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By the time of the end of study at school I still remained a virgin though theoretically I knew about sex much, thanks to magazines. Every day I was engaged in onanism, representing the most different erotic imaginations. And still I found out that I have very sensitive area of an anus. So far the truth business was limited only to one finger entered inside. Further I didn't stretch an anus because of pain, but also one finger in a bottom was enough that I felt very sharp, and at that time incomparable feelings. In the summer after school parents sent me to the Black Sea that I have properly a rest before receipt in institute. I was happy-21 day of freedom at the sea. The recreation facility in the territory of which I settled down and summer camp was called "Tea". The place was familiar, once I was here in the camp. But now I was lodged in one of two three-storyed buildings of base. The truth I wasn't left absolutely unguarded. Together with the camp the married couple, friends of my parents went. The husband worked as the security guard in the camp, and the wife nurse. And though I knew that I can will address them with any problem, they didn't control me in any way. My number was triple, on the second floor, with me together there lived the grandfather with the grandson. And in the next rooms lived two girls also young mother with the little daughter is more senior than me. I then began to smoke, naturally secretly from parents. And here I could do it nobody without being afraid. In the morning and in the evening I smoked on a balcony. They adjoined closely the friend to the friend with next. In the first day I saw the women's bathing suits drying on them. And if I was price-work, then on the right at the left where there lived mother with the daughter a bathing suit (at girls) two separate bathing suits dried. I extremely wanted not just to touch them, but for some reason the greatest pleasure was given by a thought that I can put on them. But how to make it imperceptibly? For the second day of my stay on base I specially woke up at six in the morning and slowly so far all slept both in mine and in the next rooms, put on, came to a balcony and pulled together from next (where there lived girls) the bathing suit which was pleasant to me. Then I went out of the case and I went to the sea. The base was on the height and to the sea it was necessary to go down, crossing on the way the highway the leader in Sochi. All used the special, nedvano constructed, asphalted descent with the pedestrian bridge through the highway. But there were also two other descents leaders to the sea. One of them conducted slightly - whether not bypassing all base, by the territory of the next holiday house. Approximately in the middle the very narrow asphalted path coming to an end through ten meters with the building of a public toilet departed from him. The small concrete box divided in half with two different entrances. Each half had two toilet bowls fixed into a tiled floor on the eminence. For a long time nobody used him, water wasn't, tanks are removed, everything is littered. But the main thing that it was absolutely deserted place. (in some dullness also I looked at the pubis which is evenly coming and moving away from my eyes grew with curly black hair inertly trying to move in a mouth language. Thoughts in the head weren't any and how many so proceeded I I don't know. Then the man, still strong holding me by hair one hand the dick almost completely put forward and ordered: — Open for Roth widely and put out tongue. — Mechanically I obeyed, the dickhead laid down on the put-out tongue. The strained dick pulsed and to me in a mouth dense liquid poured down. The dick vstrelivat a cum over and over again, filling my mouth. Suddenly I was pulled hair down and back, throwing back the head. The dick appeared over my person and the last streams of a cum filled in to me a forehead and a nose, flowing down on cheeks. I saw that the man holds the cell phone in the second hand and films me. I moved all over, at this moment the hand holding me by hair was unclenched and I plopped down on a floor. Not swallowed cum plentifully flew down from a mouth. The man slowly removed cellular in a hip-pocket of trousers and told: — You didn't finish yet, a nipple, remove a dick to me in swimming trunks and button trousers! — And so much authoritativeness was in his voice that I having resignedly kneelt before him, made as it was ordered me. — Please erase record - escaped at me, I shy looked at him from below up - I made everything that you wanted. — First I didn't make, and it-you made-objected in lingerie in a ladies' room, you were just had in a mouth. You mean not the guy, you are a maid, get used to