were unanimous — four thousand Terrestrial years. Girman who was present at Vasilisa's conversation, assumed that they got to the past not less than for 6000 terrestrial years. — And so what we have? One thousand years, three and a half thousand years (though under a big question), four thousand years, five thousand, six and six and a half thousand. — Unfortunately we can't move further five thousand — Invir dejectedly uttered. — We too — unanimously exclaimed twins and Mauren. — I can only to six thousand — Kyrsir noticed with regret. — Well — Drago rumbled — one thousand we will leave still alone. There we can always visit. And it is improbable that People of Earth got so close. Otherwise twins, something would hear from legends. Kyrsir, the colleague, you should wander on a six-thousandth limit and up to 5000. I investigate the lowermost limit. And rather other temporary points solve among themselves someone what time will investigate. That was quicker, take an interval five hundred years, and then gradually reduce an interval up to 50 years. Invir, me обходимо will be to refuel the ship. I will dive into the past the ship. — Well. Now I will make the order — nobody began to argue or object Drago. And it didn't make sense. It undertook the heaviest site of search. Where none of them could reach. — — — — — — — Drag. What to me a method of approach to choose? I will try to choose six and a half thousand for the initial point of counting and I will approach this point at an interval of one hundred Terrestrial years. At first to dive on 7000, then 6000. Following jump 6900, 6100, 6800, 6200 and so on. Of course there is a lot of jumps, but now Invir will fuel the ship on the doubled amount of energy. Ten will be enough jumps for three. I jumped on 7000 years ago. — Phaeton! — silence. Means isn't present. The following jump (6000) — it is empty. Following (6900 and 6100) — and again anything. Likely nevertheless the intuition brought the king Arikhonov. Though twins specified about this time. All right, I dive into the next time. A jump on 6800 — any traces. 6200 — there is nothing. 6700 — there is even no hint. With each jump the hope for detection of the gone People of Earth thawed as snow in the spring sun. A new jump in the past for 6300 years. — Phaeton! — I listen to you, the elder Drago. — I would like to meet the commander — my heart began to beat off a joyful alarm — only don't speak to him. I want to make a small surprise. I wanted to appear on the plateau of the whole ridge in the middle of the big continent. Quicker to reach, I used a teleport (not enough what civilization such teleport is available, directly from the spaceship on the planet). Indeed. The kid carried out a sparring with some little girl. Ha! They felt my emergence. I removed the invisible being. And suddenly this baby as the Fury rushed on me. Well keep! Though this exclamation already should be applied to me, but not to her. I seized for my ridge and even vertical take-off with such overloads that in eyes began to darken, I didn't dump her. I tried to strike blow to me with a sword (a sword Arikhonov, though from where he at her seems), but I to her crumbled a sword that dared to raise at me this stick. Now you at me will howl. I threw her with fiery shackles. But they didn't manage to drag on as she was extended along my body across Maurenovski. Also I managed to slip out. And it still that it! My heads were entangled by Varkanov network that deprived of me an opportunity to fly. And the network was dual. Except usual material also magic (it is Varkan, perhaps? So look terrestrial). I began to panic. From where here is Varkana?! Continuing to fall randomly, I managed magic to block, and material I burned. It I could return myself ability to flight. At last it was succeeded to dump this smart aleck from itself. But now she tried to twirl me by means of inquisitorial telekinetic receptions. Alas! Not I attacked that. Now you at me will receive! I enclosed all power in blow. — No!!! A drag, no! — shout of the kid. But was late. The blow achieved the objectives. The kid picked up a breathless corpse of the girl and began to fall smoothly with her by a surface. Here the general Leah appeared. She after a teleport appeared near the kid and softly fell by the Earth's surface. Her was a fleeting glimpse enough to understand what happened. — A drag, you killed her! Now you should kill me or I will kill you! — Have a rest the general — Leah under my influence instantly fell asleep. — — — —--------------We with Ney carried out a sparring on the plateau. Suddenly there was a feeling of someone's presence. Immediately, without arranging, at once became in a fighting rack backs to each other. Strange. Any approach not only the person, and even I could feel an animal at huge distance. But this someone, appeared suddenly, from nowhere, seemed painfully familiar. But someone it? I felt strong whiff of air behind the back. The moment and me at once covered feeling of danger of death. A lightning turn by hundred eighty degrees, but Virinei it didn't appear behind the back. She means silently