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When the Sun didn't ascend yet, but his beams already disseminated a night darkness, and from the coast the light coastal breeze blew, on the desert beach of the island of Krempo there were groups of women which are walking quickly to water. Some of them carried in hands gray wooden boxes, others – small kegs. Despite morning freshness, all women were absolutely naked, their produblenny sea salty winds of a body were covered with a thick layer of sea suntan and a set of scars. All of them are slaves when being the most dangerous bandits on all east coast of Akheron and adjacent archipelagoes. For the crimes they were sentenced to long imprisonment terms, and some, and in general, to the gallows. But the Owner Ostrova redeemed them and brought here, on the island of Krespo that they got for him valuable sinks, pearls, corals and scallops from whom then produced expensive dyes for fabric, jewelry, spectacle frames or used in the medical purposes. At revenues to Krempo, all slaves shaved on a goal, could carry hair only free women, besides, on the left buttock all burned out the Owner Ostrov's brand – a trident in a circle, and on right – number "five". Then slaves were distributed on crews. In each crew there were five people, each slave had the serial number from 1 to 5. Number 1 was carried by slaves-brigadirshi, number 2 – their deputies, and number 3,4,5 – ordinary slaves divers. All life on the island was subordinated to one purpose – to get as much as possible valuable sinks from a seabed and to make the Owner Ostrov even more richly. This purpose became also the only meaning of life of slaves, along with simple physical survival. Meanwhile, about the urez of water, slaves were already waited by the Supervisors dressed in white clothes. Supervisors held leather folders in hand, and the lash hung on a belt at everyone. For each Supervisor was about one crew of slaves and the boat catamaran which he is lazy is fixed rocked on waves on small removal from the coast. Having approached everyone the Supervisor, slaves were built in a rank for survey strictly by numbers. Supervisors a glance examined slaves and a hand checked their vaginas, regarding approach of Days of Blood. Blood in sea water attracted sharks and other predators, and could lead it to injuries or in general the death of slaves, so and decrease in production of sinks by them that is inadmissible. Therefore such slaves before catching weren't allowed, and went to Factory, under supervision of the Chief Supervisor where processed, dried and sorted the caught sinks to those a time so far Days of Blood at them didn't come to an end. After survey the Supervisor, opened the folder, wrote down something, and then instructed slaves is loaded on the vessel for what they ropes tightened it to the coast. By the boat there was already a sailor dressed in one loincloth who lowered from a board wooden сходню and helped to come on her to the Supervisor. Then together with slaves I loaded chests with the equipment, food and kegs with water. After that, it is dexterous as the monkey moved to a stern to a steering oar, and slaves by means of poles and oars pushed off the boat from a bank, developed it and directed to an exit from the gulf. The sailor set sail and a catamaran, cutting waves rushed on a meeting to the ascending sun. At this time the Supervisor together with the slave foreman, in a tent, specially allotted for him, aft of the boat discussed the place of today's trade. For this purpose he got from the folder the card, sophisticated any records and marks on which I drove a well-cared finger with a ring. It was very important to find the "rich" place and to occupy it by the first. Having understood where to float, the Supervisor laid a course and gave the card to the sailor. Meanwhile the slave foreman opened one of chests and got a sheath with a curve knife from there and she fixed a small pick, a sheath to herself on the left hip, and to shout – on right. Then the slave got a diving mask which I put on to myself on a forehead and a hank of a rope with which she dexterously tied to herself a belt and shoulders from a chest. Having tightened on itself smart knots, the slave attached to herself also a stone weighing about 30 kilograms, and other end of a rope – to a special ring in a vessel board. As soon as the boat came in the place set by the Supervisor, the slave foreman began to breathe quickly, airing lungs. After minute warm-up, having made a deep breath, she pulled a mask and jumped off "tell-tale" from a board. Water was still cool, and the running stream pleasantly tickled a vagina. To strengthen feelings, the slave the left hand gently massaged to herself a clitoris. The wave of languid excitement rushed on her body and at heart it became a little more joyful. The gulf Krempo in which slaves conducted