it. Secondly I know that you from the base, next to our holiday house. And if you don't want that the photos which are printed out from my phone with your lovely attractive face a splodgy cum were stuck across all territory of your recreation facility, you will carry out very obediently everything that I will order you. Did you understand, the whore? — Please, it isn't necessary, erase record, I ask you — I began to murmur almost incoherently, trying a hand взть him for a belt. But he having pushed away my hands suddenly I slapped me strong face. Burned a cheek with fire, I having mechanically covered with hands, scaredly looking at it, it tried to be removed. — Generally so, the bitch, or you in the evening at eight o'clock wait for me here being kneeling and dressed in this linen, or tomorrow your photos will be at every turn. — with these words he left a toilet. I sat down on a floor, from eyes tears began to flow. All shook me, in the head there was a full confusion. Some time I just sat, crying and having stared in one point. Then hasty, having taken off linen and having changed clothes in the clothes, I ran in the number. In the head the thought pulsed: "What with me will be now? "To return before all I didn't manage to wake up. It was necessary to answer the surprised question of the neighbor that went early to swim in the sea. Linen I was also not in time in time to hang up into place, and then remembered that I was told to be in him in the evening. The whole day I went the not, was going even to leave the Black Sea home. But I understood that I won't be able to explain the departure to parents in any way. And subconsciously I understood that I should obey to the stranger, so imperiously and unexpectedly rushed into my life. At supper, at seven in the evening I was on thorns and could eat nothing. Doubts overcame me till the last moment. But by eight o'clock I was about a toilet. Hasty I dropped in inside, I took off shorts and a t-shirt, having put them in a package. I put on lingerie, and here I didn't manage to kneel. Fast paces were distributed and the morning stranger came into a toilet. I stood, having hung the head. — I clearly told, how exactly you have to wait for me! — from his voice at me on a back goosebumps ran. It seemed legs broke and I fell before it on knees. I still was afraid to raise the head. — I didn't doubt that you will come. What there is no wish to be a local pornstar? — derisively he asked. — However why only local... This afternoon I came to the director of your recreation facility and learned your address. Believe it was very easy to be made — and he really called my address. — So, the bitch I at any time can send a photo to you home. To tell that I was shocked, means not to tell anything. — Please, it isn't necessary, I made as you wanted - by the broken voice I uttered indistinctly. — First — he answered with a strict voice — I was bothered by your plaints. Or you leave now from here, and then you know what I will make. Or you remain, but in this case you in everything will submit to me. So? — he expectantly became silent. Though in the head for some reason there was an emptiness, subconsciously I understood that I won't be able to leave from here now. I remained to be kneeling in the same pose. And here he stepped to me and gave biting slap in the face. I grabbed the cheek burning with fire and, for the first time for this evening scaredly looked at his face from below up. — Secondly, time you remain, you have to remember certain rules — the man very strictly continued. — You are forbidden even to think of yourself as about the guy. From now on speak about yourself in a feminine gender. You are a maid! You will look as the maid, to behave as the maid, to speak as the maid! — He made a pause and attentively looked to me in eyes. — Get up exactly, get hands for a back and clasp with palms elbows. Spread legs — he ordered - even more widely. Here so! Hold the head exactly, and lower a look in a floor. — I resignedly submitted to him. — Remember, the bitch, the main pose in which you will be in my presence. From knees you are forbidden to rise, except as if I it will order. Did you understand me, the whore? — Da-answered I. — Yes, Mister-corrected me the man — me you will call only Mister and will add it at the end of each phrase, repeat! — Yes, Mister-improved I. I was kneeling, having widely spread legs, with the hands got for a back and looked down in a floor and felt that my cheeks become crimson. It was insufferably a shame to me, and at the same time, somehow unusually excitingly to submit to this man whom I began to call the Mister obediently. Meanwhile he continued: — You will become not just my personal whore who will serve me somehow. You will learn to be the obedient and devoted