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Day of the beginning I quickly o to. Recently the vein with the granny moved to dusty Moscow from small UTS in which... O moved unusually than and the speech will go. 18 years the student, sometimes I wear glasses, with excess fat it isn't noticed. In the general of the general mass of other girls - anything special. Outside. Probably everything will be not usual sex the story, how many o confession to itself, o the desires which developed into reality. Desire to be heard, secret thoughts but in hearing. The moral condition of today's society forces us to conduct itself more chastely, frostily, decently. Taboos are exposed the majority of sexual "deviations" which society isn't ready to accept owing to the traditional character. The free statement of sexual desires, preferences most often will be subjected to censure. Can be everything sounds as discontent, however it pleases me. And I will explain why. So left that the person we judge o only on clothes to behavior and acts. Though often his secret life at all can't be reflected in life real in any way. You communicate in a certain circle of people, you think o them that that, but reality you also can't present. And it is plus. Plus therefore that nobody ever learns your secret desires which in eyes of the person can be defect. All without exception my girlfriends, don't look as anxious davalki at all. And guys run, try to obtain them. However from for close communication with them I know oh as a lot of things. So and I. I always considered myself sexually active teenager. Though knew about it not many. I for example like to masturbate. All of course love. No I love on special. I leave far away to the forest, I undress and I hide odezhu, I depart a little far away, and I masturbate standing. In a voice. No I like not just to groan. I like to tell o that as to me everything is pleasant. That with what great pleasure I would make by O blowjob now. Conversation yes, yes. In it everything I am made horney by that thought that people perceive me on another. At all not such. I am not afraid to be caught. I know places where precisely happens nobody. A from 17 years, the benefit to the Internet, I periodically meet family couple. With which we most perfectly spent time at them and in that forest. With which I for the first time tried a submission role. Also reception of "a gold rain" which so all condemn A. Which have many hours of a video of sex so me now. No I knew that nobody ever will see them. Thus I didn't look for a relationship. They in difference from simple sex select big amount of time, prevent study which I always treated with big responsibility. Though admirers ran, but were sent successfully away. On it the reputation was almost that botanichki. Though both friends and the company were. And here in Augustus this year I all arrived. Farewell remote place, hello Moscow. No here of a booze I didn't want to live only in halls at all. Drugs, constant noise and parties. I don't love all it. I thought to remove the apartment. However money it is natural to remove the apartment wasn't. I was already I reconciled to the fact that it is necessary to live in halls when came across article. In Article it was told o to new European fashion to be settled to people, but to pay intim with services and carrying out certain requirements at accommodation. To steam of days I doubted, watched the websites. No life in the hostel with the mad eternally drinking students even a scarecrow. And I decided. I began to throw the announcement everywhere. The student will remove the certain room for intim. Be near a certain subway. The most interesting that at first responded to few people. Most the first was the Uzbek with the wife (!!). Also frightened that wrote also family couples with children, what that Roma. A already approached the end of month and it was worth going. I wrote requirements - strictly of 50 years. This age was chosen therefore that at it there will be no attachment ko to me, what or blackmail. Decent age. Yes and family couple which I met before such age and I was. No why people ignored my requirements and wrote everything what youth. It was necessary to send away very much and very many. No at that moment when already it seemed to me that I won't find to me wrote. And I need to tell it was very lucky. Also I live at him since September. It is precisely natural tell about him I can't, but I will try. In 50 years. Professor. Full. With excellent feeling of humour. Smoothly shaved second chin. I looked at an apartment photo on the Internet. Ne believed. Through чур it is good. 17th floor. Excellent repair under old times and a heap of such ancient pieces. Three rooms and very big hall. Agreed to meet. Will get acquainted. Well and that I saw the apartment. To watch the apartment I went on suitcases at once. The grandmother for 200 km to see off me didn't go, thought that I in halls. A I had only two options. Or and the truth in halls or to this professor. So as other options were-uzhas. The only thing that he asked at my arrival why that the passport that o my majority will make sure and... freedom. Having left things for time in storage cams at the station, I went. Chestno-serdtse, nesmotrya on all my sexual freedom, beat without restraint. I reached quickly. The very tall house, the protected territory, the on-door speakerphone. Having risen on the elevator by the floor I saw a smart door under old times. Nikolay (the name is changed) joyfully greeted me after a call to a door. However having come inside, he stopped me at once whether having asked I remember about documents and freedom? After the positive answer and verification of the passport he suddenly suited ko to me and began to kiss me passionately. I didn't even understand and didn't manage to begin to resist. Also sharply he let out me from embraces. I told that I am a good fellow and I began to show me my room. I was a little in shock, but slowly it everything began to make horney me. The room struck me. Such cool ancient repair, a mirror nearly to a ceiling, a bed and a computer table. Everything looked so as if also the truth from the 19th century. I was in wild delight. Then it showed me the bathroom which was more similar to the small pool. I couldn't hide the delight at him and he saw it. No ahead it was necessary to discuss payment details. It suggested me to be washed up for the beginning and to leave to him. Thus having left clothes in the bathroom. I as that also counted on sex and quickly agreed. I left to him to the spacious hall. Absolutely naked with a little crude head. From excitement in boobies just shook. He suggested to sit down opposite to him in a chair. I told to place legs. He on a support was stood by the cam near. I prepared that he directly now will just fuck me, but it didn't occur. He only told to begin to masturbate and listen. I already just couldn't. I thought my breast directly now will break off. The situation is the most fantastic. I, absolutely naked, sit before unfamiliar, almost elderly man, groaning, nodding the head I masturbate and I listen to his conditions. He spoke quiet, equal tone looking me directly in eyes. Conditions were unexpected, but at that moment I just couldn't but will agree. Actually on them I also live with that time. Sex he has the rights to ask in any the moment, convenient for him, except of course my personal affairs and occupations. I have the full right for private life but where to it. He has the right for a photo and video filming of all my life in his apartment. Naturally confidential. He likes to drive me on the apartment on a lead, periodically slapping a palm in a vagina. I have no right to wear in his apartment clothes, in general any. Of course behind an exception of monthly. To it seldom someone comes, a those someone come, know o his passions and of them I will hesitate too shouldn't. His friends with wives who talked to him o than that not absolutely for me clear came. Thus I had to is among them. They touched me. I masturbated for them and did blowjob and a cunnilingus. It was pleasant to me. In sex he likes to dominate. To be engaged so in me exactly so that pleasure was derived by him. Every day I do him blowjob, a he in the answer of nothing. Also it became clear that he and a gold rain loves. Only to give out. After it I am obliged to thank him. All it more than is pleasant to me. He addresses ko to me on a name, I him only on "you" and on a name - a middle name. Very much likes to kiss. Directly here so absolutely strongly loves. Fucks in the basic dog-fashion, in the hall. I to him don't go to the room, it is impossible. Thus he doesn't conduct himself as the tyrant, an on the contrary. As kind and cheerful man. No the most tremendous that it doesn't stir my usual life, I quietly study, I sit on the Internet and I walk. Among my fellow students nobody even for a second can think as I live. And never learns. I live so month. And I more than am happy with the situation. I am not going to look for the guy to myself. Nikolay gives money, but doesn't become attached ko to me absolutely. And here sometimes sitting on couples I look at the group and I think-a that I know o them? What are they engaged in having remained on edine with with themselves, or the person to whom they trust? Probably on it our society is also wonderful. All brightest paints - are under gray (let not at all) wrappers. It is only worth digging. A there-vselennaya. online dating over 50 nz date night cast site mapMain Page