trade was not deep, at most 50 meters in depth. Any sea living creatures were found in him much, in blue water flocks of paradise small fishes flashed, and coral reeves cutting a bottom everything were stuck around by razy shells. Having flopped on a bottom, the slave looked round and quickly estimated "harvest". Air in lungs reached a limit, but it was already clear to a brigadirsha that the catch will be good today. Dexterously touching strong hands, the slave began to climb up a rope by which she was tied to the boat. Having come up on a surface, she specified to the Supervisor and the sailor how to put the boat, and then having risen aboard instructed other dicks of crew. While the leading slave was engaged in investigation, under the leadership of slave number 2, other dicks of crew put on masks, sorted knives and picks and also attached to themselves stones and fixed the ropes to rings onboard the boat. The sailor by means of a cargo arrow lowered a special box where slaves will put a catch on a bottom. It was necessary to gather for today at least ten such boxes so there was many work and it was impossible to waste time. At the command of the slave foreman other girls after minute respiratory warm-up began to dive. Having fallen by a bottom, they by means of mini-picks tore off shells from a coral reef and put them in a box. Periodically each of them emerged on a surface to fill lungs with air and again went to depth. It is less, than in half an hour the first box was filled, and the sailor pulled out him aboard. The supervisor approached and a captious look examined a catch, for these slaves an eye yes of eyes is necessary, and that devils of what nakidat, and I then answer the Owner Ostrova. All on the island of Krespo depended on a catch, and on a qualitative catch why all forces of slaves, supervisors, sailors were thrown on his production. The catch is a gold which the wide river flowed in pockets to the Owner Ostrova, and his streamlets got to Supervisors. Those someone didn't implement the plan for collecting were waited by a severe penalty. Slaves of a sekla, put in a punishment cell hole on a week, Supervisors – deprived of earnings. Ostrov's owner was quick-fisted all someone he was on the island to horror him were afraid. At the same time both among slaves, and among Supervisors intrigues, informing prospered, such deals which you won't meet also in the Royal Courts sometimes were under construction. Slaves literally fought for numbers in crew, the firm law said that each slave has to pass all steps, that is having arrived to the island and having become "five", it could become "three" having stayed "four", and for this purpose it is necessary that or room in her crew, or in another was made. But transition from crew to crew was possible only with the consent of foremen and supervisors. Periodically places in crews were freed as at some slaves term came to an end, they became free and left the island, some perished, "copied" someone as we were already not able to work, and their places were taken by others, and on the released "five", the Owner Ostrova bought new. During the changing of number, the slave cut off a brand on the right buttock and put new nearby. Having reached number 1 the slave became a foreman, and besides duties to get shells, had to resolve also issues of the choice of the place of fishing and to be engaged in selection of girls which of them to raise and someone to replace in other crew, also the slave foreman was responsible for misses of subordinates before the Supervisor. Besides, Supervisors played the game and to butter up the Owner or the Chief Supervisor periodically sent him cute slaves for joys. And Supervisors had no objection to have a good time with the slaves. The skilled slave foreman was a frequent guest in the Supervisor's bed, trying not to allow at the same time there other girls, especially number 2. To her and her subordinates could forgive for it both not implementation of the plan, and loss of a knife or pick. Here and now, having come up the next time, the slave foreman was called to himself by the Supervisor. The sun hardly passed in a midday, and already six of ten boxes stood full. Such rates it was possible to be ahead of schedule also to four slaves. The twilight and cool reigned in a tent of the Supervisor. The poor situation included a trestle bed, a table and couple of chairs. On a table maps and some papers were spread out, the Supervisor sat in a chair and wrote something. The slave foreman the sneaking step approached to the door of a tent and timidly knocked. She still was all wet and left behind traces on the deck. "Yes, come", the Supervisor told and I turned in a chair. The slave came and kneeled. Only this way it is possible to talk to free. "You know what to do", the Supervisor told. The slave on all fours crept up to him and having moved apart