I rushed towards to the enemy, even without thinking of danger to myself. Only now I understood someone felt. Drag! And not only I felt. — The commodore — a telepathic voice of an onboard computer. — Phaeton, not now. — Commodore, elder Drago here. — Late. Where you the bitch were earlier? Shut up and don't distract — but for some moment this dialogue nevertheless distracted me. The dragon was rolled by a corkscrew up, and on his back of Viriney, fearlessly adhering for teeth of the spine of a dragon, got over closer to the heads. Down only metal pieces flew. Me прошиб cold sweat (it were sword pieces Arikhonov). — Ney!!! It is impossible!!! — my heart-rending cry. Anyway it was the voice crying in the wilderness. Suddenly she was entangled by fiery shackles. Though it Her didn't stop. Having extended catlike in length, she slipped away from these terrible fetters. I saw how she threw out the right hand up, having shot spidery network Varkanov which entangled the heads of a dragon. From it he, randomly somersaulting, I departed down. Viriney it is tenacious I kept on Drago's back. Continuing chaotic falling, the dragon exhaled a hot flame as plasma I burned in network of a hole and again went a candle up. I made sharp breakthrough aside, this time Viriney couldn't keep for a crest. She hanged in air, levitating, and tried to twirl and push by means of telekinesis a dragon to the earth. But forces weren't equal. The dragon only krutnutsya, having made one whole revolution and hanged opposite to Virinei. I understood what now happens, and rushed with the maximum speed to them. — HEEEET! A drag, no!!! — but was already late. If the human fist about ten centimeters high (plus or minus), then Drago's fist was time in ten more (that is not less than a meter high). And this armored meter fist with a speed of a lightning directed to Viriny. I for a moment stiffened and telekinesis pushed with Her aside. Alas! My speed wasn't enough. Drago's blow was so fast that my telekinetic push of Nei from whom even the spaceship began the fast movement was too slow. The blow of a dragon had Viriny in a torso. And considering that her body already began the movement from my influence, the trajectory of the movement of a body of Virinei sharply exchanged and I already had to stop and catch her body. After a stop, it a stone departed down. I hardly managed to pick up it, and began smooth decrease with a breathless corpse of Nei. We didn't reach the earth yet as near us after a teleport there was Leah (probably I felt danger of death to Nei) and softly fell by the earth. The league was a fleeting glimpse on Her enough to understand not only that the girl is dead, but also the one who exactly killed her. — Drag! You killed it! — if the cocoon didn't constrain the power of emotions, then Leah could be compared to the mad Fury — now you should kill me, or I will kill you! — Have a rest, the general — waved away from her, as from an annoying fly, a dragon. And Leah only began the movement and fell at first by all fours, then was filled up sideways and began to snuffle peacefully. I lowered Her on the earth and wanted to recover her. To my despair from helplessness there was no limit. For revival it was necessary to restore the damaged bodies at first. But in strong invirsky Nei armor there is no left no whole of body. The strongest armor pulled together medley of meat, blood and tiny pieces of bones. The veil of tears dimmed to me eyes. I was perplexed how it can occur. — The kid, after my blow it is impossible to recover — it is guilty having bent the heads, I uttered Drogo. — Did you appear to kill us? So kill also me! What do you wait for?! — The kid, you as always don't listen to the end up to the end. Nobody will be able to recover her, except me — the dragon in paws had a sphere of the small sizes. He left him on the earth and during this moment not only the sphere, but also a dragon disappeared. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — To Drogo N and the surprise turned out. I wanted as it is more best, and it turned out, as always. The girl is dead, the general and the kid are ready to kill for her me. Now only temporal weapon can help. Best the temporal grenade will be suitable for this purpose. — In the automatic mode use of temporal weapon is impossible. For your life there is no danger. But you can independently point you to what interval of time to return. — Return for the greatest possible time! Immediately! — I appeared again at the time of emergence in the past. But everything that came in this interval of time (from my emergence in the past, before use of temporal weapon) was remembered only by me. — Phaeton! — I listen to you, the elder Drago — the passionless answer of the on-board computer. — Tell to the commander that I want to see him — it was heard as the Phaeton contacts Alex and gets permission. — The elder Drago, you will wait for the commodore at me onboard or you will meet him on Earth? — On Earth. But you report that I will appear. — The commodore waits for you — I teleportnutsya to the kid though didn't hurry to deactivate the invisible being. — People of Earth, for you there is no danger. