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- And yes truth! Муся, take off a skirt! - No, don't touch! I... I am so... - In a skirt? Did you go crazy? - Well also let. But I only this way... - Lidochka, - I interfered, - she's right. As she wants, and it is necessary to do! Go to me, Musenka! We to Lida won't allow to undress you! Overcoming her weakness in resistance and suppressing own impatience, I dragged Musyu by means of Lidki on a bed, and then put near myself and began to stroke carefully on a skirt, a jacket, kind of calming the girl. - Well that you caress her? She wants a dick, and he caresses... However, Musya? What are you silent? I came off Musiny sponges and told: - Lidusjka, don't touch Musenka, she knows what to do to her. And you throw off a shirt and go to us. At the same time I winked at her significantly. Soon naked Lidka was delivered with us under a blanket... She caught Muski's hand and pressed her to the dick. Gradually I managed to climb a hand under Mussina a short skirt, and, kissing her on a hickey, I rumpled a hand her bashful zhopka and then her gentle pubis. On him there was already noticeable down. (Here to you please - anything. Both Muski, and Liduski, and dicks suck, and virginities lose, and on the small river fuck - everything that you want!). I carefully laid down on her, with some effort having spread legs the knees and having lifted a skirt. Муся closed the chink a hand and I whispered: - I am afraid... It will be sick. - Well. Take him in a hand and itself make, - I begged. She timidly embraced the dick fingers and, having sighed, released... - Well, Musya... You him to yourself on sponges move. Remove that handle... I will show you... Soon I already groped a shchelochka at shivering Muski. also the dick sent to her. - Well that? Can't you punch her? To help? Well, give together... Lidka dumped a blanket, rushed to me on a back, and well to push me with the tummy and hips behind. I didn't resist her pushes. And absolutely on the contrary. And Musya cried under us not by the voice... She was hammered, trying to dump hands and legs me. But the dick with strain though, apparently, and a little easier, than Lidka had it, already entered chink depth... - Well, what started shouting? Stop! And that still someone on the street will think that here someone is cut Lida exclaimed. I involuntarily laughed, shuddered and nearly lowered in Muska. - Lidochka, don't push more... I will get down from Musenki. Let will lie down and will have a rest... - And her well punched the virgin? Wow! All in blood. I run behind water and a towel! I very much wanted, but, lying near Musy, I only kissed her and calmed: - Will now not be ill... - I not... I thought... that... so painfully... Lidka returned, and we were delivered from a towel ми and with water. - Anything, anything, Muska! Stop to cry!. He punched you very well and I didn't even lower... Do you see what at him? Costs, as at a stallion. And if lowers, then wouldn't stand so. Муся ceased to cry and with curiosity I looked at my tool. - Ceased to be ill? - Almost. But still it is somehow awkward. Lidka embraced her, kissed and whispered: - You will want soon. - I don't know, Lidochka... - And I wanted... I interrupted their tendernesses: - Liduska, I already can't any more. Go to me! - And you lay down on a back! With these words Lidka threw off from herself a shirt, climbed up a bed, got through Muska and sat down astride me... - Look, Musya as I am him... She was delivered on me, and I, having embraced Musyu, attracted her to itself on a breast and kissed. She shy answered. - Муся and you look! Still you will manage to natselovatsya with him! I helped Moussa to turn more conveniently, and she, reclining at me on a breast, began to watch how Lidka slowly pulled herself on a dick. My hand greedy felt an elastic zhopka of Muski, And she, appear, didn't hesitate any more. When my fingers got over behind to her chink, it slightly raised the leg. - I I... now I will lay down on him... and you, Musya... look... look... behind... Well, go, I will lay down... I released Musyu, having extended under Lidkaya who began to choke on me more conveniently, and embraced her titechki. Having raised the head, I looked at gusty waves of Lidkina of zhopki and at the flaring face of Muska who, having low inclined between my legs, watched us... - Mu-mu-sya! - Lidka choked. - I... now... to - about - nchu... on - and - feel to him balls... - Yes, yes, Musenka... touch... - also I exclaimed, involuntarily striking Lidke. Gentle, curious fingers touched my balls... The hot stream sprinkled a uterus of Lidka fighting in the last spasms on me... The tired Lidka lay near me, having buried a nose to me in a shoulder, and I kissed Muska. She, stroking my breast, already passionately I answered kisses and I nestled on me, often breathing... - After a breakfast you will lie down under me? I whispered to her on an ear. - Yes... - What you are whispered there? And I am hungry. I will go something I will buy. Ruble two remained. It isn't enough. - Now still I will give, - I told, rising. - I run, and you so far to Musk process... - No, no! A lead, I with you will go! Having gathered, they left, and I laid down to doze. Imperceptibly I fell asleep and already in the sleep heard their cheerful voices. They dragged the whole basket of different snack and wine and already set the table. I put on, washed