tails of the robe hands his flabby dick gently took. "He missed your mouth, the bitch" the Supervisor told, having got up from a chair he the sharp movement leaned the bald head of the slave against the groin. "Give, suck, the creature" was told by him and gave to the slave slap in the face. The slave immediately started anew slowly, and then to suck the increasing Supervisor's dick quicker and quicker. "And you notably suck, not for nothing I took you in the crew, the old whore" he told. "We nearly fifteen years together". In a few minutes the Supervisor moaned, and the slave felt as the stream of a cum began to flow her in a throat. The main thing was not to choke here, and that for such things the Supervisor would fly into an indescribable rage. But it was, and having swallowed his seed, the slave looked with a look of a devoted dog at the Supervisor. "That you grin, become cancer" he told. Having got up behind, the Supervisor with a force drove the dick in her vagina. "Uuuuuuuu what fluffy thing at you" was told by him and painfully pulled it inguinal hair. The slave didn't give a sign though it was very sore with her. And meanwhile the Supervisor began to fuck her behind, he reached by hands her breast and began to twist her nipples. In a few minutes he terminated again. "Well on it all. Go work" he told. "Though there is no billeting, lick to me fingers and a foot of legs. Massage by language in your execution to me very to liking". Having told, he was extended in a chair, and the slave began to lick each toe, gently clasping him with lips and then accurately working with language. After fingers on I was accepted for a foot, the Supervisor fidgeted from pleasure and giggled … "Well, you, it is enough" laughing he told. "And now to business. You know, our "two-room flat" will become free soon. Her term leaves. Ten years as from a bush. Someone not her place will we put? Our three though works as an ox and especially doesn't shine with mind. I am stupid as an owl. And you understand what is the stupid two. You are absent, and the plan tyu-tyu" "Mister" there began a slave, but the Supervisor interrupted her. "Get up from a floor what you razlezhivatsya there", I told. The slave, having kneelt before it, I continued: "Mister, you're right the three well works, can long keep breath under water, but here she won't be able to be my deputy. Mister Yulli, in crew has good "two-room flat", the girl she executive and prompt, but here with number 1 doesn't get on." "And - ha-ha-ha where to her to get on, there "edinichka" to be healthy harakterets. Yes she from a hole didn't get out in due time" the Supervisor answered. "But Julie will give us? And you say that she is already "two" and someone then will go "two" to him to crew?" "Mister, I thought over it. I will open for you a secret, number 1 at Yulia, she … loves girls. Well you understand. And her "three" too, and they quite often like to retire in the evening, but you know the law, through the head it is impossible to jump. Here that brigadirsha also thinks where to it to get rid of "two"." "Hmmmm….to is you suggest to wave our three on a two-room flat at Yulya? And there his brigadirsha will raise "three" - the mistress, and our "three" on her place?" "Quite right, I from Ukhalkina spoke. Oh forgive, it so Yulya's edinichka call" the slave answered. "Well today I will talk to him" the Supervisor told. "And you are clever … And you know that …" With these words he sharply jumped and left the slave on a trestle bed. The sharp movement he spread her legs and began to lick the salty, smelling of the sea slave's vagina. His language quickly found her clitoris and began to work methodically there. The powerful pleasant wave overflowed a brigadirsha, from pleasure she began to groan and from her juice began to flow. And the Supervisor already got up on her, and started over again fucking her in a vagina the again strengthened dick. From pleasure the slave began to make upward movement to it, from her groans he was more and more brought and increased speed. Suddenly he published roar, the dick from her sharply pulled out and vomited the next stream of a cum directly on a stomach to the slave. "About as …" he told, getting out of a bed and wiping the genital a dressing gown hem. "Well all go, go …" … Already in the late afternoon, when the sun began to droop onboard a catamaran there were twelve boxes filled with shells. It was ahead of schedule. But the Supervisor didn't hurry to instruct to weigh anchor. Soon in a distance splashes in waves were heard and from the evening twilight I came up a catamaran of other crew. The sailor accepted from him a mooring and threw a ladder which the Supervisor guest climbed aboard and I proceeded in a tent. The conversation lasted a little to pass then the guest left to himself on the vessel, and the Supervisor ordered to "five" and "four" to