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We got acquainted with Igor in army. It I was, as always speak - the true friend and the companion. These two years can precisely let know what this person. Igor was the big fan of a fine half of mankind, quickly struck up acquaintances to young women and girls who served in our part. Almost all beauties were or the unmarried or divorced. Though all of them wanted to marry single officers, but Igor skillfully persuaded them to have sex, so to speak - "for health". Like, of a secret fruit the most sweet, and it is necessary to watch over health, lovely ladies. And often I called me to the headquarters supposedly at night an appointment with two "cool ladies". We perfectly spent time with them, and Igor also loved "exchange of options" as he to spoke-exchange our ladies. After service we lived in the different cities, but often met. Igor everything changed the women until at last it seems "I calmed down". With Valya, or as he spoke, Valechkaya-Valyusha, they began to live in a civil marriage. Very nice, figuristy, quiet girl, the hostess - in Igor's house everything shone. And in a bed she just super - everything that Igor's soul will wish! Here I couldn't become pregnant only in any way. Igor everything asked the boy then we will get married. Then he agreed also on the girl and all it was impossible. Valya was treated, but all in vain. Somehow accidentally I got on reception to one professor, so that threw a phrase supposedly "To you it will be possible to become pregnant under extraordinary conditions". Ova at her not such some! Once Valechka even dexterously gave me, hoping that and so it will turn out. I terminated in her two times, very cool with her, but nothing... It is a pity, but there's nothing to be done - the nature! Valya all wanted to acquaint me with the best friend. Excellent girl, but it seems such unlucky. I lived with one, and he ran across to another - more richly. I lived with another, and that didn't give money to her, and from her tried to extort money. She expelled him as Valya speaks, with words: "I am not cancer on your intimate absence of fish! Get out! I want to be the desired woman, and you are a gigolo, you only use me!" - it is dashing she him! Somehow I came to visit them, Igor at work, and Wal of the house, slightly I caught a cold. And again - went to the girlfriend, she earlier at us a vein, rents apartment nearby now. Here I for fun that I won't be able, balls almost burst, supposedly I won't inform of heavy, full cums - hard! Da Wal in the repertoire - quickly I undressed absolutely, I dragged me in a bed moreover and to terminate - I held up the buttocks to me. Here the daddy at her the top class - cumed I, even growled! And after a shower once again, but already in her I cumed - Wal all hopes to fly. We lay down a little more after sex, being kissed gently, to lie down so cool at her between legs, well and - rise! Well, a promise is a promise - we went as it appeared, to my future wife! We approach the house, on a porch, a back to us, there is some tall girl, in a short short skirt, beautiful long legs, the cool buttocks are hardly fitted by a short skirt. I couldn't have eyes glued, and Valechka laughs: "Already it was pleasant? Same Lucie!" And it was pleasant - just at first sight! Then I considered her: not the beauty, but here very pretty. Yes the figure - not to have eyes glued! She behaved very simply, quietly I took me by an arm, we went three together walked, then gathered food and went home - to wait for Igor. On the road we very lovely and wonderfully talked, the girl it is visible that clever, well-read, pleasant. So there was a small sabuntuychik in the evening. I mentally began to call her at once - "Wife", here sat down so, or understood that it is destiny. Here the interesting moment was: she dropped a fork, I climbed under a table to lift her and was stupefied a little - Lucie lifted a short skirt to panties, legs beautiful before me completely - it is magically simple! I took a fork, I began to get out and didn't sustain: I kissed her leg above stockings. Gentle, sweet skin of a leg, I was lost in admiration! But most that was pleasant to me - reaction of future wife. She shook the head, but wasn't indignant, and didn't twitch at all. I, of course, didn't sustain then, pretended, it seems the scarf dropped. And again I kissed her wonderful sweet leg. Yes this charm just whispered to me on an ear: "Stop!" What nevertheless the clear head, what step - charm! And I understood - it will be obligatory she for mine! As they say - marry men a figure and character, but not written beauties! I left soon, but Igor with Valya arrived in a week to me, and here a surprise - from the car this short short skirt and these most beautiful legs seemed. I was in a little shock, but now decided that it is destiny. Valya told that we hardly finished Lucie, and I suddenly blurted out: "Well it is correct how I can make her the proposal still? - So you decided to marry me, perhaps? - and at all I tell it! "We perfectly spent time, and for the weekend she arrived to me again. It appeared, her parents live in our city - well just destiny! My aunt, the mother's sister therefore in the evening we came to us home had my parents at the dacha and kissed "to exhaustion". Then I playing about it seems, I laid her on a stomach and I laid down from above, a pier I don't want to release her to parents. But she lies so quietly, doesn't shout, doesn't twitch, isn't indignant. I lie on her, I palmed off hands and I began