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Margo woke up and stretched to a bedside table on which there was a glass with drink. Having attentively examined a glass, she brought it to lips and took a sip. Probably clear water. Nothing was mixed. Then I rose, I crept through the sleeping Jean and on tiptoe I passed to the bathroom, having densely covered for myself a door... Having examined itself in a mirror, I became under a shower and I began to pound palms a body... As it ached. Especially perineum and legs. All this Jean. They were familiar long ago and "were on friendly terms genitals" as he joked. He drew it that Margo arrived. Here also I arrived to him to Thailand according to the permit. As they say people to look and prove to be. Thailand... It is so much paints and shades as if the buildings and temple complexes, the museums which descended from fantastic pictures, the gold statue of Buddha, falls, elephants and so on bright unusual from which was turned the head. In a word — exotic. Jean organized it excursions, telling and showing all sights... Ah, this merry fellow and inventor Jean. He was in a business trip here already half a year, and now drove it, Margo, showing beauty... For these days Margo was so overflowed with impressions that wanted to have a rest and digest all what was seen a little. but the unruly friend decided to give her a gift about which as he spoke, Margo will never forget. All these days Jean inquired at Margo the attitude towards the Thai girls, to massage and desire to get to know. Margo laughing I agreed, but on condition that everything will be decently. She for this moment didn't know new degree of decency of the friend. About a gift Margo not strongly bothered, knowing Jean. Well he could think up? Well to order girls for a striptease, erotic to present linen, or any gadgets for sex. So fears caused nothing. Drinking a likerchik Margo waited for a gift, but without fanaticism and to Jean's arrival was already tipsy. In the evening Jean drove over Margo and carried her as he told on a visit. In the cozy apartment they were waited by pretty pleasant to the eye woman. — she was presented to Mali. "Here pancake — Margo annoying thought —. more better to the man to what would bring". But nevertheless politely I smiled to the hostess. The lady, as it became clear, pretty tolerably expressed and was a massage therapist. High growth with beautiful features and soon Margo was already pleasant. She suggested guests to drink and poured some pleasantly smelling drink in glasses. Then I pointed by gesture Margo to a table for massage. Slowly Margo took off a sundress remained in some panties. Повинуясь to the instruction I laid down on a table and I relaxed. Gentle touches of hands, the light weakening massage and stress it was removed. And hands of the masseur were caressed and caressed her body, a back, buttocks of a hip and here Margo felt as remove panties from her. Massage already was in four hands. And it was already not massage at all. Her inside of hips, a perineum, the pussy were caressed and caressed so Margo was made horney. She opened eyes and saw as Jean caresses and caresses magnificent boobies of the masseur, having lifted up her a T-shirt and bending kisses nipples Strange, but instead of jealousy and irritation of her such excitement suddenly came that Margo wanted most to take a nipple in the mouth and to play with him a uvula... Excitement and desire was such strong that she rose from a table and without restraining touched by a finger bare ache the masseur's boobies under the approving Jean's look. Mali suddenly I turned and I kissed Margo. Margo with Jean helped to take off her a T-shirt and that remained in a long skirt in a floor. Kissing, the Trinity moved to a bed, behind a screen and continued caress. Jean suggested Margo most to caress a breast lying Mali and itself began to cover with kisses a back. and Margo's buttocks. having put her in a panther pose. Margo kissed Mali and caressed each other boobies. She suddenly felt as Jean's dick strained and rests her against a hip, constrained by swimming trunks. Strange why in a hip. if Jean behind. and having lowered a hand down Margo stood. This huge smart dick belonged not to Jean at all. It was the dick of Mali. Having discharged of Bays Margo by breakthrough I opened floors of a skirt and I saw the smart eregirovanny dick intertwined with wreaths and shaking from desire... I was Mali to a shimala. Margo looked some time at smart boobies and at a smart dick and combined all this. Probably the drink offered Mali helped to make friends all this and Margo bent kissed a head of this treasure. And right there I felt. as language of the settled Jean behind gets into her. He worked on her protruding pussy, caressing petals of lips and a clitoris, and Margo over the dick of Mali, diligently processing a trunk and a head. Jean was a good friend and knew all points on Margo's body and could bring her to an orgasm quickly. Then having laid Margo on a back and having bent her legs in knees he widely parted them and gesture invited Mali to enter. At Margo heart when this magnificent phallus entered her. stood, moving apart and ramming everything on the way... Jean substituted the dick to Bays Margo... And again she departed from pleasure. Having a little taken rest Margo already itself sat on smart hips of Mali and her phallus was in her pussy. Mali was inclined by Margo to herself and was gone lips to her lips. Jean also used this pose and slowly I began to enter "elephant" into Margo's anus. She moved but strong hands tightly held her. The groan and shout escaped from double penetration. The spasm held down desire Wave legs. rolled and rolled. And inside the passion flame which could jerk at any time gathered. And when pleasure reached peak from Margo's throat the inhuman shout full of joy and simplification escaped and she fell on breasts of Mali feeling as two fine phalli pulse in her... Having a little recovered she opened eyes and saw as Jean and Mali caress each other, Mali barefoot on a bed pants and quietly groans from his full lips and was obviously ready to give to drink to him a dense seed, everything occurred in an adult way and soon with groan and the curved waist the beauty was resolved by a cum in a full mouth of also "dressed" partner. Margo even didn't notice how she brought herself the handle to sparks, she understood that her guy wasn't lonely here at all, and will come back home not soon. But the jealousy and offense wasn't. That, thanks to Jean for such present, perhaps, the most unusual of all. At dawn Margo approached strong sleeping Jean and touched by lips of his cheek, then picked up a bag quietly slipped out for a door and went to the airport. To Mali she jumped on three hour, then, having got drunk and having shown the skills of oral caress with which brought the girlfriend almost to a faint, having terminated itself from a uvula of Mali, happy went for tickets. online dating long distance meeting first time date today arabic site mapMain Page