overload one box on the vessel of guests. "It is crew of mister Lekko" the slave foreman whispered to "two-room flat". "They have a shortage on crew, "two" and "three" were released, we gave "three" of" "It is clear" "two" answered. "And so as Erendzhuna became "three" at us". "Well. The law is the law. It was necessary to raise her from "fours", the brigadirsha answered. "Another disturbs me, you will leave soon, and she will become "two". "Oooooo, I sympathize though works as got, but here will set up you, that, without understanding" "two" shook the head. Having overloaded a box, the sailor untied a rope and pushed away another judgment from a board. Slaves lifted nasal and fodder anchors, and having taken in hand oars began to row towards the island. Soon it was succeeded to catch a passing breeze and having set sail the catamaran quickly slid on the evening gulf …. … On the southernmost tip of the island of Krempo there was a Factory where crews handed over the day catch. At Factory of a shell dried, overworked and packed for sending to buyers. The stench from the decaying mollusks was felt almost for kilometer, worked at Factory of the slave at which Days of Blood came. In operating time here they were given loincloths that was even symbolical, that as at Factory of signs distinguish isn't present, there are no crews, both "edinichka" and "five" are equal here. On a pier the vessel was already met by the Chief Supervisor, near him there were two slaves who brought three trolleys. On a pier for convenience of unloading the railway line which conducted directly to the Factory building was laid. Having risen aboard the Chief Supervisor examined and counted boxes with a catch, wrote something on paper and reported it to the Supervisor. That approvingly nodded, and instructed to unload a catch. Slaves and the sailor by means of a cargo arrow shipped boxes on trolleys, helped factory slaves to fix them and to drag trolleys in Factory. Then returned on the vessel. Even after delivery of a catch work of girls isn't finished, and though they already hardly stand on the feet for fatigue and hunger, but still it is necessary to bring the Supervisor to the Forbidden gulf where he lives. Forbidden he because slaves are forbidden to go ashore without the permission of Supervisors there. Disobeyed, as well as those someone tried to run were waited by one fate – the gallows. The gulf was located on the other side of the island, separated from the rest of the island by the dense wood and rocks. On its coast besides houses of Supervisors, there was also the Owner Ostrov's country house where he periodically visited. Only having landed the Supervisor the catamaran will bring slaves to the Blue bay. There they will be unloaded from the boat, will reliably moor it and only then to return to the barracks. Tired step of the slave went on the sandy beach to the camp, the Sun already sat down and night fell by the island of Krempo. In the camp it was noisy, many crews already returned, slaves made a dinner extending the food smell mixed with smoke everywhere. The camp represented three barracks located capital letter P around a long canopy from bamboo sticks and covered with big palm leaves. Under a canopy small furnaces where each crew cooked to itself food were located, right there speckled the driven wooden tables and benches behind which slaves ate were located. Slave number "three" who, having made fire in the furnace began to cook simple fish soup was responsible for cooking in each crew. At this time "four" and "five" filled up reserves of fresh water from the stream proceeding near the camp. Water is necessary for slaves for drink during fishing of shells and also to wash away from itself the sea salt which remained on a body on works. So far younger slaves of crew strove on economy, and "two-room flat" put in order stock for catching, the slave foreman went "to grind" replacement of slaves in crew of mister Julie. First the conversation wasn't glued, a pier exchange not equivalent, but brigadirsh hit on hands and agreed to make exchange in a week. Naturally, as if bags with shells nobody was interested in opinion of slaves who were changed. And in their life changed little unless they will live in other barracks now and to get shells from other vessel. And at this time in the next crew there had to be an important event – in connection with leaving of "three" the ceremony of increase in "four" and "five", and the most important arrival and branding of the newcomer will be carried out. Their supervisor already arrived, he stood under a canopy, near a table where the slave's fir-trees, and handles of four brands already stuck out of the furnace. Soon by the profit boat four policemen armed with rifles, one of policemen on a rope conducted the naked and bald girl. The newly made slave was short, looking at her small breasts it seemed