slave whom I will bring up under myself as I find necessary. Did you understand, the skank? — Yes, Mister — I right there responded. — Repeat! — I will become your obedient slave and the whore, Mister-said I also felt as my cheeks zaalet even more. — That's it! — it continued by happy tone - I have an experience in training of such juvenile laying as you, the girl. And right there the voice postrozhat him: — However, being engaged in your education, I should punish you regularly. Punishments will accustom you to appropriate slave humility. Undo to me a belt and pull out it from trousers! As in fog I obeyed for what it was necessary to me, behind pulling out a belt from trousers, nearly to be absorbed in Mister's fly. — Well, the bitch, give a belt to me, and itself turn to me a semi-side and bend. — I tried to execute the order that was difficult as my hands remained behind the back. — Below, hold hands behind the back, legs together. Even lower, the person in a floor, the head turn to me, set aside a bottom. — In a rezultaa I turned out standing cancer, with densely cramped legs and hands linked behind the back, nestling a cheek on a floor tile. The bum looked in a ceiling. — Lower a little panties from a bum — the following order was distributed. I lowered thongs behind, having completely bared buttocks and again got hands for a back. — Well, bitch! Remember, this pose is called "a pose for flogging" and you will accept her every time when I want to punish you. Now you will receive thirty blows by a belt. Your task, the skank to stand quietly, loudly and distinctly to consider to add blows and every time: Thanks, Mister! Did you understand everything? — Yes, Mister-uttered indistinctly I. Shook me a small shiver. How can it be? — I thought. Nobody ever punished me. Parents always treated me tenderly and, unlike other children, I didn't know that it: to receive a belt. — You will try to move, be closed by hands, you will lose count and I will begin flogging anew. — With these words I heard whistle of a belt and the first blow fell upon a bottom. Burned a bottom, from surprise I moved forward, but right there occupied an initial pose. — One, thanks, Mister-cried out I. — It isn't considered, you moved, the bitch. I told stand quietly. Anew. — and again the belt fell upon a bottom. Further the blow followed blow, measured, strong and loud. The bottom flared, I was afraid to move, understanding that I will make only worse, and obediently considered blows. It was very sick and is a shame. In the head only one thought fought: My God, when it will end. On the twentieth blow I, without having sustained pain and humiliation, I began to cry. I considered the last blows already sobbing in a voice. At last I counted the last blow. — Be not unbent, turn to me - the man ordered. Before my person there were his legs put in slates. — Kiss to me legs and repeat: Mister thanks that you are engaged in education of the slave and whore. I still crying, began to kiss fingers of his legs, repeating humiliating words. — More loudly, the bitch, also kiss more often — the belt hit me on a bottom again. I having screamed from pain I repeated that ordered me alternating words kisses of legs. — All right will be enough, the whore. You can Mister becomes straight-condescended — take a belt and fill to me it in trousers. When I executed it he ordered: — And now get a dick, you will learn to suck as vaflersh are sucked! I pulled out from a fly already got up to the utmost the dick again stood, bewitched by his power and the sizes. Into itself I was brought by slap in the face. — You will admire still, blyadina-with a smile I told male your task to learn most to take him in a mouth entirely. Start! I tried to be stuck by a mouth on a trunk, but could accept in only slightly more than a half. The head rested against a throat and I have a fit of coughing, having discharged. Again the slap in the face followed. — Try the whore! Also don't dare to let out him from a mouth! I tried to swallow a dick again and again driven nausea prevented me to make it. But this time I was only slightly discharged and having swallowed the dick entirely in a mouth tried to take away again. — Give, give, the skank. Relax a mouth, hold the breath and be slowly stuck till the end - he encouraged me. And I tried, honestly carrying out everything that ordered me. Gradually at me it began to turn out to delay the dickhead resting against a throat and to struggle with nausea. At last once again, the dick moved apart something inside and passed to me in a throat. There was nothing to breathe, in the eyes there were tears which dried by this time. But I persistently tried to move ahead, the dick slipped more and more deeply. And at last my nose buried in a hard hair of a pubis. The member