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— Here what you lie, it is more best helped to find! Having left a shower and having thrown with a dressing gown, Lena looked for the panties. I have a bad habit — in time of preliminary caress to scatter clothes on all room. Be long and passionate touches and kisses, or instant vyprygivaniye from trousers — what gets ko to me into hands, flies in the unknown direction. — Where did you put them? I cast away the head on a pillow, cramped hands behind the head, sent the look to a ceiling and smiled enough. Ee white, silk panties lay under my t-shirt of that color. Only the small edge was seen. I noticed them accidentally, and it was interesting to me how quickly she will find them. Since a minute for a minute to it the girlfriend had to come, and she not very much wanted to speak that she does at the neighbor, and it only added sharpness to my boyish game. — He still also smiles! I looked at her and smiled even more widely. — Wait, you hid them what whether? I was silent. The question was quite serious that provoked me even more. One moment, and this gravity I left, a succeeded her playful curiosity. Lena sat down on edge of a bed and was inclined it is necessary me so close that I felt heat of ee of breath. — And how many female panties can be found in your apartment? Five? Ten? — the curiosity left, a succeeded it lust — A can be I the first whose linen you decided to leave? Lena seized me by wrists and rode out. Ee a dressing gown was lifted up, but between us there was a blanket. My dick strained, and she felt it. What, let's play! Only a second and one breakthrough was necessary for me to intercept hand ee in the and to appear already from above. Lena squealed and quietly laughed. Between us everything still was a blanket. — To me the truth is time to go. — Na a chair, under a t-shirt. — And you were silent? What rascal! — Lena slightly raised the head and gave smacking kiss to me in lips. ... Passed already half a year since the moment of the beginning of ours... relationship? Victor everything still continued to work in the already habitual mode that allowed us Lena sees nearly an every day. I ceased to avoid him, but everything still felt myself not in the plate at his presence. But he thought that he is obliged to me. Our the first, and for that moment the last, subglacial fishing took place not that that it is unsuccessful, he turned back in full accident! And business not in fish who for some reason didn't appear on the place "yes we on this pond you know how many caught?!". Nearby with a pond the rest zone where we also spent the night was located. I mean the big house with the small number of rooms for lodgers by a rest zone and kitchen. The administrator, she is a cook, the good-natured woman of average years, together so the husband, owned this kingdom. It was possible to fish in any time, but to become populated only on record, having warned in a day, an is more best in a week. It also is clear, this tower won't stand more than 6 lodgers. The house on the business beautiful and quite spacious, but after all events — it became for me a tower. About an hour of night broke through a pipe of heating and literally in ten minutes, ours teremok turned into the freezing cam. No that, was only the beginning. For what-to unknown reason, the fucking tractor refused to be got. And we all druzhnenko and tipsy, having seized everyone on a shovel, went to clear away a way to the route. In seven hundred, their mother, meters. I didn't say all road to the house words and didn't publish a sound. Ne I know whether Victor and Sergey spoke, via earphones I didn't hear them. Akh da, Sergey, Victor's friend, after all went. Having arrived home, I went out of the car, shook him hands and went to the party of an entrance, without waiting for Victor. Having come into the apartment, I pulled out a wire from a call at once, switched-off phone and, having fallen to a bed, overslept everything Sunday. Next Saturday, Victor brought me a cognac bottle, in quality of apologies. I didn't want to accept ee, and there is nothing was to apologize. Anything happens, that more I am guilty in more terrible sins. No he insisted. And now at each our meeting tries to please me in every possible way. Well, a here I won't get off with cognac... Chto-to I deviated from a subject. For half a year, our relationship with Lena developed into something... bigger? No, the passion didn't leave, but restrained a heat. And it is possible, it to the best! Though sometimes, I miss feelings which I had standing at door ee. The finger touches the button of a call, an on a body run goosebumps. The lock clicks and I am ready to break from the place. Lena opens a door, and I understand — it feels tezhe the feelings. The moment, only one moment and our bodies are weaved together. To me as if there isn't enough oxygen. Ee of a hand shiver, and she manages to undo my belt not at once. Having released a dick, she gently clasps it with the right hand and does several forward movements. Then leans back on a bed and lifts up the lung, a house dress. Removes panties, but I can't wait any more! She managed to remove them to knees when I entered her. Now, all is a little differently. We quietly go to each other "in guests" and we aren't afraid to lose control on a threshold. We lose him a little later. A happens, we don't lose at all. I wasn't upset in this occasion, unless that slightly. So occurs at