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — We with Viriney on the plateau zealously worked the attack and protection. — The commodore — the Phaeton voice in my head. — Ney, feet! — I stopped a sparring — the Phaeton what happened? — The elder Drago wants to see you. — Where will I be able to meet him? — He teleports to you now. — Well, I wait. Ney! Now there will be a dragon, be not frightened and don't fight - it is the friend. — A dragon — the friend? Never in life I saw dragons. — People of Earth, for you there is no danger — near us Drago "was shown". I respectfully fell by one knee. Viriney with astonishment I considered a huge dragon. — I thought that dragons only in fairy tales are. — The kid, I am guilty to you — he is guilty hung the heads. — The elder, how you can feel guilty before the mere mortal? — Unfortunately I am guilty. I killed this girl. — Drago, you are mistaken. But here she! I am alive and healthy! — The kid, invite the general Leah. — Without problems — I telepathic called Leah. In a moment she already was near us. Uvidev Drago, she too respectfully fell by one knee. — Rada to see you, the elder Drago — Leah said yours faithfully. Ney it was inexpressibly surprised, got used that Leah all admired, she anybody. And here Leah yours faithfully fell by one knee. — Isn't necessary, the general. I made an inadmissible mistake. I killed this beautiful girl in fight — the dragon showed on Viriney — therefore it was necessary to use temporal weapon that to correct everything. Here you look — Drago started the hologram. We saw how Ney desperately I rushed on a dragon. That, not expecting attack, sharply soared up up. Ney, as it was pasted to him. Even I got a sword Arikhonov and I managed to wave him. But from a sword only pieces departed (it is unclear even than a dragon the sword crumbled). Though it was useless even if she also struck blow, then the sword wouldn't do to armor of the elder any harm. The dragon already began to be angry. He tried to conclude Her in fiery shackles. And she as the cat, managed to slip out them earlier, than this terrible the put dragged on. After she threw with spidery network Varkanov Drago's heads, he in general grew furious. He burned network that allowed him to suspend chaotic falling, and dumped from himself It. Then that fatal blow after which it is impossible to recover anybody and to anybody followed. Application by a dragon of the temporal weapon which rejected him on time back. A dragon conversation with the Phaeton and emergence him on Earth. — Drogo — in Leah's voice felt metal, and from former respect there is no trace left also — you violated the code of the inquisitor. I killed in the past of the representative of a civilization of uncontrollable level. And in general to the inquisitor it is strictly forbidden to fight and kill in the past. But me it is unclear why Ney rushed on you. — Lille, I understood why. Possibly, in the first option she considered him the enemy and saved me. — Yes, the kid, you are right. In the first option the Phaeton didn't manage to report to you about my emergence. But it doesn't exculpate with me. You have full authority to kill me, and I have no right to resist. Unfortunately, you can't kill me. I won't begin to go into details why. Though there is one option when I can be killed quietly: regeneration. Exercise the right. — Dear dragon, I see you for the first time (though if to judge by the hologram, then already not for the first time). And I have to you no claims — began to protect Ney's dragon — you corrected the error. Could even not show us that you allowed it. You arrived honestly. Not only recognized a mistake, but also corrected it. — Ney, he violated the code of inquisitors and has to be punished. — People of Earth, you have about two hours of terrestrial time until I have a regeneration. I hope during this time you are defined — the dragon got from where a metal plate, curtailed it as paper, in a paper bag and I looked at falls of a mountain stream. His improvised glass was filled with water. It poured out goodness knows where from the appeared powder of atomic gold in this metal paper bag with water and quickly drank. In a moment he already lay helpless on the earth. Leah took out a sword from a sheath. But I became at her on the way. — Lille, don't dare! It is helpless. A phaeton, a protective dome on the elder! — over a dragon I began to shine, being poured by all colors of the rainbow, a powerful protective dome. — Faeton2, remove a protective dome from Drago — Leah ordered, and the dragon was the helpless mountain of meat and bones again. — Leah, you for me as mother — teleportnutsya Ney end-to-end to a dragon and, having turned to Liye, accepted a fighting rack — and I won't be able to beat you, but to protect this helpless a forehead... (having understood that a dragon nevertheless not of people, she tried to pick up the corresponding word), I will protect this helpless dragon to the death. — Faeton2, bitch! You violate my orders! The protective field on the elder and the