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The office of the investigator of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs Osipov made the depressing impression. Ragged walls, poor furniture. Actually, from furniture in an office there were only a table, the safe and two chairs. More precisely, a chair and the stool screwed on a floor. — You sit down — the investigator nodded on a stool. Konstantin Nikolaevich hardly found room for the inconsistent legs under a table. The stool was screwed too close on a table. Obviously in order that the arrested couldn't come off at one stroke it and will rush on the investigator. — Means, you don't want to help bodies, Konstantin Nikolaevich? — Osipov begun in the apartment a conversation continued. — Why? Of course, I want. As any Soviet person: — Konstantin Nikolaevich involuntarily looked at a portrait of the dark, moustached person in which, with imagination, it was possible to recognize Stalin. "It is interesting where now that unfortunate artist? On the Solovki?" Booming, in an empty office, the blow of a fist to a table brought it round. No to relax, here didn't follow. — And what you, dear Konstantin Nikolaevich, found ridiculous here? You know, in this office people seldom smile! — the investigator looked at him eyes of an angry cat — your beauty spouse is detained too. I think, she with bigger hunting will give evidences on your favourite director. Though I was intimate with him! And you didn't know? Konstantin Nikolaevich considerably turned pale. — It is a lie! Paradise to me it is faithful! And gossips:. Gossips went different... I don't pay attention to them — it isn't worthy men. Osipov long, kind of, with curiosity, looked at the detainee. On the person with whom it was necessary to work. Yes, he should be broken, on the blackamoor not to take. Strong type. Proud. We saw such proud:. — Means, you don't trust? You love the wife. It is good. Also you don't want to tell about anti-Soviet human activity which cuckolded to you. Don't you want? — I can't say about what wasn't: — You will be able! — the investigator shouted suddenly — here all speak about everything! — Kryukov! — in an office there was a security guard, the healthy big fellow with a sleepy look Osipov didn't take eyes from Konstantin Ivanovich. — Hooks, bring the detained Raisa Stepanova in: э: — he was theatrically rumpled — in our office — with a sofa. Also look someone there, in a karaulka is free: The person ten will be taken? Carry out! — That you:? You: — Konstantin Nikolaevich didn't find words — As you dare?! Yes you: The room with a sofa had the same ragged walls, but was much more spacious. To Konstantin Ivanovich struck a pungent smell in a nose. Vodka reek of alcohol, tobacco, strong rustic sweat. And something else. The acquaintance and, at the same time, the stranger began to smell, apparently. A smell of the sexual intercourse — Konstantin Nikolaevich understood suddenly. Only the intercourses not clean. Dirty dirty bodies leave such smells. I began to smell rapes, mockeries... Along a wall, on chairs, the person eight security guards sat. Muddy, drunk eyes. Wet, lewd grins. In a minute Konstantin Nikolaevich was tied to a chair. Heavy-faced Kryukov adjusted to him glasses. — Here so that it is more best to see! — sitting at a wall amicably began to neigh. Osipov theatrically waved a hand. Two security guards left the room. As in fog, Konstantin Nikolaevich saw, how in the cam (same the cam, but not the room!) entered his wife. The confused look and the elegant dress inappropriate here fitting a slim figure of the beginning actress Raisa Smirnova looked for the gathered executioners, comically. Their amicable loud laughter hardly sank in Konstantin Nikolaevich. — Isn't present:. You don't dare! There is a law: — this time, his babble the weighty slap in the face interrupted. — What are you doing?! Kostya! — the woman rushed to the husband, but she was stopped quiet, habitual movements. Trying to escape, she suddenly understood what now has to occur. I looked with eyes full of despair at the husband. — Kostya, make everything that they want: Kostya: — I can't, Rayechka. He isn't guilty: as I can:? — Well, enough! — Osipov, got up and walked on the cam — You can't? But we will be able! The woman, according to the sign of the investigator, was brought to the husband. Two security guards, smiling, held her by hands. Osipov put a hand on Raisa's stomach. — You see — the hand slipped below, fingers through fine fabric groped a pubis — you see, here here, we naspuskat now, not one time. Us here nine people. Each three times — four will be able. What then will be with your wife?! Think! Think last time! Konstantin Nikolaevich froze. All events seemed so unreal that up to the end it was impossible to believe in it. Zasizhenny flies a bulb under a ceiling, bare walls, a loud laughter of drunk men — a dream, nonsense? Still yesterday he prepared for shootings in the new movie by the famous director:. — Well, as you want! The hardened, rustic hand of Osipov slowly lifted a dress. Lacy pantalonchik seemed. The real French drawers bought by chance at acquaintances, fitting