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I have one good acquaintance. Alive we when didn't see, only communication by phone and WhatsApp. She is heterosexual, but without looking at it she had a great number of acquaintances of my orientation, she is called as Lena wash the wife... With Lena we quite often exchanged a photo via WhatsApp, I consulted that to me to dress, it sent the frank photos to the answer that madly made horney me. When absolutely there was a wish, a has nobody... I left for the city, found the secluded place and there having reincarnated in lewd especially satisfied myself. In this time was approximately so... In the evening I got into the car and having left for the city in landing found a quiet glade and having looked round was accepted to transformation a little... In it I wanted to look t of times vulgarly and vulgarly and I having put on red stockings, red lacy linen (thongs and a bra), from above a black short dress... after all it I made up and having taken a favourite toy settled down on back sitting with widely moved apart legs... Having made couple of photo I threw off her, she appeared in network here and at us the conversation was started frank... She well knew as there was a wish to bring me also after half-hour correspondence to me madly. Probably all have such moments when it is just mad okhoto and without difference with someone. It seemed if at that moment I see with car the man nearby, I would try to persuade him on sex... At that moment Lena offered me an exit from a situation... She had an acquaintance on correspondence who loved such "girls" as I, and loved exactly so as it was pleasant to me... She sent him couple of my photos and he was in delight and was ready at that moment. I wanted it... And through couple of minutes at me phone rang out, it was it and his call very much surprised me. The men's voice asked where I, nothing remained to me how to explain as to me to reach, he asked to wait there and hung up a tube... I didn't know o him anything and even knew when to wait for him... Later approximately half of hour the car seemed, of it went out the low strong man of years of 30. Having approached my back door he knocked in a window, I having slightly opened it. — You someone? — We spoke by phone... Open I opened a door and having seen me all... — A you is even more sexual, than on a photo... leave... I shy left. He having lit estimating a look I looked at me... — Means you love rigid sex? — I love And having got a big cover from the car he laid it on a grass. — What it is direct here? Can in the car? — There it is close... give on knees the whore! I having sat down on knees, he finished smoking looking at me and having thrown out a cigarette took off shorts. He had a huge thick dick more than 20 cm precisely. — Do you love big, the whore? — Such I didn't try yet... He suited ko to me and having taken him in a hand began to drive a head on my person and having sent him to my mouth, I is greedy zaglotala him and groaning from pleasure began to humour him — Swallow more deeply! — I can't... — Study, all whores are able to do it! And he began to push literally him in me, I tried as could, but he entered me only on a half and after having taken out it, he sent my person to himself to the big balls, I having licked them completely. After it he tumbled down me on a back and having thrown my legs to himself on shoulders removed a strip of my panties, having groped my hole... — Yes you all flow the little whore! I also truly was wet already, yes and the buttocks were ready to sex. Having sent a dick to me it pressed and became slowly... From it I wildly moaned and schuffled under him and he from one sharp push entered completely — My dick the whore is pleasant?! — Yes... fuck me as follows! And having made a little strong and fast pushes in a row, I even began to choke with excitement — So?! — Yes... still... don't stop! And he began to hollow my buttocks in direct sense of this word, his pushes brought together me from mind, I wildly groaned from pleasure which was given me by the stranger and without taking out a dick he turned me dog-fashion and after it I just descended from mind! His balls fought with force o my perineum, I groaned "STILL... STILL!", "MORE DEEPLY! I WANT HIM ALL"... He feeling the fast end sharply the dick took out and having taken a bottle with water made couple of drinks of the car — Do you want more the little whore?! — Yes... I want... — Get up... followed me... He having come into depth of the wood... To me it was a little awkward, that there was no place for that to hide if someone that... His this extreme obviously got and having pulled out a lace from shorts it inclined me to a tree and having bound my hands... I stood dog-fashion... — Give wag the bum! I became... he having lifted up my dress to a waist I gave several slaps on buttocks and after it having roughly parted my buttocks the dick sent to me. At that moment I as time also wanted it. He became roughly with insults and slaps me to fuck, thus that slowing down allowing me to recover the breath, a then sharply accelerating... Through some time he sharply took out a dick and having approached my person drochya the dick began to water my person, having lowered completely he returned to buttocks here and so far he didn't fall continued... — It is pleasant so? — Yes... — You stand in the forest tied to a tree with obkonchennym the person and thus you are fucked by the man of which you don't even know! I only groaned in the answer to his words and this time it only just wanted to terminate and therefore just I hollowed me so all nonsense both having soon stood he moaned and having filled me from within he took out a dick and having smeared the remains on the person and having taken the phone he began to do that what I as didn't expect... He began to film me in all foreshortenings and large the plan thus giving trite comments behind a shot — Why you do it it isn't necessary!!! No it were just his words and having removed everything... — In the following time I will call you and you will make everything that I will tell, a differently this video will go to walk on the Internet. Did you understand me the whore?! — I understood... Only untie me! He put on also after that as smoked a cigarette untied my hands. — To the ambulance I will meet, wait for a call! And he left online dating jobs date calculator milliseconds site mapMain Page