and joined them. The cheerful breakfast dragged on for a long time... Muska cheered up, played the fool together with Lidka, but quite often somehow languidly nestled to the koyena... Sometimes I tried to catch her stare on myself and when kissed, she nestled on me a stomach, hips and sighed. Lidka noticed her state. - Muska wanted. However, Musya? - That you! How can you speak so? - I see! On eyes I see! And you instead of kissing, drag her on a sofa! I will help. We were delivered three together. Муся poorly I rested: - It isn't necessary. I am afraid... - Again you are afraid? It won't be now so sick... Also you won't become pregnant... - Truth? - Муся looked at me. - Don't doubt, Musenka! - Don't spin, I will take off a skirt from you! - Oh, Lidochka, it isn't necessary! I am so... - Again in a skirt? Well, as you want. And you that? In trousers you will be? - Yes I wasn't in time still... - Well, remove! Муся, lay down slightly above. So. I will palm off this small small pillow on you under an ass. Rise.... - Oh, Lidochka, it isn't necessary! I am so... - It is necessary! You understand, it is necessary! Smoke! Well, so. It will be more convenient... And you lay down on her more carefully! It to you not a mare! - Lidochka!. I laid down to Musyu which already managed to cover with a skirt the legs, and again raised a skirt. Lidka, having bent to us, the dick grabbed and, having taken aside Mussina a leg, ordered me: - Well, a little rise, I am... Now below, still... Muska had one hand of Lidki on a stomach, and another she dexterously moved a dick. - Well, press little by little, still... so... - Oh!. Oh!. - a zaoykala of Musk under me. - And - and-and! - she when I for the first time pressed her uterus screamed. - Well, you! Again took in head to shout? And you not really that to her! With these words Lidka clasped with fingers a dick, without allowing him to enter too deeply. Муся became silent, breathing even more often and rhythmically moving. Suddenly it was swept up, strongly made upward movement to me zhopky, and I felt a plentiful hot phlegm in her chink... - Musenka, you in any way already? Good you mine! Lidka spoke, kissing her. I with pleasure continued the movements. The dick entered easier now, but because of the Lidkiny protecting handle he hardly touched Mussina a uterus. - With pleasure to you? You be not afraid, I hold him, and he won't hurt you. Oh, Musya! He so you it is sweet... as me... at me... And you that? Again you cum? Darling... This time Musya, without hesitating any more, strongly, somehow convulsively I threw the zhopka of times, another, more and more... Then, having weakened, I extended legs and I hid in a hand the flaring face. - Lidochka! Lay down rather... directly on her... No, don't undress, and that long... to wait. On her... A stomach on her... This time Lida didn't waste time and, заголившись, settled astride Muska, having raised the back. I helped her as could, inconveniently leaning arm-distance. At last, somehow I managed to enter her. Taking breath, I began to process her with pleasure. Slowly, without hurrying, with taste... Little girls kissed passionately under me... - Муся... and he is indeed a stallion... I covered me... as mare. - Well to you? - Yes... Gets deeply. Ooh!. - Lidochka, you strongly press on a breast. A little bit rise. - But I can't. He at me on a back. - Well, a little. Here so. Give lips... - Муся, I can't... to kiss... I choke... - Do you cum? - Not yet... Ooh... as he it is sweet me!. - Lidochka... I envy you. - Wanted? - I feel how he... you... Having stopped a little to postpone the crisis coming at me, I met eyes of Musi and read in them delightful desire... - Lidochka, - I told, - suffer a little. - You what? - I just once will push to Moussa. Let not... envies. - Oh, and how I? - I am only Razak to her... Having taken out a dick, I slightly fell and tried to grope a shchelochka of Musi under Lidkay. The dick didn't get, Muska twirled by zhopky, substituting the shchelochka. - Musenka, take him a hand! - I belittled. Without fluctuating, she gave under a stomach at Lidka a hand and inserted... I set, having pressed a stomach Lidki's zhopka... Time... another... Prevented me to set Zhopk Lidki to Moussa to the full, but, Musya was already convulsively hammered near Lidkaya... She lowered a little longer, than before, but., probably., more passionately and more with pleasure... Lidka kissed her and again raised the zhopka, impatiently. twitching to all bodies. Now I am delightful entered the opened greedy chink of Lidki. She sighed, moaned, nestled on Muski's breast and, shuddering all over, lowered... I cumed when she already flat-out fell on Muska. Long after that we had a rest. So my family life began... At me was now as Lidka, two wives said. And both madly were pleasant to me... When there arrived owners, everything went still. But just it seemed... Still to me Lidka ran. But now we didn't play the fool any more, and passionately united. Hurriedly, without undressing... Still I went to club, but long there didn't sit up, and hurried to the park where in an arbor I was waited by Muska and Lidka. Lidka guarded, and I processed to Musk standing. On service I promoted, began to earn a decent salary, employed the small apartment, and at once I had two careful hostesses Muska and Lidka... online gay dating apps in south africa date ideas northern virginia site mapMain Page