general! — I obey — over a dragon with Ney and over Leah powerful power domes appeared. Viriney I didn't meet such traps yet, I tried to leave this power trap, but the field only caved in and as a spring rejected her back. — Faeton2, remove from me a trap, I won't attack. — Sorry, the general Leah, but it for your safety. I can't execute your order. — A bream, tell let will release! Fans of justice! — with rage Leah hissed. — Lille, you aren't right. Drogo arrived honestly and by rules. He could not show us the mistake (violation). And you as the chief of staff of Alliance of civilizations unless won't break canons, having killed helpless and unarmed Drago? — Viriney with an open mouth I listened to our skirmish. It of course knew that somewhere away there are other civilizations. But for it it was as the fairy tale. And suddenly she personally saw the representative of an alien civilization. Huge shock. Having heard that Leah whom she knew from the childhood and who permanently was many years on Earth, actually the general, the chief of staff of the Alliance uniting various civilizations in general dropped out in a deposit. — I don't give a damn for a position of the Chief of Staff. He killed with It! — Leah! But I am alive! Why to kill him?! — Go to hell both of you! A bream, tell let will release. — Faeton2, remove the field from the general. — I carry out — the protective field over Leah disappeared, and in a moment and she silently disappeared, телепортнувшись from here. — Faeton2, release from a trap Her and put protection on the elder again — Viriney almost I fell, and having run about ten meters, I stopped. Then I turned back, with surprise considering the protective field over a dragon. Conducted by curiosity, she approached this poured field and rested against him a hand. The field caved in. She poboksirovat, getting used to unusual tactile feelings. — Alex, I in confusion, me it is absolutely unclear. Someone are you with Leah? I considered that you just the same as I as all inhabitants of our Atlantis. But you are others. Even I now other. Someone are you actually? — Ney, we are just the same people, as well as you, but only from the future. The spaceship (Phaeton) by which we flew got to a temporary hole, and we appeared in the past (for us in the past). Our friends persistently looked for us. And here one of them — I nodded on the helpless dragon covered with a powerful power dome of the Phaeton — managed to find us. But because of annoying misunderstanding he nearly died. — Alex, fight with a dragon, this my first in life present (not training) defeat, deadly defeat. But I am angry on a dragon I have no. He of course terrible (for those someone didn't see him), but very kind and honest. And what is "inquisition"? — I think to you you shouldn't explain that on our bases outside the island often there are attacks. But we possess powerful automatic weapon, in comparison with any forwards. This weapon is very powerful for weak People of Earth. And if the aliens owning more powerful and destructive weapon than ours attacked? — Of course they would win fight. — It is an example that you could understand my explanations. In order that it was easier to be protected from aggressors, civilizations of approximately identical level of development unite in Alliances. Naturally in these alliances there is the management, the commander, the Chief of Staff and so forth. If the civilization from enemy Alliance attacks, then soala, under the leadership of the commander of Alliance help to be protected (if investigation well worked and they were in time to the aid prior to the attack). Such fights happen often. But there are aggressors who want not just to win against the fleet of the opponent, and to completely destroy some civilization. Inquisitors try not to allow such lawlessness. They can be at war, restoring justice, on the party of any of Alliances. Their main objective not to stop war between civilizations, but not to allow elimination of any civilization. — A civilization of inquisitors such powerful what can defeat any? — No, Ney. Inquisitors don't belong to one of civilizations. Fighters-inquisitors are selected from different civilizations. These are very powerful fighters. Two of them, three together can cope with the thousand fleet of civilizations of appropriate level. — What means appropriate level? — So to say, comparing to various development of People of Earth. For such countries as our Atlantis, the team of inquisitors, for barbarians of Asia and Africa — the inquisitors. With such force and skills which you possess now you can cope with any army on Earth. At a certain skill and experience, you will be able to resist alone even to defensive troops of our Atlantis. In the same way there are also civilizations with various levels of development: for example, intermediate (which left in space recently and began to establish diplomatic relations with other civilizations). And there are highest civilizations which much more more developed intermediate. — People of Earth treat the highest? — Alas, Ney. So far only to intermediate. But once in the