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Naming me Evgeny parents probably also didn't suspect that in me the female essence and a double name to me will wake up will be very opportunely. Having disaccustomed at institute to me an opportunity to move to Prague dropped out. Problems with documents dragged on a little and tired me, but at last, today everything remained behind and I could breathe a sigh of relief. At last I could be engaged in search of the partner. I tried sex both with girls and with guys, but over time understood that I like to be a passive in a relationship with the guy. For me a great satisfaction to be given to the man completely, to enjoy feeling that I am in power of a male, to feel desired for the man, to realize his desire and to obey him... Today good luck smiled to me quickly enough, I was written by the handsome man, having presented by Alex. He was 32 years old, the high brunette, an athletic constitution. He made an impression of the competent interlocutor. Quickly enough it became clear that we in a certain measure of the colleague that finally melted between us the last ice. Alex suggested to meet directly today, and I thought, and why not... We agreed that he will come for me in an hour. Later the designated time I approached his car. I liked his smile at once, it gained. As it often happens, between us awkward silence hung. — Where will we go? — the first Alex broke silence. — I don't even know... — You know, it is the first really warm spring night. Wouldn't you just like to look at stars? — And on the road let's take coffee. — I offered. I live near the end of the city therefore literally in several minutes, having driven on the way over coffee, we appeared on the small platform near the local road. The city was hidden from us by the small hill and light of his thousands of lamps didn't eclipse the star sky any more. Having gone out of the car and having looked up I stood... I didn't see such beauty long ago... Alex approached and embraced me behind. Feeling a back his heat to me was extraordinary comfortable, I felt protected... — Look, Big Dipper, and a pole star — Alex showed on the sky. I only nestled on him stronger and took him by hand... He kissed me on the top. I, feeling as the wave of feelings covers me, turned to him. In spite of the fact that I quite high Alex was higher than me. He looked down on me and, probably, both of us felt as pulls us to each other. He began to bend to me, I got up on tiptoe and at last our lips met... He attracted me for a waist and I, having been unable to resist both him and himself gave in to him towards, having passionately answered his kiss. It was just magically, he was energetic, but is gentle, I completely lost the head and dipped hands to him under a t-shirt, caressing his relief body. He apprehended it as a signal to action, he began to rumple my buttocks and the sharp movement tore off me from the earth. Continuing to kiss him, I twisted his neck with hands and strong embraced him legs. Without allowing our lips to be separated, Alex put me on a car cowl. Giving in to mad passion, I pulled together from him a t-shirt, he undid my jeans, and I hastily threw off them. Without coming off his lips, I pulled down from him trousers together with pants. Alex was slightly discharged of me and, having taken both of my hands got them to me for the head and is gentle, but persistently lowered me on a cowl... Having directed to a free hand a dick he began to enter me slowly. I was so horney that lubricant wasn't even required — I flowed as the girl. The member Alexa without encountering strong resistance I got into me more and more deeply, I felt discomfort, but I knew that he will be replaced by pleasant feelings soon. Having entered me at all length, Alex began to move slowly in me. It were inexpressible feelings — to lie on even warm cowl, under the star sky and to feel in themselves a dick of the beautiful man. He looked a god in a moonlight, the relief of his muscles demented me. Moving gently, but energetically he took me as the girl on a cowl of his car under star the sky... Unpleasant feelings quickly left, having been replaced by gentle languor. I embraced him legs, and on each his movement my body responded pleasure, forcing already me to be stuck by the hole on his dick. He put to me hands on a waist and the dick at all length sharp movements began to drive in me. a porn stories I seized his hands, feeling approach of an orgasm. Alex sharply increased speed, strained and I felt a pulsation of his dick in me. For me it became a last straw, I very much moved to him towards and having stood received incredibly bright orgasm, having splashed with the cum a stomach. Alex bent to me and gently kissed. We