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Once … Good start … There now, once on me found just some insanity — I want sex and a lot of sex … There is a husband, but he for night of all time is enough for two, probably therefore began a thicket to swear less time to carry out to beds. And frankly speaking to tell — the dick at him big and as to satisfy the woman — so … Well I don't cum with him for a long time, thinks only of himself … And here I can't already — vibrators don't remove that stress and desire which accumulated … I got out on the website (my photo is fresher to eat to the utmost, well-fed, a breast beautiful, hips are too plump), and there the man without photo for 10 years is more senior than me wants to get acquainted and communicate. Well, I think, the destiny to me to itself to bring the lover! Began to exchange letters often, much in common, a talk passed to bed subjects … He writes that he wants to catch me rather in a bed, even on my photo the dick gets up and long doesn't fall down, and at me already the bottom reduces and between legs is wet … The photo doesn't show … "Trust in me, I will be pleasant to you, I will teach to derive pleasure. You only believe me!" Pancake, here maniacs nearly continually, and I will go to that whose name and age I know nothing any more!!! But his words get so that you run behind the vibrator slightly to alleviate the suffering … Everything, I was solved. I call the familiar taxi driver, we agree that he brings me, writes down the address, and in the evening that took away on my call. And if not, then … Well, at least one will know where I and what adventures on the bum I look for. I go … Nervous trembling such that I will drink a bottle of cognac and I won't get drunk … The taxi driver the checked guy, seriously says: "Give we we will meet you, you know me, I with you will only be glad" — "Isn't present, we can't, remember about the wife, I know her". I go out of the taxi, wrong moves I come into an entrance and on the necessary floor. Without call the door opens, in the hall it is dark, I come. I see high thin and sports type the man, the person isn't visible — darkly. He says that undressed and passed, but tied with a scarf eyes a scarf. Here still news! I undress, I tie with a scarf eyes … He takes by hand, conducts to the room. Sits down on a sofa, pulls me to itself on knees. "Be not afraid of me, relax, then we will untie eyes, it is necessary for you. You can touch me and my person. And then kiss me." I run a hand over a cheek — I only shaved, smoothly, pleasantly. He embraces and presses to himself. Begins to kiss me. So tasty … I don't remember when I was so gently and with pleasure kissed … He doesn't maintain, says that all agreed each other frankly. I confirm. He: "I just want at first to fuck you, and that desire wild I am afraid I will lower ahead of time, and then I will be able long to constrain myself not to terminate", I am silent. He says that he didn't want to offend, told it like it is. I get up from his knees, he: "Don't leave!", I ask or to remove a bandage from eyes or to take away most to a bed. He barely audible exhales them himself air. Takes by hand and conducts to the second room. There is warmer. "Can you undress now? Native, only once, then I, there are no forces any more to restrain!" In silence both we undress, he pushes me to a bed, a finger checks at me humidity between legs. "Yes you all flow! The babe, I enter …" Mine "yes" left groan … It pulled me for nipples and entered-came out me … Then the last time and measurement was pushed. In me became even more hotly and mokry. "At last I waited for you! Don't take offense at me, now we will finish begun!" Then he began to kiss and press down my nipples, fucked the pussy fingers … So well I in a bed didn't feel for a long time! I began to move hips and buttocks on a meeting to his hand. "Now, the babe, now, still slightly and you will terminate!", after these words he implanted to me a slender finger into buttocks and I just exploded from a high … I recovered already in his embraces, my body still shuddered from pleasure, he kissed my person gently and pressed to himself as if I will escape from him now. I felt that in the eyes any more there is no bandage, opened and began to look at him. He was very interesting man, with slightly rough features, but it gave him courage perhaps. On stir of his lips I understood that he asks him to kiss. The kiss developed into exciting caress though I all burned as it is and flowed from desire. It rested the dick to me against a stomach. Laughing I asked not to do in me excess holes, and to use natural and I stretched it for