that she is absolutely very young. All her body was covered by ritual tattoos which gave in her the native of the continent. Having brought her to the supervisor, the policeman left the slave on knees. "It is yours new the owner, the bitch" he said and gave a lead to the supervisor. "Do everything that he will tell though if I only could you would dangle on the gallows long ago". The supervisor the sign ordered to get up to the slave, examined her and ordered to lay down on a stomach on a bench. One of policemen sat down on her legs, another took by hands. The supervisor got from the oven white-hot made by a brand with the sign of a trident and for several seconds leaned him against the left buttock of the slave. Hissing sounded, began to smell fake and the girl screamed. Then also, the supervisor applied on the right buttock of a brand with figure "five". "Well the whore, now you are slave number "five", you have no name any more, only number" was told by the supervisor. "And now I will show you what is discipline. It on the future if suddenly there are evil thoughts". With these words the supervisor removed a lash-semikhvostku from a belt and few times walked on the newcomer's back. Each tail of a lash had metal tips so after blow on a back of the slave there were bloody strips. "Well everything release her, enough," the Supervisor told "and let's raise "the five. Well native, today you will become slave number "four". When the slave laid down on a bench, the supervisor got a sharp knife and fast movements cut off a brand with number "five" together with a piece of leather. Despite pain, the slave didn't utter a sound, having only strongly gritted teeth. "And you are patient. With such data and you will become brigadirshy" the Supervisor grinned. Having taken from the oven the heated brand with number "four" the supervisor applied him on the bleeding wound, hissing sounded again, began to smell fake meat from what the slave gritted teeth even stronger, but from intolerable pain from her eyes tears scattered. The supervisor once again grinned, slapped slightly her in a bum and told: "Following give". The brigadirsha standing in a distance, looking as brand slaves, I remembered former days when it here such here young little girl got on this damned island. And also I remembered pain from the first brand as couldn't sleep long on a back as pinched buttocks in the first day of immersion. All this can't be forgotten, even when she will leave from here, memories of pain, of the uncountable days similar at each other will never release her. … Slaves ate quickly. Nobody uttered also words, only wooden spoons knocked on the plates made of a dried coco. All dinner took no more than five minutes. After a meal began to drive on a dream and it would seem it is possible to lie down in a hammock, but at the slave "two" duties didn't end for today yet. She needed to carry still food to the sailor who almost without budging from a place was on the vessel. Having quickly imposed I go to a plate and to take a small wooden basin, the slave went to the sea. Sailors on vessels were free people, but their life hardly strongly differed from slavish. Almost constantly they were on a catamaran from what many of them began to drink distiller's beer from bananas which grew on the island much. And if the slave foreman often heated a bed to the supervisor, then "two-room flat" did the same for the sailor. Having entered water, the slave put a plate with food in a basin and pushing it before herself floated towards the boat. It was not the most not pleasant part of her duties. The sailor had nasty character and when got drunk, I broke all collected evil on the uncomplaining slave. If it was only possible to give food and to leave, then it was considered as a great luck. But as a rule all came to an end with a beating and humiliations on which he had a big imagination. The sailor also liked to invite the friend from the next vessel and they fucked the slave together, one in a mouth, another – in a pizda or it is worse than that, in a bum. Sometimes the sailor came from the next vessel not one, and with the slave and then two drunk bastards forced girls to fuck each other shanks from a mop, to represent dogs who had to bring a stick, organize competitions which of slaves will longer hold on under water, to vomit on the deck and to force it to pinch for a while … And the grief was lost. Here and today the sailor was already pumped up so that hardly I stood on the feet. "Well at last, and that I thought I will die from here hunger" discontentedly he told. "Give a cow move, I want to guzzle". The slave got on the vessel and quickly laid a table in the Supervisor's tent. The sailor was accepted to a meal, and to the slave ordered to climb under so and to suck. However despite all efforts, his dick all also remained flabby. "Well it it" was told by the sailor