Gospodina completely appeared at me in a mouth. The truth I could detain him only on a fraction of a second, and then all in saliva and tears recoiled from him, having involuntarily released from a mouth. And at once I received the next slap in the face. — A stupid pizda — Mister became angry — I ordered not to release a dick from a mouth. Quickly the bitch dropped to a feeding trough! I took a dick in a mouth again and again gradually I managed to cope with nausea and to take away him entirely. — Here and hold, try to delay longer breath - the man already approvingly told. I tried very much. There was nothing to breathe, from eyes tears flowed, saliva flew down on a chin. But I suffered how many I could. Then it was discharged and providently without releasing a dickhead from a mouth, I swallowed air and again I accepted entirely in a mouth. I for a second presented as I look from outside: kneeling, with hands behind the back, in a brassiere and the lowered panties, with flogging traces on ягодицх, with the person the filled-in tears, saliva which are flowing down on a chin on a breast and a huge dick in a mouth. Cheeks were red with shame and slaps in the face. — I will terminate soon, the whore, gather more air. And when I made it, the man having taken me for the head, densely pressed to a groin. — Put out tongue and lick balls! — the order followed. I tried as far as I could obey and awkwardly zayelozit language on a ball sack. The dick so inflated that it seemed holds apart my mouth from within. Air already almost reached a limit, tears were shed by a hail. But here the dick pulsed and to me directly in a gullet the cum poured down. I even couldn't feel taste. At last my head was released and the dick slipped out a mouth. — Lick a dick carefully dry, remove and button to me trousers - Mister imperatively said. I hurried to execute everything. — There now, it is worth flogging the whore and she becomes silk at once — Mister commented enough. — Now you can be called a nipple rightfully. What should be told? — Thanks Mister — without thinking I answered. — For what? — again the question followed. But I already represented what from me wait. — For what resolved your slave and the whore to suck away at you Mister. — Good fellow, girl. Now I am happy with you. Also remember, has to thank me for everything that I do you. — Da Gospodin, thanks Mister-right there responded I. — Tomorrow in half of the ninth morning you have to wait for me here. In the same linen and certainly on a lap! And now make what I ordered you to make after flogging — the man told. I obediently bent and began to kiss fingers of his legs with words: Thanks, Mister for the fact that you are engaged in education of your slave and whore. In several moments he told: — Remember, a blyadina, you are obliged to do so after each punishment at the end of each our meeting — then were developed and left. I hurried to change clothes and went to the building. There were already nine evenings. First of all I ran in a shower, to wash and make toilet. Lips swelled up a little as at the real nipple, in a throat the discomfort was felt. I managed to consider the buttocks in a mirror, it seemed to me that on it there is no live place. However actually she only reddened, even to sit it was almost not sick. There was a wish to sleep, probably the organism relaxed after the endured stress. Therefore went to bed early and all the same next day nearly I overslept. I jumped without fifteen eight, I managed to clean only teeth and I rushed to a toilet. But by the fixed time I managed to undress, abandon the things in a package, to put on linen and to kneel. I stood as well as it was told, having placed legs, with the hands linked behind the back and looked down in a floor. Almost at once Mister came. Without greetings and prefaces he approached me closely and the dick ordered to get. Having got him I heard: — Take in a mouth the whore, clasp with lips a head - and when I made it, I continued. — And now swallow of everything that I will pour to you in a mouth to a drop. And at once to me in a mouth I struck a powerful stream of warm saltish and luscious liquid. The mouth was instantly filled, mechanically I took a sip, then one more and still. And here reached me that I swallow of urine! Mister just wrote me to a mouth! In confusion from understanding that I am just used as a toilet bowl I lost a rhythm of drinks. Nausea, a stream flowing in a mouth of urine drove to a throat I didn't stop and I choked. Urine was splashed out from a mouth on a chin and flew down on a breast. — In a bough mouth! Swallow! — shout of Mister sounded. By incredible effort I coped with the rising nausea and began to swallow the urine flowing in a mouth hasty. At last the stream ran low and I swallowed