all. Not to escape from it. No Lena so me didn't agree. It didn't sound any fears and fears, but it is necessary to be the blind person that not to see it. She waited for the moment when I throw ee. Especially distinctly it was observed after sex. I didn't want to throw ee, even and couldn't think of it, but in this case, words to solve nothing. It is necessary to work! How to convince the woman that you didn't lose to her interest? I don't know! Therefore, I improvised. Everything began when she that-to prepared. Hands up to an elbow in flour and the soiled nose. In such look it opened for me a door. — You early today. — she looked out on the ladder platform and again looked at me. — What you cost, come. The door behind my back slammed. The lock clicked. Lena stood up on tiptoes, cast away hands back and gave smacking kiss to me in lips. — I on kitchen. She rolled dough when I came. Ee a breast was shaken in ee step to movements. Only the t-shirt and an apron hid from me ee a treasure. Lena seldom carried houses brassieres. It didn't hesitate of the husband, children parted, a casual guests to them didn't come. In a case of pass of it, she put on a bra. I ceased to be a guest approximately in two weeks after ours "close acquaintance". In the first days, between us there was small tension, but it disappeared at that moment when trousers fell down. My look fell slightly below, to leg ee. Slender and beautiful. To this woman slightly less than fifty, but she looks just fantastically! A these shorts. She puts on them when cleans up, and sometimes when prepares. As sexually she looks! — A floor not zakapay, and I now not about saliva! — Lena giggled and, having torn off a look from my fly, continued to roll dough. I looked down and at this moment realized, a than it. Na the level of my groin the distinct hillock was seen. Till this moment I also didn't understand that I am horney. Familiar feeling raskatilos on all body. I looked at Lena, and... It continued to roll dough, but something in it changed. Ee a look, I saw sparkles in ee eyes. Lips dispersed in a smile more and more widely. It is so much happiness and joy! She looked at me and tried to hide the emotions, but at her it badly turned out. Here it! I got! — I will try accurately, but I promise nothing! I approached her closely, put hands on a waist and nestled on ee to a bottom. Lena hard exhaled, dropped a rolling pin and leaned o hands a table. — You what? Can't you wait fifteen minutes? Stop. — She wanted to take away my hands, but having hardly concerned, strongly squeezed, and not especially sought to release. I was inclined over ee a neck and hardly touched by lips. I panted and wanted that she felt it. She turned the head, trying to see me. — What do you do? — ee a grasp weakened. I answered nothing. My actions spoke for me. My hand was under an apron, went down on a stomach down and dived under shorts and panties. Lena put the hand on mine, over clothes. Other hand I squeezed ee a breast. Ee the hand over mine also squeezes a breast even stronger. Having made several rotary movements, I got into her two fingers. It wasn't difficult. Lena curved a back and was pressed in me by a bottom. She coiled, trying to experience my erection each buttock. I fell by one knee and pulled shorts down, very slowly. There were only panties, nice black panties. I will see hands from anklebones to a waist. I grab one finger a strap from each party and I move down. Ee a body became covered by goosebumps. Slightly I raise each leg what completely would will get rid of clothes. Shorts and panties one lump departed somewhere to the hall. I rise, in this time I throw off from myself trousers and pants, and I push away them a leg somewhere in the party. I nestled on her closely, but didn't enter. I kissed on a neck, the left hand I embraced for a waist, a right put on a breast. Lena shifted everything so a table in the party and rested hands. No, the darling, everything will be in a different way. I deliver hand ee for a back, strong I squeeze one hand, another I rest an against a back and I press into a table. Lena tried to resist, but isn't especially zealous. I hold in this situation and I get into it. Ee a vagina squeezed me from within. Slap. One more. Lena sniffed, and the cloud of flour rose in air. It tried to release hands, but almost at once surrendered. I corrected the hair which are falling down on ee the person and saw the slightly opened mouth and the saliva flowing from him. It turned the head as far as she was allowed by this situation, and looked at me. In ee a look the anger and lust mixed up. Several more frictions and I quickly left it, raised so a table and developed to myself the person. Ee an apron, a t-shirt and the right half of the person were in flour. Hair, from that party, got is white-pepelny a shade. Na to a cheek there was a small smudge. Couple of seconds and small kitchen lit up with a loud sound, an I felt burning on the cheek. Grains of flour began the dance in air. A moment, and hands of Lena already on my nape, press to themselves. Ee of a lip stick into mine. It sits down on a table, pulls me on itself and my dick directs. In this pose, on this place... In the head grew dull. I began to smell torments, sweat and sex! Lena linked hands behind my neck, curved a back and cast away the head. Holding ee for a waist, I continued what began... Two minutes? Ten minutes? Half an hour ago? Nails pierced in a neck, and Lena pulled me on