the braided language. "You something rubbish aren't in good spirits, and well will go I you I will refresh". With these words he for an ear pulled out the slave from under a table and threw on the deck. "And well, accept a reviver stream" and with these words the sailor of the beginnings urinates on the slave. He drank much and urine was too much, her stream the sailor aimed in eyes and the slave's mouth, amused him as she tried to evade. Having urinated much, the sailor ordered to the slave to kneel before him again and to suck. The slave nearly threw up when in the mouth she felt taste of his urine, but soon the dick of the sailor began to harden. "To Oooo vulgarly business" was told by him, "And you know that I will tell you. Here you hate me, you hate all the slave soul. Before getting here, you for certain would kill me or have the guts for garters, but now you here and you are a nasty and pathetic slave. All of you are nasty to me here. But you know that the main thing that we can't the friend without friend here. We are connected by one chain, an invisible chain with each other and this damned island. You, of course, hardly understand the birdbrain that I say therefore here to you an example. When someone in your fucking crew begins to krovavit, you put out to sea not full structure, and at the same time to you nobody reduces the plan. And if you don't carry out it, then your brigadirsha is fucked by the supervisor, at first otkhleshcht a lash, and then will stuff her a her in a mouth or a pizda. Do you realize? Brigadirsha can you freaks and not to transfer to spirit, but she goes and spreads legs for the sake of you. But also without you she can't too, and you without her no will find the place in this fucking gulf where it is possible the plan to execute. And the supervisor, this fat bastard and the ladies man, he too without you can't, otherwise someone to him will get shells? And without him you too someone? Yes anybody, concourse of butt-naked chickens. If he you whores didn't force to dive, decay every day in water to you in a tyuryaga or to dangle on the gallows. Here and we live. And what the most important, you think that all this will end when your term leaves and from here you will take off? Ha-ha-ha. You are mistaken. It is possible to leave this island, but this island from yourself you won't etch. Here you think, there will be such I free, will grow head hair, I will marry and I will forget everything? Yes to someone you are necessary when you leave from here, your contemporaries already marry the children or marry and about a ceremony of survey of the bride by mother of the groom heard? You think everything will be delighted having seen your kleymenny bum. The brand can be cut off, but the trace will remain. And someone needs the former criminal and the slave? What man will want to live with I think what peretrakhat his wife on half of the island? And you know where there are those someone leave from here? Yes on the same crafts. Only there they get paid, the head it isn't necessary to shave, a bandage you will be given to cover your fluffy thing. And the most ridiculous that a brand with a trident and number are the admission there and speak more better than any recommendations. Here also they don't cut off a brand. Do you realize? Every day look at themselves in a mirror and remember cheerful days here …. Well it is fine, you suck badly, I will go to sleep. Tomorrow there will be a new day, again your ugly faces, again that old dumbass will lick a pizda to your brigadirsha … Go away нахуй … well" With these words the sailor the rocking gait went to a tent and just crashed down on a trestle bed, and the slave, having quickly collected ware, got through a board and floated to the coast. When she came to the camp, almost already all slept. Only "five" about what quietly frayed from the newcomer. Not calling the barrack, the slave went to a barrel in which women washed after a dinner, and занырнув in her long sat, having contracted in a lump until air came out all from lungs, and then several minutes with frenzy rubbed herself as if trying to wash away even memories of time, carried out with the sailor. In the barrack each crew occupied the separate room, here stored equipment, ropes, here slept in hammocks. Above the camp there was the full moon, the silence of night was broken only by roulades of cicadas and crickets. And tomorrow there will be a new day, and it will be same as former, and then more and more … The season of a heat will be replaced by a rainy season, and then the heat season will come again … And nothing in their life will change, at first they considered days, then gave up this business and soon it seemed that they had such life always. That always they were slaves who go naked and get shells from a sea bottom. online dating over 40 australia dateline last night site mapMain Page