past (several thousands of years till your birth) the earthling the general of Torahs was the commander of Alliance of the highest civilizations. — Why then People of Earth in your time only at intermediate level? — Ney, as I already spoke, civilizations among themselves are at war. And not always it manages to inquisitors to be in time and save a civilization from destruction in time. The civilization can almost die. But after a while it revives, develops, again leaves in space. And everything repeats at first. Our civilization was destroyed repeatedly, and it as a phoenix rises from the ashes and begins the new way of development. — Alex, and what the rank it or a position "elder" is? — The elder — means the senior over inquisitors. In this case Drago is an elder of inquisitors of the highest civilizations. — But you said that People of Earth treat intermediate civilizations. — Yes, People of Earth so far at intermediate level. But thanks to the help of one of the highest civilizations they can be enlisted to the highest soon. And why the elder of inquisitors of the highest civilizations searched for me with Leah, itself I don't know, I can only guess. By and large to him to spit on People of Earth (they are under control of the group of inquisitors). And that because of two Earthlings even our inquisitors won't begin to arrange search. Not that loss rate or dangers. But here the chain through Leah is possibly involved. She Chief of Staff of Alliance. The commander, having found loss of the Chief of Staff, I rushed to look for it. I found out that it departed by the ship of the highest civilization. In that case he will complain to the elder of inquisitors of intermediate civilizations. Not to pile on the agony, they together will address the elder of inquisitors of the highest civilizations. And then will begin to find out in the diplomatic way circumstances of disappearance. But why Drago personally was engaged in search, to me is unclear. And it is unclear whether we will be able to return in due time. Though this even not my time, and Leah. And I got to the future after Leah. — It is so much new and unusual, even fantastic information that at me already the head goes around. But I very much want in your time. The dragon began to recover. Having seen over itself a protective dome, and not far me who is quietly talking to Viriney he very much was surprised. — People of Earth, you left me in live? — A drag, all thanks to Viriny. It with fists rushed on Leah, trying to protect you. A phaeton, you can remove the protective field. — Alex, you will tell it. I couldn't hit Leah, but kill you — she turned to a dragon — wouldn't allow. — Ney, don't forget to add, even at the cost of the life — Viriney it zardetsya. — Here not so much my merit, how many Alex. He by means of the Phaeton put a protective power dome. — People of Earth, I am grateful to you for everything. I mean not without reason persistently I tried to find the disappeared Phaeton. — And I can't understand in any way why the elder of inquisitors of the highest civilizations personally was engaged in search of the gone People of Earth. — Yes, I also can't explain even to myself why. To me Kyrsir with Mauren with charges came tearing along that Invir killed his chief of staff. I tried to calm them. Met Invir. Then began to look for you. — Invir isn't guilty. It is fatal accident. — Kid. You though the diplomat — rumbled all around a dragon — but I will tell you: accidents don't happen. You are allocated with such abilities and this girl too — he nodded towards Virinei — that your colleagues can take you both for God, and for line. And everything that you will make it that will be beyond the power to explain to them, they will tell — accident. Here and over us there is some mind (and not one) which actions we not forces to understand and explain. This is also your accident. — The drag, really and over you is still reason more abruptly you? — Is, Zemlyanin, is. You know and you understand so far only organic chemistry (an organic life form). And in the Universe a huge variety of life forms. Except organic, there is a silicon - organic, silicon, cryogenic, power and there are a lot of others. I here see at you steep stone rocks from development of cars. And you didn't think from where water which constantly flows from top undertakes? — Atmospheric precipitation. Ground waters. — Don't make laugh my heads. From rainfall, even pouring, water would flow down within several hours, and it flows constantly throughout centuries and considering it that the rock stone. And you shouldn't explain that through stone breeds even under huge pressure it is impossible to lift so much water. Means about ground waters too there is no speech. It one of life forms. In the same way as you will cut off a plant branch, and from a cut juice is emitted. Doesn't remind it to you damages we will tell a finger in an organic life form when from him blood flows? And here a difference not only in a life form, and and the speed of changes. Duration of your life, for this stone field is a one moment. And duration of your life is