such expensive buttocks, were a subject of desire of Konstantin Nikolaevich. They were for him a symbol of their gentle relationship, their sexual harmony. And now he saw how the rough, proletarian palm of the investigator, this yokel with a smell of onions and the vodka reek of alcohol, slowly moved ahead to the treasured place of his wife. As she a tick seized the woman's pubis as thick fingers disappeared somewhere between legs and began to caress and mass thriftily to what I had the right to touch only the husband. Konstantin Nikolaevich wanted to close eyes, will blink, maybe, to faint — if only not to see how his wife is roughly caressed by this man. The woman tried to escape, squeezed legs, begged to stop, but all this only inflamed the sadist more. She was already surrounded from all directions and touched, were enough, rumpled the rough, got used to rifles hands. So proceeded minutes ten. Konstantin Nikolaevich noticed that his wife doesn't try to escape any more. She stood, having dropped the head, having obediently given the body on a fun to tyrants. — Look! — Osipov exhaled, at last. Soldiers parted, and Konstantin Nikolaevich saw a small wet spot on the wife's drawers. What is it? Обмочилась? And here he understood — no, didn't obmochitsya. It is her juice, lubricant, it elementary began to flow. This rough caress made the business. It flowed. But, it is awful! To derive pleasure from touches of this cattle! Paradise how you can?! No, no, you, of course aren't guilty - it is physiology, it is just physiology: Wet pantalonchik fell to him on knees. Konstantin Nikolaevich caught a familiar smell: When it them was removed? He has, it seems, already failures in perception: His wife, completely naked, lay on a sofa. She didn't try to get up, only covered with breast hands. Soldiers convulsively pulled down from themselves soldier's blouses and riding breeches. What will be? What will be? Oh God! It isn't necessary: don't do it with her! She such young! I took her the girl, I cherished her and protected. She won't take out a gang rape! The blow in a cheek brought him round. Over him the face of the investigator hung. — Now, dear Konstantin Nikolaevich, even your recognition won't stop what has to happens. He quickly approached a sofa. I undressed and I said something to security guards in low tones. Obviously, I instructed how to work in case of resistance. But resistance wasn't. Osipov roughly crushed under himself the young woman. Knees I stretched in sides of her leg and sharply I pulled the back. Konstantin Nikolaevich heard as his wife screamed as began to breathe, the tyrant breathed heavily on her, pulling the back quicker and quicker. Quickly enough he terminated, got up and stretched as a full cat. Him, still sticking out dick, I was wet and brilliant. And on the woman one of security guards already lay. This before beginning copulation, long, взасос kissed meek lips of the woman. He terminated too quickly. Absolutely young guy was the following. Having scaredly made several sharp movements, he hasty jumped from a sofa. But another raped Raisa long and with relish. He was obviously a good judge of women. Changing the speed and amplitude, he brought to Paradise to an orgasm. With horror Konstantin Nikolaevich watched how his darling strained, for an instant stood and was hammered in passion spasms under the man raping her — What do you do? Animals:. — the poor husband whispered, not in forces to tear off a look from a sofa on which his wife groaned and was curved, getting extraordinary strong orgasm. After that some time Raisa silently accepted the caress imposed to her. Which as Konstantin Nikolaevich noticed, were very primitive. To rumple boobies, at best — to suck, biting the bulked-up nipples. To kiss, having slobbered, lips, a neck. And then just roughly to force. To hollow and hollow, and then to terminate in the woman, without caring for her possible pregnancy at all. However, what am I telling? What there care — Konstantin Nikolaevich — same just the animals, animals who are greedy satisfying the lust thought. And as it is unpleasant that his wife, his darling, submitting to the same call of flesh, gets an orgasm under this cattle. Here the next yokel lowed and having convulsively huged the woman began to cum. Raisa, having turned the head, maybe, just in order that she wasn't kissed by the tyrant, continuously I looked at the husband. Konstantin Nikolaevich, weepingly saw how her pupils when the soldier, in the last spasm, with the distorted face, to a limit set the tool spitting a cum forward extended. This instant, appear, will never come to an end. A stare of Raisa and the sweaty man who literally pressed himself into a body, the woman tormented by him. Konstantin Nikolaevich, suddenly with horror understood that he was made horney. Obviously interfered with his risen dick trousers. He awkwardly schuffled on the inconvenient chair. I felt as flowed the connected legs. The hands which are pulled together behind the back grew dumb long ago. But dick: The dick — stood, despite an awful condition of his owner. He lived in itself. And he wanted the woman. And his wife was pumped