a dick to myself on a breast. I began to lick a head, for a cheek it didn't find room any more and all dick didn't enter a mouth. I pulled out him from a mouth and I began to jerk off him both hands, to lick him a uvula and to suck a head. Yes, worthy copy! Then it moved to a bed back, and put me on knees a back to itself(himself). His dick shook between his stomach and my back. He began to caress to me a breast, to kiss a neck, lobes of ears, then reached a hand a clitoris, I frowned, having remembered as it was unpleasant to me from touches of the husband there … But … He began to press a stomach bottom where there was a narrow strip of hair after shaving quietly. Then I raised me and the dick inserted to me into the pussy. Without moving, I continued to caress a breast and a neck. And me the movement was already tiresome … Sharp and deep pushes in me … He quietly asked what I want. It was a shame to me to admit that I want that he from all force fucked me in all holes so far I won't cease to shout "still!", "The kid, well speak! You what, you are afraid or hesitate of me?", I answered that I am not present, but in hearing couldn't sound the desire. It began to shake me on the dick, but I wanted to see him, but not to be to him a back. I slid off on a bed, I laid down and I spread legs. Then quietly I whispered: "Ot *** me that then there were no forces to move!" He became between my legs, the dick defiantly distorted, and then I hung over me: "Repeat loudly or you will receive nothing!" and a head I began to caress a clitoris, without entering the pussy. It was already flour, I knew that it, for some reason, especially and shouldn't bring me — I and so together with it or slightly earlier-later I will terminate, but here … I was ready to begin to sob, but couldn't tell loudly … "Well, the baby, give speak! Bring yourself it even more!". I didn't sustain and moaned, and then as delirious I shouted: "Е ** me, е ** also don't stop!!!". What began even to describe then I won't be able … I with him cumed without ceasing … I don't remember how many times he changed poses and a spit me as though I a plumelet, but not the well-fed lady. I don't remember how many times I sucked the dick, his balls, I licked an anal hole … His language licked, fucked me in the pussy, was pushed in buttocks … My allocations and his saliva wetted everything that is possible … Fingers him together with language fucked me in all holes, and I only cumed and shouted that already I can't any more … Then he on an ear asked: "Where?", I in totally orgasmic ludicrous told that all the same. He practically stuck to the eggs a dick to me into the pussy and measurement, I began to beg to continue, he began to move a dick in me quietly, to go nuts with what speed … Continuous orgasm … I already badly thought how many he fucks me, only I cumed and cumed with groans and shouts … Then he pulled out a dick and inserted it into the weakened anus hole, at first a head, and then I didn't sustain and set hips to his party that he thrust in me all dick to eggs … We regained consciousness when on the street it was dark, on phone of several passed calls from the husband with whom swore in the morning, is ringing from the taxi driver — too, it seems, worried … "I don't want that you left. Remain!", I answered that I can't, it is necessary to go home. He was upset, but carried out to the bathroom, were together washed in shower boxing. While he gently pressed me a back to the stomach and soaped me a sponge, his dick got up again. He, laughing, I told: "Madam, consider the last desire of your eternal admirer for today!", I silently rose on toes and his dick to herself inserted into buttocks. He stood, then told: "Madam, I even didn't expect more today such happiness as your tasty the daddy on my dick!", that to stop up him and to motivate to act, the dick walls of anal pass squeezed and pretended that I get down from his dick … He pressed me to himself that the dick didn't jump out of buttocks, and stepped on half of the bathroom, threw our dressing gowns to me under legs and began cancer to fuck me, instead of lubricant adding the saliva … Thirty minutes of an anal fucking on half of the bathroom and several orgasms separated me from a way home … He terminated together with me and laid down on me from above. "Maybe after all you will remain?" — "Isn't present …" I didn't manage to reach in complete silence to the house with the familiar taxi driver as from him SMS already came: "Tomorrow I wait since morning. Already I want. Your future the second and, I hope, the last husband" … over 50 dating events loki release date in india episode 2 site mapMain Page