infinite in comparison with the microorganisms having life expectancy less than a second. And during this time they manage to pass a full age cycle: to appear, to grow up, old and die. And for you it only a moment. — A drag, it for me it is heavy to comprehend, and for this young girl especially. — Young? The ambassador Alex (at last he at least once me so called, and that everything the kid and the kid), this young person, despite the age, could not only drive on me. But she the first someone managed to slip out my fetters. And the first someone managed to throw over me network. For all my life something the Earthling managed similar only in my youth the Torah. And that in playful way, but not in fight. — Drag. And we saw you when you arrived to the Torah — as the child decided to brag to a dragon. — Saw? Why kept silent?! — We saw in record — I to him started record where he says goodbye to Tor — Cheloveki was left long ago by satellites of tracking near Earth, and the Phaeton found them. Well, we cracked codes and received all infa. Here only it is unclear why only once arrived by Cheloveki. The truth they, having arrived, suffered crushing defeat from this civilization and didn't appear any more. — Velzela — the dragon whispered with rage. — After they crushed the fleet Chelovekov, they in a month appeared again and destroyed almost everything live on Earth. — Within this month — the dragon sadly uttered — they destroyed about ten civilizations and their colonies, including my civilization and a civilization Chelovekov. — And how you survived? — it is interested and with sympathy I asked Viriney. — Only that survived the few someone were out of a star system. I have in eyes still blank space and a huge number of asteroids on that place where there was my planet. You can't even imagine that despair when you begin to understand that at you nobody and nothing remained: there is neither left family, nor houses, even places where the house can be built. All civilization disappeared, and the planet is shattered into small pieces which with huge speeds scatter in different directions. The person in this regard it was lucky more, their planet remained is whole. And that only because the appeared in time inquisitors destroyed the fleet Velzelov. — By the way, and these devils arrived again, already when we with Leah were here. About hundred twenty terrestrial years back. — Didn't you though give yourself? — with anxiety the dragon took an interest. — Didn't give out? You look — I in the accelerated mode started the hologram of appearance of devils, their disembarkation to the earth and assembly of the extracting equipment. Our reserved penetration on their ships. Submission of on-board computers of the ships to the Phaeton. Mining of the ships. A jump of all enemy ships in zero space which are coming back home. Explosion of all ships. More devils (or as Drago speaks, Velzela) didn't appear. And we still still use some of their equipment for mining, the truth remade to unrecognizability on the discretion. I looked at Drago. All three heads smiled enough. — Well general Leah, well well done! Here just to deceive Velzelov. I don't cease to be surprised to resourcefulness of People of Earth. By the way, the young lady, you strongly are offended by me? — Yes, that you, dear elder. Any offenses. — But I killed you. — Even if it also was, then it was in honest fight. I was weaker than you. This fight to me will be remembered well, but without rage and as a heavy lesson. — Now you wouldn't rush so on me? — Now I know that you to Alex not the enemy. But if I didn't know it, then would rush on protection without thoughts. — Noble heart and sincere answer. Adequately inquisitor. But whether it makes sense, having underestimated the opponent, to die simply and silly? — Yes, I precipitately rushed to fight. But anyway it would allow Alex to escape. He would manage to run away from stronger opponent — the laughter of a dragon resembled peals of thunder. And only after a while, he could talk again. — Alex? To run away? Yes he more freaky, than you. But only he already has a fighting experiment on survival. And as with honor to run away, and then completely to pay off with the opponent. The kid, isn't that so you dashingly paid off with the admiral Byul? — Yes, there was a business — unwillingly answered a dragon. And in most recured to the memory at once as with Leah got away from a squadron of the ships of the admiral Byul. — So that the young lady, focus not in fearlessly to rush on the enemy, and to die, and in surviving and still to destroy stronger enemy. Kind of you treated my offer? Wouldn't like to be with me in one team? — A drag, you don't dement Her. She still very young. — And why not? What for this purpose it is necessary to know and be able to do? — with a call I objected Ney. — The kid, you don't want itself to me, so don't dissuade others. Viryinyey, for this purpose it is necessary to have noble heart (and it at you really noble), pure thoughts, and in heart love and compassion to others. It too you have everything. I see that Alex and the general Leah