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This story happened not to me. It is the second history which to me was sent. I, also, wrote from the first person. All names are changed. So... Passed about a year after the first history. I came to work and worked already few months, the son was suited in a garden. There was an end of August, I with parents went to St. Petersburg to the aunt's funeral. The husband stayed at home with the son. Right after the funeral I went home, parents remained for several days. To departure of the train I was nearly late, only managed to come into a compartment, and the train started. In a compartment was three fellow travelers — the man and women of years for 40 and the guy, about 20 years. When I came into a compartment, women told: — Here and the fourth passenger. Let's get acquainted, you can call me the aunt Masha, this is the uncle Ivan, and this is Anton, and she pointed to the young man. — Very pleasant. I call me Inna. Anton helped me to remove my bag. I asked men to leave a compartment for 5 minutes. I took off jeans and a jacket, I put on an undershirt and shorts, and I climbed on the top shelf. There I took off a brassiere and I turned away to a wall, I very much wanted to sleep. Under knock of wheels and rocking of the car I fell asleep almost instantly. I overslept hour two, can even more. When woke up, I saw on the neighboring shelf of the lying Anton, he looked at me. — Got enough sleep? — It is a little. — To tea you want? I run now. — Thanks, isn't necessary. — And you don't refuse — the aunt Masha from below told — drink to tea, have a bite. Get down. I didn't begin to finish myself, I suddenly understood that I got hungry. I went down, I got a package of provisions. — Be treated — the aunt Masha offered, indicating pies — I baked. — I have thanks... — Then you will eat the, and now my pies try. Anton brought 4 glasses of tea. All took seat, I after all too laid out the food on a table. Having had a bite, I got on top again. There was no wish to sleep any more, just I lay and I looked out of the window. In the head I climbed thoughts of the aunt, the mood became worse at once. Anton also climbed upward. Became, something to tell, to ask me. I answered reluctantly. Gradually I began to listen to him more attentively, bad thoughts faded into the background. We talked so hour one and a half, he said generally. I told about myself, then I told some stories, then jokes. Below some efforts began. I looked down — they prepared for an exit. — Well, here we arrived. — Already? — Yes. Happy to you way! And they left a compartment. Anton went to see off them. And I decided to walk a little too and I came to the platform. Anton approached me and asked: — It isn't necessary to buy anything? I run. — Well though... buy me couple of bottles of dark beer. He disappeared, in about 10 minutes appeared with a package. We came into a compartment, he got 4 bottles of beer — 2 bottles with dark and 2 with light beer, sun-dried fish. We slowly drank beer, gnawed fish, and stirred. Beer reached a limit, but I wanted still. At the following station Anton ran again. Then I wanted some wine... By the night we were both fairly a vypimsha. — Anton, and how old are you? — 18. — And I thought to you already 20. And you have a girl? — Now not. I was at school, but... it went to study to other city. There came the pause. — And you are with her... well, were engaged... — No, we were only on friendly terms. He was embarrassed and reddened. So he with anybody didn't fuck! — I thought. To me in the head any nonsense began to climb, I began to drive away these thoughts, but... — And do you like me? It became crimson. — Yes! Very much! And then I took off an undershirt, having bared the breast 2 sizes. In his eyes it was possible to read a fright, surprise, desire and it is a lot of still what. He sat and, without coming off, looked at my breast. He around a groin had a hillock. — And long you will sit so? — I... — Go to me. He got up, approached me... also I didn't know what to do. I took his hands, put one on a shoulder, another on a breast. He I am careful I began to stroke my body. In his actions it was felt not confidence and shyness. — More safely. Don't be afraid. I put to him a hand on a hillock. He shuddered from surprise. — Be not afraid. I lowered a little his trousers and his dick took. He already was in a fighting state. And the guy has that not weak... I completely released him. He became worked the hands more intensively. I carefully clasped a head with lips and began to suck it. He strained. I released a dick from a mouth: — Be not afraid, relax. — At me is for the first time. — I know. And I took his dick lips again. Anton some time was still intense. His hands wandered on my body, but most often appeared on a breast. I began to swallow it more and more. I clasped his body with hands and I began them to do the movement it by hips. I his dick forced to enter deeply me, to leave a mouth. He quickly thought that I want and soon itself began to do movements back and forth. Soon he terminated, there was many cum. She didn't find room at me in a mouth and followed on corners of lips on a chin. I swallowed a cum, but his dick didn't release from a mouth. I licked also it. In spite of the fact that he just terminated, his dick stood! — Do you have condom? — No. I rummaged in a handbag and gave him. — Will you be able to dress that? While he dressed him, I took off shorts together with panties. I turned to him the back. I rested hands against a compartment wall. — What do you cost? Give. He indecisively brought him to vulvar lips and stopped. It was necessary to take the initiative. I sharply moved back and itself was strung on his dick! — Give, not stop! He began carefully, then began to increase speed. He accelerated everything and accelerated him. My breast was wound in a step to his movements. Unexpectedly it stopped in me and I felt as his dick got nervous. He cumed. Some time we and stood. Then he took out a dick, in condom there was a lot of cum. I got napkins, stretched to him. — Go be washed away, you will be wiped by napkins. He left, I wiped perineums and legs. When he came, I went to a toilet. When returned, I told: — Now there will be a station, buy beer and... condoms. In the morning I woke up from knock at a door to a chicken. —... in fifteen minutes. I jumped, it was time for me to gather. In a rush I put on, I made toilet. Anton lay and looked at my collecting. Before leaving, I bent to it, kissed on a mouth and told: — Farewell, darling. To me with you it was good! Also I ran to an exit from the car. And on the platform I was waited by the husband... Author's E-mail: online dating tips uk fun date ideas new hampshire site mapMain Page