to rumple her charming breast. It was so good! For the second evening she changed clothes in a mother's dressing gown and warmed up a dinner. Was so just with her, so well. Then I again on a sofa put her, lifted a hem of a dressing gown and laid down on her buttocks elastic, the dressing gown tore off from shoulders, and she already and a brassiere already removed! And these strange boobies laid down in my hands! It I was full ult! To me it was so wonderful, I so enjoyed. Probably and her it was very good too, nipples of boobies bulked up, she even so with pleasure groaned the little. It were wonderful evenings, I didn't force an event, to me was with her so simply and well. One night I again wonderfully lay down on her, then pulled together a few her panties and began to kiss her strange buttocks - what buttocks, sweet at her. Then I moved apart them and language I began to caress her hard hole. It made horney both of us, in temples at me began to knock, I didn't sustain and put, and is rough, the stake the standing dick in her buttocks. And right there I began to cum! She moved, sighed, but was silent. Then the dick took out, at once it became easier for me, well and of course - apologized, explaining that very much she made horney me that very sweet and seductive therefore I was made horney and I didn't resist. I face her naked and a little confused, and she tightened panties and, having with pleasure kissed me, having told what is fine, forgives where to put me! We together bathed in soul and this night we had a wonderful sex. But I again in its cool terminated the daddy - children only in marriage! Then she several times came, visited parents and called me. It was interestingly simple to communicate to her, it is simply lovely to take a walk - such she is a clear head. Well and to kiss to insanity to have sex - too! Somehow again - I put it on a tummy, I lifted a short skirt, the dick of already stone hardness got and so I laid down on her elastic buttocks, hardly obtyany panties. Then I didn't sustain again and again I terminated in her hard hole. And I answered her question of buttocks that our child has to be conceived in a legal marriage. So next time take with yourself the passport - we go to submit the application. Also I received a passionate kiss and I got down on the shirt a little. So in two weeks we submitted the application. Warned Valya and Igor about date of a wedding and told that they will witness, marriage at them not official, and it precisely means - it is possible for them! Arrival - a day before our wedding. In the morning on Thursday I met Valya and Igork, arrived in time, shone as new coins. Especially Valyushka, told, time we will get married, and with Igor it will be necessary for them too. Went to me home three together, before a wedding it is impossible to sleep with future wife together - tradition. Took a walk a little, have supper and went to bed, in the morning early to go to us for my bride. Poskripela a bed in the bedroom, they called me then supposedly give to a table, it isn't slept to us. Drank on slightly, didn't turn on the light as Igor told - "by a mouth we won't incur". Here Valyusha also loudly gave out: "Boys, as you want, at me only recently monthly ended, still it is necessary to me at least разик, and that tomorrow I will do nonsenses". Well you will tell her? Igor also thought up - Bringing down his dick lifted a mouth, climbed on him, and to me they suggested her buttocks to visit, so we "double draft" also will calm its and to sleep. And it turned out! I inserted hardly into Valya's buttocks, not absolutely conveniently three together, it in pornofilms so dashingly is given. But Valya the loud voluptuous groans slightly didn't rouse all house, Igor to her clamped a mouth in time. Then she told that she had just a super-orgasm! Two dicks in the woman - it in general are matchless at once! But now all of us fell asleep strong! Yes, Valechka is just a unique person! Almost all Friday was bustling, only at the wedding it is a little we though all calmed down. Toasts, gifts, the stolen bride's shoes, shouts "Bitterly!" - all of us were tired strongly. The bride and I were in white, Igor and Valya - in such celestial-blue, looked perfectly! At last to us allowed to leave - and the taxi brought quickly us home. At once all in a shower, then decided to sit a little, without shouts and haste. Well little girls also gave us a surprise - the bride left to a table in white panties, a short T-shirt and white stockings, on the fop's head. Here Valechka all in black: super-sexy both! And shoes high-heeled which in total with stockings only emphasized beauty of female legs. From us they tore off shirts, sat in some trousers. Yes we eyes glued just couldn't have on our girls! We sat perfectly: told intimate jokes, remembered army, constantly kissed with each other. Danced a little, Valya strong nestled on me, and Igor impudently clamped the bride, and she only laughed loudly. Valya, as always, with humour also gave out: "Hey, bride! At yours costs a stake, all night long you won't sleep!" Laughed loudly, then Valya began to demand that the bride kissed Igor, he paid all penalties, didn't allow "to steal the bride", etc. Well, they directly in dance also kiss. I now absolutely wasn't jealous them, on the contrary. Was just pleasant excitingly, the dick stood a stake, in the head slightly hooted. Moreover here all just excellently sexy young women are near! Then him was for 25 years. original dating game serial killer date ideas quad cities site mapMain Page