the last time. — Lick dry a dick and remove it — I heard an evil voice of Mister. And as soon as I made it received strong slap in the face. — Ah you are a worthless laying! I clearly ordered to swallow of everything to a drop! — Slaps in the face fell down one by one — the Stupid pizda, you besides that disobeyed, so also soiled to me trousers! On Mister's trousers around a fly several specks from splashes of the urine which is splashed out at me from a mouth really were seen. I stood being afraid to move and silently fought back tears. — You strongly were guilty, the bitch and you will be punished — Mister-pull out continued my belt and give it to me, you will receive twenty blows in punishment. Here I burst out crying greedily. — Please it isn't necessary, I won't sustain-began to beg I any more. — Thirty blows, a laying, long I will wait still? The more you will pull, the more you will receive. Well? — Choking with tears, I obeyed and, having pulled out a belt from trousers gave it to Gospodin. — I struck an attitude, damn! I hurried to become cancer, having nestled a cheek on a cold tile. Having lowered panties from a bottom, again I got hands for a back without ceasing to beg Mister: — Please don't punish me, I for you will do everything!! — Of course, you will be where you will get to, the bitch fucking? And now shut up and begin to consider and thank! And on a bottom strong blows fell down. Sobbing in a voice, I couldn't constrain groans, including them. The bottom burned with fire. On the last blows I nearly lost count, but coped and at last flogging stopped. — What now do you have to make? — I heard. Having developed to Mister's legs I began to kiss them, repeating: Thanks, Mister for the fact that you are engaged in education of the slave and whore... — There is well enough — the man ordered after a while — put away a belt in trousers and clasp. When I executed it he continued: — You have to get used quicker to taste of my urine, the whore because I will regularly use you as the urinal. Did you understand? — Yes, Mister-responded I. — In the evening at eight o'clock you have to be here, in addition to linen on you there have to be stockings. You will go to the next town and you will buy two couples, black, openwork. And you will make to yourself an enema in the evening. You have to be clean and well washed out, I will deprive of virginity your bum today and you will finally turn into the maid whore. And now thank me before leaving. I began to kiss obediently his legs with the words of gratitude again. After he left I was in some slowed-down state. I began to change clothes when found out that a chin, a neck and a breast wet from the urine which spilled on them. My God, me just peed in a mouth, and then also flogged for the fact that I not all swallowed-thought I and literally I began to tremble, remembering the endured humiliation. At the same time I suddenly felt wildly horney. Chlenik stood and one touch was enough for me literally to terminate. It was necessary to go since morning to a shower to wash away from themselves urine. The brassiere and panties for the same reason had to be washed. Only to hang up them I naturally couldn't dry on own balcony. The woman from the next room and so suspiciously looked at me at meetings in a corridor. It was necessary to carry and hang up linen in bushes behind a toilet. During the lunchtime I went to the nearest town and there reddening before the shop assistant bought stockings. Also in drugstore I bought the big syringe which I was going to use for an enema. In the evening before a dinner I went to a shower and properly I washed out the buttocks. "Today I will be fucked to the back as the real whore" — in the head only this thought turned. I shivered for the nervousness mixed with excitement. At supper I could eat nothing, I only drank tea. In due time I was already in a toilet. I changed clothes, stockings pleasantly fitted my legs. I knew that in stockings I began look is even more womanly. I hurried to accept the specified pose and I began to wait for Mister. At last he came inside. — The good fellow the whore, and knew that stockings will suit you - instead of a greeting he told - lower a little panties! I executed the order, having bared buttocks. — Now you look as the absolute prostitute - praised me. Cheeks reddened, it was slightly a shame, and at the same time I was glad to such peculiar praise. The man approached me closely. — You know what should be done, a nipple, take in a mouth! — I heard. Having pulled out already got up dick I began to suck vigorously, at once taking away it entirely in a mouth. — Here the clear head the girl — Mister education definitely said does well to you enough. Besides you have a certain talent. You will also suck a little more