shared knowledge and skills with you. It is quite enough to adjoin our amicable team of inquisitors. You will be able to get approval of all inquisitors when they see you in training fight. All the rest — business acquirable. Learn. — I agree! — childly, with passion I exclaimed Ney. — Ney. This your decision, I can't forbid you, you are already adult. But think, life of the inquisitor is full of dangers and very often hidden dangers. The inquisitor, often risks the life, saving other lives. And here the main thing not to be mistaken. To save those someone it is necessary. Unfortunately, it not always the one someone shouts that he was saved. Can happen so that you should look through a sight at the colleagues, at the civilization. Whether you will be able to shoot? You will shoot — you will kill the tribesman, just the same person as you. You won't shoot — you can ruin the whole civilization, but others — Ney stood thoughtful and painfully I digested this difficult information. — As Leah told about Alex and about me, we are fans of justice. I will arrive on justice. — Truly, girl, truly. Though everyone interprets justice in own way. And now People of Earth, I want to impart to both of you the knowledge and skills. It not as gratitude (the gratitude shouldn't turn into a duty, need). To transfer Alexa at me there was desire during our first meeting, but then considered that early. And now I think just right. — Again there will be this excruciating pain — discontentedly muttered Ney. — What pain? — the dragon was surprised. — She mixed it with change of opportunities of a brain. — It is clear, but me it is curious from what level Alex raised to you level to 98%? — the dragon as the computer, could define opportunities without any devices. — From you you will hide nothing. From 23% — I felt Drago's surprise. — But from where 23% undertook? — with surprise the dragon asked. — It is heavy history. We tried not to remember once again not to injure mentality of the child. But now it is a girl adult and mentality steady. And an essence in the following. Pregnant women, teenagers and old men were on gathering berries. The frightened teenager provoked attack of the female of bears on people who considered them threat for the cubs. The animal injured the teenager, to the aid of the youth the old man rushed. She-bear and him strongly wounded. But, when the great-grandfather was come to the rescue by the pregnant woman, the she-bear outright dispersed. She tore off to the woman the head, raspolosovat claws a back. But instinctively the woman managed to close a stomach and it saved not been born дитё yet. I, having teleported to the place of the tragedy, I sent an animal with her kids to a thicket. Leah was engaged in wounded, and I quicker in the shuttle on the Phaeton, to save the child. To recover the woman was too much for me. Medical robots were insolvent in an issue of childbirth. It was necessary most to save. And all one to one. The bank of blood by the ship wasn't updated from the moment of arrival here and in more than two hundred years blood became useless. I became a donor. But there was still a huge problem. Virinei had an injury of a brain. The phaeton suggested to activate the damaged part. I nearly went crazy, hearing tortures of the baby during activation. Everything ended safely. But soon we began to notice that she develops not as her age-mates. Carried out the test and found out that at her possibilities of a brain are equal to 23% while her colleagues have about 5%. Well, and not so long ago she agreed to tortures to reach a maximum. — Everything is clear. The girl, don't worry, transfer of skills and knowledge painless. — Then I agree. — Interestingly, and whether some shouldn't think about transfer of knowledge and experience to the subordinated? To me that it is all the same — I am a single. And Ney will be under your command. Suddenly she will want to displace dear Drago from this important position? — Eh, kid, kid. I with the great pleasure would give the elder's position to good hands. But, I think, Ney with pleasure will help me. And there we will look — the dragon cunning blinked the eyes. Several hours the dragon conjured with us. — And why I feel nothing — on the end of this action with surprise asked Ney. — The young lady, and what you felt when Alex shared with you the skills? — Ney confusedly I looked down. — I don't remember. — All skills at the level of subconsciousness. — Ney, we with you never worked reception with a spidery grid Varkanov, but you in fight with Drago applied it. — That weapon is called Varkanov network? — Well, here you see — the dragon interfered — without thoughts I applied and is besides very effective. Still with shudder I remember this network. I never met such application of Varkanov network. Even Varkana apply on separateness magic and real. And here both views at the same time were applied. — I didn't even know that they need to be applied on separateness. I applied the first that occurred. — With fear? — There was no time to be afraid. queer dating apps 2022 dateline what lies beneath site mapMain Page