up, meanwhile, by the next man. Snuffling and spraying saliva, he at fast speed worked with the back. Its sweaty, with dirt smudges on a back, the body, didn't know fatigue. Raisa didn't reduce a look from Konstantin Nikolaevich again. Only now, her eyes became languid, from wet povoloky. Also, once at a party, it looked at the young, beautiful boy whom, even the actor it was impossible to call. Just young stallion, cute, slender and brainless. Konstantin Nikolaevich then felt the first prick of jealousy. He was jealous the tormented wife also now. I was jealous her of those rough orgasms which he, the lawful husband, could never achieve from her. On Raisa's eyes, on her strained body, he saw that she is close to the next explosion of passion. For some reason, Konstantin Nikolaevich hoped that the man will finish the business earlier, than his Rayechka will reach an orgasm. And then: what then? Then, she, maybe, perekhocht, will fuse and will passionately not nestle on these dirty dogs any more:. Can be: Loud groans of his wife dispelled all hopes. The soldier, shuddering, I lowered in his wife, and she: she, having passionately clasped him with the faultless legs of the actress, trying to accept in itself as much as possible cum, I cumed synchronously with the tyrant. With foam on the bitten lips and hoarse breath, it, unwillingly, released the weakened soldier. Her muddy look found the husband's eyes again. Then Konstantin Nikolaevich suddenly noticed that he of Paradise sees below, there, where his eregirovanny dick toporshchit trousers. What shame! She noticed that she will think? She can think that it was pleasant to me! And me: not: it was pleasant: probably. But why, holy Christ — why he costs?! What shame! And Paradise, meanwhile, already got so many orgasms, I thought absolutely of another. Infinite series of the shaking, wooden and firm dicks which are continuously pouring out in it the hot seed and a smell of tart men's sweat made it happy. Raisa wasn't an angel at all as the elderly husband — not too successful actor specializing in supporting roles considered her. Raisa really was intimate with the director — and how differently to receive a leading role?! However, the director — the old man topped with comely gray hairs, her, of course didn't satisfy how, by the way, and the husband — lusciously gentle driveller. No! She wanted fire! Wild passion! She subconsciously aspired to waking the wild instincts dozing in her. Her eternal dissatisfaction didn't allow her even will focus on a game when she saw the bulked-up hillock in trousers at some assistant director or, it is worse than that, the lighter. She had some more communications, absolutely insignificant and not brought her desirable satisfaction. And here, now, in this terrible room, on this the dirty, become permeated with the smell then and a cum sofa, she felt, at last, happy. Let these animals rape her one by one! Let with growl tear her flesh! Let naspuskat in it so that poured out from a throat! Give, dogs, my animal darlings, give, rape me, insert to me, fuck me — it and I didn't notice that began to cry out all this aloud. She groaned and laughed. She was in a delightful dream. Orgasms came one by one. She also didn't suspect of herself such passion. Give! Well, give! Still, still! Konstantin Nikolaevich cried. He understood that his dear wife, his Rayechka, was not such modest woman as it was represented to him. Also the lack of blood in the first marriage night, and his easy penetration, even not too intense — for nervousness — the dick in her bosom was remembered. His suspicions:. Well, he thought then, well let not the girl: but why so hotly to assure me that I am the first? I would forgive:. Would forgive all. And always I forgave. Also I didn't want to know about her adventures:. Loud shout interrupted his sad reflections. Raisa coiled under the next soldier again. Her legs covered with bruises strong pressed to themselves the tyrant, and she shouted, shouted, continuously shuddering in an infinite orgasm. — Yes let, the bitch, I terminated long ago! — the soldier to her in the ear hissed, trying will be exempted from painfully passionate embraces of the mad woman. Konstantin Nikolaevich suddenly felt that he now and itself will get an orgasm. It seemed such wild, and it manyashche delightful that he moaned — loudly and lingeringly. Osipov turned back to him and, with the understanding smile, winked. Holy Christ... only not it: only not here! — Konstantin Nikolaevich managed to think, with the last bit of strength trying to be distracted — not to look by trembling, the opened bosom of his spouse which is filled in with a soldier's cum exposed on a public inspection after the soldier, left her, having put sonorous slap in the face. Strangely enough, a slap in the face sound also it made horney the poor husband even stronger, crying with shame — terminated, having poured out in trousers an improbable portion of a cum. They were released next day, after signing of the statement where mean anti-Soviet activity of the famous director was in detail described. popular dating apps in eu date ideas nyc reddit site mapMain Page