trainings as a professional vaflersha. I continued to swallow diligently a trunk, polishing it in a mouth with language. And suddenly I understood that I do it with pleasure. I really liked to suck a strong penis, to feel as it bulks up in a mouth. I doubled efforts, but here the man took me for hair and removed from himself. — Will be enough, a nipple, and I will terminate that ahead of time. Strike an attitude and to yourself move apart a bum!! I was developed having become cancer, already habitually having nestled a cheek on a tile and parted in sides of a buttock. Mister with an approving hmykanye massaged fingers my anus, then spat him, and having put a dickhead sharply pressed. I felt as under a pressure the sphincter begins to be moved apart. There was a strong discomfort, I, having moaned, involuntarily tried to be discharged. But the man strong held me by hips and continued to make the way persistently deep into my virgin buttocks. At last the head completely got inside, the discomfort was replaced by pain and I loudly moaned. — Suffer, the real whore! You will get used, you will try out and then itself you will beg that is more often than you to the back fucked! — with these words Mister strongly gave forward and the dick slipped in a bottom entirely. Together with pain I felt as his hips nestled on my buttocks. — Relax a bum, the skank, and that will be even more sick — the dick went outside. It seemed that my poor buttocks are turned inside out after him. I cried and right there broke off, having been hit some of very strong slaps on buttocks. Strangely enough, they helped me to relax a little. The dick began to move rhythmically every time almost completely leaving me, and right there entirely slipping back. Having had a snack on a lip I suffered, obediently standing dog-fashion and also holding buttocks moved apart. — I adore breaking virgins to whores — Mister then of course commented on the actions the hole rastrakhivatsya, but the dick as a glove first presses out. I continued to be stuck confidently in one rhythm on a dick. I really felt as with each friction the dick fills me entirely, without the rest. I felt not a glove with the hand thrust inside, not the butterfly stuck on a needle. Being afraid to shout, I only loudly groaned, than apparently only provoked the Mister stronger. Movements of the dick all were accelerated. He hollowed my poor, breaking-off from pain buttocks as a jackhammer. — Now I will terminate the bitch, directly in your whorish bum. — with these words the man began to wheeze, I felt a trunk pulsation, until the end of thrust into my anus and understood that my bottom is filled by a cum. — There now a blyadina, you can rejoice, now you turned into the real maid whore fucking in all holes! — happy tone Mister said. The dick with a squelch slipped out an anus. — Quickly I turned and I took in a mouth - I heard. Having hasty turned back and having become straight I clasped a dick with lips. — Suck round and lick a dick dry — ordered me. I diligently earned by lips and language. — Also remember the important rule the real whore! As soon as the man pulls out a dick from your bum, he not important terminated or not, you are obliged to take right there him in a mouth and to polish properly in gratitude that you were had. Understood, the whore? With the dick in a mouth I in the affirmative lowed. At last the dick carefully was dry licked and to me allowed it to remove. — Here so — Mister approvingly clapped me on a cheek — and squeeze a bum stronger the whore. I will see that from an ass a cum I flow out-will punish! At once get used as the real davalka everything to keep in yourself. Terminated in a mouth - it is obliged to swallow everything to a drop, terminated to the back - I squeezed a hole and you go as the impregnated bitch. The skank understood? — Yes, Mister-right there I responded. — Well done! Tomorrow in a sex of the ninth you wait for me here, a laying! And now that you how the obedient slave has to make at parting? And I, already habitually having inclined to Mister's legs, I began to kiss them and to thank for my education... Next day in nine thirty I, in linen and in stockings, was kneeling in a toilet waiting for the Owner. When he entered, I saw at him in hands a rope hank. Having approached closely me he ordered: — The dick was got vividly, by the whore! I undid trousers of m the dick pulled out. — What am I going to do now? — Mister asked me. — You will write probably me to a mouth, Mister-obediently I answered. — Yes, only not to write, and to ssat! In a night at me accumulated fairly urine so you can not worry, the urinal - you will work at full scale. And God forbid you will spill though a drop, I will flog so that you won't be able to sit down week. Take in a mouth, a