itself. I laid down on a back, I clasped with legs and I caught my speed. The dick which reddened with pride of the done work began to fall down, but all still jumped up as demanding continuation. I, all in flour mixed up with with, took seat on a floor, leaned the elbows on the refrigerator and tried to come to myself. Lena lay on a table, but from this foreshortening I saw only ee the hanging-down legs and a vagina covered with a palm. — You are crazy. — I heard a voice from other party of a table. — In such case, we approach each other. Lena was silent, but I knew — it smiles! ... It appeared, all our sex was "according to the schedule". Standing on an apartment threshold, finishing drinking a glass of wine, or laying down to sleep, we knew what will occur further. And now the spontaneity intruded in our life. Though if to be absolutely frank, to steam of times she all came in guests. No now, I issued a registration. Passed couple of weeks, Lena ceased to think o parting. With such happy look — it is simply impossible. No I had one more trump in a sleeve. To hold or cards on a table? Na all! ... — She told nothing? — Lena interrogatively looked at me, having torn off a look from the TV screen. — She is ashamed of it. — So that it is ready to sit down in prison? — In any case, she had to be responsible for the acts. — I understand, but term would be less, a gave her lifelong now. — A you, could admit? Lena raised the head from my shoulder and looked to me in eyes. I fell back and I deeply sighed. — I think, no. Having finished watching the movie and having had supper, we returned to the hall. Lena decided to start small cleaning. To wipe dust. It changed clothes in a t-shirt and shorts and was accepted to work. It was difficult not to guess that all this performance for me. That, sometimes it is necessary to work according to the scenario. — Flax? — Yes? — She was inclined over a window sill, stuck out a bottom and that-to with enthusiasm I examined. I didn't turn the head in my party. — How do you think, our neighbors o know us? — What? — She turned, without expecting that I stand up for ee a back. Slightly I started back, but I pressed ee to myself here. Our lips merged in a kiss. Hands on a bottom, a jump, and we already in the bedroom. I put ee on a bed and threw off from myself a t-shirt. Lena got rid of the. In the room it was dark, only light of street lamps made the way through the curtained-off windows. No it didn't prevent me to see all beauty of ee of the magnificent, slightly drooped breast. I clung to ee to a nipple lips and squeezed the second breast a hand. Lena started fingers to me in hair. I began to shower with kisses all ee a body, falling below and below. Having reached a navel, I stopped, on oshchup found a fly on shorts, and took off them together with panties. — Ne it is necessary. — I heard how I kissed ee on a pubis. I know that you are afraid, but you have to try. Though I am quite inexperienced in this business, I will try to make everything correctly. — Sash, it isn't necessary. — I heard after the second kiss. Liar! A fir-tree you wouldn't want it, wouldn't move apart a leg so widely. I found lips a clitoris, carried out on it by language and drained in. Lena shuddered and wagged a basin. Ne coming off the main occupation, I extended hands forward and squeezed ee a breast. Slightly touching by nails, I proceeded from the armpits to a waist. On ee to a body there passed goosebumps. Lena was curved in a waist, became soft and rasslablenno fell to a bed. No, she didn't terminate, it that-to another. I carried out by language on sponges, collecting allocation ee. I returned to a clitoris and a two fingers got then into it at first one. Lena threw legs to me on shoulders and tried to bury the hands in my hair. Quite inconvenient pose for the guy. I rest the dick against a bed. Having slightly stood up, but everything still continuing to work with language, I felt as clamped my fingers inside, a then... When I only began the sexual life, we discussed oral caress with the girlfriend and she shared so me impressions of o you will pass. She said that this quite ungrateful occupation. The partner can long not cum, the neck quickly becomes numb a. The cum can get into a nose or an eye, yes and on taste — not caramel. A in time of deep blowjob in general it is possible to choke. That, I agree, but, I think, a cum in a nose nothing, in comparison so the broken neck! Lena clamped my head legs, painfully pulled for hair and began to be filled up sideways. Ee shook all. I rolled over in the party and began to wait. Cramped a nape and cheekbones from pain. Gradually, it began to weaken the grasp. A minute later, Lena completely relaxed, but remained in that pose. Having been chosen, and here not to be at other loss for words, from under her, I kissed ee on a buttock. She wanted to touch me, but ee a hand is weakened fell at her behind a back. I smiled and went to the bathroom. The dick itched. I tried to calm down a little while I stood and washed. Lena now not in that state to satisfy me. It is necessary to wait, to tomorrow. A can wake ee among night? Than not spontaneity? Having laughed at the thoughts, I returned to the bedroom. — Flax? She already slept. In that pose. I undressed and laid down with it nearby. I corrected ee a hand. I nestled on her and I embraced. Ee a hand laid down on mine and strong squeezed in a dream. online dating life date kennedy was shot site mapMain Page