quickly put on having taken a glass with the drunk not enough coffee I wanted to get into the car, but Alex trying to open a door for me beat out him from me from hands, and it is so unsuccessful that coffee got to me both on a t-shirt and on jeans and even partially flowed under jeans. — Oh! Excuse! — Alex was obviously upset such course of events — Nothing, sticky will be a pity just now for all. — it is lost I answered. — Undress — Alex ordered — to Me the sister brought to wash some things to wash, we will look what she has. Among the prophetic Sashiny sister there was a white t-shirt which I also put on at once. More difficult it appeared with trousers, instead of them Alex suggested me to put on at least panties. While I put on thongs, Alex glanced in other package and took a short short skirt from there. — More better than nothing — he told, stretching a skirt to me. Having put on I caught on myself the estimating Alex's look. — Well as I to you? — I asked. — Class... Behind not to distinguish from the girl... Having taken seat in the car, Alex put to me a hand on a knee. — Won't you be minds if we spend the night at me today? We will throw your things in a stiralka and in the morning you could... you could dress all clean. — I don't want to cause you inconveniences, but I would be glad to be your guest — I slightly squeezed his hand, showing what doesn't mind his reservation. I was a little beaten by a shiver, partly from the endured bright orgasm, partly from cold, it was unusual to me to speak about itself in a feminine gender, but I realized that it is pleasant to me. Having noticed my shiver, Alex included heating. Having warmed, it is imperceptible for itself I fell asleep, squeezing a hand of the man who was sitting next. I woke up from the fact that the ray of sunlight shone me directly in a face. At first I couldn't understand where I am, but then remembered yesterday evening. Alex showed the sensitivity also here without having begun to stack me in the bed. For me he allocated the separate room. I lay under a blanket in a t-shirt and thongs, the skirt hung on a chair nearby. On a table the package lay, the note from Alex was near: "You too with pleasure slept yesterday and I didn't want to awake you. In a package the anesthetizing cream lies. Also there you will find something interesting to yourself. A shower — the following door after yours. As you will be ready go down, I will be in a garden." Having opened a package I really found a cream jar. After yesterday's rough sex my buttocks really ached. I quickly descended in a shower and applied cream. My hole обволокло pleasant cool. I remembered about the second part of a note and opened a package. Contents pleased me. There was a set of fresh linen — thongs and a brassiere with pushapy, the white t-shirt, women's jeans from a strazikama, sandals on a high thin heel, are a little cosmetics and a wig. After several attempts I could do myself quite tolerable make-up. Having put on, I saw the reflection and didn't believe the eyes. The slender brunette looked at me, it was resolutely impossible to see the guy in me. Hairpins raised my buttocks, having made her even more womanly. Barefoot persons emphasized my legs and gave to my foot a womanly bend of a leg. I tried to take several steps, but nearly fell. After several attempts I could move more or less tolerably on heels. Of course, to beautiful gait it was still very far, but, at least, I didn't strive to fall continually any more. I thought what can refuse more better so far sandals, but I was stopped by a thought that time Alex put them, it will be pleasant to it to see them on me. Thoughts of Alex responded sweet languor in the bottom of a stomach and I decided that it is time to find the host. I saw Sasha as soon as left in a garden. He sat a back to me and read something. Having heard my steps he without turning around I told: — Good morning Evgeny. Well you and sleepyhead. Long you sleep. — Not Evgeny, Evgenia, it is possible just Zhenya — I said in low tones. Alex turned back and stood. — You... you look mind-blowing... I slightly smiled, sat down near him and, having given smacking kiss to him in a cheek, told: — Thanks for everything... To me very pleasant everything that you for me made. — There is nothing... Zhenechka. I odobryayushche took him by hand and, looking him in the face, stretched to him lips. Alex passionately answered a kiss, his hand laid down on my knee, slid up. Having removed panties, he slightly squeezed my chlenik who began to rise, took a droplet of lubricant and having placed the finger on my hole slightly pressed, causing in me a languid sigh and sweet moaning in me... online dating conversation starters examples date today ksa site mapMain Page