toilet bowl! I clasped a head with lips and almost at once to me in a mouth the urine stream rushed. Now I was already ready to it, and right there began to swallow quickly. And though urine was valid much, I coped swallowing over and over again as the automatic machine. Suddenly the stream was interrupted and the man pulled out a dick at me from a mouth. Having taken me for hair he threw back to me the head. — Open a mouth, the bitch and so far I will ssat hold everything in a mouth. — he ordered. I obeyed, having widely opened a mouth. From the dick urine, but already much weaker stream poured down again. My mouth was gradually filled and when already it seemed to me that urine will overflow a stream ran low. The man carelessly shook last straws to me on the person. — Close a mouth, a laying, but don't dare to swallow of urine without order and to me remove a dick in trousers. When I executed Gospodin ordered me to get hands for a back and tied them to me. Then I forced to creep up on a lap to a step eminence on which one of toilet bowls was fixed into a floor. Having put me directly before him, Mister tied to me legs. Connected behind the back of a hand he began to lift so I had to bend forward below and below. So far I was almost not absorbed in a toilet bowl surface. In such situation it tied to me hands to fastening in a wall on which the tank once hung. I stood in very inconvenient pose not in forces even to move. — You will stand so, the dirty whore while I descend for breakfast, and you will feel that it to be the used toilet bowl — I heard. — When I return, you will show a full mouth of urine. You will try to swallow or, it is even worse to spit out, I will punish so, a pizda that you will forget what is your name. And that it was more interesting to you to stand I prepared a gift for your fucking hole. I felt how the man, having lowered a little panties from my bottom, spat to me on a hole and began to push through inside some thick, slippery and cold subject. An anus, submitting to a pressure, I revealed more and stronger. It became at some point strongly sick, but here a thick part completely got into me. It became easier though the hole remained rasperty from within. I understood that Mister inserted into me a butt plug. In confirmation of my thoughts he said: — You will stand with a stopper in a bottom, the skank, by the way you should get used to her too. It is necessary to stretch your hole so it is necessary to carry it often. And I heard retreating footsteps. — Still yesterday, after Mister urinated to me in a mouth, it seemed bigger humiliation I am not capable to test any more. My God as I was mistaken! — it was thought to me. I stood in very humiliating pose, having practically lowered the person in a toilet bowl, with a full mouth of urine, feeling the holding apart pain in an anus from a stopper and couldn't even move. In the head thoughts that in only three days I turned into the slave turned, allowing absolutely unfamiliar man to do all this time with themselves such things which I also couldn't present. After a while I began to feel strong discomfort from an inconvenient pose and leg pain from long standing on a lap. — When will it come to an end? — in despair I thought. It seemed to me that there passed already whole eternity. At last I heard steps again and understood that my master came into a toilet. Having untied on hands and legs of a rope he, having taken me for hair, I brought to the middle of a toilet. — Show that you were obedient, the whore. Open a mouth! — having thrown back me the head, he ordered. I widely opened a mouth, having shown that it is still full of urine. — Now you can swallow, the bitch! — I with relief in two steps swallowed urine. — Well it is tasty, the skank? — he asked. — Yes, Mister-understanding of what from me wait, I answered. — Open a mouth again and put out tongue — when I obeyed, Mister having slightly bent several times spitted out to me in a mouth. By order of I swallowed also it. — There now, a laying, I hope after this lesson you finally will reconcile to the role of the toilet slave and repetition it won't be required, so? — Yes, Mister of course! — quickly I answered — at the thought that similar can will repeat to me it became terrible. — The stopper that was in you the whole day, you will pull out only in the evening when you do yourself an enema. Also consider whether I will easily determine a pizd by a condition of your hole really you carried her! You can be free till eight o'clock, a nipple! And I, already habitually bent and began to kiss legs of Mister and to thank him for the fact that made me the slave! Request to send comments and offers to a private message. podcasts about dating in your 50s date calculator every 4 weeks site mapMain Page